Victoria plunged into 6th lockdown

According to The Age, Victoria will head into its 6th lockdown from 8pm tonight only a week after its last ~2 week lockdown:

According to the article:

The lockdown is set to begin about 8pm on Thursday and will probably last a week, according to two government sources speaking on The Age on the condition of anonymity because the announcement has not yet been made.

At least us Melburnians have had lots of practice.

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  1. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    delta is out and wont be put back in, its in Tassie too. Its all over NSW, SE Qld, its out baby

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Mobile testing unit at the school this morning, and all staff and students and their families being offered Pfizer vaccine from mobile vax clinic at school.

      Response in getting faster and better. Ring vaccinations. Good.

  2. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    From WA I send sympathies to Victorians. You share a border with NSW and are thus subject to the whims and vagaries of Gladys’ arrogance. Hopefully it will be short. Is the AFL coming west now? Wouldn’t mind seeing my team play in WA for a change.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        We’re all coming west ! If you think perth property prices don’t make sense at the moment, wait till several thousand cashed up Reusa’s descend on your pleasant little town

    • Can we in NNSW also get a sympathy basket? We’ve been wanting Sydney ring fenced for weeks and weeks. We’ve had no cases for months and months. I’d really like to have seen the Dees at Metricon and it’s likely I won’t be able to get to wherever the GF is. Rumour is AFL has booked an entire resort for finals – Joondalup maybe

  3. The beauty is Victoria can “eradicate” it again and then eradicate again in another month or two.
    Happy days.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      make sure to include the bin chicken on your christmas card list, when you’re inevitably starting your 10th 2-week lockdown, and us here in NSW are living our own version of the walking dead, having been in lockdown from June to December without a break

    • Yes but in MB-land the other states enter into lockdown, whereas Viccos are ‘plunged’ – don’t ya know

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I couldn’t think of anything worse than living in Dictator Dan’s fascist commie continual lockdown state!

  5. serious question – Can some of those vibrant grannies death stare down this virus? Worth a try, surely.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    So, the fact is, you are all gonna cop this virus one day.

    How ready are you? Are you striving to get both physically and mentally fit by shedding those kilos and those fears? Are you cocktail vaxing, if vaxing is your only potential savior? Or dosing up on those contentious virus condom meds if wearing a dommie is your thing?

    It’s just a matter of time now. Really, it is. So resign yourself and start preparing for the inevitable, and that aint stocking up on baked beans in ham sauce.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      This virus is now loose and will expose more cracks in modern vibrant coffee sipping strayan society than can be found in the basement of any Parramatta luxury riverside apartment block ….of that we can be sure ….

        • And if not Delta, Lamda…. we’re all fooked. The massive cost of all this will surely crash the market.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Have you ever stopped to think this goading isn’t going to age well?
      Might wanna get a vax, bro. Like you say, Delta’s coming.

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      hahahaha, I did notice that the stocks of baked beans in ham sauce was a bit low this arvo at Coles.
      Might stock up on some.

      • MountainGuinMEMBER

        With the virus hitting China again, might want to consider any manufactured products you need as the world’s logistic system seems to be hurting. But baked beans are also a good choice 😁

    • Reus's large MEMBER

      Probs more like this than anything

      “Ten years from now you’ll put on a jacket and find a mask in the pocket. “Oh man, what a weird year that was,” you’ll chuckle to yourself. Then you’ll pick up your machete and continue across the wasteland, keeping to the shadows to avoid the roving gangs of cannibal raiders.”

  7. What ever I’ve said about the world wide banking crisis, it’s now going to be much much worse than I’ve even said
    The Australian Financial System is going to collapse…. You work out all your forecasts from that.
    It won’t be what property prices fall, it’ll be virtually be that there are no buyers
    Some/most of our banks will be gone in first half of next year.
    This is going to be one for the history books

    • Get out of big banks? That means a big super switch. Oz gov only covers deposits to $20B total per ADI. Will gov confiscate gold?

      • Gold market is way too small to even care about it, it’s a commodity especially in AUST hardly anyone has gold
        Every cent is in residential housing

        • Every cent in housing? Not me here. Sudden gold confiscation on the treasurer’s say is in the banking act for historical reasons… similar elsewhere too. You did say “world wide”, so what other currencies/assets then to ride it out?

      • This year Rues
        It’s going to be a very serious crisis & will take months to come up with some solution to restructure our banking system
        Our whole financial system is going to collapse, this will be a year process to get out of the mess
        The meltdown is pre Xmas Q4 this year but you’ll see the red flags from next month
        We are in the very late stage now
        We will have to rebuild a new financial & economic model from next year from the ashes
        This is going to be biggest financial crisis ever in history, nothing even close
        We are very near THE END

        • Jumping jack flash

          QE until hyperinflation kicks in on the back of endless COVID stimulus.

          Then the birth of a new currency, probably atmospheric carbon-based.

          That’s my take.

        • Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

          This comment line is excellent – it has put me in a half decent frame of mind after the dreary Vic lockdown announcement.

          • FBB
            It’s really not good for any of us
            It’s going to be a very painful year or 2

            It’s going to hit Aust much worse than I even thought 6 months ago


  8. Locking down when vaccinations are so widespread is extremely dumb.

    The data shows that vaccinated people still spread the virus, and from a behavioural perspective, probably even moreso because they’re usually asymptomatic due to the vaccine.

    There’s no chance now of the healthcare system being overwhelmed because the vaccination levels of the at-risk population are sufficient. The biggest issue for the healthcare system is ironically that so many workers are being pulled from work because of ‘potential exposure’.

    Not only that, but all of these migrant communities will be reluctant to seek medical treatment and ignore family gathering restrictions anyway so the virus will just fester there, just like in that blog post from the Parademic shared above.

    • Yet Masters level had lowest hesitancy. Very odd results, and, as the paper states, more research warranted on the PhDs.

      • Modern Masters are a joke; not worth the paper they’re printed on. I’m a PhD (molecular genetics) and I’m hesitant for multiple reasons based on my knowledge of molecular biology. I would not be hesitant to take a well-designed vaccine, but these “vaccines” are an embarrasing (and harmful) joke. It’s appalling that authories are pushing to make them mandatory given that it has been proven they do not prevent infection, do not prevent transmission, promote asymtomatic carriage, guarantee the evolution of variants, cannot lead to herd immunity, and cause a mild version of the disease they’re supposed to prevent, leading to death in some cases. They are therapeutics that limit the severity of covid symptoms in subsequently infected individuals. They do not qualify, or work, as vaccines and should not be referred to as such because it raises false expectations in the public.

        At the very least, spend half a day in a molbiol lab to modify the mRNA sequence of the S protein and disrupt the ACE2 binding domain. Why they haven’t updated the jabs with that minor change is beyond me. That would help a lot to reduce side-effects. Better yet, give us an attenuated virus with the same ACE2 binding disruption and with the SARS-CoV-2 RdRp (RNA dependent RNA polymerase) removed. Not rocket science. That would be an actual vaccine that should actually work without the high level of observed side-effects. Did you know that adverse effects for these vaccines, reported to VAERS, exceed all adverse effects cumulatively for all other vaccines in history over 30 years? Granted, this level of adverse effects is skewed by the fact that we jab elderly, very sick people, who are more likely to drop dead (of any cause) afterwards whereas we historically tend to jab youngsters who are less likely to die. Regardless, the adverse effects would have triggered stop conditions for any prior vaccine, but the applicable regulations have been flipped to advisory only under an Emergency Use Authorization. The justification is that the damage caused by the “vaccines” is less than the damage caused by the virus; a debatebale position (if we were allowed to debate it!).

          • “Trust the science” has become such a great propaganda slogan hasn’t it? What they mean of course is “trust MY cherry-picked research that supports MY political position and don’t you dare mention any contradictory findings, if you know what’s good for you mate”.

        • Thanks, an informed post, well argued but I think there is something still odd in that survey though. Sample composition I suspect – I wonder the proportion of those with medical and bio-science PhD and those with, say, IT PhD.
          And where have you been anyway? It’s posts like yours that add real value here.

          • I haven’t looked at the survey to be honest. Not interested in surveys generally as they’re typically so poorly designed. I can say though, that my work puts me into direct contact with a disproportionaly high number of biochemists, molecular biologists, microbiologists and medical professionals. Let’s just say that they’re not on script when off the record.

            As to where I’ve been. Reusa got to me. I caved and bought a house during the deepest freak out around COVID and now I’m riding the boom, have become far more attractive, and am laffing at all youse bear losers. But really, the house is garbage and I’m spending all the limited free time I have doing DIY work. No more rambling on MB. After spamming this thread, I’ll be off for a while again (a storm just blew down the back fence: add it to the list).

            Another one bites the dust. Another cow in the pen, working for the farmer (bank). Fitting analogy as industrial farming relies on mass vaccinations these days.

        • MontagueCapulet

          Its not a vaccine, its a spike protein delivery system. By accident or design, the spike protein is basically a booby trap, and needs to be deactivated before you spread it round any further.

          • It’d be pretty straight-forward to work up spike protein in a cell-free translation kit, then just inject it directly. The problem is that it would be obviously and immediately toxic as it disrupted ACE function and triggered extreme inflammation, (aka covid).

            The vaccines aren’t supposed to result in freely circulating S protein in the bloodstream. The sequence of the S protein has been modified to include a transmembrane domain that acts as a hook/anchor in the outer membrane of the cell, preventing it from getting out and about.

            It’s a good thing that vaccine manufacturers tested the efficacy of this design and published plenty of molecular distribution data to demonstrate safety before blasting out into the global population….oh wait.

        • Can you reference and summarise those adverse effects for the benefit of the thread?

          • You’ll find them tabulated at CDC Wonder: VAERS ( ). Click through the agreements, select the “Request Form” tab, then scroll down to section 3 and filter for COVID19.

            Side effects are consistent with a mild case of covid; unsurprising given that the vaccine and virus share the same biochemical mechanism that accounts for many of the symptoms of covid: disruption of ACE2 function leading to accumulation of angiotensin II and the inflammation that follows.

            The big difference is that the vaccine delivers a jolt that decays away, whereas the virus may ramp up exponentially. Where vaccination should not be used is where the maximum ACE2 disruption from vaccination exceeds the maximum ACE2 disruption from infection. This can occur in younger people with strong immune systems.

            Unfortunately, we’re largely flying blind because, under the EUA, we do not have access to proper pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies because they haven’t been released (and may not have even been done).

        • SoMPLSBoyMEMBER

          Sensible contribution- thanks!
          “…. adverse effects for these vaccines, reported to VAERS, exceed all adverse effects cumulatively for all other vaccines in history over 30 years?”
          Yes, this is getting conveniently ‘overlooked’.
          And why is the ‘vaccine highway’ the only way out of this mess? (treatments like ivermectin show great promise)
          Perhaps you could shed some light on the current concern that all the various (patented) vaccines (AZ, Pfizer, Biotech, Moderna, Sino, Sputnik etc) are inadvertently ( or perhaps by design) conspiring to make the variants more ‘hostile’ and transmissible. ( I’ve seen no studies in how they all interact for good or for worse).

          • These vaccines are a disaster in the making because they present to the immune system only a single aspect of the virus (the spike protein), which is not even guaranteed to have a conformation that perfectly resembles the wild-type form. What this means is that the diversity of antibodies, raised by the adaptive immune system, will be much lower than that of a response to the wild virus (or an attenuated virus vaccine).

            It is therefore much easier for the virus to evolve an escape to the S-protein vaccines than it would be for the virus to escape an attenuated virus vaccine.

            Now you put that together with the fact that we’re injecting a simplistic vaccine into populations with high viral loading (outside of Australia I mean). High population loading means maximal evolutionary potential. So the virus needs only simple mutations at a time when it can mutate the most, meaning that vaccine escape is guaranteed.

            Through an evolutionary lens, these stupid vaccines are DRIVING viral variants. That’s great news for vaccine manufacturers, because it means they will have a never-ending stock of variants to develop boosters for, something that is much easier to do with mRNA vaccines that use lipid nanosome vectors. It’s almost as if they’re trying to create business for themselves to maximise profits or something….nah.

            As for why vaccines are “the only way out of this”. You must understand that in order to be granted an EUA, vaccine developers had to make the case that there were no alternative, available therapeutics. They have an enormous financial incentive to NOT explore other therapies or repurposed medication.

            I have run into this myself as, since March 2020, I have been pointing out that the deadly symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 can be directly couteracted by correcting the angiotensin II to angiotensin 1-7 ratio. Bring ang II down by using ACE inhibitors, bring ang 1-7 up through direct infusion. In addition to this, we already know how to deal with patients at risk of pneumonia from lack of alveolar type 2 cells. We deal with this condition for premature babies in which the lungs are not fully developed. Use a synthetic surfactant like Surfaxin (lucinactant).

            I did help convince a professor to start a clinical trial on ang 1-7 in April 2020, and four others I’m aware of have copy-catted from there, but progress has been utterly glacial. It’s not on the “vaccine highway” you see and ang 1-7 is a simple endogenous peptide that can be easily synthesised and isn’t patentable due to being natural.

            It’s almost as if politicians have been lobbied by big pharma companies to pump money into vaccines and pretend that simple, cheap alternatives don’t exist so that pharma can make business for itself and maximise profits…nah.

            And yes, ivermectin should be getting pursued more aggressively. I’m not entirely sure of the mechanism of action, but molecular dynamics modelling suggests that it binds to the S-protein, ACE-receptor complex and inhibits viral entry.

  9. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Earlier in the week…

    D!ckhead flys to Tassie from Sydney without a pass. Gets caught and thrown in the Tassie Covid bin. The d!ckwad is given a test and then sneaks out of confinement, into the cold. Current location, unknown.

    And guess what? He returned a positive test.

    Tassie in lockdown in, 3, 2, 1…

    Gold Standard Gladys strikes again.