NSW loses control, recording 633 COVID cases

NSW Health has recorded another 633 local COVID cases over the past 24 hours:

Of these locally acquired cases, 158 are linked to a known case or cluster – 145 are household contacts and 13 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 475 cases is under investigation.

94 cases were in isolation throughout their infectious period and 30 were in isolation for part of their infectious period. 62 cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of 447 cases remains under investigation.

Three elderly people died, taking the number of COVID-related deaths to 60 since 16 June 2021.

462 people are in hospital suffering from COVID with 77 in ICU.

The next chart plots NSW’s current outbreak against Victoria’s winter-spring outbreak last year, which saw Melbourne shut for 14 weeks:

Local covid cases

NSW out of control.

NSW’s active cases have now surpassed 8000 and has become the nation’s biggest COVID outbreak:

Active COVID cases

NSW takes mantle from Victoria.

The virus is clearly out of control in NSW with daily cases likely to hit 1,000 soon.

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      • Presumably this is satire, as unlike the manufactured crisis here, the bodies are actually piling up there.

        • Dunno. 3 unmasked tradies (all unmasked) just tried to start some guy up in a servo when he asked the youngest, politely, if he forgot his mask. “I’ve got an exemption, you got a problem with that ya cvnt?” was the aggressive response with the other 2 arking up nearby about “mind yer own business cvnt”

          Old mate just smartly didn’t say anything after that and the 3 left laughing and carrying on.

          Some fcken tradies. Don’t seem wise or interested in the trade-offs and compromises required to live in a society. And are meanwhile probably creaming the top off homebuilder/grants and other subsidies without a fcken brain cell to think of how lucky they are.

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            If you didn’t know better you’d think that they were young people who’ve had their lives upheaved and been forced by threat of military and police to forfeit their lives and freedoms in order to protect the ten percent of comorbid octogenarians who may succumb to the virus….

            How dare they develop any resentful attitude whilst they are told to live under house arrest and be treated like unhinged murderers because they haven’t yet endured a possibility fatal injection which grants them no personal benefit and only limited benefit to society!

          • I can see that perspective Fish. I do have genuine empathy for the anti-maskers/pLandemic crew as they’re clearly battling enough they have to go down some crazy mental rabbit holes.

            But also, just chuck a fcken mask on just in case there’s a chance you have no idea what yer talking about.

          • reusachtigeMEMBER

            I farkn hate tradies! Blue collar people in general. At my estate I have a special gate they must enter through if they want the work and a manual labour side entrance to my basement they must use. Never through the house doors.

          • Hope someone got the rego and dobbed them in.

            Don’t blame the poor attendant. Some people

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            Reusa- I’d have thought you’d be the sort of bloke who’d jump at any chance to utilise the tradesman’s entrance.

            Fudinthenud- I don’t frequent public spaces too often but I’ve always got the mask when I do. Had it on for a grand total of 5 minutes during the lockdown. Creeps me out.

          • Been going on for yonks. Servo worker in Colac, regional Vic said in the lock down last year about half people wouldn’t wear masks and she didn’t confront them for fear of exactly that sort of trouble.

    • Xmas is gone for sure. No doubt about it now. They just won’t mention it in the press release.

    • DodgydamoMEMBER

      NSW will have bigger problems than “government directed lockdown” by Xmas. Like it or not “let it rip” has arrived in Sydney… daily cases show no sign of slowing and where is the government response to reduce people’s interactions?

  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Some reporter is not being very nice to Gladys. Kick out that rude misogynistic man!! I hope he gets banned and only those who are being nice, friendly and understanding should remain.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Everyone else is nice and polite and not giving her hard questions. He should comply too!

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Now that guy is being rude to Doctor Chant. He clearly hates women and needs to be cancelled for it immediately!

      • but he is a transsexual hetero born as a XY carrying chromosomes person and a “parent #1” so that would constitute a challenge. A cognitive challenge.

      • Why we don’t have stricter restrictions a la Vic stage 4

        We do was the response

        No premier, we don’t

        There’s CLEARLY division between Chant’s advice and cabinet. It’s apparent CHO wants stricter restrictions. Sounds like leaking against GB

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        “How many cases a day will it take before NSW moves to a proper, Melbourne-style stage 4 lockdown”

        From a guy who works for Sky 🙂
        (not watching, from twitter @PRGuy17 – a paid Labor stooge)

        • (not watching, from twitter @PRGuy17 – a paid Labor stooge)

          says one from a paid SKY Stooge!!

        • kiwikarynMEMBER

          Since Melbourne is not doing that much better at vanquishing the virus, maybe the better question is why don’t you move to a NZ style lockdown? They’ve disabled the Uber Eats app in NZ – now that alone would probably halve transmission.

  2. “500 ” <— Haroldus! On a serious note this clusterf#ck was so predictable. It's frankly depressing. Billions of dollars lost, massive mental health and social issues, and all for what. So Gladys and SloMo could die on Gold Standard Hill. Fvckn!

  3. Only solution I can see to this one is to get as many vaxxed as possible to get the death and hospitilisation rates down.

    • It is, but it’s a bit late for today’s 633 cases, and most likely tomorrow’s and so on out a couple of weeks at least.

    • Just rang all the the places hear where I live and was told to ring back in 2 weeks as all vaccines have been allocated.
      Just a joke of system.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        I spent over half a day on the phone trying to get my First Pfizer shot booked in.
        Tried over 10 places before getting in at the wifes families GP.
        Was still an over 4 week wait back then,…6 or 7 weeks ago.

        I was saying to a mate (in a red zone like me) last night on house party that if we are still in lockdown at Christmas then we will see riots in the Streets.
        Especially from young people!
        He disagrees and says “No the fines, the coppers and the army will prevent that from happening”
        I replied with,…”Didn’t you just tell me your daughter (21 years old) just traveled down to the Northern Beaches to see her boyfriend”?

        “Oh,… well,… arrr,…we told her she shouldn’t have gone but there was no telling her” he said.

        “Imagine how prepared our Youngins will be prepared to break the rules when we are over 20 weeks into a bloody lockdown!”
        He didn’t reply and just looked despondent.

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          That bloke needs to do the right thing and report his daughter to the authorities immediately!

        • SoCalSurfCreeperMEMBER

          In California eventually the coppers didn’t give a f**k either cuz they were just as sick of it as everyone else, it just fell apart from there. Everything opened up illegally with zero enforcement. Polles got the message and backed down.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Those extra 500k doses will be all booked out as soon as the booking is opened today : provided the website doesn’t crash.

      • Aussie govt web services are peerless and, like the NBN that distribute them, is future-proof and second to none. /sarc

  4. C.M.BurnsMEMBER

    the new and undisputed plague state of the country. woohoo ! great work Gladys, great work Bruz and Hazzard. You did it !!

  5. NelsonMuntzMEMBER

    Gladys’ Gold Standard Let it Rip™ – I believe this was the plan all along, weak lockdown, blame the community for lack of compliance and herd the populace to the vaccination hubs.

    • This is correct. Not our fault said the government. We even brought in the army what more can we do.

      • Sorry Gladys, looks like the Coalition ended up at the bottom of my voting preferences. Not my fault though…

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      Scomo has even blamed people who suffer reactions to the vaccine for their plight. He said it’s everyone’s own responsibility to assess what they let themselves get injected with. It’s the perfect crime!

  6. Arthur Schopenhauer

    They lost control a month or more ago.

    Because of test result delays, these numbers are up to 5 days old.

    Gold. Gold. Gold.

      • NelsonMuntzMEMBER

        Ha ha! It’s maths fault. Shut the schools and burn all the text books, that will fix teh thing.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          That’s pretty much why “Conservative” governments have gutted education over the last few decades. An educated population is a threat to their business model. They only want their tribe to have knowledge to better extract as much wealth from the plebs.

          • I think it was Turnbull who said ‘The laws of mathematics are all well and good, but what’s important is the law in Australia’.

          • Sounds more like an Abbot quote to me.

            EDIT: Double-checked – nope, you’re right. Turnbull it was.

      • They’re paid not to.

        They’re paid to convince rubes to catch covid for their masters profits.

      • Yah they’re all happy to calculate the compound interest on their IP profits and stock market gainz but somehow unable to comprehend exponentials when it comes to other peoples lives..

        Reckon they’re just a pack of selfish cµnts.

      • +1 Not just a problem with covid – look at consumption and population in the last 50 years – it’s why we have GW and species extinction. ‘Umans just don’t get the exponential function full stop.

        • Hard to convince someone of something when their success depends on them not understanding it (Upton Sinclair?)

    • It’s the opposite of “doing a Bradbury”?

      Gold Standard – “snatching a catastrophic defeat from the jaws of victory after succumbing to your own ego and hubris” (source: FUDictionary)

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        That definition has been used by the Newtown Jets for decades.

        Who knew they were gold standard…

        • Mark HeydonMEMBER

          I dream of Balmain (aka Wests Tigers) being in the position of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They are not generally competitive enough to get into that position. Although maybe a good thing – it’s the hope that does you in.

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            To be fair, Western Suburbs Magpies were very good at it in the olden days. Also see North Sydney Bears.

            Newtown were the best at losing the unloseable though.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          I’ve had many beers in the Henson Park hotel (the Jets home pub).
          A mate has lived just 5 or 6 properties down the road from it for 20 years.
          Its got good beer that pub.
          I might try a talk Harry into having a beer with me there (He lives nearby) once lockdown is over.
          Should be by 2023 for sure.

  7. The fed broke it. Now, they own it.

    Mark McGowan’s offer to take over her covid responsibilities still stands. She is clearly conflicted and needs to stand down.

      • TheRedEconomistMEMBER

        The machines has been “temporarily closed” since late last month.

        I’d imagine they wanted to stop desperate punters from going though neighbours bins.

        I was out of work around April last year and made some good money checking the odd bin on a late night walk with a big bag.

  8. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Apparently NZ is in lockdown due to a case from NSW. Probably came in during the travel bubble.

    • Reus's large MEMBER

      Probs how it is spreading so fast, all the Jimmy’s have got it and are not getting tested for fear of their visa status being discovered!

      • of course. that’s why gladys is so jittery. she knows the situation as well as MikeMB could explain it and wishes she wasn’t doomed.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      Not in NZ. Uber Eats app has been disabled due to lockdown rules. No food, no deliveries.
      GOLD STANDARD. You guys might want to watch and learn.

      • also hits the visa holders working in excess of their visa conditions in the hip pocket so a double win.

  9. Whoever stated a week ago that the change in growth rate (second derivative) suggested they’d lost control was spot on. I did the numbers (generously) on Monday and the acceleration in case numbers is positive more often than not; an exponential trend. Whoever made that call, take a bow.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Called the (0,1) of Sydney’s exponential function at 243 cases from memory. There were a few of us.

    • Jumping jack flash

      No real acceleration in active hospitalisations though. Seems to be remaining fairly steady despite the past couple of weeks of these “mega-numbers” of new cases.

      Maybe our funding-starved public hospital system is at capacity already? I wouldn’t be too surprised.
      And why is nobody talking about this?
      And why isn’t Labor (or anyone for that matter) taking the Libs to the cleaners about their failed decades-long health privatisation strategy which has left us high and dry?

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        A Sydney paramedic was tweeting about Covid patients queued in ambulances outside Westmead this morning.

        • Fishing72MEMBER

          The “patients queuing in ambulances “ story is as old as the hills. A headline as regular as the Summer standards – Shark threat at beaches “ and “ entire state is a tinderbox ready to be engulfed in flames”.

          The addition of Covid is just a little lede twist.

      • Seems to be remaining fairly steady

        374 hospitalisations and 62 in ICU last Wednesday, so 25% more hospitalisations and ICU cases over a week.

        • Annualise those 25%/wk and it becomes even more scary!
          Obviously not scary enough for compliance.

      • Westmeads ICU and specialist treatment rooms are now all delegated for Covid treatment. Yes, ambulances were queued up with paramedics waiting to get people through the doors for hours.

    • I am bloody Nostradamus himself. When cases were 10-20 I was calling NSW were under doing response and wouldn’t be out by Christmas on their half-baked measures..

    • Anyone could have made that prediction weeks ago just by seeing the actions they were taking. Or inaction…
      No stats analysis needed.

      They haven’t lost control, they gave it away. They didn’t want control. They want this out of control, as they have all along. As was the strategy in the UK and USA.

      You’d have to be blind not to see this.

      It’s because the vaccines are losing their efficacy. They need as much vacc or covid out there as possible before the punters find out….

      • I’ve been thinking similar.

        I get second shot tomorrow. Heard immunity peaks 1-2 months afterwards, so kind of thinking I want to get COVID then, so my immune system is primed with the real thing with minimum risk to me.

        I tell my friends ‘zero COVID’ is over and they react as if I’m crazy and dangerous and we need to restrict even harder, regardless of other costs.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      While in my younger years I may have occasionally dabbled in a little exceptionalism, it was, unlike this instance, not aimed at involving 69.

    • Mr SquiggleMEMBER

      I wonder what the partygoers think of the twit that took the video.

      And then, how did it get into the hands of the media, did some one post it on Facebook or something?

      • The video was sent to both police and newspapers with the names of attendees attached.
        The general religious community is outraged.
        Look at Bram Presser on Facebook- he posted an impassioned, lengthy comment several days ago- he is a well known commentator in the community concerned.

        • Almost seems like the person sending the video to newspapers and police had a personal grudge against the family who held the party.

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            You’d be be p!ssed too if you were forced to go to a party you didn’t want to attend then caught deathpox.

            Or maybe there’s a sane explanation. Who knows?

  10. Who cares – open up already.

    If you’re in the high risk category, you’ve been prioritised a vaccine and had time to get it.

    Stop sacrificing the young to save the old (like every other damn Australia policy – old age pension, house price policies, private health insurance premiums…)

    Let it rip.

    • Do you mean like the HCWs, RACF workers and residents, indigenous population and Phase 1a/1b and vast swatches of under 60s who STILL haven’t had access to Pfizer? Those ones? Because, you know, the vaccine isn’t widely available?

    • You forgot to point out that it’s “The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy LTD” i.e. her own company, https://www.e-bmc.co.uk/ you know, just in case the credulous think that it’s actually about evidence-based medicine.

      Also, here is Dr Tess promoting Ivermectin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2ju5v4TAaQ
      And a letter to Boris about Ivermectin https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/36858/pdf/

      One thing I don’t understand Tightwad – why do you say vaccine psychos?

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        It takes a special kind of person to have logic so distorted that they will promote a Sheep Drenching drug (Ivermectin) that has been shown to have no real effect, over vaccines that have been proven to work and (vaccines as a class of drug) have almost no long term side effects (other than increasing life expectancy.)

        • How do you know Ive’mectin has “no real effect”?
          How do you know “vaccs that have been proven to work”?
          What is the long term effect from Fizzler and other Em-RNA?

  11. Ever seen the 2008 film Doomsday? Great film, with some interesting parallels with modern day Sydney.

    We will need to build a militarised wall around all of NSW if we are to control this leaked Chinese bio-weapon. For the safety and security of the Großaustralis reich!

    • Jumping jack flash

      Gauging the current mindset of Australians at this point doing something like that would be perceived as rational and required.

  12. People starting to find out why it’s important to live in a community, not just an economic zone.

  13. Jumping jack flash

    Pretty sure no good decisions have ever been made while panicking and it really feels like everyone is panicking over this. Emotions run deep, feeding on themselves until everything is in a frenzy.

    We need to all take a step back and make some calm decisions about how to proceed, rationally and realistically.
    We know the experimental vaccines don’t really stop anything they just alleviate symptoms and maybe make it a little harder to catch, so a value judgement must be made at some point and a line must be drawn.
    What’s the actual alternative at this point? Rolling lockdowns forever, or will they just stop testing at some point after a magical vaccine threshold is reached?

    Take a step back and look around at what’s happening in the streets. The army has been called in. What’s next? Shot on sight for breaching curfew?

    We know that mostly older people are affected by this.
    Lock up the oldies (over 65s) or vaccinate them for whatever good it will do, and let it rip.
    Chances of death or even getting symptoms in younger people is still around a statistical 0% no matter which stats you look at or how it is tried to be manipulated. Asymptomatic cases are anything from 8% to 87% of cases depending on which papers you read and I’m sure it is based on age brackets although none of the papers I found broke it down.

    The media doesn’t help by breathlessly reporting every person under 45 who dies from it. All 2 or 3 of them. Where is the balance with reporting on vaccine adverse effects in under 45s?

    Its a global panic at this point, and fear is everywhere. A frightened society is an easily manipulated society, and this has been proven throughout history many, many times.

    • What is it that Politicians say
      “never let a good crises go to waste”
      looks like Gladys has learned this strategy and is applying it everywhere
      I say: Good on her!
      there was a time when women just didn’t have what it takes to act so brazenly in their own Political best interest but obviously that time is behind us. Gladys is every bit as big a cvnt as Dan and only half a likeable.

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        Hardly comparable to compare Indonesian circumstances with that of Australia. The lack of nutrition prevalent throughout Indo is astounding. There’s a reason the average Javanese male is five foot high and 60kgs. Poor health, poor nutrition and crazy smoking rates ( incl. passive) makes the virus a very different beast between our two countries.

        That’s without mentioning access to Heath care.

      • There are only 2400 ICU places in entire Australia, and they’re not just for COVID patients.

        Give Gladys a bit longer and they might be all for NSW Covid patients only.

    • You are assuming that dying is the only real risk, that because Covid overwhelmingly kills the elderly, the rest of the population doesn’t have to worry. You are ignoring long Covid, which is perfectly happy to afflict much younger people, most of whom would probably prefer to go through life without scarred lungs, cognitive damage, permanent loss of their sense of taste or smell, etc.


      There is another consideration. The more hosts that the virus can find, the greater the chances that it will mutate to something much nastier than the Delta variant, just as Delta is much nastier and more contagious than the original Wuhan variety. You are effectively giving the virus more and more lottery tickets, increasing the chances that a mutant will arise to hit the jackpot (from the point of view of the virus).

  14. And a summary of some of the new positive cases in Melbourne today:

    “We have accountants, we have architects, we have a sex worker, we have members of the Orthodox Jewish community, [and] we have a pizza guy worked in a pizza shop in Glen Eira,” Mr Weimar said.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Hang on a sec! There’s no way that Byron Bay should ever be considered to be a part of Queensland. Ever. Next thing you’ll be claiming the Gold Coast is part of Queensland too. Pfft.

        We will accept Nambucca Heads, Yamba and Yuraygir National Park.

        • Fishing72MEMBER

          Leave NE NSW out of this please. The benefit would be a one way street in QLD’s favour. At the stroke of a pen it’d increase both their amount of surfable coastline and average IQ a hundred fold

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            T’is why I wanted Yuraygir. We’ll happily give you the Goldy in exchange. No Queenslander has set foot there since last century.

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            We will take Burleigh, Straddie and the Snapper to Kirra stretch. Plus the Southern Bunker group of the GBR. Plus Moreton. You can keep Noosa and it’s proliferation of nose riding poseurs.

            Straight swap for Yuragir.

            How’s that sound?

            NB- Hordes of Brazilian faux Goldie locals will not be accepted in the transition. They will be fumigated if they attempt to smuggle themselves across the border.

            You think you face a South swell deficit now? Wait till we reposition Moreton on a SW – NE axis due North of Byron.

          • I want Noosa thanks. Maybe the border can exclude a strip near Byron and take in Lismore LGA.

            Having said that they have the nonsense no daylight savings which would be less nonsensical if they shifted their clocks forward 30 minutes permanently and left them there.

            We need some better golf courses and better roads too. Better access to Springbrook etc would be mint

          • Mining BoganMEMBER

            Oh, come on. It was that faux type trash that killed the place. You can’t take Kirra and Burleigh without taking them. Although Burleigh has never been the same since they whacked those two towers up on the old caravan park. The Saudis should have flown their jets into them.

            Noosa. Nobody wants Noosa. Probably be able to exchange something in Victoria for it. They love flash trash down here.

            Scummo should get a committee up to realign Straya.

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            Pretty sure that Victoria already owns Noosa. Took it in a block by block predatory buy out. They’re happy to leave it in situ as an external Northern territory.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          That would be the Victorian border. A line from Albury to Batemans Bay.

          That’s a skiable portion of the high country!

  15. jeez i thought they’d be hiding some cases from Monday and Tuesday as the numbers shot up from the lower rates of the weekend but clearly that policy couldn’t hold.
    my call was that gladys would have to resign at 500 cases or 100 deaths. wonder if we’ll get a resignation tonight. doubt it, she seems to love the limelight and her people seem to be transfixed.

    • They are out and about ‘enforcing compliance’ and in all likelihood spreading the virus themselves.

    • I’ve got a client who’s in her 80s. Intelligent as a whip but reads too much of the Australian.. Came out at said “poor Gladys, she’s doing her best”

      Well her best is catastrophic failure on all fronts, but that doesn’t seem to be making it to print..

  16. blindjusticeMEMBER

    I think Ireland is a good one to watch because it consists of 2 jurisdictions – Northern Ireland in the UK (Astra Zeneca) and Republic of Ireland (Pfizer).
    Both have very high vaccination rates, the Republic overtook the UK and have 90% of adults single vaccinated and 80% double vaccinated and are now vaccinating teenagers.

    Both have delta strain,
    I think watch for deaths, adjusted for population in each area & the case fatality rate (appears v. low now), and whether or not overcrowding of hospitals is a thing or not. Apparently the Republic reckons numbers will peak in the next month.

    Its also good to have the UK opening up and the Republic being a little more cautious/slower. We can hopefully watch and learn from both experiences.

  17. Who knew locking everyone inside results in people spreading it to their entire family?
    But muh science.

  18. i am old enough to remember other readers telling Leith that comparing Melb and NSW was apple and pears …

  19. As the late great Private First Class William Hudson once said: “That’s it, man! Game over, man! Game over! What the [email protected]@k are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?”

    1) Delta covid is out and will never go away.
    2) Oz Zero covid policy is done.
    3) I’m in Austria which has a high vaccination rate, yet numbers are starting to rise again.
    4) Please see quote by Private First Class Hudson above.
    5) New variants will emerge, this time from the Delta platform.
    6) Vaccine efficacy waning in countries with advanced Vax rates, like Israel.
    7) –> PFC Hudson (above)

  20. Because, NSW did not have a proper shutdown like Western Australia instigated, including playgrounds, everything!