Treasury launches raid on superannuation nest eggs

Treasury’s 600-page Retirement Income Review Final Report forecast that one in every three dollars paid out of superannuation will be an inheritance rather than retirement income by 2060. It also noted that these inheritances will worsen inter-generational equity:

Inheritances are significant, representing the transfer of wealth from one generation to another. They are not distributed equally and increase inequity within the generation that receives the bequests. Most people die with the majority of wealth they had when they retired. If this does not change, as the superannuation system matures, superannuation balances will be larger when people die, as will inheritances. Superannuation is intended to fund living standards of retirees, not to accumulate wealth to pass to future generations…

For example, assuming no change in how retirees draw down their superannuation balances, superannuation death benefits are projected to increase from around $17 billion in 2019 to just under $130 billion in 2059 (Chart 3H-5)…

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