MB Fund Podcast: The shortest commodity supercycle ever?

In today’s investment webinar, MB Fund’s Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith, Head of Investments Damien Klassen, and Financial Advisor Mark Monteiro discuss what’s seemingly been the shortest commodity supercycle ever

On the agenda:

  • No more talk of a commodity supercycle
  • Macro perspective
  • China
  • Micro
  • Investment Implications
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Damien Klassen is Head of Advice at the MacroBusiness Fund, which is powered by Nucleus Wealth.




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  1. “hydrogen which is used as a coolant in the generator and they were purging the hydrogen in preparation for doing work on the generator when this explosion occurred”

    Hydrogen as a coolant. Wow, I learn something new every day. Seems dangerous regardless.

    PS: Thanks for all the links you leave for us to read on this site. Interesting stuff. I’ve clicked on many.

  2. Dumb millennialMEMBER

    I’m looking forward to the liberals running a car key election. I could use a new car!

    • Damien KlassenMEMBER

      I think its just the key that David was talking about. But new keys for cars nowadays are expensive 🙂

  3. Cogent analysis, but what might neuter it? It seems realistic but all a bit too “business as usual”

    The more the RBA prints the more the AUD goes down while housing keeps going up, forever funded by a bottomless TFF so offshore lenders can’t play bond vigilante

    If China don’t stimulate, because Xi wants to kneecap a whole lot of tycoons and further centralise power (party media blaming same tycoons and soon to be charged with massive corruption crimes to distract the locals from their shitty life)

    USA weaponisng the dollar to force a financial crisis on China and a pure split of spheres

    • Ok, so we’ve found a way around bond vigilantes but what about local inflation from a big drop of A$ (or won’t happen until wages head up).