The remarkable ups and downs of Morrison narcissism

The personality disordered PM can’t restore order because his only way to operate is to divide when what he needs is genuine leadership to unify. This is Morrison’s personality disorder writ large for the government. His absent empathy gene is a classic symptom of toxic narcissism or similar. As such, every crisis leads to another:

  • When challenged by bushfires incinerating his fellow Australians he retires to a Hawaiian hammock.
  • When challenged by sexual assaults transpiring under his nose, he hides behind his family like they are human shields.
  • When challenged by China, diplomacy gives way to a jingoistic motormouth (thank god).
  • When challenged by a failing vaccine rollout, he blames states, doctors, regulators, the media, anybody he can, even though he is directly and exclusively to blame for having sent Pfizer packing mid-last year after buying the cheapest vaccine from his old Liberal Party mates at Astra Zeneca.
  • When challenged to national interest utilise policy process, he reverts to favours from and to mates.

The pattern is always the same. It is never PM Morrison’s responsibility. The winners in any issue are those he and his party favour, not an objective policy process. The losers are gaslighted to within an inch of their very lives.

Even the Murdoch Press now acknowledges the peculiar nature of the Morrison pathology. At News:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison refuted claims he was an “absent leader” as backlash against the Australian leader grew overnight from all corners of the globe.

Across social media, television and radio, the PM faced more criticism for his “chronic inability” to take responsibility for the Federal Government’s failures in handling the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Labor MP Tony Burke on Sky News overnight.

The PM started yesterday with a scathing interview from KIIS 1011 Melbourne hosts Jase & PJ, demanding an apology for his handling of the pandemic and for “the mistakes made”.

“We’ve had problems and we’ve dealt with them, that’s what I do every single day,” Mr Morrison said.

The Independent newspaper in the UK then became the latest overseas publication to focus on the PM’s failures with an article titled, “Morrison under fire over fresh Australia Covid lockdown and poor jab rollout”.

Meanwhile, a picture of Sydney led a story on the front page of The New York Times with the headline: “How nations are learning to ‘let it go’ and live with Covid”. In the article, it said: “Places like Australia, which shut down its border, are learning that they cannot keep the virus out.”

Try as it might, a disordered personality of this magnitude can’t unify. It literally lives to divide and to denude those it deems unworthy of their reality. The problem is there is no escaping the reality of a pandemic, with 13m Australians locked down and a double-dip recession underway.

But, it’s not all bad news. Morrison’s peculiar madness has also played a key role in accelerating Australia’s structural divorce from China. The Morrison motormouth so discombobulated the CCP that it was flushed from cover in the 14 conditions to end democracy. One of the most extraordinary geopolitical errors pertaining to Australia in its history.

As a direct result, the China divorce is moving much more swiftly than otherwise. The 14 conditions document was presented to the caucus of free nations at the G7 where it has unsettled leaders greatly.

We are now seeing more and more support from allies like Japan:

Japan’s ambassador in Canberra has firmly backed the Federal Government’s approach to China, saying he “applauds” the way Australia has resisted economic pressure from Beijing.

Shingo Yamagami also rejected suggestions that Japan has managed ties with the emerging superpower more skilfully than Australia, saying his government was “struggling every day” to manage its relationship with China.

Speaking to the National Press Club in Canberra, Mr Yamagami said the relationship between Japan and Australia had undergone an “astonishing” transformation and the two countries now shared close strategic ties.

And the US:

The United States is “closely monitoring” trade tensions between Australia and China and will support officials in Canberra in addressing China’s state-led, non-market practises, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai has told her Australian counterpart.

USTR said in a statement following Tai’s meeting with Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan that the two ministers agreed to continue working to develop a digital trade policy that addresses the needs of workers and recognises “the importance of collaboration among those with open, free, democratic systems”.

Remarkable upsides and down from Australia’s greatly disordered PM.

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    • Fishing72MEMBER

      It’s only a clean 6 foot at East facing beaches here, smaller elsewhere. Rode a 6’5” to give me a bit of paddle speed around a shifty beach break. Normally ride a 6’0.

      How big is your gun? Big respect surfing large swells out to sea under the duress of this freezing offshore wind. Not the sort of waves you’d want to be losing sensation in your extremities due to cold!

      You get a couple?

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        12ft elephant gun solid balsa not even chambered three redwood stringers, big single near end, weighs a ton, 30ft leggie Only one out just under 1klm. Got one out the back one halfway in. Nothing to write home about. Swell dropped pretty quick after.

  1. How was this from ScuMo yesterday:

    I take responsibility for the problems that we have had, but I am also taking responsibility for the solutions we’re putting in place and the vaccination rates that we are now achieving.

    He’s like the pyromanic working for the Rural Bushfire Service.

  2. As a thought experiment, imagine Morrison not Curtin “leading” us thru WWII. The satire writes itself.

    • Absolute BeachMEMBER

      Good to hear Savvy. My friends (rusted-on conservative gooses) have been outright critical of Scrotty after shambolic rollout of vaccine. If they are seeing the light there is hope. Then again, Albo….

      • A lady I was chatting to said that the Brittany Higgins and all the revelations about the assaults in parliament turned her against him. The discussion began with the mess of the vaccination rollout. I asked her why it wasn’t his actions, or lack of, during the bushfires. She couldn’t said she wasn’t sure why.

        It’s actually impressive how relentlessly bad Morrison has been at being PM. He’s managing to take everyone beyond their limits of tolerance for politicians. And that’s with the full backing of Murdoch. Think about it. He’s managing to undo 25 years of “Federal LNP Good” press saturation. Remarkable stuff.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Still just about the individual, and not the party. All of those people will still vote LNP (or at most, an LNP-by-proxy).

  3. Morrison’s one crowning achievement might be saving us all from PM Dutton.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore.

  4. Bernard Keane today:

    Incompetent, thin-skinned, deceitful and cowardly — other prime ministers might have exceeded him in one of those characteristics. But Morrison combines them all, the complete package of non-leadership. His faults as a politician — a simple inability to lead, a staggering lack of vision beyond retaining power, an obsession with surface over substance — have combined with his glaring faults as a person: the lies, the refusal to accept responsibility, the inner moral and intellectual vacuum.

    The result leaves Australia in terrible hands at a point when the virus threatens to break out and the country teeters on the brink of recession again.

    • “Australia is a lucky country run by second rate people who share its luck…”

      In the context of Scomo – second rate is being generous…

      • He’s a second rate politician in a second rate party in a second rate parliament made up of second rate folk from a population that is mostly second rate. 2^5 = 32. He’s 32nd rate. I’d put myself at about 6th or 7th rate, on a good day.

  5. Golden God Scotty holds firm against CCP commies. There’ll be statues of him within 5 years. He’s a hero of freedom. Scotty will be remembered, and the haters will be forgotten.