Victoria records 14 new COVID cases

Victoria’s Department of Health has recorded another 14 new COVID cases over the past 24 hours, all of which are linked to existing outbreaks.

10 of the 14 new cases were in quarantine throughout their entire infectious period with 1 of the other 4 cases still to be interviewed.

The next chart shows the flow of daily cases, with today’s count the lowest in three days:

VIC new covid cases

There are now 147 active recorded local COVID cases across Victoria:

Victorian active local COVID cases.

Yet to peak.

Victoria’s lockdown is scheduled to end at midnight on Tuesday. This weekend’s case numbers will determine whether this is a feasible outcome.

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  1. Victoria smashing it out of the ball park.

    Thing about this is if Victoria come out of this sooner than NSW having had it throughout the regions – then NSW and Gladys are stuffed – will also cost Scomo the election on “Gold Standard”.

    No other way you can spin this – Victoria and Dan Andrews have set the benchmark for the entire world – not just Australia – if he gets out of it – it will be the only place on earth ever to have done it with Delta, only place to have done it twice !

    Go Dan – incredible efforts, seriously amazing – fast response, hard response, up front with people, proffessional – NSW is a bloody cake stall at the church fundraiser at the Gympie Gymkana !!

    • Why give Dan credit? It’s Victorian’s who are the real hero’s and Dan is always too slow to respond.

    • You definitely typed this with a left handed mouse while in close proximity to a picture of Dan…

    • Here, here David!

      A toast to Dan Andrews who for over a year has been pilloried and muck raked by shambolic corrupt governments – NSW & Fed LNP – and their media shills seeking to destroy him. He’s come out of it with integrity and dignity and shone a light on the paltry muckrakers now drowning in their own incompetence and pathetic schoolyard bully boy tactics.

      • All very well, but let’s not forget the “I don’t know who’s idea it was for hotel quarantine” investigation that found nobody made the decision…

        • Ah well, it is politics after all. If he’d admitted fault the baying bloodhounds would have finished him off. I for one am glad that didn’t happen.

          Can’t imagine anyone else with the backbone to persevere as he did.