Rudd rang Pfizer CEO, Morrison did not

Which is all that matters in this dispute, frankly. Kevin Rudd responds to Morrison propaganda today:

Nobody is going to accuse me of being a Kevin Rudd fan. But he’s doing Morrison like a dinner here. The ABC is enjoying it too:

Apparently, the Israeli PM has been on the blower 17 times to Dr Bourla in recent times. Yet Scott Morrison not once.

The good news is there does appear to be a deal for swifter vaccine. The bad news is it’s in the hands of The Idiot to roll it out. To wit, the FT:

Until now, Australia has enjoyed a glow of global approval for adroitly weathering the crisis with a “Covid-zero” policy of ruthless virus suppression. Having rushed to shut its international borders to non-citizens and non-residents last year, a measure that could stay in place until mid-2022, it deployed an enviable test and tracing system that has helped to keep its total Covid-19 death toll at 910. That is fewer than countries such as the UK have at times recorded in one day. Yet while Australia’s stadiums and restaurants stayed full, and theatregoers thronged to Hamilton, the UK was doing one thing Canberra was too slow to organise: a successful Covid vaccine rollout.

“It’s not a race,” prime minister Scott Morrison insisted in March, as concerns grew about what critics have called a vaccine “strollout”. He was wrong. Having squandered its early victory over the virus, despite being one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Australia now faces a costly round of restrictions as it struggles to protect a largely unimmunised population from outbreaks of the highly contagious Delta variant.

Morrison’s vaccine rollout is the single worst Australian policy failure of my lifetime.  And that is saying something.

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  1. adelaide_economistMEMBER

    All of that is true. What’s being missed here is why ‘business leaders’ are pushing for this. No doubt Innes Bollox being one of them. I’m sure they are very very concerned about Australian health and not getting those borders open ASAP.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      It will be a business leader whos income depends on a vaccinated population – like the airlines or tourism. So it is probably an Alan Joyce from Qantas or Graham Turner from Flight Centre – but I couldn’t find a picture with either of them with KR.

  2. Nick the GreekMEMBER

    It seems pretty obvious Morrison is completely incompetent- the bush fires and now the vaccine rollout. He got lucky with the early border closure but didn’t have the wherewithal to capitalise on his good fortune… now he’s burnt all his and the governments political capital. I’m sure senior liberals must be thinking the same way. the polls will keep tanking for Morrison the longer this goes on. He’s a dead duck.

  3. The ABC and Rudd’s statement are propaganda, too, but one could forgive it this time because “neutral” commentary doesn’t expose the ridiculous incompetence of the Morrison Government, which appears to be interested in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  4. Menacing Controlling Wallpaper, an egotistical bully, only looks up to the military, the queen, and his god. He wouldn’t give the time of day to the chairman of a global company offering a desperately-needed vaccine to save his nation.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      The contrast of Sh!tShowScott calling 55 times to 30 world leaders vouching for his mate Conmann while he couldn’t be bothered ringing the Pfizer guy who probably holds the keys to the gates is not one to be lost.

  5. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    The real issue here is our expectations of our own leaders – and where this is leading us as a nation.

    For mine Rudd is a definitive nutter.  He wouldn’t have needed to be asked twice to put a call through to Pfizer.  Many Australians think similarly.  But many Australians also know ScoMo is an A grade psychopath too.  It is ScoMo who needs to be held accountable to the Australian people.  If there was a half plausible alternative he would be on his last legs, but weirdly despite alienating the bulk of the female half of the population with their handling of gender discrimination and rape claims involving Ministers, and the manifest absence of significant female decisionmaking in the Ministry of the entire post 2013 Liberal-National government, an ALP leader who seems to think Marcel Marceau was some sort of political strategist has the Torynuffs still looking like forming the next government.

    Everyone is entitled to their view but at the moment my guess is that we will have either a minority government or a government reliant on crossbenchers and at risk of malcontents in their midst shaping policy following the next election.  This reflects that neither side of politics is offering a political team which Australians think represents them, but rather they are sides from which Australians choose the least worst option.  We can keep doing that, but the least worst option keeps sliding lower and lower as a bar to be cleared, and the punterariat is getting increasingly fed up.

    • Jumping jack flash

      “The real issue here is our expectations of our own leaders – and where this is leading us as a nation.”

      I agree with this.

      Our leaders are a reflection of our views of ourselves, and our views on society.

      I blame the banks and I blame their debt. Everyone has and needs stonking great piles of debt. This debt is so huge that it takes most of a lifetime of constant working to repay, and then soon after its repaid, you die, or take on more debt to repay because debt is absolutely essential to own now.

      This means everyone is so focused on repaying their enormous debt mountains that they don’t care about anything else. Nobody has time to look up from their constant debt repayment slavery to notice what’s going on around them. No more sense of community. No more spare time, everyone is constantly exhausted and on edge. Charitable giving is out the window as a per-capita measure. The list goes on. It impacts on everything including our own mental health.

      We elect the leaders that reflect ourselves. We obviously wanted a super casual leader who’s a bit of a dope, and promotes the view that he and his mates can keep the banks in check, because that’s a summary of our collective needs and aspirations.

        • Jumping jack flash

          Chicken and egg.

          I’d argue that wage suppression and inequality are a symptom of the debt which everyone has and needs.

          Debt requires interest to be paid on it. Debt is traditionally used to increase productive capacity so the extra revenue from the extra production and sales can be used to pay the debt’s interest (and principal). Nonproductive debt doesn’t have that luxury and the interest must come from something else’s revenue, or more debt is created to pay the interest.

          The second scenario is what they want because that results in unlimited debt forever. A bank is a business like any other. The banks’ product is debt and they want to create and sell it like any other business does their products.

          But since debt capacity is a function of wages they have to get the wages up.
          Wages can increase a number of ways and one easy way is just to steal someone else’s.

          Another way is to inflate everything, including wages.

    • Mark HeydonMEMBER

      “my guess is that we will have either a minority government or a government reliant on crossbenchers”
      “neither side of politics is offering a political team which Australians think represents them”

      Interesting. My view – We are a diverse lot with diverse views. if we had politics which represented the people, every government would be a minority government. Majorities to pass legislation would need to be negotiated and this might put a stop to some of the outlandish crap our governments get up to.
      Fear of a minority government seems irrational to me.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Maybe Dan Andrews is thinking about running? (with Shorten doing numbers.)

      My guess is inner city Liberal seats are going to the independents. Labor keeps the same number, with a bunch of country independents making inroads into the country LNP.

  6. Anyway even Pfizer is not that useful, first vaccinated isreali are now getting sick at the same rate as non-vaccinated.6 months !!!
    They are starting booster shot.

    Every 6 months then, that s going to be quite a rollout. In all likeliness, there will be a nice Wave in US this winter (and every winter from now on) then.

    Natural immunity is perhaps the only one that will last (& Being slim/healthy)

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Perish the thought that we are collecting data on a recently approved vaccine used at a population level.

      Natural immunity is perhaps the only one that will last
      What natural immunity? We have none. That’s why this thing is running rampant.

    • Jumping jack flash

      A recent world-leading Australian study showed that lasting natural immunity is unlikely for this thing.

      Instead we are to get injected with whatever they say to get injected with, as much and as often as we are told, to be truly safe.
      Never mind the fact that you can still catch it and pass it on after you’ve been fully injected, and never mind the fact that even if you’re fully injected you can still die from it.

      Just hurry up and fix the economy with a few quadrillion and get on with it. As soon as the banks proclaim success and we can raise interest rates from 0 again, everything will be magically ok. Just wait and see.

  7. Mr SquiggleMEMBER

    I wouldn’t mind it so much if ScoMo was calling other companies. But of course he doesnt seem to be doing that either.

    This ‘pfizer or bust’ approch carries the same risks as relience on AZ. We need moderna, jansen, and critically novavax options here as soon as possible.

  8. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Clearly Scotty boy has been making sure he and some of his parliamentary buddies secure cushy board positions or other BS jobs with Astra Zeneca post politics.
    That’s the #1 reason for his reluctance to embrace Pfizer earlier.
    The sweet words and promises whispered into his ear by Kieran Schneemann, head of the government affairs at the Australian arm of Astra Zeneca and who from 1996 to 2006 held a number of senior roles in the Howard government.
    Its Just another episode of that Game of mates!

  9. KRudd thinks he is the greatest intellectual of the 21st century. Apparently he is here to help. Yet, it is all about having Kevin at the centre of attention in the news like in the Hollow Men. The real issue we should be pressing the government for is a timeline of how many vaccinations are arriving and when with risks associated with each date. The medical system, states and population just want to know when is their turn. Once again the media falls for a side issue like Kevin’s grandstanding.

  10. turncoatMEMBER

    Kevin Rudd is a sideshow. Tingle can’t get a single government minister to appear on her show so in desperation she has resorted to accepting leaks from the master of self-aggrandisement and pomposity. We’d be better off excoriating the lunatics at ATAGI who seemingly accepted that Australia’s Brigadoon like existence was unthreatened, whilst the barbarians were at the gate.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Rudd is the only leader prepared to face a real journalist.
      The federal LNP government are a pack of responsibility shirking cowards.

      • turncoatMEMBER

        The public is on to Rudd. Perhaps someone else and the ploy might have worked, but Morrison and Hunt would have rolled on their backs giggling when Tingle dumped this garbage out of her cesspit.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          One of my staunchest LNP voting mates who’s always quick to leap to the defence of ScottyBoy and the LNP has been very scathing in his criticism of him over this vaccine debacle and even accepted Rudd did a good thing by getting involved.
          I’ve never heard him say a single positive thing about anyone in the ALP,…ever! (he still thinks Rudds a wanker in general,…shh,…so do I)
          He hangs shyte on my affiliation with them all the time.
          and hes been a regular drinking buddy of mine for 15 years now.
          I wasn’t the only one in my group to notice an attitude change in this bloke over this one issue.

          • turncoatMEMBER

            Perhaps the roll-out isn’t best of class. I’ll grant you that. But it’s not the worst. Amongst developed economies, that honour might best belong to New Zealand? My original intent was not so much to castigate Rudd. Although who can resist? It was to excoriate the fairies at ATAGI whose Brigadoon fantasy of utopian stability has crashed into the reality of a dynamic virus.

      • turncoatMEMBER

        Yes perhaps you’re right. It wasn’t a scientific assessment on my part. Just watching night after night as she grimly advises her invitations have been ignored. She is stoic, but over time these things can wear you down. Particularly when its your job to bring our leaders before the public, and you can’t deliver.

        You reap what you sew – but maybe not so bad as I’d imagined.

        • Perhaps there is something more in the fact that Ministers frequently decline invitations to appear. The lack of accountability to the public, via the media that is doing it’s job properly, is atrociously undemocratic. My point here is that it is not Tingle who should be criticised but our parliamentary representatives led by a PM who doesn’t accept the premise of a question so as not to answer it.

  11. darkasthunderMEMBER

    it comical to see how poorly Scotty performs on the visionary aspects of running Australia and how hopelessly outplayed he is from a single phone call to Pfizer from Kevin. Maybe we could club together and write him a to-do list titled Ten Things I Need to do to keep my country Safe, Competitive and Free.

  12. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Just tried to book in a Pfizer jab and got told by 2 clinics/medical centres that they are only booking in their regular patients.
    So i tries the big Homebush web site.
    No bookings available but I was put on an SMS list that will contact me when new supplies become available.
    Being on this list, the text told me, does not guarantee a booking. It only means Ill receive a text telling me when product has arrived and then Ill have to compete to book a shot on a first in first serve basis.
    I’ve spent over an hour stuffing around on the phone and computer trying to organise one shot.
    Waste of Bloody time.

  13. Kevin Rudd gets a lifetime Hail Mary for being the man who was finally able to slay the evil dragon that was John Winston Howard (only the second Prime Minister since 1929 to lose his own seat in an election). What a wonderful day that was!

  14. But Rudd’s phone call didn’t achieve anything. I get the public expects scomo to be doing everything possible and yeah I would expected him to make a phone call. But let’s face it. He svrewed up by rejecting the additional Pfizer orders in the first place so he was hardly in a position to demand anything. And knowing that even if he did make a call it would have made no difference to the delivery schedule and he would have looked weak. So politics played a part. What he should have been doing is call Biden and Israel and trading favours to get them to agree for Pfizer shipments being diverted to Australia seeing as thier vaccination program was going well.

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