Rudd steps into Morrison vaccine leadership vacuum

This is pretty amusing stuff. Apparently, Kevin Rudd has lobbied Pfizer for more Aussie doses while PM Morrison spends his time confecting lies. Rudd has written to the PM:

A second former PM put the boot in:

The Morrison government is in full damage control at the propaganda sheet:

A spokesman for Health Minister Greg Hunt told The Australian there was no evidence Mr Rudd’s meeting influenced the decision for the pharmaceutical giant to send more vaccines down under.

As we know, it’s still, unclear whether there’s been any change at all:

One thing is certain, Morrison polling is suffering. From Newpoll today:

An analysis of Newspoll surveys conducted between April 21 and June 26 puts the Coalition and Labor on an even electoral footing, with Greens preferences pushing the ALP to a 51-49 per cent lead despite the party lagging the government on primary support by 36-41 per cent.

Nationally, the Prime Minister’s net approval rating has been pulled down by nearly 10 points from 27 per cent to 18 per cent.

Love the phrasing. Labor is in a two-party preferred winning position.

You can say it, Holt St.

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  1. Display NameMEMBER

    Surely Morrison has to go after this. Cant hold a hose, can’t pick up a phone. Can make cubbies and curries and that is about bloody it.

    Not that there is any other viable choices. Frydenberg cannot count, lost 60B behind the couch in his job keeper calcs and neither can Dutton. Both are slippery neoliberal [email protected] The clown show just likely to continue.

    • He can’t make cubbies. Hitting a nail is too hard for Scotty from Marketing.

      Haven’t tasted his curries but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt so I’d say he’s likely qualified to hold a minimum wage job making curries at a food van.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      I’m sure that #shadysukkar would love to slide into the top job if there’s a vacancy. Now there’s a bloke that can’t count. As well as being up to his neck in rorts. Gave a local council $42 million for nothing, but mysteriously got very favourable press coverage from said council during the 2019 election. Wouldn’t be because he did the printing for a local councillor’s reelection campaign would it?

    • Jumping jack flash

      All of them clowns in their echo-chamber-circus, totally disconnected from their people.

      The fact that Kevin07 could do this speaks volumes about the party politics that must go on behind the scenes.

  2. Fishing72MEMBER

    My Partner’s uncle got his first jab last week and died four days later. He was 88 years old but fit, healthy, lived alone and still drove capably. He was found dead and bleeding from his mouth. If he’d died 4 days after testing positive for Covid he would be mentioned in newspaper headlines as a Covid death. He was a vaccine death.

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        Not sure which vaccine. Apparently the doctor said he’d put death as natural causes so the fella could be buried and the family move forward with the grieving process. That’s all I know. Was the brother in law of my missus’ mum. No more details than that.

        I agree that there’s no direct evidence to establish cause over correlation and it appears that none will be available to determine this either way. My point stands that if he had tested positive for Covid for days prior to passing it would be accounted for as a Covid death.

        Appreciate the condolences but I didn’t really know the man myself.

      • call me ArtieMEMBER

        I think it has to have been AZ. I don’t think an 88 y.o. chap qualifies for anything else.
        Also, condolences for the family loss, Fish.

        • Anders Andersen


          Why does it have to be AZ; a 61 yr old woman died in Perth last month and the TGA have stated they believe it was AZ related, so why would they deny the connection in this case?

          You vaccinate enough 80+ yr olds and some of them are bound to die, who were going to die regardless. According to US actuarial tables if you’re 88 you have a 13.5% chance of dying within 12 mths and have on Av 4.7 yrs to live.

          As to a GP concocting a DC based on natural causes to enable a burial sounds like rubbish to me. He would be putting his ability to practise on the line and I can’t see how an AZ contribution should delay a funeral.

          • call me ArtieMEMBER

            Geez, sorry Anders. You have read far too much into my comment. I’m not opining on the unfortunate gentleman’s death or it’s possible causes, including old age etc. My comment was simply intended to point out that the vaccine the deceased gentleman received was almost definitely AZ, for the reason I stated above. I was not commenting about the quality or efficacy of the vaccines either one way or another.
            I made that comment because DLS asked “what vaccine was it”?

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Condolences, now having said that, correlation is not causation. And anecdotes are not data. This single data point is utterly meaningless in isolation. Ensure it’s properly reported, and aside from that you can draw no conclusions.

      The vaccines are orders of magnitude safer than the risks of COVID. They paused the J&J vaccine over 6 deaths in a million from clots.

      Most likely, the vaccination and your relative’s unfortunate death are coincidental.

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        I’m not an anti vaxxer by any means. I’ve received vaccines for other diseases with enthusiasm and wish there was vaccines for other nasties available ie malaria, dengue.

    • sorry to hear that
      as incredible as it seems to believe i have heard about TWO, yes TWO, of these same incidents, both told to me face to face from family/friends who are connected to people they know. One was a man aged 93 in nursing home, jab one day, dead the next.
      Next was a man in his eighties, think early 80’s, jab one day and think few days later was dead
      both were healthy pre jab. and remember these are stories told to my face by family/friends, not some anecdata story from some third party i not know. as i understand it the cause of death listed by doctors was not said to be jab, presumably???? because the doctor would realize the problems it would cause, and secondly what is the point of causing problems for the family when they are grieving

      • Fishing72MEMBER

        Exactly. This has been related to me directly from immediate family. Others may attempt to muddy the waters but ithe truth is stark to those affected. Put this into context with the MSM reporting the single death of a 90 year old lady with Covid and you’ll realise that the public is being drip fed a narrative.

        As for this comment as an attempt to counter the possibility that the vaccine was responsible for the death :

        “You vaccinate enough 80 yr olds and some of them are bound to die, who were going to die regardless. According to US actuarial tables if you’re 88 you have a 13.5% chance of dying within 12 mths and have on Av 4.7 yrs to live.“

        If it were applied to Covid deaths then the mortality would be negligible and the world would proceed as normal.

        • Anders Andersen

          Fishing72 it wasn’t an attempt to counter the possibility of the vacc being the cause of death. There was no evidence of the AZ vacc causing it, just family jumping to conclusions (with the TGA attributing deaths in other elderly people to AZ), then alleging that a GP falsified a DC. Sorry, but just a bad case of joining the dots when it would appear (in this case) that there were no dots to join.

          Keep running around like headless chooks.

  3. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Those anti-Scotty-Government bitter and disgruntled ex-PMs have been cutting deals with corrupt snake oil salesmen in order to make the Scotty Government’s world beating pandemic management look bad. Dutton should be tasked with their discombobulation.

    Hmmm… even that dross I just wrote probably won’t win over the increasingly disgruntled population. If News Corp can’t come up with any better spin, we might be facing the possibility of a Labor victory, brought to you by the incomprehensible uselessness of the concentration-camp-running, industry destroying, appointed-by-god gaggle of narcissists that is the Scotty Government.

    Interesting times.

      • As someone else pointed out, we are still working to the template he laid out.
        – NBN
        – Climate Change response
        – Tax reform
        He started these things and was then turfed.
        He also did the apology to the First Australians.

        His failings as a people person are legendary. I’ve heard a few stories from folk that worked with multiple PMs that confirm that he was as demanding as made out. I wouldn’t have liked to work in his office.

        However, he did grasp where Australia needed change to come into the 21st century. I can’t see anyone at any level of politics in Australia who has since attempted to do that.

        Perhaps he would have been better as the tempered ideas person behind the steady leader. A Keating to a Hawke, so to speak.

        The biggest mistake of Abbott was to go for the kill before Rudd had completed his bigger changes. He could have benefitted from them while still putting on a show. It just shows how political Abbott was as well as the narrowness of his vision.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Can Australia convince some Pacific island that we control to grant them Citizenship? That’ll make sure they have one of those almost worthless second-class Australian citizenships like my daughter has. Then Dutton can charge them with collaborating with anti-Australian foreigners and thus strip their citizenship and deport them. This will scare all the Scotty government haters into voting the right way.

  4. Swampy can’t help his own self:

    Capital Calls Krudd; “Come Coax Concoction Capacity” … Clotty Claims Contract Consultation Created Capacity Contribution

  5. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Watching straya flailing around in this China made crisis
    its hard not to wonder how the country will ever be able to cope if a war should break out . Governments bickering, public services under strain ( and they haven’t even been tested with real big numbers yet , populations
    not heeding government directions ( cos cultures) and of course businesses ( cafes) screaming for hand outs.

    Stand to straya !

    • Yep, and the young here will be drafted and sent off to war so bloody quickly in order to defend a country they can no longer afford to live in (unless they have rich mommies and daddies), whilst our “leaders” hold press conferences from Hawaii and say things like “so what?” and tell us to just suck it up.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        Only the young legacy Australians of course, the others have nothing but thin economic and welfare skin in the game and will find a way to weasel out of what should be expected as a mark of mutual respect. Not glorifying war at all, it is a horror and always will be a racket to (surprisingly) benefit the already very wealthy and well-connected.

  6. turvilleMEMBER

    The usual mixture of sensible and educated comment and absolute complete and utter rubbish. Krudd spends all of his waking hours delivering narcissistic tripe in the belief that he’s still the PM. He probably made up most of that drivel re his chat with Pfizer. Don’t believe a word he has ever said and he will never change, ever apologise or ever contribute anything of value and positivity to any conversation. Turnbull – disappointingly bitter and really should just lie back and relax in Point Piper

  7. Come on DLS, giving airtime to this? Read the letter…. literally NOTHING of substance? As if K Rudd has one iota of impact on the decisions of a global CEO currently manufacturing liquid gold? And as if the govt (as you know, the actual paying customer) hasn’t been trying to secure the same thing over the last few days, weeks or months?…… even if for no other reason than to save their own skin?

    “obtained by the press”. lmao! seriously? Proof positive of Rudd’s desperate and completely narcissistic attempts to stay relevant in public life and as for Turnbull, noting but an opportunistic troll tweet while taking in the view across the harbour this morning. Funny, I’m sure he thinks so, news worthy? nt in the slightest.

    Nice to see that a public health crisis still provides irrisistable opportunity for self promotion…. and why not? An army media shills will line up to dish it out for you…. apparently to irresistible for MB as well, probably best to stop criticising the other propaganda papers if you’re going to increasing dabble in the business yourselves.

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