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The personality disordered PM is rewriting history again. As I noted earlier this month, Australia had just passed the date at which we were originally planned to have delivered 30m vaccinations. Easily enough to provide herd immunity if we split the number into 12m fully vaccinated adults and 8m with one dose, covering the entire adult population. Here’s the chart:

Yet here is your PM today:

Scott Morrison says he “doesn’t accept” that he is responsible for the lagging vaccine rollout and the simultaneous lockdown of three major Australian cities.

Speaking to Adelaide’s FIVEaa on Wednesday morning, the Prime Minister – who had not been publicly seen or heard from since the weekend – hit back after hosts David and Will said to Mr Morrison“the reason you’ve got 12 million people in lockdown is because you got it (the rollout) so wrong in the first place”.

“No I don’t accept that,” Mr Morrison said.

“Right now, under no plan was there any plan that said we’d be at 65-70 per cent vaccination in this country. Under no plan.

“Australia was always going to be in the suppression phase this year.”

This is a simple, straightforward and baldfaced lie. It is gaslighting of such extremity that it must be marked down as evidence of mental illness.

Its only purpose is to cover up the reality of the greatest single policy failure in modern Australian history. The direct result of which is the ripping away our freedoms, ravaging our lifestyles, devastating many incomes and businesses and plunging the nation back into recession.

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  1. What’s the difference between Harold Holt and Scott Morrison?

    Holt only went missing once.

  2. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Front of the queue…

    Four million vaccinated by end of March…

    Blame states for not vaccinating with the supplies they never received…

    Supply chain difficulties…

    ATAGI is to blame…

    UK not doing vaccine safety tests…

    Pfizer negotiation bungle…

    • surfbeach2536

      The one that gets me is that the PM says “So I would encourage states to be using the AstraZeneca vaccines…” while everyone knows he had a Pfizer.

      • DodgydamoMEMBER

        Yes the marketing man should have recognised the optics of his own jab not being AZ

    • Are we being lied to by the ‘Health Advisors’?
      This entire vaccine rollout already a farce, now futile as the virus has now moved on & is near vaccine escape?

      Nature 8th July 2021 Scientific study.

      Key points.
      ◽️One dose of AstraZeneca or Pfizer doesn’t prevent severe illness or death from the delta strain.
      ◽️Two doses of Pfizer or AstraZeneca are 3-5 times less effective against Delta compared to original COVID-19.
      ◽️The delta strain isn’t far off vaccine escape.

      “Sera from convalescent patients collected up to 12 months post symptoms were 4 fold less potent against variant Delta, relative to variant Alpha (B.1.1.7).

      Sera from individuals having received one dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines barely inhibited variant Delta.

      Administration of two doses generated a neutralizing response in 95% of individuals, that was titers 3 to 5 fold LOWER against Delta than Alpha.

      Thus, variant Delta spread is associated with an escape to antibodies targeting non-RBD and RBD Spike epitopes.”

      Link to full report.

  3. I wish the Journos would start calling these f&%kers out. They should straight out say “That Sir, is a lie” and back it up with the evidence (which would be available at their fingertips).

      • Yeah, I think you’ve nailed it. Better to toe the line and keep your job (Hell, I might do the same thing so who am I to comment). A bit depressing to be honest.

      • Bingo, that’s news media the world over these days, you’re either a full on activist so therefore you will only ever hold your non preferred form of power to account or you are simply locked out and/or shutdown for doing so. Sadly it’s a well established pattern regardless of the ideology currently presiding over the people.

        once up on a time politicians simply obstructed and misdirected, people rarely called them out for talking about annual rainfall patterns during a discussion school funding so they simply moved on to outright false statements instead. We the people accepted it….. now we live with it.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Rumour is Scummo will now do press conferences in the Lodge and only with journos who are vaccinated.

        Betcha his dixer crew *waves at Uhlmann and Coorey* were given a heads-up to get the jab asap.

    • @DD never gonna happen. The muppets that moonlights as journos sit obediently to the left of Dan who also stands to left of screen while centre screen features staircase at rear. Aah symbolism…but that’s another topic back to press.
      Their questions are inaudible and they back down when admonished by Dan for posing pertinent questions. For sure all the worlds a stage and Covid literally The Greatest Show on Earth…right now

    • Yes, it came out of China. Probably from a lab there and the Chinese are making sure nobody has access to the source material of said lab.
      And yes Morrison is breathtakingly dishonest and inept.
      It is possible to hold both things to be true.

    • Dunno bout you, but I’ve not [email protected] me dacks at a Macca – I’m no Macca dacca [email protected] – nor am I a psychopath.

      I blame Labor, of course. And wokeness, let’s blame wokeness too to make it easier. Also ladies, it must their fault, what!

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        that’s who has been missing of late… Old mate Rich / Totes. I guess he finally gave himself an aneurysm trying to blame Labor for all the country’s ills

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Fortunately, the reflection of only a significant minority of the electorate.

      • Indeed. And it’s not some kind of fluke. The election of both Tony Abbott and Morrison shows that. Scotty and the LNP have also not really hidden who they are in the last decade or so. They’re pretty what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

        So the election of Abbott/Morrison types is not a fluke because it keeps happening. They’re also not deceiving people about what they are. Therefore, the conclusion is that Australians repeatedly vote for this because it’s what they want. George Carlin did a bit about this (“the public sucks”) years ago.

        • Indeed they are deceiving. Abbott burned all his bridges shortly after he was elected and brazenly did a complete about face on a huge number of his campaign promises. He burned so many bridges his own electorate punted him.

        • He also said:
          Think how stupid the average person is and then remember that half of them are stupider than that.
          Or that may be what you are referring to in your post. This alone is probably enough to get the LNP / Tories / Republicans elected by majorities even though they represent about 1-5% of the population’s interests (Far less in the US). When the Murdoch and media supporters go into full protection racket mode around election time it’s almost impossible that stupid won’t do as stupid does.

          It really doesn’t help that the opposition parties in most cases are either almost the same or just not viable and it’s the unenviable decision of who you hate the least.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        scotty from marketing is not a psychopath and neither is the stereotype of his his rusted on follower. He is definitely, and many of his aspirational bogans are most likely, narcisists of the highest order.

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          Krudd was a narcisist of the highest order
          Scummo is most definitely a psychopath, he has every single trait

      • Australians repeatedly elect monsters who run concentration camps. Indefinite detention without trial was made legal a few weeks ago. It’s now bipartisan policy.

        Australia is a nation of lazy, greedy, mean-spirited psychopaths. More than half of you would vote for a policy of grinding up refugees into slurry if it meant you got continued access to a tax rort as part of the deal.

        Although “psychopath” might not be the right term. I’ll settle for “monsters in human suits”. And it’s not all Australians of course… but it is over 50%.

        • Fishing72MEMBER

          Your opinions are sounding more and more like those of a minion on the Death Star discussing the character traits of the inhabitants of Tatooine.

          Never forget you elected to move into the heart of The Empire. Excuse me if I find your resultant assessments of national stereotypes a bit lacking.

        • And Americans votes everyday by inaction to kill children with guns.

          How good are generalizations!

        • lol, yeah, because the other ’slightly under 50%’ who tick another box represent all the virtue in Australia… as if the average punter ticking that red box gives gives a toss about refugee status or frankly, that it should be their primary concern depending on their own lot in life.

          How about getting yourself elected as the representative of a local district only to spend your time pontificating over global issues well above your pay grade, while constituents from your own electorate remain homeless and go hungry… all for some campaign airtime, twitter likes and the occasional Q&A stint where you can parade the superiority of your social conscience …… you then turn up to parliament the day after and happily sign off on 90% of the shit on the agenda anyway, happy to partake as long as it feathers your nest. No psychopathic traits wrapped up in that little package at all.

          Of course, a not insignificant portion of an electorate relishes in partisan shite (reflecting their own superiority complex) so why should it be any surprise that psychopath’s in red blue and green ties find such a comfortable home as their representatives?

  4. Arthur Schopenhauer

    No need to attribute a medical state to being a complete f^ciwit.

    F^ckwittery as a state of being. The embodiment of spite.

  5. “Easily enough to provide herd immunity if we split the number into 12m fully vaccinated adults and 8m with one dose, covering the entire adult population”

    Herd immunity? 96 deaths in the UK yesterday mostly vaccinated people. This is in the middle of summer when they’re having 30 degree days, everyone outside rather than indoors.

    Just wait until it’s dark at 3:30pm and 2 degrees everyday.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        The death rate increase is 92% week over week.

        UK records 96 Covid deaths in highest daily figure since MARCH as hospitalisations rise by another third – but weekly growth in cases starts to flatten with 46,558 positive tests

        It’ll be another 6 or so weeks before the results of this experiment is known.

  6. So a person tests positive after being double jabbed, which is faulty the test or jab? I ask you how many boosters after how many variants will it take until state lockdowns end? You know the answer so stop blaming Scommo for your own delusions.

    • The vaccine isn’t meant to prevent everyone from getting the disease. It’s meant to keep people of hospital or a coffin.

      Lockdowns will stop once there is confidence that the health system will be able to handle outbreaks or treat individual cases (same as influenza or other communicable diseases).

  7. BradleyMEMBER

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- ScoMo and his bunch of useless LNP mates are a roadblock to Australia’s progress. Now they are a handbrake on health and only a WA style crushing defeat will see them sidelined long enough for things to get better.

  8. Plus the personal harm of lock-downs amongst those that are most vulnerable….the impact of this may never be known.
    CEO leadership 101…cover your r’s and blame someone else..

    By the way having to wait 14 hours in a queue to get a COVID test during snap lock-downs is amazing….

  9. Denis413MEMBER

    What do the vaccines actually do? Do they reduce the effects of CV19? It certainly doesn’t appear to prevent catching it.

    • It certainly does prevent many from getting it, but the main purpose is to keep people out of hospital (or a coffin).

      My brother is a paramedic from SW Sydney. Currently in HQ after transporting a COVID patient 10 days ago. He is fully vaccinated with Pfizer. His partner is not vaccinated.

      Bro has not caught the virus. His partner is in hospital after 9 days of fevers and respiratory symptoms (aged 39).

      Dozens of his colleagues are in isolation or HQ. There are several who were vaccinated that have contracted the virus and also others who were not vaccinated (including his partner). The ones who are vaccinated and who have contracted COVID-19 have zero to very mild symptoms. The ones who are not vaccinated are quite ill.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Well, in my father’s case I strongly suspect it gave him 2 strokes, the first one a week or so after his first shot and the second one a couple of weeks before his second. However there’s no supporting evidence and never will be.

      Better than catching COVID and dying, right? He used to be a theoretical physics hobbyist, and now he just stares into space…

    • The target for first round of vaccines is preventing severe disease/hospitalizations. Idea is:Covid-specific immune response gets stimulated by vaccine. Then when virus enters body, immune system has already been primed to deal with it, so can take care of it faster/more effectively. Basically gives your body a head-start.

      I don’t think there’s ever been a vaccine that actually stops the virus from entering cells.Edit, maybe a couple:

      • What is a steaming pile of bs.
        Most of the COMPULSORY vaccines completely eradicate the disease they are for, at minimum preventing transmission and presumably infection as well.

  10. Denis413MEMBER

    Do vaccines actually make a difference? See London? What’s the difference if we were fully vaccinated or not? Doesn’t appear to be much in regard to lockdowns – bit of an exaggeration to call this the biggest policy failure of modern Australia.

  11. Jumping jack flash

    ” It is gaslighting of such extremity that it must be marked down as evidence of mental illness.”


    In good times (or perceived good times) anyone can lead, the country pretty much leads itself.
    In bad times, or even slightly challenging times such as today, the buffoons that are in charge of us are exposed and become anxious and desperate as a result. This is what we’re seeing now. Its just rolling damage control.

    Don’t get me wrong, the other side would be no better. The whole gamut of people we have to choose from as leaders has been allowed to slide over the past few decades of perceived good times. We have talkers rather than doers. A bunch of con-people masquerading as leaders where our leaders should actually be.

  12. MathiasMEMBER

    I dont think I’ve ever seen the news being this depressing.

    Prime Ministers fk’d off. Vaccine rollouts are cactus. Covids spreading like crazy. Everyones telling lies.

    Somedays, you just dont have the words.