New Zealand’s COVID outbreak worsens

The New Zealand Ministry of Health today reported another 62 new cases of COVID-19 in the community bringing the total number of locally acquired cases to 210:

The total number of community cases in Auckland is now 198 and 12 in Wellington.

Auckland’s lockdown was recently extended for a further week until 11:59pm on Tuesday 31 August. The rest of the country will remain in lockdown until 11:59pm on Friday.

Delta is proving near impossible to control.

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    • Well according to Arden, it is Australia’s fault… at the end of the day, there is a certain inevitability about all this.

  1. Wonder when the hate will come for arden like it has for Glady. Haha I’m sure there are some very confused people out there

  2. Mental Health Passport

    I don’t even think it’s delta. Delta is the patsy in all of this.

    A year ago people still socially distanced, washed their hands with alcohol, people were more scared and literally thought you had a 3% chance of dying if you caught it so changed their behaviour accordingly. People are fatigued with all the precautions by now.

    It’s the middle of winter in NZ too so if COVID is ever going to spread rapidly in a country not socially distancing then now is the time.

    The UK is as fully vaccinated as any country and COVID is out of control. Deaths will be off the charts come winter.

    170 deaths yesterday, this time last year about a dozen.

      • I don’t think the Irish divergence is vaccine related.

        The Republic is mostly rural with the population scattered across numerous counties, whereas most of the population of NI lives in or near Belfast.

    • In the end it will come down to survival of the fittest, not necessarily the young and strong, but the wiliest – those who do remember to mask up with N95s, stay away from large gatherings, not get too close to strangers etc.

      In the past those who lived to old age were respected – they had earned it and were no doubt the wiliest. The rash and foolhardy didn’t make it.

      • Not so sure. Don’t think people should be reckless but in the same breath with vaccination immunity waning over time people need to expose themselves to small amounts of the virus to trigger their immunity again and again. I you protect yourself too well then that one time you stuff up and you dont have a reset immunity level will be the time it gets you badly.

        • Good points. In the end once we open each person will need to formulate their own plan according to age, circumstance etc. As someone in their 60s with one comorbidity, asthma, my plan will be different from someone in their 30’s with no commodities who will have stronger immunity, both natural and from vaccination etc.

          With one year old grandchildren we mind several times a week I plan to only socialise with family and a few close friends (outdoors) initially to see how opening pans out. Florida now, with a slightly smaller population than Straya and with 52% of their population vaccinated, is experiencing its largest outbreak, with deaths over the last week averaging 212 per day. Straya may end up with 55,000 infections per day according to some modelling with 70% vaccinated (56% of pop) and hospitals may initially become overwhelmed.

          There are new treatments coming up, better vaccines, and as time goes on it will become clearer what works and what doesn’t. It may be wise to adopt the precautionary principle initially and be mindful of viral load exposure.

          This will mean constant vigilance and stranger distrust – for example, I was chatting to an (unmasked) Mum with 6 young kids in the street this week – a chance encounter that in normal times one would not think twice about (grandson wanted to pat their dog). However, after a few minutes chatting it transpired this nice young woman is welded to social media conspiracy sites, is anti-vax etc. If she had had the virus, without a mask she (and her 6 children) would have been transmitting high viral loads. So opening will mean rethinking what we once thought of as normal, sociable interaction. I’d advise everyone to invest in TGA approved N95 masks – as with driving, one can drive as carefully as one can, but there is no accounting for what other drivers will do.

      • It’s a decades long personal battle for each of us I’m thinking.

        Becoming healthy, ensuring safety from increasingly desperate people, financial security.

        It’s a marathon not a sprint and if someone chooses to wait 1-2 years for more information on the vaccines, take precautions when the virus becomes endemic in Australia, then you’re not missing out on much in the long term. Just delayed gratification which most people are incapable of.

        • It’s a marathon not a sprint and if someone chooses to wait 1-2 years for more information on the vaccines, take precautions when the virus becomes endemic in Australia, then you’re not missing out on much in the long term. Just delayed gratification which most people are incapable of.

          Kinda like how some people want to be cautious and take time to assess the consequences of COVID ?

        • Absolutely. People adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach and not actively pursuing protection in every way they can will be vulnerable. (See answer to Gareth above)

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Ambulance is not free in NSW, also, by the time you are breathless it’s already too late.

      I believe everyone with COVID-19 is already given a pulse oximeter. Remains to be seen whether the woman who died in her 30s didn’t use it properly, or the deterioration is so fast that she didn’t have time.

  3. I don’t get it. It’s impossible to control, but even if it is controlled it has a survivability rate of more than 99% according to WHO statistics. And for those that are at risk, vitamin D, zinc and ivermectin are proven with solid evidence backing it up from Nobel Prize winning scientists as not only a preventative, but a cure. This is madness.

  4. Hugh PavletichMEMBER

    Sobering reading and viewing …

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    Suggest check out Canterbury within this illustration above … about 5 down …
    Check out the Age Bands and Ethnicity trends …

    Covid 19 coronavirus Delta outbreak: Pasifika, younger people infected, demographic breakdown of community cases shows … NZ Herald
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    … and don’t forget the Covid Vaccine Blockers … the health hacks with clipboards going on power trips …

    COVID-19: Some GP clinics waiting a month for permission to start vaccinating … Michael Morrah … Newshub

    Newshub can reveal some GP clinics are waiting a month for permission to start vaccinating their patients, with doctors saying bureaucrats with clipboards are frustrating the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. … view and read more via hyperlink above …