China accuses Australia of ‘bullying’

A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has accused Australia of “bullying” and using China’s economic coercion for “selfish political gain”:

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin said… “China has never done anything detrimental to Australia’s sovereignty”…

“The label of so-called ‘economic coercion’ can never be pinned onto China. Instead, it is Australia that stands guilty of the following.

“It has taken measures against market principles and even bullying acts, and imposed restrictions on normal exchanges and cooperation between the two countries without cause”…

“(Australia has) grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs and harmed China’s core interests in violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations”…

“The current difficulties in China-Australia relations are entirely of Australia’s own making. It is imperative that Australia… abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological bias, respect basic facts (and) take an objective and rational look at China and its development.

“The Australian side should also stop playing up the ‘coercive China’ narrative for selfish political gain and do more to enhance mutual trust and promote practical cooperation”.

Here we have the elephant afraid of the mouse!

The last time I checked, it was the CCP that issued Canberra with 14 demands that would effectively end Australian democracy:

CCP's 14 demands

The CCP’s 14 demands that would end Australian democracy.

Moreover, it is the CCP that has contravened the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) by banning a wide range of imports from Australia.

There is only one bully in this relationship and it isn’t Australia.

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  1. Surely we can go-slow some exports to them.

    After 2 years of: floods, droughts, rona, african swine fever, bird flu, and probably some I’ve forgotten, they have to be needing food by now.

  2. Mr Morrison’s government has not handled the relationship with China well. This is the cause of the unpleasantness.

    The use of a very broad definition of “national security” has seen the ultimate control of Australian overseas business delegated to the opaque control of the security services. This is upsetting.

  3. Ludic FallacyMEMBER

    It feels like there is some deep s#it going down in CCP at the moment.
    Xi promoting himself to supreme leader.
    The recent raft of changes around social issues and crack down on foreign training.
    Their ridiculous statements like above.
    Crackdown on lending, leading to the construction/iron ore issues and everything that will come from that.
    I hope it’s all just prep for the party congress in 2022 (and 100 year anniversary of the party) rather than to put down a coming social upheaval.

    Either way it will be bad for for the people of Chinese.

      • Yes, I sometimes think Xi is an evil genius, make the consumers in democracies reliant on China for iPhones etc, sow discord in west via conspiracy theories, make all Chinese think all foreigners are anti China because of their success & because democracies are failing etc. Then when he launches a sudden attack on Taiwan to go down in history as the man who took Taiwan no western nations will dare issue any substantial sanctions or block products as their already seething populace split by conspiracy theories will go ape without their consumer gadgets etc. His taking out lots of leading Chinese voices & celebrities together with the anti foreigner rhetoric will mean nobody inside China criticises even if some sanctions etc are implemented. Especially as it is a given according to CCP that their system will triumph over the capitalists.

        The only comforting thought is that this is exactly the opposite to what CCP have always done, ie they like order & stability. There again the art of war says …

        • El MerenderoMEMBER

          you know what….Xi increasingly reminds of Syndrome in The Incredibles, particularly this quote: “Now you respect me only because I am a threat!”

  4. An old school mate of mine has always been a hard living bruiser, & was becoming a wastrel till finding Falun Dafa. So in return for them helping him, he guards their Saturday paper from CCP thieves trying to stop the truth getting out. He says the number he’s had to confront & see off in recent months when they try to grab hundreds of copies at a time is getting pretty bold. Says his asset is that he’s not afraid of abrupt confrontation & looking them in the eye unlike they, who slink away…… 🙂

  5. They’re like children….

    Having spent pretty much my entire career focused on EM Asia, two immutable rules I’ve learned about the Chinese Communists is that they accuse people of exactly what they are doing and when they get shrill, it means they feel powerless.

    Iron ore prices are falling as the building industry in China collapses into a smoldering wreck, but their attempt to hurt Australia by curtailing coal imports is backfiring massively. Coal prices are absolutely exploding… and the value of Australian exports of coal looks set to rise from AUD 4.7bn/month in July to nearly AUD 9bn/month by November.

    Total muppets.

  6. Feck me! It literally is satire! 😂
    literally everything thing they accuse us of is what they actually did! And remind me again who has an international court judgment against them (re SCS claim). There is a mental condition where people project all their failings onto other people I’m convinced the whole of the CCP leadership is afflicted with this.

    • If you’ve ever watched a Chinese show the emphasis is on going to great pains in saving the face of the loser to the point that the winner is almost ushered out the side door without a mention – fake empathy on steroids. I’d like to know the word for it, it’s what they’re trying to pull off – except that part of their culture won’t work anywhere else, & they’re too arrogant to understand it.

  7. Have a look at what Huawei “put in” the communications in the Chinese built African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa.Ethiopia. After finding a huge amount of data was being sent to Beijing every night after midnight they searched the building and found recording devices in walls and ceilings. After rewiring the building Huawei offered to help with replacing the corrupted communications system.

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