Behold Mad Gladys’ and Psycho Scott’s COVID apartheid

COVID apartheid is here and it’s no fun for anybody in the leprosy zone. Victoria is now a fully-fledged member:

The state government has abandoned its COVID-zero strategy and is set to announce a modest easing of restrictions despite two COVID-19 deaths being reported on Tuesday – the first in Victoria this year.

Conceding the mental health effects of the latest lockdown had been “bloody tough”, Premier Daniel Andrews was in briefings with senior ministers and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton on Tuesday evening.

They were thrashing out which restrictions to ease later this week and how to plot a path to a fuller reopening once Victoria hit the national vaccination target of 80 per cent.

Parks to open, apparently.

Psycho Scott is aiming to spread the virus to all corners ASAP:

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash has warned state governments that their constitutional power to shut borders will diminish once the nation hits an 80 per cent vaccination rate, as premiers with low Covid-19 infections defend the need to lock out interstate arrivals.

Senator Cash said the legal ­arguments that led the High Court to block billionaire Clive Palmer’s push to tear down the West Australian border were shifting, as a coalition of the nation’s largest employers urged governments to work together to ease restrictions once 70 to 80 per cent of Australians were jabbed.

This is classic Liar from the Shire. Recall from Crikey:

On June 12, 2020, the Australian government solicitor, on behalf of then-attorney-general Christian Porter, filed a notice of intervention under section 78A of the Judiciary Act 1903 in the matter of Clive Palmer and Mineralogy v the state of Western Australia and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson. The notice states: ‘The attorney-general intervenes in support of the position of the plaintiffs.
Source: High Court filings, June 12 2020

Morrison [when asked why the government supported Clive Palmer’s High Court action on Western Australian borders]: “The member must be misinformed, because the Commonwealth did not pursue that case, and it is erroneous to suggest that that is what the government did. The government did not pursue that case at all. We did not pursue that case. The Labor Party continues to push this falsehood around the country…
Question time, August 30, 2021

What a psycho.

Mad Gladys is just as bad today:

She said once the state hits it 70 per cent vaccination target for double doses “you can expect to do everything that you missed doing”.

“Whether it is attending a public event or having a drink, if you are fully vaccinated and the state has hit its 70 per cent double dose target, please expect to do all of those things we have been missing for too long,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“I’m looking forward to that and I want to thank everybody for coming forward to getting vaccinated.”

This sounds great but the Doherty modelling she is relying on says that even if everything goes right, lockdowns will still be needed 30% of the time or hospitals will be overwhelmed.

The Mad Gladys model appears to be to do and say whatever she likes.

Business leeches want everybody equally filthy:

Businesses are demanding state leaders stick to the national plan out of lockdowns, as the economy’s V-shaped recovery is expected to stall or even reverse into a double-dip recession.

It’s a bit late for that, my friends. The recession is here.

But the non-leper zone is showing no signs of giving in, and why would they?

Queensland’s Treasurer Cameron Dick has hit out at the New South Wales government’s management of its latest COVID-19 outbreak, saying the state was too slow to respond.

Speaking in state Parliament, Mr Dick criticised NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her government’s response to the Delta outbreak.

“The people of NSW deserve all of our sympathy and support; however, the actions of their government must be questioned,” he said.

“The NSW government did not go hard. The NSW government did not go fast.

“Now, as they drag down the national economy and the morale of their own people, all they talk about is opening up, regardless of the health consequences.”

Leper, outcast, unclean!

There are a few more Pfizer shots coming as Morrison begs, borrows and steals:

Australia says it has reached a deal with Singapore to acquire 500,000 doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine next week in return for delivering the same number of shots to Singapore in December.

What a shame he sent Pfizer packing mid-last year when they asked how many we wanted to buy? If there was ever a reason why a PM should resign immediately this is it.

This catastrophic failure has led directly to COVID apartheid and the leadership void is being filled by the worst, filled with passionate intensity:

A former reality TV wannabe turned vocal anti-vaxxer has spent the night behind bars after being charged by Victoria Police.

Monica Smit, who founded the Reignite Democracy Australia movement during Victoria’s deadly second wave last year, livestreamed her own arrest in Brighton on Tuesday before her phone was seized by police.

The 31-year-old was pulled over on New Street about 1.20pm where officers from Springvale informed her she was under arrest for incitement.

I do love the anti-vaxxer, anti-lockdown combo. Otherwise known as a homicidal maniac.

Finally, Domain wants to throw the kids under the Delta bus:

There is strong evidence COVID-19 poses very little threat to children. There is good evidence that Delta does not do much to increase that risk.

Yet in NSW and Victoria we have pulled nearly all children out of face-to-face schooling.

There is some evidence – although contested – suggesting this exposes children to negative effects, some short-term, some potentially life-long.

Science does not set policy – that’s up to us, as members of society. Parents are perfectly entitled to take the risk of not sending children to school to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.

But good policy needs to take into account all the evidence, not just the bit that is most scary.

The lopsided focus of the public debate on the very small risks posed by COVID-19 to children, while school closures go largely ignored, seems to me to misunderstand the evidence.

I’ve looked at the evidence. There is NO scientific case yet that Delta is no worse than other strains for kids. There are no studies. There is encouraging anecdotal evidence from the US and UK that this is the case. But qualitative media reporting does NOT qualify as science, except at Peter Costello’s Domain.

Behold Mad Gladys’ and Psycho Scott’s COVID apartheid!

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  1. ScoMo’s priority is to get border restrictions removed before the federal election. This is understandable, but, the time for him to think about that was when he was negotiating with Pfizer in 2020, not now. Anyway, if it ends up that NSW and VIC open up to international travel a few months ahead of the other states, I don’t see any problem with that.

    • No, I think he needs to go BEFORE borders open. The reality of open borders will be so ugly he can’t wait until after.
      They are in a hurry, that is for sure. I think they are trying to get ahead of the catastrophy that this northern hem winter will bring.

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        Not sure why people still get their knickers in such a twist about allowing Aussie citizens in and out of the country (albeit that some wish it as a defacto immigration policy).

        The pre-flight PCR testing has drastically reduced the numbers of inbound travellers arriving with Covid, further reduced by testing on arrival and risk is eliminated with 7 days home quarantine.

        Time to open up in gradual way with countries who pose zero risk through low cases and/or high vaccinated populations (eg. Singapore and Taiwan).

  2. I’d be careful cheering on VicPol for charging anyone over “incitement”. This could be used politically to silence anyone organising around ANY issue. It is precisely why we should be very wary of the growing enthusiasm for authoritarianism in Australia.

    Voltaire’s letter to Helvetius comes to mind.

    • Agree:) 100% staged arrest. Copper called driver by name without asking for DL while she/he/her/him/then/they got their face camera ready. @ctwh0re for anti vex [email protected] profound non sense pa$$ing as news. MB no different as it $hills for the vex/hex like listening to sky knews:))

  3. The “it is OK to infect your kids with COVID”, and “living with COVID = freedom” is sick sick sick stuff.

    The whole ‘system’ is pushing lies and misinformation like it never has before. Never seen anything like this in Australian political history.

    We have slipped through the rabbit hole.

    • “The whole ‘system’ is pushing lies and misinformation like it never has before. Never seen anything like this in Australian political history.”
      It was likened yesterday by LordD to Trump. Indeed, it is the same propaganda empire (Fox/Sky etc) that enables this kind of dishonesty to prevail.

      • It goes beyond that. It is SMH/AFR/ABC/Channel 7-9 too. It is 100% of the media. Only Channel 10 (note foreign owned) seems to be more balanced in its reporting.
        All the interests (business and CFMEU) are aligned.
        Just need to get Australians to accept death and sickenss in the service of the ‘system’.

        • Yes I have noticed it as well but, none of that would be the case were it not for the Murdoch empire firmly pushing the rest along. The ABC has, as someone put it last week, been hobbled.

          • The ABC is broken beyond recognition. It is a fear engine and a virtue signaling paradise. It used to be the only antidote to the corporate press, I just do not trust it any longer. Real shame.

          • ” It is a fear engine and a virtue signaling paradise. “
            o_O. No – It has some good programs (4 Corners, Media Watch etc) that do a good job but, its news and the 7:30 report have been tamed a lot by LNP cuts to its budget, the threats of more and the LNP friendly managers that get parachuted into it.

            “Real shame.”
            On that I agree with you

          • The ABC has been white anted from the Insiders out.

            So many of the senior staff and management are ex Murdoch Sky News staff that I’m shocked 4 Corners was able to get “Fox and the Big Lie” on air.

            Sally Neighbour is the bravest producer/journalist in the country and I’ll be surprised if she has with the show next year. It will be a priority with the Murdoch’s and Scomo that she is removed, between Big Lie and the Canberra Bubble, they will want her gone.

          • “Sally Neighbour is the bravest producer/journalist in the country and I’ll be surprised if she has with the show next year. “
            With you there. Hoping that her rep’ will be enough to save her but, I do share your concern.

        • I’d rather face the prospect of a sore throat/runny nose and a few dead octogenarians than to keep doing whatever it is that is you appear to be cheering on.

    • I am seriously disinclined toward the idea of being ok with my kids being infected Because Kids and me getting it even when vaccinated.

      People will self-lock down.

    • Plenty of parents infect their children with debilitating and painful herpes viru$ and zero F’s given:)) Lets see the suicide numbers for last 24 months. How about some genuine [email protected]$parency?? I’d like to see that

      • Your concern is touching.

        How often did you voice concern for mental health sufferers and kids prior to this I wonder?

        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Weaponising of mental health to make a political point.

          Welcome to 2021. Year of the mental health warrior.

          • Ditto the hand wringing over the tragic plight of children’s education – except that testing shows general academic improvement.


      • Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

        Suicide numbers in the US are actually down significantly during the COVID period. Not sure about other countries, but perhaps this risk is overblown.

  4. arescarti42MEMBER

    I really don’t understand what they are thinking.

    As far as I can tell based on the modelling, there is a very real risk that if they relax restrictions when vaccinations hit 70%, cases and hospitalisations will skyrocket and the NSW health system will collapse into total chaos. Deaths will ramp up as the system fails to cope, not just from COVID but from all other causes that will no longer receive timely treatment.

    Am I misreading things? Do they know something I don’t know? I can’t see how freedom and health chaos improves their political chances over the current situation.

    • The peasants are to die in their master’s interests.
      The ‘system’ is throwing us all to the wolves…

    • 70% double vax would equal 90% single vax. Even a single shot greatly reduces the chance of getting serious illness. The real problem is the subpopulation call children. Until they get immunity there is no way to stop spend without locking down. Of course for children covid is less dangerous than influenza.

        • Did you read your own link beyond the headline?

          “However, in real world conditions, researchers in Britain found that even one dose of Pfizer provided 94 per cent likelihood of protection against hospitalisation, and AstraZeneca provided 71 percent protection after one jab.”

          “The French researchers also tested unvaccinated people who had survived a bout of the coronavirus, and found their antibodies were four-fold less potent against the new mutant. But a single vaccine dose dramatically boosted their antibody levels — sparking cross-protection against the delta variant and two other mutants.”

          “Delta infections are surging through populations with low vaccination rates. Dr Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, said that’s leading to “two ” truths” — highly immunised swathes of America are getting back to normal while hospitalisation is rising in other places.”

          “The lab experiments add to real-world data that the mutations aren’t evading the vaccines most widely used in Western countries, but underscore that it’s crucial to get more of the world immunised before the virus evolves even more.”

        • Have you posted here before using a different handle?
          What is your position regarding vaccine efficacy?

    • Menacing Wallpaper is Australia’s Ron Desantis. Like, what do you want, Freedom, or the Biomedical Security State?

    • Watch the hospitalisation rate as the percentage of partially and fully vaxed people in NSW continues to climb.

      Had the hospitalisation rate on 1 August 2021 not fallen to what it is today we would have about 1400 people in hospital rather than about 900.

      It will be interesting to watch this rate during September as vax rates climb to 90% first jab and 70% 2nd jab.

      Date / Active cases / Hospitalised / %
      31-Aug-2021 17999 869 4.83%
      30-Aug-2021 16941 840 4.96%
      29-Aug-2021 15787 813 5.15%
      28-Aug-2021 14744 777 5.27%
      27-Aug-2021 13855 761 5.49%
      26-Aug-2021 13185 698 5.29%
      25-Aug-2021 12366 645 5.22%
      24-Aug-2021 11739 608 5.18%
      23-Aug-2021 10984 586 5.34%
      22-Aug-2021 10337 557 5.39%
      21-Aug-2021 9657 515 5.33%
      20-Aug-2021 8978 470 5.24%
      19-Aug-2021 8473 474 5.59%
      18-Aug-2021 8020 460 5.74%
      17-Aug-2021 7534 446 5.92%
      16-Aug-2021 7080 392 5.54%
      15-Aug-2021 6634 379 5.71%
      14-Aug-2021 6242 378 6.06%
      13-Aug-2021 5887 388 6.59%
      12-Aug-2021 5572 374 6.71%
      11-Aug-2021 5347 373 6.98%
      10-Aug-2021 5049 357 7.07%
      9-Aug-2021 4729 349 7.38%
      8-Aug-2021 4460 351 7.87%
      7-Aug-2021 4232 338 7.99%
      6-Aug-2021 3924 297 7.57%
      5-Aug-2021 3716 285 7.67%
      4-Aug-2021 3482 271 7.78%
      3-Aug-2021 3280 247 7.53%
      2-Aug-2021 3090 228 7.38%
      1-Aug-2021 2893 222 7.67%

        • What is also interesting to watch is the % of active cases that are fully vaxed and partially vaxed.

          For the week ending 14 August 2021 in NSW there were 2,521 new cases and of those

          95 (3.8%) were full vax
          272 (10.85) were partial vax
          2154 (85%) were no vax or still under investigation.

          It may be that as the full and partial vax numbers in NSW grow the number of active cases will slow as well. Especially if we start to acheive really high vax rates where it really matters ….essential workers and their households …and that seems likely given the focus on getting the LGA’s of concern vaxed.

          The key thing at the moment is to maintain movement restrictions while dangling as many carrots for the essential workers, their households and oldies etc to get vaxed as fast as possible as that should have the biggest impact on case numbers but most importantly on hospitalisation rates.

          If the hospitals are managing their case loads Gladys will start easing. Though if hospital case loads start blowing out again she will have backtrack. But with the vax rates rising so quickly October seems fairly realistic.

      • That % figure does not mean much if total hospitalisations are climbing in an already overloaded heath system. Isn’t the point here to have metrics that speak to the real problems confronting the country?

        • pfh007.comMEMBER


          “..Isn’t the point here to have metrics that speak to the real problems confronting the country?..”

          The number of active cases is listed along with the number of people in hospital.

          Of course the number of people in hospital is important and that will determine how and when lockdown restrictions are relaxed but nobody cares how many people get the flu each year provided the number of people sick with the flu who end up in hospital is manageable?

          Per the last stat release (see above) by NSW Health between 16 June and 14 August 2021 only 27 fully vaxed people ended up in hospital.

          In a bad flu season there can 200-300 admission for flu every week.

          There are concerns that full vaxed people can still get infected and can still display symptoms but what matters is whether they end up in hospital.

          The important question is how many of those who are refusing to get vaccinated because they believe they are the fit and strong and not vulnerable will end up eating their words and will be clogging up hospital beds come October when everyone who wanted a jab has had a jab.

          If that doesn’t speak to the real problems confronting the country, you are very hard to please.

          • I find these flu comparisons a bit concerning. We wouldn’t be having these issues if it were just another flu. The deaths over the first 18 months of the disease should have told you as much.

            I will repeat again what I said above. The AMA and Ambos etc are saying the system can’t cope with this load. It’s already buckling. You only need look at how rapidly the total number of hospitalisations is growing in your list to realise your % rate isn’t making a meaningful dent in the increase in hospital loads. Your metric is therefore of little value. Just my opinion but, I don’t think it is an unreasonable one.

            Of course at some stage we will see that load shift downwards but, if the health system isn’t coping now then I’m not optimistic about how that future looks. There are a lot of conversations needed about what the future looks like and what funding is needed to sustain the health system (among other things). You may need to face the fact that the new normal may not be like the old one and that C19 is not just like another flu.

          • Jumping jack flash

            “There are a lot of conversations needed about what the future looks like and what funding is needed to sustain the health system”

            THIS for sure.

            Stop taking money away from hospitals, perhaps?

            I went to Wyong public hospital once, back in 2011 I think it was. They had an entire section of the hospital just unused. Totally empty.
            They wouldn’t be the only ones.
            If we could bring all of that unused capacity back online we could increase national capacity almost overnight.
            How many nurses graduate each year and can’t find work?

            A lot of the issue is simply lack of funding and the agenda of our leaders to purposely hobble public health.

          • “The flu comparisons are being made by the government themselves…….
            Of course this shows how flawed the whole plan is from the start. It also shows their allegiances (i.e. it isn’t to the people they are supposed to represent)….

            Couldn’t agree more. We are being driven into a world of consequences without any discussion of those consequences. The language is all about Christmas and being open in time for it, not what this will most likely mean.

            Israel is way ahead of us when it comes to vaccination but, even they are struggling with this latest wave and are looking at boosters five months after inoculating most of their population. That’s some damn flu!

      • Is it a function of the age profile of new cases skewing toward the young who are more inclined to ignore restrictions while older cohorts bunker down? If so, doesn’t support a let it rip approach.

    • @arascati42 (this is being moderated, plus is slotted in half a mile from your original comment) but for what it’s worth:

      You are missing nothing.

      The UK and much of US and US population have 94% antibodies and so can open with 70% vaccinated. Other Oz epidemiological assessments (except Doherty) agree it will be chaos.

      It’ll be each for his/her own. N95 masks, social distancing, family bubbles, click & collect; get the hell out of big cities if you can.

  5. Saying we don’t know what the long term effects of covid in children are is as dumb as saying we don’t know the long term effects of covid vaccines and as dumb as saying a meteor may change course and come and wipe us out. It’s a virus closely related to viruses we already catch and we have millions of cases before us that show it near harmless in kids.

  6. NNSW is going to want the border moved to Yamba so we can be in QLD.

    Crazy stuff.

    The political calculus for election is to quote Bruce McAvaney, deeelicious

      • That does seem to be the emerging consensus. And when we have field hospitals in the MCG and everyone knows someone who’s died from COVID, they will just say it couldn’t be helped.

        • Ha Ha Ha Ha ROFLOLPMP is there really a hospital at the mcg? What an absolute pi$$er!!! Silent & virtuous members & supporters can watch the grand final live from whacky WA from the discomfort of their own dying rooms while Dan’s PR team stage a [email protected]@@ke as F field hospital on sacred turf. What an absolute PI$$ER. I hope this is true:))) Enjoy half wits:)))

  7. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    NSW Premier proposes mandatory raves, mixed snorting lines, and shared bongs to help spread Covid Berejiklian, as National Covid Psycho convention gathers steam 

    Associated News
    Sydney, 1 September 2021: 1230AEST

    A zesty new marketing campaign reprising a smash hit which once brought Tony Blair to power in the United Kingdom is the centrepoint of a renewed marketing campaign to get Covid Berejiklian spread across the country by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

    ’And we, can only get Covid!
    Can only get Covid now I found you
    Can only get, can only get, 
    And you and you and you baby
    We can only get Covid
    We can only get Covid, now I found you

    Analysts say she is onto a winner with the catchy tune having demonstrated over the course of a generation an unparalleled ability to get people nice and close exhaling all over each other.  

    Tuesday’s results showed Covid Berejiklian now making inroads across NSW, Australia’s most populous state, after opening up the weekly account with a further 1290 cases – an all time Australian record.  On Wednesday, unveiling a further daily 1116 cases Gladys Berejiklian, the NSW Premier now synonymous with the virus in Australia troumphantly decalred it would be ‘impossible’ to stop her. With the 1500 mark crossed for the first time in Australian history Prime Minister Scot Morrison proclaimed national level recognition would be the next landmark achievement.

    ‘The Victorians are starting to crack!  Just imagine how gutted they must be feeling after doing 25 weeks of lockdown over the last 18 months, and still getting their faces rubbed in it!  Wow, that’s humiliation. And after Melbourne crumbles there is nothing to stop us.  We will have Covid Berejiklian around the country in no time, then we can open up.  Once we have it opened up it is all a matter of blaming people who get Covid for their own predicament – after all they are fat, they have been smoking, they have diabetes and the bulk of them are old.  A little bit of ‘personal responsibility’ is the road ahead here, and that has us on the road to having them go through to stumps on the home pitch.  Most of them would rather they were at home anyway.’

    The crowning achievement of the Sydney based dispersal of Covid Berejiklian is the creation of a ‘Red zone’ in Wilcannia.  At just a fraction under 1000 kilometres from Sydney, getting anything to the site is time consuming and expensive, and with a predominantly Koori population very few outsiders have much reason to go there at all.  People going from South Australia to Sydney or Sydneysiders going to South Australia, and stopping for the barest minimum of time for either fuel or food, are the unprepossessing town’s lifeblood. But health figures now have the town with a population of about 490, as having 72 Covid cases, supported by a single ventilation facility in the town’s 5 bed hospital. Speaking from a wine tasting after the opening day of the Young Liberal State conference in Spit Junction, Cassandra Gormley declared the achievement ‘something truly unique’.

    ’It really is something which will stand out in history.  The sheer genius of it all.  Get the virus into the jail system, and the inmates spread it about.  Of course the inmates are undesirables, so it is perfectly OK to deploy them to spread the virus.  A town with only one ventilator just shows how efficient we can make these towns too.  But the real genius was just getting it into the jail in Dubbo, and getting the jail transport to effectively seed it around the state.

    Also ebullient about what he saw as an ‘ever improving prognosis’ was AIG Chief Commissar Innes Willox.  As the public relations front organisation for Australian Industry he said an effective virus spread throughout the nation was ‘essential’

    ’What a lot of Australians don’t seem to recognise is that Australian industry is essentially about farming taxes.  That is only achievable when you have sufficient revenues.  When all is said and done, yes, JobSeeker was a mighty fine spoon feed of marginal business around Australia, but actual business revenues have slumped across the board.  What I think the government is only now realising and coming to grips with is acknowledging that people have been spending their stimulus payments on essentials and home refurbishing, and while that is fine for the margins of some businesses, it isn’t all it is made out to be if you are trying to write off enough to make payments on a highly leveraged investor property portfolio if your business is curtains because, selfishly, people seem to be holding off on doing that sort stuff, doing it themselves, of being a load more finicky and difficult about it.  And that’s unfair on a lot of business.  The only real answer is to end the endless excuses to allow people to stay home and do nothing while giving them handouts.  To give them back their self respect, and commitment to contributing, and to force them to get out and about the same way the authorities are forcing them to get vaccinated.  And that means getting the virus spread about the country so effectively that any thought of ending risk to society by locking down is frankly, laughable.  I think they are there, and hats off to the NSW Premier for making that happen. 

    Shelby Mincer of advertising legends Mincer Poonce says the next logical step is for an air of jubilation to not just be created, but really propagated throughout the community, and he sees the catchy Covid jingle as a key plank.

    ‘Yeah Wow.  Like wow.  It has that vibe, it is sort of reenergising that ‘cool Britannia’ thing of the early 90s, so they are leveraging off that and it isn’t as though they need to go and invent something entirely new.  I’m having visions of big raves, crowded warehouses, lots of white shirts, and tight fitting clothing.  And I think it will work.  You give that a push on commercial radio, you get people singing along, and before you know it when people pass the bong around, or hand along a little tooter, they will be tapping that on the sides.  And that’s got to be good for the economy.’  

    Following on in precisely that frame of mind a jubilant NSW Premier announced that international travel would be ‘On like there’s no tomorrow’ from early November, and proposed State government subsidies for communal hallucinogen accessories.

    ‘Bong right on, and toot right up, and while you are at it, get a jab to go with it’ Declared the NSW Premier, in front of adulating masses.  ‘It is weeks! Only weeks now! Before we will be flying in more Covid spreaders than we have ever had before.  Don’t feel bad about the increased risk for states which haven’t had Covid, feel glad for the chance that we, the people of Sydney and NSW, have to share it with them!’

    Government insiders are floating the idea of a dual State and Federal election in late November to maximise reelection scope, with Gladys and ScoMo sharing the same handkerchief at the joint opening of the Campaign which is being tentatively scheduled for November 27.  Expecting a campaign heavily focussed on NSW anticipated to deliver enough seats to offset a ‘tough sell’ electorate in other states, analysts say it may be time to ‘go long’ on companies providing security services. 

      • Lots imof still get the pox despite anti vax:)) Pox goes by the clap, STD, [email protected] health and a myriad of pleasant sounding euphemisms that do nothing to hide the reality of sex organs [email protected]@ & pen i$ bloated by pu$$ and held together in painful throbbing mess by scabs:)))

    • I seriously don’t understand how people like either Gladys or Scomo still after all of this. She’s effectively thrown the community under the bus in a quite obvious way.

  8. blindjusticeMEMBER
    EU says it has reached goal of vaccinating 70% of adults
    Israel has recorded its highest daily coronavirus case tally of nearly 11,000 new infections, amid a surge caused by the highly transmissible Delta variant as schools prepare to reopen.
    The previous high came on 18 January, with 10,118 cases.
    About 60% of Israel’s 9.3 million residents have received two shots of the vaccine, including 80% of adults.
    bit early to really tell but cases might be starting to trend down in Ireland, deaths almost non existent!/cases
    if it is a trend then it indicates the % vaccinations required 88% of over 18s vaccinated
    Assuming Australia can match this, what next? do you repeat this continuously due to the vaccines wearing off? Do you eliminate as it may be possible again? continue quarantine? Do you open completely and see what happens?
    Never mind we are opening up at 70% anyway.

    Who actually wants to get vaccinated every 6 months?

  9. The election strategy in a nutshell – We want you to be able to travel. Labor wont let you.
    Lets see what the hospitals look like in Oct/Nov.

  10. If you are under the age of 65, it might be time to stop wetting the bed.
    All of this could have been avoided if we our governments had not shunned the Barrington declaration.

      • no – my mind is open but I just do not see why anyone under 65 would get it at this stage. Still no word from my workplace on the state mandate for getting the vaccine in aged care. Deadly silence. I will not be getting it by force, that is for sure.

          • AS you write as though you are on a shill payroll if such a thing exists. Tea rolling anyone who dissents from covid narrative with shame put downs. Personal responsibility 💉🤢🦠🤮I have zero interest in taking a shot or jab for the team. WTF does that non sense even mean.

          • billygoat it goes both ways
            bed wetters
            schill payroll
            covid sooks

            civilised discussion appears beyond some

          • Reus's large MEMBER

            Same responsibility as the fatties out there with type 2 diabetes clogging up the health system, I think that there should be health passports, where if you are overweight and unhealthy you are not allowed into restaurants / fast food places etc.

          • Taking one of these early model vaccines is risking long-term security to gain short-term pleasure.
            Less chance of dying in the next few months, more chance of dying over the long-term. This equation might suit some people, but forcing it on anyone else is criminal in my opinion.

  11. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Getting my second shot of AZ right now.

    There’s a festive vibe in the vaccination Centre! Bubbling and joyous.

    It’s pretty clear there is no hesitancy from a very broad cross section of Melbourne.

    80% looks doable.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      The administering nurse said as soon as AZ was approved for under 40s there was a huge rush of young people.

      • As a personal anecdote, a good friend, healthy, fit, 60 year old 2 days after his second vaccination had severe chest pains, hospital, blood clots, heart attack.
        Now little better than an invalid on a cocktail of drugs.
        Personally I’d rather have the sniffles for a few days than the vaccine but don’t let me discourage you, get it in ya!

        • Oh!! Sorry! I was being serious!

          Please go catch it and report back!

          Honestly, the way you rail about with your blathering inanity, I really just want you to muscle up and go catch the damn thing then let us know how it goes?

          It’s just the flu so you should be ok? Don’t call for help if things get serious though, like, if it proceeds beyond the sniffles.

          To dispel any ambiguity – I’m being serious. Go catch it. Report back.

          Get it in ya!

        • I know someone who had a heart attack after being vaxed (in his 50s). Another had his cancer count go up (also 50s).

    • There’s a festive vibe in the vaccination Centre! Bubbling and joyous.

      Taking a long-term health risk for a short-term sugar high. Reckless crowd behaviour.

    • desmodromicMEMBER

      Yep, posted several times by Tightwad. It is but one of many sources of information. New data might add weight to concerns about death of vaccinated patients or might not. For the moment the weight of evidence from all sources suggests get vaccinated. I’d rather be wrong about possible side effects of the vaccine (AZ, old technology) than chancing the greater likelihood of exposure to a novel pathogen when Gladys ‘let’s it rip’. There will be a time when the balance of risks flips but that is not now.

      • There will be a time when the balance of risks flips

        This is the correct way to figure out a course of action. Calculate and weigh all risks and benefits.

        What I am seeing is tribal and religious behaviour. It reminds me of the global warming issue. It is impossible to get unbiased scientic advice. The population splits into two warring tribes.

        • How can you possibly calculate the benefit and risks if you believe all science is biased ?

          In reality the global warming issue is split into basically every scientific authority on the planet vs a handful of individuals who are almost always politically or financially motivated. It is incorrect to say they are of equivalent authority.

    • Yeah, vaccines dont help many if you are already unwell. Out of 670 over 50yrs old deaths, 389 had 2 jabs, 205 had no jabs. The rest had 1 dose.

      Only posting above because most wont read it.

  12. Remind me again why I should get vaccinated.
    I’ll ignore the fact that hospitalisation and deaths are trending up in lockstep with higher vaccination rates (presumably pathogenic priming and ADF) and the torrent of deaths and serious injury the vaccine is causing and concentrate on the fact that it does not stop you getting or transmitting it.
    So again, what is the end game and why would anyone care who is vaccinated and who is not?

    • Jumping jack flash

      It makes no logical sense to get vaccinated, and even less sense to make it mandatory.
      You’re still able to catch COVID when fully vaccinated. You can still get mighty sick from it when fully vaccinated. You can still pass it on to people who are fully vaccinated when you’re fully vaccinated, and you can get sick from the act of being vaccinated.

      Except it possibly relieves pressure on hospitals if you’re one of the unfortunate people that has a bad reaction to COVID and requires hospitalisation, which arguably could still happen if vaxxed or not. Or this reaction could happen when you get vaxxed. Who actually knows? Is anyone looking? I guess this research angle doesn’t attract a whole lot of dollars, so I guess not. Scientists need to be eligible for the right amounts of debt, and need to buy food, like everyone else.

      But it brings up many, many questions around genetic predispositions to bad reactions to COVID. Is there even such a thing?
      I mean, some people don’t even know they have it, and others go into ICU. That’s got to mean something, right? Once again, is anyone looking?

        • Jumping jack flash

          Does anyone factor in the “panic effect”, for want of a better term, which happens to people who get sick from COVID and then panic themselves into a more intense and prolonged sickness?

          Its certainly a thing. The mind has total power over the body. We are bombarded with how bad COVID is and so on and so forth. Anyone catching it who doesn’t know any better would be certain they will die from it.

          My brother in law has a “sore arm” which makes him eligible for the DSP. He’s had 15 years’ or more worth of diagnoses, specialists and treatment and everything and everyone says there’s nothing wrong at all with him. Yet his arm is excruciatingly sore and he cant pick things up. Except for those times when he can. And he has no problem playing video games for days on end.

          He likes having a sore arm because he likes being on the pension.
          He has a sore arm because he wants to have one.

          People may get very sick and hospitalised from COVID because they expect that’s what’s going to happen to them so they make it happen. Now, this doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but there would be a few.

          • There could be something to that for sure. There’s also people with weakened immune system from 18 months of constant low level stress from media fear porn, people under 18 months of severe financial hardship with no end in sight.

            But the only truly responsible thing is a lifestyle change going forward.

            The only way you can look your unvaccinated children or elderly family in the eye is if you are living a responsible lifestyle where you take strong measures to avoid infection.

      • Reus's large MEMBER

        Hit the nail on the head there, those questions don’t fit the narrative, the “science” has been lost along the way and now we are doing following what the dollars say we should do. There are so many things that don’t add up, like
        PCR tests that have been pulled in the US because they can’t differentiate between the flu and whuflu
        Adverse vaccine reactions reports being suppressed
        Not testing for immunity from having had the virus before giving vaccines when the protection from natural infections is 13x better than when the vaccines are at their best
        India’s miraculous overcoming of whuflu, was it the treatments they were using or was it that it spread so much and people actually did not get that sick that most have now got natural immunity
        The masks outdoors when there is zero evidence globally of outdoor transmission
        Plus many more

        People need to stop being sheep, take the red pill and wake up and start asking those questions that nag the back of your brain but you suppress so as not to rock your world!

        • Jumping jack flash

          We live in an age where we can support any confirmation bias with “science”.

          Does this mean science has failed?
          Or perhaps science is a tool that is being used for an agenda now? Weaponised science? Politicised science?

          At uni we are taught that we don’t go to Wikipedia, we don’t go to Google to look stuff up, we go to journal articles and books and so on and so forth because Wikipedia and Google may be slanted due to advertising and corporate sponsorships, etc, etc.. But if those journals and books and the scientists creating the science are tainted by agendas of people sponsoring them then how are they any better?

          • Reus's large MEMBER

            If you want to know how tainted google is, search white couples and click on images, you will get 2 maybe 3 pics of white couples and the rest will be mixed race couples (previous to them being called out in the media for it, it would only show mixed couples), then do the same for black couples and you get only black couples. So you can only imagine how biased the searches around Whuflu would be ……

      • My studies indicate that taking one of these experimental vaccines will reduce your risk of catching and dying from Covid in the next few months by a factor of 10. This is a short-term gain.

        However my studies indicate that many respected doctors are warning about the uncertain long-term effects of taking these jabs and the regular boosters that will be required. This is long-term pain.

        I am the type of person who takes short-term pain for long-term gain – not the other way around. Hence I am reluctant to take the feel-good easy path of vaccination.

        I am also the type of person who resists moronic crowd behaviour. eg If every man and his dog are buying into the stock market and urging me to buy, I would be inclined to sell. I currently detect moronic crowd behaviour with every man and his dog getting vaccinated and urging me to get vaccinated. I am inclined to not get vaccinated.

        I am also a person who believes in diversity and spreading risk.

        If I was a Boeing 747 engineer and a novel fuel contamination problem was causing sudden death of jet engines and there were severel experimental fuel filters rushed to market I would NOT fit all four engines with one of these experimental filters.
        I would fit a different experimental filter to each of 2 or 3 engines, and I would leave 1 or 2 engines unfiltered. This is the way to reduce the risk of a catastrophic loss of all engines during flight.

  13. Lockdowns will never end. If you think I’m going to inject some experimental poison that will will do basically nothing to protect me from Covid but could kill or severely injure my health because some two bit politicians offer a vague promise of returning my human rights you can think again.

      • Don’t think I’d be laughing at the situation we find ourselves in given the manipulation reported on by the Canadian journalist who authored the RT article is the same manipulation that was “war-gamed” and deployed here in Australia.

        • Gee Aaron, are you really that gullible? Curious though, do you have positions on other matters that are contrary to majority views?

  14. COVID apartheid is how the vaccinated and unvaccinated will be treated completely differently and have different rights. Unvaccinated will not be able to mix with the vaccinated despite the vaccinated being just as infectious and just as dangerous.

    If we’re going to ban groups from participating in society based on verifiable risk, then we could limit the rights of particular groups in order to limit crime and violence. Think of the benefit to society as a whole. That’s on a verifiable risk over many decades too.

    • Well if its true that natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity, soon it will be the vaccinated who are the dirty disease spreading pariahs, whereas all the 99.98% of people who caught covid and survived will be the disease free elite.

  15. Jumping jack flash


    Do the unvaxed get to live in classic dystopian subclass ghettos?
    Perhaps if we are graciously allowed to stay in our existing houses alongside the vaxed we’ll need to erect biohazzard signs in our front yards?

    I reckon it’ll be a bit like those “tank water in use” signs that were required so the neighbours didn’t dob you into the council for watering your lawn, but these ones will have that distinguished biohazzard symbol on them as well as big red letters that say “Caution! Unvaxed”

    • It’s proven that the vaccinated are as infectious as the unvaccinated. At least an unvaccinated person has more chance of showing symptoms while infected therefore more likely to stay in bed while the vaccinated more likely to be in a pub superspreading their disease and filth.

      • Other than the fact that such a thing would require a degree of competence which the LNP have generally proven unable to muster.

        Although as they say, a stopped clock is right twice a day.

        • This isn’t limited to the organisational capabilities of the LNP. This is the whole ‘system’.


    Holy Sh1ttt. How’s scummo this afternoon. Full Blown liar. And Psycho.

    Acting like he had anything to do with the States Covid response in eliminating virus:

    “More than 30,000 lives have been saved in this country because of the responses that the government, together with our partners around the country, has been putting in place now these many months, more than 18 months, and not just the 30,000 more lives that have been saved, Mr Speaker, but the million jobs, the million Australians who are back in jobs and can look forward to a future with confidence, Mr Speaker, because they have been living in a country whose Covid response has done both of those things. Saving lives and saving livelihoods.”

    Claiming to be saving lives in aged care:

    “We have continued to work on what is a very difficult program in that sector, but we do know the decision taken by our government to ensure that we focus first and absolutely on getting to every single residential aged care facility in this country … has saved hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of lives, Mr Speaker, and that is ultimately the outcome this is all about.”

    • Scummo is revealing is true self…

      I don’t know whether many still listen to him. I have tuned out.
      Premiers are more interesting/relevant.

    • He also put out the bushfires as a right hand man to god. The rains were his doing, just ask him.