Jacinda Ardern told to reopen immigration to lower wage costs

Anyone still arguing that immigration has no impact on wages only has to look over the pond to New Zealand, where Jacinda Ardern’s government is being lobbied to reboot immigration to relieve rising wage costs:

  • “The dairy, horticulture, housing, services, health and broader public sector have all reported acute staff shortages, and called on the government to raise border blocks”.
  • “More than 30,000 nurses are due to strike later this month for the second time since June, seeking better pay and working conditions amid the staff shortages”.
  • “Kiwis are not coming into nursing as they are put off by the workload and the low pay”, said New Zealand Nurses Organisation industrial services manager Glenda Alexander.
  • Businesses are pressing for the resumption of labour imports, “sooner rather than later”.
  • “The country’s unemployment rate is at pre-COVID-19 levels, with more jobs than skilled workers. The under-utilisation rate, a measure of how many people are working less than they would like, is at a record low”.
  • “The labour shortages are pushing up costs as employers pay more to keep staff”.

So the restriction of immigration has cratered unemployment and underemployment in New Zealand, is giving workers more bargaining power, and is pushing up wages. Economics 101.

Yet neoliberal economists throughout Australia continue to argue that immigration has no impact on jobs nor wages.

If this was so, then why are business groups in both nations lobbying so hard for higher immigration to ease labour shortages and prevent wage inflation?

The employers of imported labour are pretty clear that immigration holds wages down.

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  1. Display NameMEMBER

    In Australia the pundits suggest immigration doesn’t affect wages, but we *have* to increase migration because there is a shortage of workers…..who will work for low wages….

    • The third world influx into New Zealand is of grave concern to all Australians.
      Because NZ is one of the major gateways & transit stops for the third world migrants to then enter Australia on a NZ SCV. With assured permanent residency grants, work rights and stay in Australia.
      The NZ SCV category is one of our fastest growing third world unskilled migrant categories.
      Get into NZ, visa & border controls or vetting virtually non existent, then stay a while in NZ, live & work illegally and get the passport stamp / off to Australia on the SCV

      We already have 1.8 million temporary residents – non Australian foreign nationals on a splendid array of pretext visas, here to steal Australian jobs, Australian housing, a near 90% concentration in Sydney and Melbourne, living in vast fetid migrant enclaves as faithful recreations of their homeland Guangzhou, Mumbai & Dhaka slums.
      One of the highest concentrations of migrant guestworkers in any OECD nation.
      Even surpassing Gaddafi at his peak.

      Now add to that another 670,000 NZ ScV of who 365,000 are non New Zealand born third world unskilled.
      This can be divided into 2 broad categories.
      The genuine New Zealand born, the 80’s & 90’s waves now aged, cashing up their super, going back for NZ more generous welfare & pensions..
      … and then the third world unskilled migrants that NZ has allowed in with some of the most lax, unvetted & most easily rorted migrant trafficking in the western world.
      Chinese elderly, misfits, criminals via purchased pacific islands ‘stepping stones’ visas or passports, south East Asians, a huge amount of Indians (sub continental & Fiji Indians) on falsified documents, Bangla, African & Middle Eastern who bribed their way to the front of the UNHCR queue, petty criminals, misfits, socially undesirables – who either can’t get into Australia or got kicked out & so enter Australia via the NZ SCV trafficking route.

      As stated earlier : one of the fastest growing third world migrant intake categories of the tsunami of third world unskilled migrants entering Australia.
      By contrast there are less than 70,000 Australians innmee Zealand – only 10% of the number who have been allowed into Australia.
      And of great concern is the backlog in New Zealand of over 200,000 third world unskilled undesirables who are ‘in the queue’ for the NZ passport stamp to then enter Australia on a SCV visa.

      As Winston Peters said: “New Zealand only sells two things, milk powder to the Chinese and anSCV visas to the third world”


      The original Aust / NZ SCV purpose was to allow trans Tasman labour mobility.

      Not to be a blatant migrant trafficking racket for New Zealand to lower the bar, literally let anyone in, grant them a passport stamp to then dump that economic, social and health care burden into Australia.

      Why is New Zealand deciding who enters Australia?

      When Ardern lowers the bar once again on the NZ third world migrant intake – where do people think they are going to end up?

      On the current trend and with the backlog in the queue in new Zealand the third world non NZ born unskilled third world migrants on a NZ SCV in Australia will be over 3/4 of a million in 5 years time.

      🔹Australia needs to act here.

      👉🏾Change the SCV eligibility to only be for Australian and New Zealand ‘born’ citizens.

      👉🏾And the 360,000 non New Zealand born third world unskilled migrants who are here on a NZ SCV in Australia, they need to be thoroughly vetted, placed on a different non permanent visa category, without work rights or permanent residency access.

      Or ideally / repatriated back to New Zealand as their host country.
      They are New Zealand’s problem, not ours.

  2. The same people who previously claimed high immigration didn’t hold labour prices down! 😂

  3. Reus's large MEMBER

    Ah Whuflu has a silver lining after all, no immigration till the 80% mark for us …

      • The Travelling Phantom

        Quite few brave hearts are holding the line, I hope you’re one of them(unless you’re a plumber Who deals with sh!t of the shedding people)

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            Antivaxxers should be kicked out of society when the vaccines are readily available. No jab, no job, no job seeker, no entering standard medical facilities, no entering schools, and so on.

            These self selecting plague rat bioterrorists have identified themselves. It’s time to ruin the lot of them.

  4. run to the hillsMEMBER

    Open the gates, this could lead to prices trending higher at my local rub and tug joint if they are forced to hire locals.

  5. steveh2797MEMBER

    Today I viewed a rental property in South Island. I was one of 32 applicants. Where exactly do business lobbyists expect their imported serfs to live?

  6. At the same time as they’re demanding open borders to suppress wages, they want the RBNZ to hike rates to boost their incomes…

    If things are so good in NZ, then why is the curve flattening even as front end rates skyrocket and the kiwi struggles. That shouldn’t happen if the economy were genuinely strong.