Early election for Morrison? See the Trudeau syndrome

Will our psychopathic PM go to an early election in an attempt to ride out his pandemic blunders on a wave of optimism as lockdowns give way to living with COVID?

Quite apart from the obvious risks in that never happening, Morrison might consider the fate of Justin Trudeau whose polls have collapsed after he tried the same thing from a much higher base:

Bring it on.

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  1. I just added this is the “Morrison is a psycho” thread:

    Courtesy of Crikey today:

    On June 12, 2020, the Australian government solicitor, on behalf of then-attorney-general Christian Porter, filed a notice of intervention under section 78A of the Judiciary Act 1903 in the matter of Clive Palmer and Mineralogy v the state of Western Australia and WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson. The notice states: ‘The attorney-general intervenes in support of the position of the plaintiffs.
    Source: High Court filings, June 12 2020

    Morrison [when asked why the government supported Clive Palmer’s High Court action on Western Australian borders]: “The member must be misinformed, because the Commonwealth did not pursue that case, and it is erroneous to suggest that that is what the government did. The government did not pursue that case at all. We did not pursue that case. The Labor Party continues to push this falsehood around the country…
    Question time, August 30, 2021

    • Yeah I can see where the evil scrotum could get confused there. Honest mistake I’d say.

  2. Duke_Wellington

    Seeing Trudeau running scared from the suburbs of Ontario a few days ago, I sure hope so. I will follow his bus across W.A.if the coward even attempted a visit.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Does Canadia have a massively inflated pool of voters living in a massive pool of housing with massively inflated prices?
      And do bears s41t in them?

      About the same odds on him loosing as here on Libs loosing. Slim. And none.

  3. Trudeau is likely to form a minority government based on those figures.

    As for our neoliberal wanker in chief, much will depend on the virus and the whim of LNP kingmaker, Lord Rupert.

    I can’t see Scummo risking a poll until March or April next year given the potentially dire situation in the NSW health system.

    However, if his polls keep sliding, Murdoch may take matters into his own hands before then and annoint Dutton or Frydenberg.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Do you think this singularity of narcissism has it in him to step aside prior to an election?

        • He’ll soon be back soiling things up in Engadine Maccas if the true Lord Almighty decides he’s had enough.

          Would Rupert risk having a small target Labor government for three years?

          I don’t think so.

          I think he’ll punt both Scummo and Gladbag by Christmas if the federal two party preferred polls keeps sliding.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        One can hope. Fydenberg lost 6% in 2019, so if it happened again he’d either be out or on a razor thin margin.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Either Dutto or Frydemburger in charge would be political suicide and I doubt either would be given the top job. Can you imagine PM Dutto? Seriously. Maybe Joshy-boy in a pinch.

      I met Dutto at the train station in 2019 I think it was. The guy is about 8ft tall and just looks like he has no soul.

      If there was a party vote for a new leader, I would expect a similar upset to how Scomo was bestowed the ultimate power.

      • Dutton is a ‘Queenslander’ and the LNP will need to hold onto all their seats up there if they’re to fall over the line again.

        Morrison is a total liability on Covid and he’s now putting those Queensland seats at risk.

        I don’t think Dutton would last long as PM, but Murdoch doesn’t care about that because they’re all interchangeable and disposable mediocrities as far as he’s concerned.

        The end could justify the means against a small target Labor well ahead on two party preferred with no obvious policies to attack. They’ll need to be drawn out into the open and the bold Dutton’s ‘talents’ could be just the ticket if Morrison continues to flounder.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          As someone who prefers a Labor government over an LNP one I would love for Dutton to become P.M. before the next election.
          Whatever seats he picks up in Queensland he’ll lose in New South Wales.
          A Fascist and thuggish looking ex Queensland copper ain’t gonna poll well in lockdown areas.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Greg Hunt, most senior, and least offensive minister.

        Falls over the line ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ style.

  4. Never has been, still isn’t, any possible way that Viscerally Sexist Menacing Wallpaper Evil Bully would go early.

  5. peterbruceMEMBER

    Well I am bloody sure he’s going to call an election. So, I just went to Sportsbet and they are offering 4/1 that it will be called this year.. I tried to put 200 on and they said “Maximum bet has been changed to $83!” So it ain’t just me that thinks that!

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      You Sir are legend. And correct on all counts.

      PS just find two obliging mates two handle the other $117.00 in bets for you. 😀
      PPS when it comes to political shenanigans I’m always at a loss for why more people don’t back the favourite, blindly, on binary calls like this (and election winner). I mean, what’s the Betting Agency gonna do, open a market where they plan to LOOSE money?
      PPS The NZ TAB used to offer bets on smaller markets where they intentionally put the odds round the ‘wrong’ way – but only where most punters would blindly be betting on the short odds favourite based solely on team names without doing research. Never found out if they max bet limited the longshot. Doubt if it’s still happening these days (now EVERYTHING is knowable online).

      • It’s November or not all this year isn’t it? Only Hawke was arrogant enough to go in December IIRC.

        • Arrogant eh! I like those odds!

          I did consider December or Jan. but then when would he be in Hawaii? J/K – we’d still be in NSW be I think heavily restricted in November so that may not play well here…QLD and WA though …. December – he wants us open by xmas

      • Ladbrokes really are trying to tempt me to cash out my $26-1 Dees flag bet from Feb. now offering 8-1 and Dees are into 4s. It’s gone up from 7.50 since Greene was suspended…. Not sure if that’s a view on the likelihood of Geelong beating GWS then MFC winning or GWS beating Geelong (I have no idea for this game)

        • Tell them to GFT.

          You need a Betfair account. I got the Dees at 30s at the start of the season (might have been your recommendation actually). I can now close it out at 2.78.

          • The Traveling Wilbur

            Ah, yeah. Nah. So I’m guessing figuring out the number of pence in 12/6 didn’t get much of a go in J’s younger days. So to speak.

  6. Even Churchill lost office in 1945. When the crisis is over, people want to forget both the crisis itself and the leader who steered them through it.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Churchill was the best man for the task at hand but terrible at almost everything else.
      Scomo, on the other hand, is just terrible at everything.

  7. Scomo has to go before NSW ICU collapses. About 1% of cases go to ICU, so if cases hit 5k a day ICU fills up super fast and nurses aren’t available

    Just talked to a senior nurse in Melbourne. She says a large cohort of ICU nurses aren’t and don’t want to be vaxxed.

    See where this is going if we open up?

    All the blame goes back to Scomo and Greg Hunt for screwing up vax procurement and rollout – as they didn’t use the States’ health departments but tried to cost up to their base in the GO network.

    And here we are, way behind the 8 ball. Hence Scomo, ably supported by Rupert and Gladys, are pushing the line we have to open up. He will call an early election, if only to save his ass from being overthrown by Dutton

    • “Just talked to a senior nurse in Melbourne. She says a large cohort of ICU nurses aren’t and don’t want to be vaxxed.”

      I’d like to explore this. Either they are anti-vaxx psychos putting everyone at risk or alternatively they are better informed than the majority of the public owing to their education and professional standing. Is there even room for an in-between position?

      I’m not anti-vax but have been referring to my position as “being part of the control group”. I’ll wait to hear to why the nurses are hesitant.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Because they spend enough of their day dealing with aggravating little pr1cks as it is?

      • Anti vax psychos isn’t particularly helpful

        Brothers wife is a midwife in Vic hospital and it’s the same there. Quite a few are going to quit rather than be forced to be vaxd. Might see exec reverse mandatory vax if they start losing lots and lots of nurses especially in ICU

        Some clinicians have strange views that are often at odds with evidence and models of care

        Speaking anecdotally and first hand experience

        • Frank DrebinMEMBER

          So they will lose lots of nurses because they refuse to be vaccinated ?.

          Conversely, they are also likely to lose lots of unvaccinated nurses because of how infectious and debilitating this disease is ?.

          We are in for a world of pain…..

  8. ScoMo ran a presser today to announce that he had secured 500,000 Pfizer doses from Singapore (short expiry).

    Marise Payne announced in Senate that Australia will, in turn, provide 500,000 doses back to Singapore in December.

    So net zero extra doses then. There is something wrong in this guys head.

    • I hope they’re not needed to boost all the 1a and 1b who were done commencing when, January

      What’s the booster plan? Moderna, Pfizer and AZ and mixing the brand. Ie if you had Az you then have Moderna etc. no one in govt is talking about it but I hope they’re planning for it

    • kierans777MEMBER

      It’s all about the marketing. “Look I got you extra doses”. It’s no different than Cadbury cutting back the block, putting the price up, then later on “adding more to block” which turns out to be what it originally was, but with a bigger price.

      People buy this stupid marketing.

  9. So the “Normal” aussie voter heads down to the pooling booth, looks at the choices ????!!!!!????!!!!#[email protected]%& and votes Coalition again, like last time.
    Why ? Because there is no other alternative.
    Note: This is in “Normal” aussie world, where this only two choices, Greens dont come into the Norm election options, or any other minor parties.

  10. I’ve read that the Millenial support base is deserting him in droves due the the housing affordability crisis…..

    • Well they really showed him at the last election lol.

      But according to domain it’s all FHBs buying now. And who of the Gen Y cohort would vote Liberal given their track record on lack of climate action. My head hurts.

  11. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Just put $20- on the next election being contested by Greg Hunt and Albo. Returns $520-. Sweet as.

    • Wow! That would be total chutzpah for the Libs to anoint the Health Minister – the same dude who personally oversaw quarantine and the vaccine roll-out – as the leader who can fix the mess in quarantine and the vaccine roll-out. It just may work.

      • Hunt’s been near invisible

        Probably because Morrison loves the limelight so much or Hunt has read the tea leaves

        Wasn’t there talk though he might not run again and there is a voices for flinders movement ….

        Our Tanya is very very short for next Labor leader

        All this lively markets talk!

    • kierans777MEMBER

      If Frydenberg doesn’t contest expect his deputy #shadysukkar to put his hand up. Or at least work the numbers.