Never invest in China exhibit #3455

Exhibit #3455 is Chris Joye on the money:

On the subject of ESG, a similarly simple insight could have saved investors from exposure to the extreme ructions resulting from fears that large Chinese companies that issue vast quantities of debt into US dollar markets, like Evergrande and Huarong, will default on their repayments. And that is don’t provide funding to companies based in and/or owned by non-democratic states. While this seems extremely obvious, I have not seen others apply it (there must be some!). It is pretty hard to get comfortable with the rule of law, property rights, human rights, the absence of corruption, and freedom of private enterprise when you are dealing with autocracies…

Exhibit #3456 is returns are disastrous:

Houses and Holes


  1. UpperWestsideMEMBER

    Greed will get you in the end.

    I also note that REMX – the Rare Earth Metals ETF is mainly Chinese listed stocks.
    I assume REMX holds a bunch of VIE’s and as Xi does not recognize the VIE’s they may be worthless.
    So how do you ,mark the ETF for publishing a NAV ?

    Anyone want to make a market as to how long before we see the first class action suit over false NAV’s for Chinese asset ETFs and mutual funds.

  2. rofl. Im sorry but this article makes me laugh. I guess common sense isnt so common.

    Can someone teach me to wipe my bum? I might need a lesson in that ha ha.

    Yeah. There is a similiarity between Market Trading and Kindergarden sometimes. Gotta keep a sense of humour or this stuff drives you crazy lol.

    Bring on the Experts lol. Its only been 5 minutes since an “” Experts “” had a new trading idea. Dont know why they even bother talking with me. Im not even nice to them heh.