Victoria’s COVID outbreak grows, but no lockdown

A snap lockdown of at least days was heavily rumoured last night after the number of cases linked to two separate COVID-19 clusters rose to 11. They included a Bacchus Marsh teacher who caught the virus after spending time with a friend who lives in the locked-down Maribyrnong apartment building at the centre of the outbreak.

A man in his 30s also became infected after visiting the same Coles store as a member of the Hume household cluster who failed to comply with self-isolation requirements. In response, several states imposed new restrictions on Victorian travellers in response to the outbreak.

This morning, the Victorian Department of Health reported another 10 local covid infections over the past 24 hours. However, all were recorded by the media late yesterday:

This means there are not yet any new COVID cases recorded today.

Accordingly, the Victorian Government has backed away from announcing another lockdown, instead choosing restrictions on mask use and home visitors:

The Andrews government has opted to hold off on locking down Victoria today, after 11 cases linked to two incursions from NSW were detected.

State cabinet and health officials met long into the night on Wednesday, with the Health Department issuing a late night mask mandate for all public indoor spaces from midnight.

Following a national cabinet agreement that lockdowns would be a last resort, the government has opted to tighten density limits in public spaces and and impose caps on household visits rather than impose what would be the state’s fifth lockdown.

That said, Monash University Associate Professor James Trauer told Sunrise this morning that a Melbourne lockdown is still on the cards:

“It seems likely. We have seen increasing cases over the last few days, more exposure sites every day and we know that if we go early with lockdowns, the earlier we go, the shorter they need to be. We need to get on top of this and we still don’t really understand the scale of the number of cases that have been created at the moment. I would really support an early lockdown.”

A lot will hinge on this afternoon’s numbers.

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    • In my neck of the woods ….anyone not tied to Covid narrative by their apron strings not attempting to give any F$$ks:)
      Been into 6 retail / warehouse places this morning: zero mask, zero sign in staff asking, requesting, reminding, prompting, reprimanding or even shaming for no mask, check in, social distance rules, mandates, etc:)
      Covid narrative fatigue has set in. Only the most committed of signers continues to defend & support Covid narrative with information garnered from MSM & lodge loyalty. LL ..see what. I did there??

      • You must live in a seriously low income area.

        Lorne during the week and was not able to enter a shop without masks – people were militant. Same with eastern suburbs of Melbourne – was in Brunswick, Preston, inner north / western regions and yeah no one gave a single flying fk.

        Pretty much same as usual.

        He/She Not Racist / No Homo Rainbow flag background, black fist, I stand with whatever is the popular moral vibe today.
        Men are bad.

      • My wife works a couple of shifts a week in a pharmacy. She’s just been permitted time off without pay after I finally persuaded her that she’s crazy to keep going in there. The owner, who is also the boss and main pharmacist, told all the staff there they were not allowed to ask customers without a face mask to put one on- only he was allowed to do that!!

      • Usually call H/Elwood home. After 12 months of covid non sense couldn’t leave fast enough. Throughout that time I never wore a mask, still don’t & still won’t..exempt. ENT advised against however already knew commonsense not to. Advised against being tested as well. My senses & sensibilities repeatedly offended by the mask wearing zombies. If I were the fearful type I’d be scared of their complicity in their own misery. Regional Vic plenty of work, unaffected by mock down, good $, lots of hours, fresh air & sufficient sunshine for winter. Plenty of $ around. Appears to be zero correlation with socio eco standing and local lodge modern but ugly build (prefer faux grandeur of the old style.) so plenty of that crowd about to support the narrative. Perhaps the country folk aren’t as invested as their city dwelling counterparts. The lodge nazzi$ around st Kilda were a laugh admonishing g folk for not obeying mandate. Politely responded with GGF or mind your own business depending on aggression level in delivery. Bon Mickdown as they’ed say a la Francais:))

  1. BornwildMEMBER

    This sounds like a proportionate response. In the recent Sydney outbreak, Gladys resisted imposing a mask mandate for days – saying people were encouraged not mandated to wear one while the situation slowly deteriorated.

  2. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Melbourne: F’n @[email protected] Sydney Removalists arrive, removalists go to 10+ places. People at site go out to multiple places and do lots of things. Friend who helps goes to the pub with friends, then pops down to the footy. Outcome: 11 cases, 100+ exposure sites.

    Adelaide: F’n @[email protected] Sydney Removalists arrive, go nowhere don’t see anybody. People at delivery site go nowhere and see nobody. Outcome: no cases. no exposure sites.

    Those movements and activates describes the difference between Melbourne & Adelaide!
    (I grew up in Adelaide, but now live in Melbourne)


      There’s fckall to do in Adelaide! That’s their greatest protection from Covid!

      • What can you do in any other city you can’t do in Adelaide apart from urban surfing?

        • TheLambKingMEMBER

          What can you do in any other city you can’t do in Adelaide apart from urban surfing?

          It doesn’t seem to be that you can’t do everything, it seems to be that they don’t

    • Get used to it, or get used to lockdowns for years to come.
      What happens when we open up is cases are going to be everywhere, into the thousands of new cases per day.
      Or we keep restrictions and lockdowns going for years to come. They are the 2 alternatives.


        Again, if vaccine/immunity isnt high enough, we’ll inevitably get restrictions proportionate with how much virus there is around and how much damage it’s doing. Inevitable, not a choice.

      • If you don’t believe the numbers then watch hospital admissions. If they continue to grow (allowing for a delay with respect to reported cases) then you know more than NSW Health or are on to their nefarious or incompetent testing and reporting.

        • I should have been clearer Olaf. Given the virulence of Delta and the demographics involved I don’t believe the data accurately reflects the extent of the outbreak. bzunica alludes to this in the NSW post.

        • Charles MartinMEMBER

          My mates brother works at Liverpool Hospital and said they are at their COVID patient capacity and are on COVID bypass and any new cases are taken straight to Campbelltown.
          Doubt Gladys will mention that at her presser ….

    • Anyone wonder why we need to import non-English speakers on dodgy visas to move furniture? Just wondering on behalf of Greg Jericho

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        This Delta variant ain’t gonna spread itself and no Australian wants to do it.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Ah, lucky we have Jess Irvine to rephrase our econocrats’ top level advice from a woman’s perspective. Otherwise we’d be misogynist for sure.

  3. More trouble in SEQ , restrictions extended…….from international travel again……2 weeks no longer good enough especially in hotel quarantine.( although staying in a hotel is a risk in itself )

    Look at the spread in the Melbourne apartments, they just walked through the place and it must have hung in the air for ages, Delta looking like a true pestilence.

  4. NelsonMuntzMEMBER

    Melbourne/VIC will lockdown quickly if the numbers go up. Dan will want to differentiate from Gladys’ “Gold Standard” approach.