Victorian COVID infections surge

The Victorian Department of Health has reported another 22 cases over the past 24 hours:

Of the 22 locally-acquired cases reported, all are linked to the current outbreaks. However, it is not yet clear what proportion of today’s cases were in isolation during their infectious period.

Today’s figure was the highest daily count this outbreak:

VIC daily COVID cases

Biggest daily case count.

It takes Victoria’s active recorded COVID cases to 107:

VIC active COVID cases

Still rising.

Yesterday, the Victorian Government extended the state’s lockdown by another week to midnight next Tuesday. Hopefully it won’t need to be extended further.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    There is no getting rid of this China virus! Some will succumb but most will survive and we’ll be stronger in the end. There will be new investment opportunities.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Modestly increasing numbers put it on a knife’s edge for exponential growth. They only need a small portion of the 43 to be super spreaders for it to take off.

      The NSW presser was talking about opening up before the infections get to zero. Hard to tell if they were flying a kite or serious? Are the NSW LNP softening the state up for “Let It Rip” or appeasing their political masters and donors?

  2. One worker from the Westgate Tunnel project was one of the cases. Why does construction keep getting concessions to keep working when a lot of other industries have to close down?

  3. UK with 96 COVID deaths yesterday you can imagine what it will be come Christmas 500-1000 per day probably more. I think 9/10 poms have had at least one inoculation.

    Most of the people dying are the vaccinated too.

    The UK is going to have to get used to tens of thousands of COVID deaths every year even when fully vaccinated.

    Australia has had 3-4 COVID deaths this year and that’s too much for us to deal with, so I can’t see lockdowns and restrictions ever ending when people are fully vaccinated whatever that even means.

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