QLD lockdown extended until 4pm Sunday

South East Queensland’s hard lockdown has been extended to 4pm Sunday after the state recorded another 13 new locally acquired COVID cases, bringing the state’s total to 31:

QLD Deputy Premier Stephen Miles explained that the three-day snap lockdown would “not be sufficient” after the state recorded 6 cases, 9 and then 13 in the past three days:

“That will make it an eight-day lockdown. And we desperately hope that that will be sufficient for our contact tracers to get (on top of the outbreak)”…

“Seven new cases are students from Ironside state school. Five are related to Ironside state school, that’s household members or family contacts and one case is linked to a confirmed case from the Karate school that trains at Ironside state school.”

The Courier Mail reported that QLD health officials and police had discussed the option of extending the lockdown by two weeks.

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  1. So, border passes that have to be carried on you 30th June, Lockdown 31st July… Man, this virus really has an organised calendar! Did anyone honestly think this was a 3 day LD?

  2. As Williams said “reality – what a trip” … I been working at a virologists house for over a week and there today.