Square buys Afterpay

Big news for the technoweaners:

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  1. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Good for them for building it and selling it.

    While it’s hard to be a fan of a lay-by business, it is a huge achievement to build and sell a business at this scale.

    In addition, it makes it a lot easier for other Australian tech startups to be taken more seriously in the offices on Sand Hill Rd.

    “Technoweaners”. Crikey!

    Edit: How much venture funding does the MB Fund do? Exactly $0.00 ?

    • Sure – good for them for personally getting out.

      BUT, Afterpay isn’t a profitable company [not sure whether Square is either] so it’s not like they have built real value. Just swapping “wampum” for “wampum”. Remember the real genius of Mark Cuban wasn’t developing a billion dollar internet company – Broadcast.com no longer exists – it was hedging the Yahoo shares he received in the deal.

      Someone should tell Jack Dorsey the parable of Alan Bond and Kerry Packer. Never trust Australian owners cashing out, they usually know more than you!! See also Lowy, F.

      My guess is the Afterpay boys see a lot more competition in BNPL and realised it was going to be very hard to actually become profitable.

      • PayPal has BNPL running in Australia now and they already have a relationship with pretty much everyone who wants to pay online.

        I reckon they saw PayPal’s entrance as the signal to get out.

        • Yep. Barriers to entry are low. It is literally just an app and a few stickers in shop front window.
          Afterpay has, wait for it, just under 700 employees!!

    • The vertical stage hasn’t even started
      It’s taken longer than I thought
      Fasten your seat belts, you are about to see a TRUE VERTICAL MARKET

      Dylan you are going to see moves up vertical, over next 3 to 6 months we will never see again in our lifetime

    • Dylan rotation out of long end bonds into equities is about to get started, pushing equities up & bond yields up too
      The bond curve is about to get very steep

        • If I’m right, won’t be a hangover it’ll be a massacre…….blood bath

          Possibly see CBA above $120

  2. James RossMEMBER

    Remember AOL and Time Warner in 2000. Review how well that merger went. Show me the money in cash not shares.

    • James I’m getting the Fck out
      This is going to be an AOL disaster
      I’m not taking those shares

      Show me some Greenbacks
      I’ll consider taking gold

      That’s it. I don’t want their over priced shares

  3. Can someone genuinely help me, I’ve got after pay call options.
    I actually thought after pay share price could go much higher, I can’t believe they’ve been bought
    Can share price go higher or is that it deal done at that price $120
    So if square shares go up does after pay
    It’s genuine Q if anyone knows

    • If Square stock keeps rising then so should APT more or less, arbitrage of sorts otherwise if the gap is big enough. Looks done with acceptance from founders unless someone else was sniffing around and makes a higher bid.

      • Bas
        Can I ask you, say SQ shares go up 5% do APT go up same 5% or is a ratio in favour of APT!

    • Agreed.

      “…to deliver even more compelling
      products and services for merchants and consumers, putting the power back in their

      And how exactly does exploiting financially vulnerable shoppers empower them I wonder.

    • Amazing – for a compay yet to turn a profit. But yes, well done to them on that financial alchemy.