Morrison Government commits COVID electoral suicide

Queenslander! Anastasia Palaszcuk was magnificent yesterday:

Exactly. To wit:

Almost a third of teens experience coronavirus symptoms three months after diagnosis, according to a U.K. study that suggests long Covid also afflicts the young.

The children aged 11 to 17 reported persistent symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath, according to the study led by University College London and Public Health England. The findings were published in pre-print form, meaning they weren’t peer-reviewed.

West Australian! (Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, I know). Mark McGowan was terrific as well:

Ms Palaszczuk’s comments came as West Australian Premier Mark McGowan warned he could keep borders with NSW and Victoria closed for months, accusing the commonwealth of trying to “infect the public” by pressuring states to lift the restrictions.

Why should these states expose their publics to the blundering of Morrison and Berejiklian? That they couldn’t protect their people does not mean others shouldn’t. All they need to do is guard the borders and lift the vaccination rates in the glorious sunshine of normal life while they wait to gauge the best approach for kids. The US is close to decisions on vaccination for 5+.

But no, scream the psychos, it can’t be done:

Daniel Andrews’ acknowledgement that his state could not defeat its latest outbreak and, at best, hopes to limit its spread, was a profound moment in the coronavirus pandemic.

Victorians have endured more outbreaks than any other jurisdiction and Melbourne is second only to Buenos Aires as the world’s most locked down city. But the latest outbreak, number six, has proven all too hard.

Sure, but everywhere outside of Sydney and Melbourne does not have to carry so much multicultural baggage. They can and have succeeded.

Treasurer Frydenberg wants to infect all states to save his budget and prevent the Morrison double-dip recession:

“She said she’s scared for Queensland kids, does that wash with you?” Sunrise host David Koch asked Mr Frydenberg.

“No. It’s a desperate denial of the reality and is not based on the medical advice,” the Treasurer replied.

“No other country has done it. We can’t do it. So we have to learn to live with the virus. That means rapidly vaccinating as many people as possible, bringing more supply online and then easing those restrictions as we get to those targets.”

QLD has done it. WA has done it. SA has so far done it but the VIC border must now be a worry. TAS has done it. NT has done it. I wish I lived in any one of them.

There is no medical advice yet on Delta and kids. There is only anecdotal reporting. That is neither science nor medicine.

More to the point of this post, QLD and WA are THE federal Coalition strongholds. In what universe does demanding that they be infected and enter the zombie twilight of permalockdowns (which are part of the Doherty model) translate into votes for the Coalition?

Only a government of true psychopaths could believe they can gaslight people’s reality so.

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  1. I care about my kids more then anything. Lock it down. Manage lock downs to avoid hospital meltdowns as that is what is coming if we open up. Once the egg is scrambled you can’t unscramble it. JOSH is cococock.

    • Forrest GumpMEMBER

      I care about my Negative Gearing, my Franking Credits and the value of my investment properties. This is my first priority.
      its irrelevant that my life may be cut short or impacted my Covid.

      Its less important that my family members whom will be the beneficiaries of my estate may not live long enough to inherit these assets-with their life also cut short by covid.

      These issues are all secondary.

      I am your typical LNP voter and I will vote LNP until death…LITERALLY

  2. From the Qld’s governments own health website –

    Are children and young people more at risk of infection with the Delta variant?
    The Delta variant is a clearly more transmissible virus than the original form of the virus, or indeed the UK (Alpha) variants before it. It has rapidly spread to become the dominant strain in many parts of the world. This strain is more infectious to all, but there is no evidence as yet to suggest it affects children any differently. The highest rates of infection with the Delta variant have been seen in adolescents and young adults, but these are the groups with the lowest rates of vaccination, and with the most social mixing. In the UK, outbreaks in schools have been reported more commonly with the Delta variant, but these infections appear to follow rates of infection in the community. The majority of transmission still occurs in the household. Infection rates in young children remain lower than other age groups despite the absence of vaccination.

    Is the delta strain more dangerous for children and young people?
    There is no evidence that Delta variant causes more serious illness in children specifically Reassuringly data from the UK suggests admission rates for children have not increased despite emerging reports across the world that admission to hospital may be increased in young adults compared to previous variants. The good news is the vast majority of children with the Delta variant continue to experience a mild infection. Severe infections in children requiring intensive care unit admission or leading to death remain surprisingly uncommon throughout the pandemic.

      • Nailed it.

        We still don’t know if “long Covid” is a persistent effect and can surface in people who didn’t have severe symptoms when infected. I sure hope it’s not the case, and feel it is unlikely, but I would hate to see people turning up at the docs in 12 months time asking why they’re struggling with their daily workout or jog, only to get an x-ray and be told, “You’ve permanent scaring as a result of contracting Covid and it will limit your ability to do strenuous exercise.”

        That won’t impact peoples longevity and the demands on healthcare long term at all, will it?

        • “I would hate to see people turning up at the docs in 12 months time asking why they’re struggling with their daily workout or jog” – will this make my historic, very average long distance times look more impressive in the long arc of human history? Growing up in neo-liberalism I’m inclined to see these upsides – for me.

        • Reus's large MEMBER

          The vaccines do not protect you from getting whuflu and getting long covid, if you get infected you get infected, yes a lot of people are not going to get as sick if they are vaccinated but a lot of vaccinated people are going to get the same long term effects as the virus will still affect their bodies in the same way

      • Sorry H&H, but Petervm is too busy linking to bs “science” supporting ivermectin to link to other bs “science” for you. Give em a break, he can only turf so much astro!

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          So there is a cost, and there might be no benefit.

          Well that’s a hard pass if ever we saw one.

        • Lord DudleyMEMBER

          There might be an alien-made teapot orbiting Mars. The costs of sending a probe to check are easy to calculate. The benefits are uncertain. If discovered, it would change our understanding of our place in the universe, and provide vital information about extra-terrestrial life. It might be worth a try!

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            > The benefits are uncertain.
            > If discovered, it would change our understanding of our place in the universe, and provide vital information about extra-terrestrial life.

            They sound like benefits.

      • If the Oxford clinical trial shows value then you and many other adamants on here will look pretty stupid.

        Why don’t you just say, “their was anecdotal evidence from developing country practitioners that it helped their local situations but their has not been an effective clinical trial run to assess effectiveness. We need more data before we can be conclusive”

        Instead, many of you completely dismiss the on the ground practitioners experience during CV-19 triage and call anyone who mentions it a moron. You’ve already thrown the baby out before giving it a bath.

    • The UK data for severity on infections for children quoted in the Queensland Health data above needs to be treated with caution.

      From memory the infection survey in Britain was showing something like 93% of people having antibodies, whereas only 60% or so of the total population had a vaccination.

      Ie Covid has run wild in that population for more than a year now, quite a large number of children have gained resistance through a previous infection say the Alpha strain. A subsequent Delta strain infection is likely to be much less severe.

      That is definitely not true for Australia.

  3. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    What a great summary. Well done.

    I’ve never understood the whole “open and live with it” vs “closed and unvaxed” black and white argument.

    Where is the plan?????

    1. Suppress the virus (Shut international travel and establish effective quarrantine out of high density populations and lockdowns as needed)

    2. EFFECTIVE purchase and supply of vaccines and vaccination program (set a SMART objective and let the population know that on X date we’ll be opening safely)

    3. Open safely (masks on public transport, supermarkets etc. continue, lockdowns used sparingly to contain fast clusters etc).

    The Federal and NSW govs have been winging it the whole time with no plan. Any effective leader will tell you that you build a plan, tell the people and get them behind it to execute it. Disgrace

    • That’d be a gold standard for pandemic management. Sadly, we’re never going to see that. We’ll be lucky with the wooden spoon; I think they’re still trying to prise it from Scummo’s hand as he likes to eat his Weetbix with it.

      • Someone ElseMEMBER

        SloMo eats everything with the wooden spoon. Knives and forks are too dangerous for special kids.

    • One trick ponyMEMBER

      Exactly. Where is the plan? And whether or not you agree with the gladys approach (valid debate) – she has more of a plan than McGowan or Anastasia, which could only be described as an indefinite covid zero/hermit kingdom policy. If there’s one thing we know for certain – that is not a sustainable long term policy. If you were in WA or QLD right now – why would you go and get vaccinated? You’ll probably need your 3rd or 4th booster shot by the time McGowan is ready to open up. Personally I believe the sky-high popularity of these approaches on the ground in WA and QLD will expire within months, long before their respective state elections.

      • I think you need to reread Goldstandard1’s post again, Gladless has no plan, well, no plan that is anywhere near close to what GS1 posted on.

        • One trick ponyMEMBER

          All states are doing step 1 (suppression); or rather elimination outside of NSW and VIC. Step 2 – NSW and VIC leading with regard to what they can control (as opposed to Scomo). Step 3 – NSW is the only state that has given any thought (or at least articulated) what criteria for reopening looks like (albeit a lot of detail still required).

          • Goldstandard1MEMBER

            Ummmmmm so my main point was Gladys let it out before we were ready vax wise. No plan, just winging it.
            Then the rest of the plan would have been handy. Now we are at the mercy of a virus ripping in an unvaxed society which are both consequences of Gladys and Scomo.

          • Not convinced Gladys intended to let it out. Her hubris got to this point, the rest has been media management trying to sell the situation to the masses. The pitch was forced upon her by her own arrogant “we’ve got this” thinking.

      • If you were in WA or QLD right now – why would you go and get vaccinated?
        1 covid is endemic and will lob here undoubtedly
        2 hospitals are at 90 % capacity now, so there’s no guarantee of a hospital bed and you’re on your own

      • WA still has a shortage of vaccines. They have all been diverted to gold standard NSW so Gladys and Scomo can look good at doing something. Maybe the community are not in a mad rush, however it was not possible to book in my teenage child due to not enough vaccines…

      • You are right, once Queenslanders & those out west see people from Sydney & Melbourne travelling overseas they will demand their parochial and heartless governments open up. Just a matter of when not if. We do need to protect our children but that can’t entail locking society down indefinitely with all the costs that entails.

    • Yes, you’d think that a common sense approach like that would be a no brainer, unfortunately political ideology trumps all.

    • Because the two sides are opposing ideologies and political soundbites are black and white. If we had a leader that was data/fact driven the pandemic would be very different than now.

      Last year the fear of death and the lack of alternative meant no matter what your beliefs doing the right thing was the only option. Its the only reason we managed COVID well compared to other countries.

      I will be frank; I’m not against vaccines. However the vaccines have allowed the “let it rip” ideology to be viable alternative however irresponsible particularly for the Feds and NSW. Last year they had no choice but to support the lockdown, do it hard, and most importantly PAY people to stay at home. With vaccines around there’s little excuse to do the measures to control the virus – or only do it good enough to buy time to get vaccinated.

      Of course this all assumes vaccines once administered are a silver bullet on an ongoing basis – people will believe a lie even if the data says otherwise people they and their ideology want it to be true.

      • One trick ponyMEMBER

        Serious question – what’s the alternative to eventually “letting it rip”? That is, once everyone who wants to be vaccinated is.

      • Facts and data driven are good and well but you have to define the goal. Many are coming from a zero lives lost position while others come from an acceptance of lives lost.

        Australian political leaders cannot agree on the goal and are having cracks at each other because they are targeting different things.

        I do find it a bit strange that people are gullible enough to believe that McGowan or Anastasia care more than SFM or Bin chicken. They are doing what is electorally popular and if the virus gets into their states I guarantee they will pull out the “selling for dummies” handbook to refresh the pitch.

        • I don’t think they are for the people directly. But I do think at times (like last year’s lockdown) the politican’s interests and the community’s interests are aligned (as opposed to NSW where they are definitely not). Vaccines mean that business and community interests are no longer in alignment – as long as deaths are at an acceptable number to industry (can gloss over it on the news, people aren’t scared to spend) they are happy with that status quo.

          I would rather a leader that even if for selfish interests is aligned with myself as a voter rather than business groups no?

          On the goal that’s a good point I agree. But when making a decision between two alternatives usually costs vs benefits influences the choice of goal substantially. How it is framed and what facts are put forth influences the outcome of polling/votes substantially. Everyone wants it all but only when they have to weigh up inputs vs outputs and risks do they actually decide what they want in both life and w.r.t their personal goals.

          Same goes here. If the data was stacked in an objective way with knowledge of variant risk outlined I’m pretty sure the people who want to go on a quick holiday overseas would be swamped by people who care about their jobs, families/kids and everyday freedoms. Especially since they could still travel, just need to quarantine in a cabin for 14 days or so. If they did vote for coming in without quarantine despite the data and the large cost well articulated so be it but then they are willing to pay for it long term.

          My problem is that the narrative is being controlled and while it is, the country really hasn’t made an informed decision either way.

    • No matter what happens, any one state’s ability to go it alone and succeed is thwarted by the failure of the federal government to secure sufficient supply of vaccine. The best case now would be to mass vaccinate your state – make it a mandatory system where you’re booked in and told when and where to be locally to get the jab – and work from the high-risk areas out to the lowest risk. But no state can do that because there isn’t enough supply and there is no mechanism to organise 100% of the population like that on a household by household basis.


      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Yup. There is one path, and only one path back to normal, and that is high levels of vaccination. Eradication won’t last; it’s a numbers game, and sooner or later the virus will get through.

        • ‘….back to normal’ hahaha. There’s no going back to normal.

          This is our new normal for decades to come.

        • NSW stuffed that one up. It’s on our shores now which makes it harder to prevent on a state by state basis. NSW stuffed it up not just for them but in the long term probably for Australia.

          Prevention is better than cure.

    • “The Australian International Islamic College”. If it comes through to QLD from there, I wouldn’t want to be a Muslim in QLD for the next few decade.

      • This is not the first time this has happened. The story will be smothered if it leads to anything.

    • FFS:

      Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said a family of five with children at the college recently travelled to Melbourne and then back to Queensland by road via an undetected inland route.

      The entire family are now in hotel quarantine. The children of the family attended the Islamic College on August 31, Ms D’Ath said.

      She said the family had so far proved uncooperative in being tested or providing more detail on their movements.

      Some members of the family were reported to be unwell but Ms D’Ath said it was not clear as yet whether they were Covid-positive.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Stanthorpe way would be watched. Perhaps the windy old road around Mt Lindsay.

          I’d be taking the road down through Killarney to Legume. It’s the back way to Tenterfield and you’re on your way. Only slack-jawed yokels that way.

  4. “Sure, but everywhere outside of Sydney and Melbourne does not have to carry so much multicultural baggage. They can and have succeeded.

    QLD has done it. WA has done it. SA has so far done it but the VIC border must now be a worry. TAS has done it. NT has done it. I wish I lived in any one of them.”

    Australian states are not drastically different from NSW and VIC. They are to a certain extent, but in front of Delta, we are all the same. So it is only a matter of time. This site was so gung-ho on gold standard Gladys for most of the last year, and yet here we are.

    “There is no medical advice yet on Delta and kids.”

    Agree on this though.

  5. I think it would be a good idea to try very hard to keep Tasmania covid-free.

    Allocate a lot of resources to Tasmania to do things that make the most sense. Built a world-class quarantine system there. Make all goods shipments covid-safe. That would mean that plane and ship staff do not get close to the citizens.

    It might be necessary to have a 4-6 week quarantine period to go to Tasmania. This period need not be uncomfortable. With Internet and airconditioning and plenty of outdoor space, this could be quite pleasant – like a holiday.

    Vulnerable people from NSW and other infected states could then be transported (if they choose) to Tasmania for their safety. People unwilling to take the experimental jabs could also be allowed to move to Tasmania.

    Skilled tradies could elect to move to Tasmania to build huge quantities of excellent quality housing and infrastructure there.

    This could be a good thing.

    Rents could be driven down. Affordable housing could be created. Environmentally friendly living could be built where previously
    there was none. If the emphasis is taken away from doing the quickest and dirtiest thing that gets the most dollar for elites and the emphasis is put onto doing the best thing for the long-term wellbeing of citizens…

    This could be a good thing.

  6. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    NSW Premier proposes mandatory raves, mixed snorting lines, and shared bongs to help spread Covid Berejiklian, as National Covid Psycho convention gathers steam 

    Associated News
    Sydney, 1 September 2021: 1230AEST

    A zesty new marketing campaign reprising a smash hit which once brought Tony Blair to power in the United Kingdom is the centrepoint of a renewed marketing campaign to get Covid Berejiklian spread across the country by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

    ’And we, can only get Covid!
    Can only get Covid now I found you
    Can only get, can only get, 
    And you and you and you baby
    We can only get Covid
    We can only get Covid, now I found you

    Analysts say she is onto a winner with the catchy tune having demonstrated over the course of a generation an unparalleled ability to get people nice and close exhaling all over each other.  

    Tuesday’s results showed Covid Berejiklian now making inroads across NSW, Australia’s most populous state, after opening up the weekly account with a further 1290 cases – an all time Australian record.  On Wednesday, unveiling a further daily 1116 cases Gladys Berejiklian, the NSW Premier now synonymous with the virus in Australia triumphantly declared it would be ‘impossible’ to stop her. With the 1500 mark crossed for the first time in Australian history Prime Minister Scott Morrison proclaimed national level recognition would be the next landmark achievement.

    ‘The Victorians are starting to crack!  Just imagine how gutted they must be feeling after doing 25 weeks of lockdown over the last 18 months, and still getting their faces rubbed in it!  Wow, that’s humiliation. And after Melbourne crumbles there is nothing to stop us.  We will have Covid Berejiklian around the country in no time, then we can open up.  Once we have it opened up it is all a matter of blaming people who get Covid for their own predicament – after all they are fat, they have been smoking, they have diabetes and the bulk of them are old.  A little bit of ‘personal responsibility’ is the road ahead here, and that has us on the road to having them go through to stumps on the home pitch.  Most of them would rather they were at home anyway.’

    The crowning achievement of the Sydney based dispersal of Covid Berejiklian is the creation of a ‘Red zone’ in Wilcannia.  At just a fraction under 1000 kilometres from Sydney, getting anything to the site is time consuming and expensive, and with a predominantly Koori population very few outsiders have much reason to go there at all.  People going from South Australia to Sydney or Sydneysiders going to South Australia, and stopping for the barest minimum of time for either fuel or food, are the unprepossessing town’s lifeblood. But health figures now have the town with a population of about 490, as having 72 Covid cases, supported by a single ventilation facility in the town’s 5 bed hospital. Speaking from a wine tasting after the opening day of the Young Liberal State conference in Spit Junction, Cassandra Gormley declared the achievement ‘something truly unique’.

    ’It really is something which will stand out in history.  The sheer genius of it all.  Get the virus into the jail system, and the inmates spread it about.  Of course the inmates are undesirables, so it is perfectly OK to deploy them to spread the virus.  A town with only one ventilator just shows how efficient we can make these towns too.  But the real genius was just getting it into the jail in Dubbo, and getting the jail transport to effectively seed it around the state.

    Also ebullient about what he saw as an ‘ever improving prognosis’ was AIG Chief Commissar Innes Willox.  As the public relations front organisation for Australian Industry he said an effective virus spread throughout the nation was ‘essential’

    ’What a lot of Australians don’t seem to recognise is that Australian industry is essentially about farming taxes.  That is only achievable when you have sufficient revenues.  When all is said and done, yes, JobSeeker was a mighty fine spoon feed of marginal business around Australia, but actual business revenues have slumped across the board.  What I think the government is only now realising and coming to grips with is acknowledging that people have been spending their stimulus payments on essentials and home refurbishing, and while that is fine for the margins of some businesses, it isn’t all it is made out to be if you are trying to write off enough to make payments on a highly leveraged investor property portfolio if your business is curtains because, selfishly, people seem to be holding off on doing that sort stuff, doing it themselves, of being a load more finicky and difficult about it.  And that’s unfair on a lot of business.  The only real answer is to end the endless excuses to allow people to stay home and do nothing while giving them handouts.  To give them back their self respect, and commitment to contributing, and to force them to get out and about the same way the authorities are forcing them to get vaccinated.  And that means getting the virus spread about the country so effectively that any thought of ending risk to society by locking down is frankly, laughable.  I think they are there, and hats off to the NSW Premier for making that happen. 

    Shelby Mincer of advertising legends Mincer Poonce says the next logical step is for an air of jubilation to not just be created, but really propagated throughout the community, and he sees the catchy Covid jingle as a key plank.

    ‘Yeah Wow.  Like wow.  It has that vibe, it is sort of reenergising that ‘cool Britannia’ thing of the early 90s, so they are leveraging off that and it isn’t as though they need to go and invent something entirely new.  I’m having visions of big raves, crowded warehouses, lots of white shirts, and tight fitting clothing.  And I think it will work.  You give that a push on commercial radio, you get people singing along, and before you know it when people pass the bong around, or hand along a little tooter, they will be tapping that on the sides.  And that’s got to be good for the economy.’  

    Following on in precisely that frame of mind a jubilant NSW Premier announced that international travel would be ‘On like there’s no tomorrow’ from early November, and proposed State government subsidies for communal hallucinogen accessories.

    ‘Bong right on, and toot right up, and while you are at it, get a jab to go with it’ Declared the NSW Premier, in front of adulating masses.  ‘It is weeks! Only weeks now! Before we will be flying in more Covid spreaders than we have ever had before.  Don’t feel bad about the increased risk for states which haven’t had Covid, feel glad for the chance that we, the people of Sydney and NSW, have to share it with them!’

    Government insiders are floating the idea of a dual State and Federal election in late November to maximise reelection scope, with Gladys and ScoMo sharing the same handkerchief at the joint opening of the Campaign which is being tentatively scheduled for November 27.  Expecting a campaign heavily focussed on NSW anticipated to deliver enough seats to offset a ‘tough sell’ electorate in other states, analysts say it may be time to ‘go long’ on companies providing security services. 

  7. Just to highlight one of your links… Digging a little deeper into the data you link is far less panic driven… puts some balance into that hysterical and cherry picked Bloomberg piece…
    This ties in with actual peer reviewed research which (pre Delta) puts it around 2% often with just mild symptoms persisting.
    And the researchers said it was clear the pandemic had had a damaging effect on young people because of
    the closure of schools
    not seeing their friends
    concern about the risk from the virus
    This showed how important it was to get “back to normal” and have schools open, Dr Whittaker added.
    Noone wants to see any child suffer and agree Delta research very early at best but linking to rubbish only distorts the facts, this data should give parents some level of comfort at least based on past variants, the opposite to what Bloomberg tried to intimate.

    • Good comment. It is tiring to see people cite pre-print research to drive a certain agenda. If people start quoting pre-prints at you then it’s time to walk away.

  8. Wow, you’re supporting that lunatic in Queensland? The same person recommending her citizens not get the Astrazeneca vaccine due to the 1 in 1 million chance of dying from a blood clot. The same person who gives exemptions to celebrities and professional athletes but not to sick people trying to get medical treatment. The same person who forced an interstate traveller from a covid free region into hotel quarantine for eight hours who then caught covid while in quarantine and forced NT and SA into snap lockdowns.

    • Those “Lunatics” arent telling NSW how to run there own affairs. Its the other way around.

      If everyones so happy in NSW, then why leave?

    • Yeah, 1 in 1 million across the applicable age group, but as you go down in age and look at women that risk is higher. This was confirmed by my GP who suggested my daughters in their early to mid 20s hold off for Pfizer.

      It’s only been because of the debacle in NSW that the advice on AZ has changed.

    • Will try to explain it simply:
      Scenario 1 (QLD for most of this year): 0 covid in community vs 1/30k-40k chance of blood clot complications/deaths. Best strategy is probably waiting for Pfizer
      Scenario 2 (NSW at present) lots of COVID in the community 1-2% chance of going to hospital vs 1/30k-40k chance of blood clot complications. Probably worth taking AZ.

      As the situation changes – the relative risks change.

    • Reus's large MEMBER

      Most of the bedwetters here believe that the vaccine fixes everything, even those genital warts they have …. Too many people out there do not realise that the vaxed carry the same viral load as the un-vaxed, they can still get sick and die, actually according to UK data, if you are over 50 and double vaxed you are more likely to die than unvaxed.

      300k cases total 150k vaxed 150k unvaxed, 389 deaths of over 50’s with 2 doses, 205 deaths over 50’s unvaxed

      Data is here

      Page 18 BTW

      • “according to UK data, if you are over 50 and double vaxed you are more likely to die than unvaxed”

        is that 50-60 or just everyone over 50. maybe you are more likely to be double vaxxed over 50 if you have underlying health conditions. and if you have underlying health conditions the vax can’t necessarily save you from delta?

        There are a few interpretations of that data. Not saying I am right either …

  9. I note that ScuMo’s youngest daughter is 12. It will be interesting to see how much attention he pays to the “science” when they get the opportunity to get vaccinated.

  10. In what universe does demanding that they be infected and enter the zombie twilight of permalockdowns (which are part of the Doherty model) translate into votes for the Coalition?

    Only a government of true psychopaths could believe they can gaslight people’s reality so.

    Great comment and content David, thanks.

    It’s a sad day for Vic after fighting the good fight so hard for so long. Whatever anyone thinks of Dan his leadership and commitment have been tireless and exemplary throughout this covid catastrophe.

    • The election will be announced just before we hit 80% of adults, be held quickly to make sure that it happens before the first post 80% localised lockdown (as anticipated by Doherty). In the meantime, Gladys and ScuMo will keep gaslighting us by saying everything with be back to normal when (not if) we hit 80%.

    • C’mon. Dan is no different to any other politician, he will sell/pivot to whatever is politically popular. Sticking it to SFM and co is popular with Vic residents. If the wind changes and tells him he will get booted if he doesn’t relax lockdowns, watch the pitch change.

      • Suggest you pick at random any one of Dan Andrews daily pressers, then pick one at random of Gladys’.

        The contrast could not be more glaring.

        In Andrews’ you cannot doubt the sincerity and commitment whether you agree with him or not.

        Gladys is the diametrically opposed opposite.

        Interesting how true colours will out in times of emergency.

  11. Scummo and the dark masters he serves will be outraged by Anna’s position. It’s a complete refusal to engage with his narrative (everyone must learn to love the virus, it’s as kid friendly as a kinder surprise, etc). Wonder what new front of attack they’ll open up against her in the coming weeks?

  12. From the USA for vaccinations for Under 12s, Fauci has been publicly saying within a month or two, ie:
    “I hope all of that process will take place expeditiously and that we will have it on the timetable that you just mentioned, hopefully by the mid-late fall and early winter.”

    “Pfizer’s vaccine was authorized for kids 12 to 15 in May. On Monday, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company, Albert Bourla, told NBC News’ Lester Holt that it’s conducting “very large studies right now” in children under 12. He said those focused on kids 5 to 11 would be completed in September and that the company could then submit the data to the FDA. Given how efficiently the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reviewed previous data, this means an authorization for this group could be available by Thanksgiving, NBC News medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel said on TODAY Tuesday. Pfizer’s data on toddlers to age 4 would likely come soon after, NBC News has reported.”

    So say timetable above is reached, Pfizer’s vaccine FDA approved for 5-11 year olds by the start of December. From memory on average TGA is 120 days after the FDA approval, this puts vaccine availability here roughly at the end of March.

    I imagine there will be extreme pressure for the TGA to expedite it’s approval process on this once the FDA approval arrives, something like a vaccine in time for the beginning of school term next year should be possible.

    • Imagine having to take your 3 year old to the clinic 3-4 times per year for their COVID jab. Dark times. I wonder what the cumulative toll of taking these vaccines 3-4 times per year for 80 years will be. That’s completely unprecedented.

  13. Im suprised Liberals arent Renting vaccines to us. Do we have to give them up when we stop paying?

  14. Daniel Andrews’ acknowledgement that his state could not defeat its latest outbreak and, at best, hopes to limit its spread, was a profound moment in the coronavirus pandemic.

    Unfortunately the Murdoch rags will take Dan’s “capitulation” as the sign that “Gladys was right all along”, that we just need to listen to Scotty and Gladys and the will lead us into the light.

    Andrew Bolt was already smoking it today, basically saying that now that Andrews has caved on zero COVID that all the states should fall into line behind NSW, because Gladys is the only premier who knows what she’s doing.

    This is the crap that will win the LNP the election.