South Australia plunged into snap 7-day lockdown

South Australia has been placed into a snap 7-day lockdown after two Delta COVID cases were recorded in the community:

Premier Steven Marshall said the lockdown will last for at least seven days and confirmed the outbreak was the highly-transmissible Delta strain.

One of those cases was reported overnight and is a family member of another positive case.

The other is a diner who ate at the Greek on Halifax restaurant, already confirmed as an exposure site.

There are now five cases linked to South Australia’s outbreak…

From 6pm, there are just five reasons South Australians can leave their home:

  • Care and compassion reasons
  • Essential work
  • Medical reasons including vaccination and testing
  • Purchase of essential goods, such as a food
  • Exercise limited to those from the same household…

[CHO] Professor Spurrier said there are currently 16 exposure sites across South Australia, but this number will likely increase.

Who will be the next state domino to fall?

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  1. DrBob127MEMBER

    It’s not a mater of “Not wanting to be outdone”

    It’s a matter of possible uncontrolled community transmission.

    I’m in SA and I support taking firm, decisive action ASAP.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      That will just give people 7 more days to catch the virus from someone else in their quarantine hotel. Being in quarantine is already statistically the most dangerous place in Australia to be.

  2. Tassie TomMEMBER

    Interestingly SA has shut down elective surgery.

    It will be an interesting few days to see how the doctors’ lobby’s spin this to try to get themselves back into work.

  3. Work unaffected by The CovID.
    I don’t give a FF about The Covid and have zero fear of ‘catching’ it from a case walking & breathing within or outside my vicinity. Not afraid of humanity so ok about brushing up against folk so 1.5m care factor also zero. Mask exemption cos I prefer to breathe fresh air. I encourage everyone to look at DHSS website. Vax/hex spell craft for ignorant folk spell bound by TV programming and it’s glamorous broad CASTERS.
    Plenty of folk around me feel the same way and are surprisingly & increasingly vocal about what a load of BS it is…even the folk given to posturing with a BIG M on the hips…BIG M on the hips..MM

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