Why Anthony Albanese must never see power

The propertocracy has won another round in the policy fight. Not courtesy of the blood-sucking interests. Rather via the hand of those that set out to end it and instead succumbed to its corrupt siren song.

As Labor gives up on property tax reform, any and all reform actually, the thirty-year Australian property bubble once again has the full support of both political parties in Canberra.

Anthony Albanese has proved himself every bit as empty as Scott Morrison. He cares not for good government nor policy processes. He cares about power for its own sake.

I suppose it was inevitable. Every rule that ever got in the way of the propertocracy has been broken and burned.

It started with John Howard and his tax deformations plus first home buyer grants. It was entrenched by Kevin Rudd and his GFC bailouts for leveraged borrowers and banks. It was bedded down by Scott Morrison with his fear campaigns.

At every juncture, we might have turned back but instead chose the destructive path of property.

Once curious humans capable of great innovation of global engagement, Australians are now incurious debt-slaves easily spooked by the slightest rise in interest rates.

Once competitive animals, Australian banks are now bloated public tics fastened to the financialised flesh of a formerly diversified Australian economy.

We bent the rules for them in the GFC. We broke them in the pandemic. They are now quietly nationalised institutions without the inconvenience of paying any price for it. How else can they trade on stock market multiples double that of the US or Europe?

Any disruption to their businesses will be immediately backed by massive fiscal and monetary support henceforth. At the zero bound there is no other choice. The central bank must print money and give it free to the banks to lend or they will go out of business.

Sadly, this is not the end of the blood-letting. Ahead are negative interest rates that are effectively you paying the banks to lend mighty mortgages.

Finally, although Australians and the economic elite clearly understand the damage done by the great immigration development model, it will be restored no matter who is in power henceforth. If Labor wins the next election, its reform wastrel treasurer, Jim Chalmers, will restore immigration with just as much gusto as any Coalition government.

It will be done for the propertocracy.

And this is where the choices narrow for Australians. Given there is no upside for workers in voting for Labor, the only choice ahead is which form of propertocracy do you prefer.

We can have the honestly corrupt carpetbaggers of the Coalition who don’t pretend to do anything but rort the nation. Or we can have the frauds of the Labor Party. The wolves in sheep’s clothing that will sell whatever policy they need to gain power.

This brings me to the squillion-dollar question. Ask yourself this, if an Albanese opposition is capable of selling out workers in exchange for the keys to the Lodge, what is it capable of doing in power when China brings the heat and threatens it in the future?

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    • Very depressing, can anyone resurrect the Australian Democrats? Was my go to party when around…

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      No…. I think its sneaky, maybe in an awesome way.

      When ever Labor has a policy, the LNP and Murdoch stooge journalists rip it to shreds, make it sound catastrophic and as if its going to crash the economy.

      So right now, they’re not doing anything controversial, making Labor a small target. In the meantime they’re letting Scott Morrison and crew hang themselves on their own incompetence and corruption.

      Labor doesn’t have to “do” anything except not be the LNP.

      And remember, Howard didn’t say he was going to bring in the GST, he simply did it after he was elected.
      Maybe Labor will do the same.

  1. Atleast i can get my dose of revenge voting [email protected] and putting the LNP/Lab/Grn cunce last.
    She’s one of the few that push for onshore manufacturing and self sufficiency, and slashing immigration.
    Voting [email protected] feels like tossing a handgrenade at all the other corrupt phuckers and it feels great.

    And before the brown pc sob bregade get fired up, just compare numerous of the one [email protected] speaker turnouts with the carefully edited and camera cropped pictures you get on the ABC.

    • That old chestnut. I put it to you that various immense compromises undertaken to get into power both indicate moral vacancy and they come with a burden of compromised values that is its own end.

      • Sure – but they would still be a million times more moral than anything your LNP party could offer –

        “bUt iM not LNP”

    • Yeah, like plibersek and her comments on FHBG before tripling them once she was “minister for housing”.

      You can’t trust a word any of them say.

    • turvilleMEMBER

      Certainly not with that clown, dunce Albo at the helm. What a waste of space he is!!

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      It’s also possible Labor is saying what they need to in order to get into government, then bring in changes…

      It’s pretty much a certainty, but heading into the subsequent election having done the opposite of what they campaigned on is probably not going to work out well for them, since they will be held to a higher standard.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Higher “standard” or higher levels of attack propaganda over every single mistake they make?

  2. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Australians should go all in on every-man-for-himself, like Reusa. No point complaining about the system. Use it to your advantage to get rich. And remember, laws are just guidelines for the poor and foolish. They largely don’t apply to people who are having a go. Australians love people who have a go.

    Once you’re using the system to your advantage and have become one of the people that matter, it’s fine!

  3. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    One important thing to keep in mind is that there is one, and only one real issue that is causing widespread disaffection with the Scotty Government. And that is the botched vaccine rollout and quarantine leaks, leading to repeated lockdowns and now widespread anti-lockdown protests.

    If the Scotty Government had managed the virus better, the majority of Australians would be super happy with its performance. House prices have a rocket under them, and there are some moderate wage rises thrown in as a sweetener. The business sector doesn’t like the lack of cheap labor, but they know once things are back to normal the floodgates will re-open, so in a scenario where the Scotty Government had managed the virus, they’d grin and bear it.

    The performance of the Scotty Government aside from the virus missteps are approved of by the electorate. As for the sexual assault scandals, while their house prices are going up and they’ve got a job, Australians don’t care much. Shuffling the worst offenders out of government is sufficient to placate them. Same goes for the corruption; everyone knows both sides do it, so nobody cares.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      Mate, the way the voting system works is that your preferences end up almost always with either the LNP or Labor. So yes, go ahead and vote for an independent – but are you putting LNP or Labor ahead on your preferences? Because THAT is who you ACTUALLY vote for!

      • kierans777MEMBER

        Well said. Which means if you vote Liberal you’re voting for the corruption and desk abuse to continue.

        Labor may give use a real federal ICAC which is one major reason to vote for them.

        • Not if your vote flows to a party or even polly that holds the balance of power. Which is what we really need at the moment, a deceit sized block to keep the bastards honest! Given the slim margins it could be very effective with the right members.

          Also more first choice votes for minor parties this election means more funding for them to fight the next election.

          But yes point taken, normally they will end up with one of the big two

  4. working class hamMEMBER

    Independents, then whatever small party, then ALP, then LNP.
    Only because maybe, just maybe, the ALP might not [email protected]%k us with such smug grins on their faces. Didn’t think Hockey had a contender, but Morrison is the Mayweather of Smug.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Depends on the small party. IMOP always goes last on my ballot. There are some absolute nutjob parties out there (at this stage, heck I’d take the Motoring Enthusiasts Party again, tbh)

      • kierans777MEMBER

        People like Michael Sukkar deliberately run two or three dummy candidates to siphon off the outrage vote. People have spotted (and photographed) campaign material for other candidates in his office (big stacks hot off the printers) and his office has done campaign material for local councillors (which I’m sure is against the rules). By running the dummies with “how to vote cards” giving him the second preference he captures the outrage (why people follow HTV cards I have no idea).

        So voting Independent means nothing if they’re not actually independent.

  5. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    The concept to apply the question ‘what does Labor stand for?’ to is what would an ALP government do if it were to win the next election?

    At the moment we need to assume the ALP (inter alia)

    Won’t alter a tax regime skewed heavily to the upper end of town
    Won’t do anything substantial about house prices – the prices Australians and their kids are looking at paying.

    From its previous enunciations we can assume that the ALP would also

    Do nothing about the degradation and the SES level nepotism and corruption of the public sector – starting with the concept of ‘service delivery’ which sees any Australian wanting to access a public service shunted though a load of phone batteries …’We value your call’ or self help menus online and has delivered Robodebt (inter alia).

    Do nothing about immigration volumes into Australia – and would presumably seek to return Australian to a NOM of 200k plus per annum as soon as possible – in order to return demand growth to the GDP, leading to:-

    Do nothing about student visas and university costs – meaning some corruption beneficiary from India or China or anywhere really will be bidding against you or your kids when they go to rent or buy somewhere, or your kids will be saddled with the world’s largest University debts for some of the worlds most spectacularly irrelevant university courses.

    Do nothing about incomes growth being nailed to the floor – because all those students and migrants will take whatever work they can get.

    Do nothing (meaningful) about infrastructure crowding – sure they will ladle out public contracts to their mates the same way the Torynuffs do for theirs to build bridges, intersections, railways lines public housing, ensure internet etc – but will never actually alleviate all that much apart from maybe some of the noise in those nicer inner burbs.

    More importantly than the above we can assume that the ALP (in government) would do nothing about improving the diversity of the Australian economy through encouraging value added exports utilizing Australian employees – meaning that Australia would remain a quarry/farm subject to major market fluctuations, presumably remain inordinately dependent upon China (which the ALP would be currying favor with), and would remain a low income growth economy dependent on continued floods of immigration to maintain the illusion of prosperity, with high levels of social crowding, selling its national bequest for a very diminished, and diminishing, per capita return for its people.

    Of course that will all presumably come with a flavor of ‘all males are toxic’ and ‘we need to discriminate against men’ (particularly if they are working men) of the type the ALP seems to currently adhere to, while at the same time any ICAC would be geared towards not catching the number of ALP figures equally complicit in corruption as their Torynuff counterparts.

    Whilst the ScoMo government is an absolute disgrace – and should be last on every ballot, the ALP is well worth saying ‘No means No!’ to as well – and should be second last.

    Electoral and parliamentary chaos is Australia’s only way out from here. Maybe a few decent independents getting up and by sheer luck getting a say in the balance of power. The ALP is not a progressive hope at all. It is the 1%’s alternative reality hope. The 1% will get their tax cuts and their ‘growth’ dividends from their shares in retailers and telcos and banks.

    The 1% will still get revolving door treatment into senior public sector positions, will still control Australia’s fairly pathetic loss leading press, will still provide the bulk of Australia’s academics and ‘professional’ types – not to mention medicos – accessing the negative gearing and taxation concessions and leaving everyday Australia to struggle on as best they can.

    But ordinary Australians will get sweet FA from any ALP government – scraps from the table after the choice cuts have gone to much the same people getting them under ScoMo’s Torynuff government.

    ………It’s time to go hyperspace for the WTF Election.

    If Australia’s mainstream political parties want to give us bullshit then we should give them some. Vote for the weirdest radicalist, nuttiest minor party independent you can find. Find a Monarchist, or a Marxist, find a Conspiracist, or a Birther. Find a Truther or slack jawed Flat Earther. Change your mind regularly and often, or all the time. Dont vote according to rationale but feel free to flit from whim to whim, change 6 times a week and ten times on the poling day, and change your mind once at the booth – then maybe draw a whale stool on the ballot. And don’t forget to contest the result if the polling crowds arent properly spaced.

    Blow your nose into the envelope, make your voting mark with a piece of soap, huck out a bush oyster on the slip, take any recently departed goldfish in for burial the same way. Encourage your friends to do likewise. Attend any community meeting by local candidates and alert health authorities to the possibility you have Covid (whether you do or not) the moment you get there, making sure you spray everyone with the vilest smelling sanitizer you can lay your hands on, and write letters to the editor bemoaning the ‘superspreaders’ in parliament. Ask anyone knocking on your door to QR in and QR out (just grab one off the wall of the local Coles), greet them at the door in a plastic visor, and inconvenience them with a sanitary requirement before setting foot in.

    Of course they’ll need to organise online so create that Facebook identity fine, and now’s the time to make it more lifelike with extra details. Interrupt often and well, and tell anyone else in the meet to go to hell. Put the sitting member last and the major party opposition second last in whatever seat you are in. Wear a Shaman hat and furs. When they call to give some push polling put them on hold and say ‘We value your call’, and when they come to your door ask them for an anal swab.

    ….and when its all done, run around in circles exclaiming ‘It’s a twister, it’s a twister!’

    F*ck them. F*ck the lot of them…….It’s time for KAOS!

    • I’ve been voting like this for years! We need a PR campaign: how not to vote laberal.

  6. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    but wait, theres more…..

    Federal Labor set to dump multibillion-dollar cancer and dental pledges

    Stage 3 tax cuts to cost $184 billion as decade of deficits looms

    Tax cuts to start in 2024 will cost the federal budget more than $184 billion by early next decade, new independent analysis shows, as the International Monetary Fund urges all governments to start rebuilding their fiscal buffers by making their tax systems more progressive.

    The analysis, carried out by the Parliamentary Budget Office after a request from the Australian Greens, shows the top fifth of the nation’s taxpayers will get $138.2 billion of tax relief between 2024-25 and 2031-32.

    …..why not just make mortgages tax deductable for those under a particular income?….

    • It’s true they’ve dropped cancer and dental, but wait! Those croaking earlier might be able to access assisted dying, if Woke Andrew and Woke Alicia can just get it on to the far-sighted national policy platform.

    • working class hamMEMBER

      “why not just make mortgages tax deductable for those under a particular income?”

      Because the ridiculous way the tax system is set up in Australia ensures the wealthy will be able to use any concessions available legally.

      No real tax reform will ever be introduced in Aust, because any real threat to wealth would be squashed, by the donors and MSM.
      These income tax cuts for the perceived wealthy are a great misdirection for the public, away from the real issue, that middle class Aust shoulder the majority of the tax burden. Not the real wealth or the working class, due to generous govt incentives on the higher end and handouts on the lower end. The fact that this narrative is a forgone conclusion in all media spaces compounds the problem.

      • turvilleMEMBER

        The tax free threshold is $18,200 which is absolutely ridiculous. A “low” wage is circa $50k per annum pre super and any other benefits on top. Why not make the first bracket of tax cut in at circa $50k. At least that would give a serious % of the population some respite.

        • working class hamMEMBER

          Low and middle income brackets have already received cuts and relief payments.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “Federal Labor set to dump multibillion-dollar cancer and dental pledges”

      If the Greens oppose these tax cuts and back the Cancer and dental stuff then I might throw my Vote at them for the first time ever next election.
      The preference system will have my vote still ending up with Labor anyway but I doubt we are gunna get the swing needed to win in this federal seat.

      Makes me wonder if behind the scenes Labor knows people like me (members of their own party!) are gunna do this over this issue but reason they’ll get our votes via The greens anyway.
      The number crunchers really must believe aligning our tax policy with the coalition is crucial for victory.
      The libs play their own factional nonsense like this over certain issues hoping to scoop up voters on both sides of an argument.
      ALP and the Greens are playing the same game I suspect.

      • C'est de la folieMEMBER

        All members of parliament and the public service who are entitled to public funded pension or superannuation entitlements should have access to those entitlements restricted or reduced to the extent reflecting any further remuneration made available to them in their post politics or public service careers, stemming from information and personal contacts acquired while acting in a public capacity.

        I would even go further and suggest their pensions should be reduced where children, spouses or significant others gain such employment or remuneration.

        Something like the above is under consideration by the salt of the earth members of the party formerly known as Bullshit Australia.

        Anyone looking to become a member of the party – Australia’s fastest growing political movement – should whizz an email (to join our slack group conspiring to overthrow the dictatorship of dullards we have) to [email protected]


        [email protected]

  7. Macleay Neuumann

    Rofl – David, good to see you have finally been beaten into LNP submission. I agree with you that ALP cannot be given the reins of power, but it is funny to see your “rapist idiot” receive your reluctant endorsement (although you may not call it that). But whatevs – in the long run vested and self interest always win. It is something the left doesn’t seem to really understand – human motivation and incentive. Policies must be built around that and properly explained. Not this fairness, equality and egalitarian crap that only sounds good, tugs at the heart strings but never works in practice in the long run.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Find a decent independent candidate, organize a campaign, do extensive door knocking and vote both set of lickspittles out.

        Our electorate has started, despite having a Labor Rep who is diligent and generally OK. (Being former deputy premiers daughter and lawyer detracts from any claim of representing the plebs though.)

        Do the work, get the reward. None of us are powerless in the face of this sh!tfvckery.

        Edit: We had a great deal of success in the council elections.

        • working class hamMEMBER

          Council elections can be actually affected by independents, so can the senate.
          I tend to choose those candidates more carefully, they seem to actually make a difference.

          • Arthur Schopenhauer

            If the majors get less than 30% of the primary vote in a seat, it’s up for grabs. Less than 25%, and a strong independent (or minor party) is very likely to win.

            If an electorate’s vote splits fairly evenly 4 ways, there’s a good chance neither Liberal or Labor win. That’s good for Australia.

            It’s really the People vs Liberal & Labor career politicians.

      • You said it yourself; no real policy difference between the two except that one will gladly sell us out to the CCP and one will not*


  8. The Greens should be getting at least one-third of the popular vote by now…if only they didn’t cease to exist in 2012.

  9. Nah. Voting in labour will have one purpose – Scotty from marketing can no longer explain their miracle win and will be booted. Giving Labour one term in govt will sort LNP out for the better. That’s a good reason for Labour got next term.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yes Good call Div.
      If the Americans were happy enough to install a new president with late stage dementia to get rid of the awful Donald Trump,…then why wouldn’t the Australian people be happy enough to vote in a bloke with a stroke-related speech impediment to get rid of the awful Scott Morrison.

      Labor has so got this this time.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Even if you were to accept the questionable premise that the LNP is redeemable, it would take at least a generation to do it, not a term.

      • kannigetMEMBER

        A decade and some, All the good members have left, even some of their worst have left its gotten so toxic. I just cant believe that people still take the premise to not vote ALP coz they have failed when they are not in power and as we saw last election have to keep quiet on any major policy changes or the media turns on them…

        I dont like ALP but for [email protected] sake, you cant vote for toxic because you think a change might be worse… its this mentality that keeps people in abusive relationships, and thats effectively what we have with the LNP.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      The only way the LNP could reform in one term is to have a WA style wipeout federally. There needs to be so much (political) blood on the floor that the LNP kills off the remaining Howard era dinosaurs. However that opens the door for the Sukkar faction to stack with even more hard right nutjobs.

      • kannigetMEMBER

        I agree, I dont see how they can reform, a WA style wipeout will leave a shell of a party and as 90% of the good people have left they will only fill the shell with more nutjobs.

        Doing this will create a political vacuum that will probably take 10 years to fill and I think/hope it would be with the rise of an alternative party and not the LNP.

  10. Agreed, but you forgot that he’s offloading investment properties. Very un-Australian.

  11. RomulusMEMBER

    Having ranked LNP higher than Lab last time around basically around immigration & China I wont be making that mistake again. There needs to be constant churn between Lab & Lib and ideally a bare majority until there is a good minority party to push the government in the right direction or until Lab have seen the light. 3 terms is too long for the Libs
    If Libs get in again H&H will have a whinge about how bad the LNP but they will be more egregious and blatant in their corruption and there will be nothing anyone can do about it for 3+ more years.
    There needs to be consequences for bad government.

  12. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Find a decent independent candidate, organize a campaign, do extensive door knocking and vote both set of lickspittles out.

    Our electorate has started, despite having a Labor Rep who is diligent and generally OK. (Being former deputy premiers daughter and lawyer detracts from any claim of representing the plebs though.)

    Do the work, get the reward. None of us are powerless in the face of this sh!tfvckery.

  13. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Yeah only the Liberal Nationalist party have the acumen to manage this country!

  14. Starting to feel very 2010 esq. Gillard v Abbott. Not ready to boot out the incumbent but also not ready to vote the new guy in. Hung parliament anyone?

    • kierans777MEMBER

      This is the same cycle played out over many decades. ALP takes a policy stand, MSM goes rabid for their Liberal masters, scares the electorate ****less and lose. They then retreat into a Liberal Lite “let’s not rock the boat”, and still lose because who wants the Diet Coke of evil when there’s the real thing.

      Despite the fact that Labor has given me Liberal Lite (which annoys me greatly), MB should support them.

      The way to break the cycle is to vote Labor in and apply pressure once they’re in. We need a federal ICAC and truth in media laws ASAP (Canada has then).

      • I would agree, but man it’s hard to support a party that has no balls.. I voted for Shorten last time (although not #1 preference) because of their negative gearing and CGT policies, along with their better track record of Environmental protection. But now I feel like I only can choose between 2 shyte sandwiches.

        • kierans777MEMBER

          I know how you feel. Choosing between Evil and Diet Evil is a terrible position. But with COVID rewarding incumbent government’s, the Libs attack lines are:
          1. No matter how bad we stuff up Labor’s worse
          2. Labor loves taxes
          3. Labor bad

          In order for anyone to win government people have to be so angry with the Libs they give ScumMo the finger.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        A Labor minority Government with the Greens holding a comfortable balance of power to moderate their policies (and vice versa) is the least-worst option remaining.

  15. I don’t blame Labor for taking these off the table. It’s bad policy, but smart politically.

    How long should they wait for the electorate’s self interest to come around to the greater good. 1 election? 10?

    Labor’s position on climate and ICAC is sufficient to warrant my vote.

    If they cack the bed on China they’ll be turfed out quite quickly afterward when wages start heading down if the tap opens back up.

  16. The Chinese see what’s happening there and are prepared to act. From Bloomberg

    China’s Escalating Property Curbs Underline Xi’s New Priority
    Analysts expect long-term restrictions for real-estate sector
    Vice Premier against using property for short-term stimulusBy Bloomberg News
    (Bloomberg) — After a years-long campaign to tame property prices, China is upping the ante to break a stubborn cycle of gains that’s made homes increasingly unaffordable.
    In recent days, China jacked up mortgage rates in a major city, vowed to accelerate the development of government subsidized rental housing, and moved to increase scrutiny on everything from financing of developers and newly-listed home prices to title transfers. Echoing Xi Jinping’s famous words that “housing is for living in and not for speculation,” Vice Premier Han Zheng addedthat the sector shouldn’t be used as a short-term tool to stimulate the economy.
    The intensified focus on real estate — an industry that was already under the scanner — mirrors broader crackdowns on businesses such as education that are seen as widening social inequities. As China’s economy slows and President Xi tries to increase the nation’s birth rate, the policies underscore the Communist Party’s growing resolve to respond to mounting dissatisfaction with hoarded wealth and narrowing avenues for advancement.
    Read: China to Overhaul Education Sector ‘Hijacked by Capital’
    “China’s property sector has been one of the biggest sources of discontent and the government is hell bent on controlling prices so it doesn’t lead to social unrest,” said Beijing-based Liao Ming, a founding partner of Prospect Avenue Capital. “The measures echo the policy curbs in education in that they are aimed at easing public angst against inequity.”

      • As would mine. She dislikes his hectoring and lecturing but my main problem is his dishonesty. It started when he took 7 years to finish a 3 year degree (was this to continue to get Government funding?), his dealing with the East-West link after being elected, his wife’s accident (no test for alcohol), his fight against branch stacking when his own electorate 40% of his members paid by cash, his memory loss at the “Patsie” enquiry and his startlingly improved memory about the incident on the stairs. He is not going to change.

  17. Meh it’s Aussies themselves who need to decide what they want this country to be.
    Our political parties are just the mirror image of our clueless electorate, but isn’t that as it should be?
    Why would anyone look to Politicians for leadership? seriously I can’t think of a single Aussie Politician that I’d even bother to ask for advice on any topic. There’s not one single Aussie politician capable of planning a way for Australia to regain lost market share in any human skill based export industry. Not one.
    And why would I think them capable of such a feat, to a man (or woman) they lack advanced technical skills and have no relevant Industry experience.
    Imagine you were recruiting for the job “Rebuilding Australian Industry” which Politician would you pick…none you say! Correct… and that’s the problem.
    Expecting our Politicians to pick Industry winners, especially in an emerging hot high tech space, is like backing a plough horse to win the Melbourne cup. It’s stupid to believe that Politicians can implement change or that simply changing the Politicians will result in a different outcome.
    When Australia is ready it will recreate these industries, or more likely not.

    • The detail of picking winners is hard, but the broad strokes are easy. We (mostly) missed the internet, drones, AI, mobile phones, solar and EVs. These were big obvious tech booms telegraphed well in advance. Now the world is going to splinter and we’re going to need massive amounts of AI driven manufacturing automation to have any hope of replacing the worlds factory (China) for manufactured goods. Crickets, again. We’re not even trying. Australia is an underdeveloped economy with an overly developed financial system.

  18. Even StevenMEMBER

    The only real difference between the two is that Labor are more likely to kowtow to China and appear determined to swamp us with elderly people that contribute nothing (parental visas).

    Otherwise the parties are equally detestable.