Morrison accelerates children vaccine approval

Finally, the Morrison Government gets it:

Health Minister Greg Hunt has urged pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to seek approval for its COVID-19 vaccine to be given to children as young as five in Australia as soon as possible.

Hours after the company announced plans to seek approval from US regulators for its vaccine to be given to younger children, Mr Hunt said a parallel process in Australia could boost protection for kids aged five to 11 more quickly.

It is a race.

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  1. Who would want to be a parent right now?

    Hospitalization rate in US for 0-17yr old cohort looks to be about 0.5 in 100,000 right now. (At least a local peak)

    Death by vaccine in the 12-17yr old co-hort. (I’m not sure if there is publicly available data for 0-12 cohort).
    I’ll let people view the numbers for themselves – lest I get accused of something.

  2. It’s pretty clear that all this leads to mandatory vaccinations for everyone, man, woman and infant.
    Liberal democracy was nice while it lasted.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Widespread ingestion of over the counter drugs to babies equates to child abuse. Coffee a good example. Advertising pain killers for very young children despicable, creating a future life of dependence. Thank you J D Rockefeller.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Ha ha ha! No one’s going to hold you down and give you the jab. Life will become more difficult for you, and deservedly so. You won’t be able to be hired at most places. No getting on aircraft, that kind of thing.

      It’s not the end of liberal democracy. It’s the end of sane people mollycoddling demented fools. We don’t care what you anti vaxxer whack jobs think anymore. It’s time to start separating you. Ha ha!

    • It all boils down to this. If you expect the govt to look after you and pay for any of your health related issues then you have to play by their rules. That’s why you have to use seat belts and motor cycle helmets.

      • Wrong.
        Belts and helmets save people.
        Rules “by the .gov” are there to restrict the payout or to give reasons to restrict them.

    • boomengineeringMEMBER

      Fear used as a tool once again.
      Primitives used fear to support the witchdoctors. We have used it, Yellow peril, Red under each bed, terrorist next door, the list is long.
      Whatever happened “to nothing to fear but fear itself.”

    • Not necessarily because these things do have expiry dates so there will be some going to waste.
      But take the point it does seem a lot.
      From a political viewpoint understandable given they were caught short, so now you get the political overcompensation where everything that moves has to be vaccinated and then they try to luxuriate in the topic de jure of vaccine procurement announcements.

      Why can they not just take a sensible approach of getting everyone who wants to be vaccinated, vaccinated on a voluntary basis. That alone looks like we will get to 85%+ (based on NSW being at about 82% right now). Deal with the rest with appropriate therapeutics.
      Instead we get politicians pitting members of society against each other on mandates, vaccine passports, masks, boosters, shots for kids etc. etc.

  3. FDA Banned Boosters

    Didn’t the FDA just ban boosters to under 65s because they aren’t safe enough?

    I think the western democracies have shown they are every bit as evil as the worst regimes on Earth.

    Sacrifice the weak for the greater good, while in a country like China the strong make small sacrifices in the scheme of things to protect the weak.

    Morrison doesn’t “get it”. Most of the western liberal democracies have never “got it”.

    The country that did “get it” was China. 4 COVID deaths in the past 5 months. USA over 100k deaths in that span despite population 4x smaller.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “Didn’t the FDA just ban boosters to under 65s because they aren’t safe enough?”


      “I think the western democracies have shown they are every bit as evil as the worst regimes on Earth.”

      Ha ha ha ha ha! What color is the sky on your planet?


      FDA didn’t “ban” boosters. A FDA panel voted and rejected a proposal to give boosters to over 16 at this stage. (citing Pfizer still had decent protection against severe illness, even if protection against mild symptoms was waning.

      They then unanimously voted for a proposal to provide boosters to over 65’s and immunocompromised.

      It may still come around that boosters are preferable, but it’ll be borne out by data

      • Triple Vaxxed Superspeader

        It’s obvious that boosters are required since any immunity from the leaky vaccines is very short lived. After 4 months you are essentially unvaccinated hence why they are giving them to over 65s

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Look at fancy Mr Fudinthenud and his referenced facts. The anti vaxxer cohort here will simply pretend that you never posted this. They’re very noisy, and very stupid. Reality doesn’t matter to them, only their conspiracy theories matter. Everything else gets ignored.

        • There is no conspiracy in the non-recommendation of further “boosters”.

          Big pharma occasionally gets to be in the detention box and pay a hefty fine for, let’s call it “greasing up their clients” but otherwise these are as ethical as a cardinal in the orphanage.

  4. Vaccines safe and effective?
    Their waning effectiveness is certainly being debated atm and no trials considered ‘booster’ shots.
    Why have all the usual protocols for releasing a drug been abandoned and adverse reactions ignored?

    These people want the world to know what happened!

    • On a positive note, I’m sure Duddles’ enthusiasm for waxing will influence many people in a positive direction.


      Great! Well if vaccine don’t work it’s restrictions and lockdowns forever! The antivaxx protestors will love that

    • citation required but IIRC I read y’day AZ (at 12 weeks spacing) is effective v Delta out to 12-14mo.
      On par with flu shot for timeline? (citation req’d)
      Hardly a huge inconvenience

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “Why have all the usual protocols for releasing a drug been abandoned and adverse reactions ignored?”

      They haven’t. You’re just willfully ignoring them, because you’re a crazy antivaxxer. Instead, you’re posting links to a dodgy anonymous website that stinks like an anti-vaxxer disinformation site. Google searching several names from it shows only results from other anti-vaxxer sites

      “According to the national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the rate of severe vaccine-related anaphylaxis, or a serious allergic reaction that requires hospitalization, is 4.7 per million for the Pfizer vaccine and 2.5 per million for Moderna. But the authors noted that VAERS tends not to capture mild or moderate allergic reactions to vaccines.”

      This site is rotten with credulous anti-vaxxer fools. Surprisingly, quite a few of them are members. I guess the decline into zero-hedge conspiracy madness is inevitable for this site; at least the comments section.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      I’m going for sex-tuplet vaxxed eventually but that’s my choice. Good for you on yours. I makes no difference to my level of fear what you or anyone else does. All the best.

    • The delta strain is a vaccine injury? Says the NHS? , Really? OKayyyyy, and how does he know that? Sure that was not called for, he may have a electron microscope, and knows how to use it.

      It’s one thing for a funeral director to speak of increased deaths from something, or what’s happening in his industry, or what they’re noticing, but to then go on of a political agenda, of a coming totalitarian state, and depopulation program. He’s another talk off the top of a header, or half mad. He goes on about the “pandemic guy”, and lots of other stuff he doesn’t substantiate. Goes on about government statistcs, but doesn’t say where from. All the bodies he has buried are vaccinated, … And the crisis actors he is on about at the 20 minute mark, aaaand that’s where I switched off.

      Remember when w35tpac blank registered all these propriety limited companies, that had no employees, yet charged fees for services tendered by these companies, helping themselves to superfunds? And the Merdeduck press said nothing as not to embarrass their advertiser? See all these adversarial people, like the white beard old guy, who not only said boo, rampaged the streets with high flying fists, demanding they get somekind of, let say, their financial freedom back in their later retirement years? To get back something that was theirs in the first place?

      If there is a dictatorship coming, then it’s already here, it’s been years in the formation, and didn’t come from a virus vaccine. Much of the country’s, society’s, peoples wealth has been sucked out of, and above them, and no one did a thing, or could do a thing. That’s more likely where an authoritarian state would come from.

      There are a lot of people out there, who want you in the trenches with them, and for you to jump out when they blow the whistle.

      • I had to laugh at a couple clowns in the comments section on that vid, that’s all they seemed to notice! Maybe I’m old-fashioned but all I saw was exclamation marks! Am I missing something?

        • No, you’ve got it! I did similar, scroll through and picked that one out. There were plenty more too, a rats nest of conspiracy. I think that Looney character speaking is a little confused … and misses the point. His is just anecdata and probably wrong.

          • Cheers. Yes, it’s out there. He seems genuine and has put his neck on the block. At 900k views in a week (and not even utube) someones watching!


      IF they get a bed. In a crisis I could see triage being done based on vaccine status, all things being equal. Particularly if vaxxed are more likely to have better recovery outcomes.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Triage is done based on likelihood of recovery. Which for the unvaxxed is quite poor once they’re in the ICU.

        I suspect we’ll be seeing a poster or two from here in the HermanCainAward subreddit, or on

  5. There’s some really strong views on both sides of this and both seem to be backed by “expert” opinions. The reality is we just don’t know and for those of us in the middle it’s a sh#t position to be in not helped at all by a lack of leadership and transparency at all levels:

    COVID might have long term effects even if kids show minor/no symptoms at first?
    The vaccine could be bad for kids in the long term?

    We chose to get Pfizer for ourselves (51 & 42 yr olds). We have made the decision to get our 13yr old vaccinated with Pfizer too. Roll forward a few months and will we get our 11 & 9yr olds vaccinated – probably but will stay open minded.

    Are we adamant we made the right choice – no we are not. The whole thing is a sh#t show.

      • You could be right SuS – but we really just don’t know. Why is 12 a magical number – especially for us when our 11 & 13yr old are pretty much the same build.
        When I see everyone point out that no one under xyrs old have died I accept that……but then I think what happens 5, 10,20 yrs after COVID? Anyone who states as fact there are are no LT issues loses credibility IMO. Same with the vaccine.
        The reality is we just don’t know.

    • That is a fair enough reasoned position.
      Where it is going to get difficult is when we start stigmatising kids for not taking it.
      And the way society is going you can see that this will be the station the train will shortly be arriving at.
      Just look at the nonsense masking of 2yr olds in the USA (despite celebrities able to gather mask-less at large award ceremonies)
      At some point it it state sanctioned child abuse. This long ceased being about health IMO.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “both seem to be backed by “expert” opinions”

      Ha ha ha… no. The sane are posting links to the CDC, New England Journal of Medicine, and University of Minnesota studies. The anti-vaxxer jelly-brains almost never post links, and when they do, it’s to and other obvious disinformation sites.

      This is what is known as an epistemological crisis. A pretty high percentage of the population don’t have a working bullsh1t meter, and believe literally anything that confirms their absurd prejudices.

      • This is what is known as an epistemological crisis. A pretty high percentage of the population don’t have a working bullsh1t meter, and believe literally anything that confirms their absurd prejudices.

        In their defense, a massive amount of effort is put into creating and sustaining this situation.

    • @C3PO

      “Are we adamant we made the right choice – no we are not. The whole thing is a sh#t show.”

      Agree totally, my family mixed on vax/no-vax. Complex situation, especially for those keeping an open mind on the rushed nature of these vaccines and the fact the makers are indemnified against vaccine injury. IMO those waiting for more research (understandable) get lumped in with the anti mob.

      I found this confronting.

      • The speed of vaccine development and testing is what interests me. Pfizer knew they had a working vaccine in Sept 2020. Presumably they did some testing to determine that – say 3 months minimum. That takes us to June 2020. Given it all started around March 2020 that means they developed it in 3 months.

  6. The Covid survival rate for Australians under the age of twenty is 100%.

    The 2021 all Australian survival rate for Covid is 99.58%.

    The Doherty report yesterday stated that Covid is no worse than a bad flu year in Australia.

    205.000.000 people in the world have recovered from Covid. Long Covid remains a myth based on microscopic sample sizes below 100 people sourced from those who suffered the most from the virus. The current Australian sample size of those suffering long Covid is 16 people who claim to have felt any residual slight effects only 4 weeks later.

    Covid is a real virus but it is no where near as much an existential threat as diabetes, heart disease or even malaria. There has been no suggestion throughout world history to alter society for any of these other health threats. Digital ID vaccine passports are the end game. What point a vaccine passport when a vaccinated person spreads the virus as readily as an unvaccinated as happened in the Northern Rivers yesterday?

    • The flu comparison may not be apt. Is it as infectious?
      Is it as deadly (multi organ issues , long covid).

      It’s also not apt to compare them – flu isn’t novel, and, we don’t wear masks, physical distance etc for flu. If we did, we’d have no flu each year (as we’ve seen last two years, IIRC the stats) and suddenly covid – even with all the controls – would look a lot worse than seasonal flu.

      To your point about the Northern Rivers – this person broke the rules by not operating under the stay at home orders they’re subject to in Sydney, where they ordinarily reside. Had they done that, and not done a lap of Byron and 5hrs in the Kingscliff Hotel, there’d be no lockdown. Second, Hazzard was quite clear that one of the reasons these LGAs are into lockdown for one case albeit multiple exposure sites was due to low vax rates, which he admitted was a function of mainly supply issues at present.

      There is no evidence of any spread by this person yet, but, 5hrs at the Kingscliff Hotel…

      For the Lismore LGA lockdown – I was at one of the exposure sites a few hours after the exposure window and the place I was at was very, very quiet. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are no additional cases and the LGA exits lockdown Friday as planned but equally I wouldn’t be surprised if it is extended. Surprising that Ballina is not in lockdown.

      Of course, some very pointed questions are now being asked about Sydney travellers being allowed here when the vax rate is so low. Time to stop the planes for a bit. I can’t see how filming I’m a celebrity (“get the hell out of
      Here please !”) is essential work

    • I agree. The perennially dishonest media has whipped the fear up around covid to something that bears no relationship to reality. The fact that no one under 20 has died from it in Australia and incredibly few people under 20 in other countries died from it and yet still the psychopaths want to vaccinate kids shows how sick the people are. In Sweden only 9 people < 20 have been recorded as dying from covid since the pandemic began, that is ~1/400,000 per annum. You can also be sure they were not the healthiest kids in Sweden either.
      Yet so many people still want to vaccinate kids, it's crazy.

  7. I’m in support of this. It’s the right thing to maim a bunch of 5 year olds to save some 80 year old. Most 5 year olds don’t even have a property portfolio.

    • That does seem to be the position of a large portion of Australia’s population. Generally the same ones that want their house prices to increase forever and an infinite supply of poor migrants to serve them at the cheapest possible price.

  8. Kids immune systems are dealing with the virus much better than any vaccine will ever do.
    Scientist still have little understanding why and there is not much solid information or studies on it.
    Do we really want to start mucking about with kids immune systems that are already doing very well?
    Should we not understand why kids natural immune systems are giving far superior protection?
    This makes no sense at all.
    The only thing that makes sense is a drug company trying to push their product onto as many people as possible regardless of the effective benefits.

    • Bingo. If it ain’t broke stop fecking with it.

      Old and co-morbid are the risk vectors here, always have been and the data support this. In Australia, they got 1st dibs on vaccines and are mostly covered. If at this point they choose not to be vaccinated then that’s on them. Same with younger folks with lifestyle co-morbidities who have chosen not to help themselves.

      We have vaccine air cover for the vulnerable NOW, use it to open before vaccine efficacy wanes.
      We dont need to vaccinate kids because they are statistically irrelevant in the risk data. Immunocompromised kids may be an exception.
      We should not enforce vaccine passports because the viral load for delta between vax and unvaxxed is the same.
      We should triage appropriately if ICU’s become overloaded, my definition here is vaccinated healthy individuals get priority. Unhealthy or unvaccinated fall down that list.
      We should be spending a lot more time, money and research on treatments for home recovery. Australia has done very little here in comparison to places like the UK and the Principle Trial.
      We should stop using cases as the measuring stick and instead focus on hospitalization and death rates of healthy people below 80. Using 80+ or chronically co-morbid as the metric of success and failure is utterly moronic considering average life expectancy in Australia.

  9. I posted this link below on the end of a thread a few days ago, but probably better belongs here. In mid September Pfizer at a Morgan Stanley presentation laid out details on the progress their vaccines for children. As well as what was announced yesterday they talked about the 2nd group of children aged 6 months to 5 years:

    (Is an interesting presentation as spells out the volumes of vaccines they are delivering to various countries and timelines also that they are pricing the vaccine differently by customer, 3 separate categories)
    Frank A. D’Amelio – Pfizer Inc. – CFO & Executive VP of Global Supply
    “So now let me go further. We would expect to have similar data for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old that we would file with the FDA, I’ll call it, in the weeks shortly thereafter the filing of the data for the 5 to the 11 year-olds.
    And then obviously, all of that depends on having a positive outcome on the data, right? I’m assuming that in terms of all the dates I’m giving you.

    But I think 5 to 11, we have data end of September. We expect to file — we expect to have data in September. We expect to file early October. The 6 months to the 5-year old, we would hope to file similar data, I’ll call it, in a month shortly thereafter that original filing. Once again, assuming all of the data is positive.”

  10. The amazing thing was that Pfizer decided to make the announcement on Twitter (of all places) regarding their plans to submit data to the FDA on the use in younger age cohorts.

    Was this an attempt to publicly wedge the FDA, with the FDA having recently voted against recommending population-wide booster shots?
    Twitter is a totally inappropriate place for such discussion. At a minimum they should either post all of the data publicly, or to the FDA in confidence. Really undermines the ethical standards of the company IMO. (even though I have taken their vaccine)

  11. People equate vaccine rates to broad support for the vaccine which I think is not a great assumption. Many people especially in Western Sydney and the like probably took the jab due to the “no jab, no job” rules being enforced by employers.

    If that’s true expect a lot less children as a percentage to be vaccinated. Just because they felt cohered to take it doesn’t mean they will give it to their kids necessarily. Interesting to see what happens. They may be willing to take the risk even if they don’t strongly support the vaccine because economically they need to, but giving it to their children is a very different proposition to those kinds of people.

    • They will force parents by saying the kids can’t go to school if they are not jabbed.
      That’s the country we live in now. You don’t get a choice. You don’t get to debate this policy, its forced onto you.
      My only warning to the government is, if even just one kid dies from the vaccine there will be hell to pay.