NSW records another 97 COVID cases

NSW Health has reported another 97 local COVID cases over the past 24 hours:

Of these locally acquired cases, 63 are linked to a known case or cluster – 49 are household contacts and 14 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 34 cases remains under investigation.

Forty-six cases were in isolation throughout their infectious period and 17 cases were in isolation for part of their infectious period. Twenty-nine cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of five cases remains under investigation.

Of the 97 locally acquired cases, 67 are from South Western Sydney Local Health District (LHD), 14 are from South Eastern Sydney LHD, nine are from Western Sydney LHD, five are from Sydney LHD, one is from Northern Sydney LHD and one is from Nepean Blue Mountains LHD.

There are currently 75 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 18 people in intensive care, five of whom require ventilation.

There are currently over 900 active local infections recorded in NSW:


Rising fast.

The next chart plots NSW’s current outbreak against Victoria’s Winter-Spring outbreak in 2020:

NSW vs VIC Covid

Vic still way ahead.

Hopefully, NSW’s cases are peaking.

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    • These figures are from people infected 5-7 days ago – 80% of testing is being done in Fairfield region.

    • The virus is away now.
      It’s got established in the vast migrant slums & that will be the incubation hub & transmission vector going forward.
      It will outrun contact tracing & testing.

      People underestimate the lack of morality, the culture & hygiene differences, and the resistance to comply to public health orders by what is out there in our migrant slums.

      After maybe 6 weeks of major city lockdown, Australia will forced to capitulate and then be overrun by the virus in a largely unvaccinated population.

      Australia did have a chance to avoid all this.

      1. To block entry to all non citizens & round up & deport the 4 million non Australian migrants living here (like other nations did) until the new vaccine arrive & could be rolled out. Something that should have been done a year ago.
      2. By having a competent vaccine procurement & rollout (Australian is currently 38th or last of the 38 OECD nations). No matter what happens now there is zero chance Australia can get to 80% full vaccination by the end of 2021. So a very grim 6 months ahead with many tens of thousands of deaths that were avoidable.

      On point 1.
      Properly close the borders as well as forcible repatriation of most of the 4 million third world foreign national migrant guestworkers.

      Over 380,000 overseas arrivals have been allowed in since March 2020. 168,000 were non Australian foreign national PR, living in China, India etc returning to reinstate their Centrelink payments.. and another 68,000 were TR or visitor visa holders!

      (Whilst an estimated 30,000 or so Australian born citizens remain trapped overseas)

      Knowing they were a national bio security risk to an unvaccinated Australian population.

      Knowing we had 4.0 million mostly unvaccinated third world foreign nationals in our vast urban slums just waiting,.. like an overgrown national park of gum trees in a drought ready to burst into an virus contagion inferno.

      In Australia today we have 4.3 million non Australian foreign nationals onshore.
      1 in every 6 people onshore.

      1.9 million foreign nationals as PR. The vast majority are of third world Asian, Indian or Middle Eastern etc origin. Unskilled, elderly or welfare dependent, useless and a social & economic time-bomb.

      Another 1.75 million non Australian foreign nationals as TR. Again the majority are Asian, Indian / Bangla / Nepal or other third world origin.

      Another 668,000 as NZ SCV / the majority (over 360,000) being non NZ third world foreign national origin, using NZ as the loophole to enter Australia on permanent basis.

      Total = 4,315,000 foreign nationals onshore.

      Exclude the 330,000 NZ SCV who are NZ born – that is nearly 4 million majority third world non Australian foreign nationals onshore.

      90% or 3.6 million (ABS) of which are highly concentrated in either Sydney or Melbourne.

      That is about 1.8 million third world non Australian foreign nationals in each city.

      This is why both Sydney & Melbourne feel like vast third world slums.
      Because they are.

      33% or 1 in every 3 people in either Sydney or Melbourne is a non Australian third world origin foreign national on a PR, or a TR / SCV pretext visa.

      Our main cities are now vast non assimilated migrant enclaves- replicas of the Guangzhou, Mumbai & Cairo migrant origin.

      Packed full, high density, cultural & ideological aversions to western standards of living including personal hygiene & now vaccination.

      There is your incubation hub.
      There is your transmission vector to Australians.
      And that’s where the virus is now sweeping through.

      The majority of these migrants are on pretext visa alibis, living & working illegally, and many on falsified identities.

      Working in Deliveroo, Uber, 711, ‘Security guards for hotel quarantine’, working in retail or a health care in their migrant organised black labor rings.
      Defying lockdown, working illegally anyway, lying or evading contact tracing, in very crowded ‘shared private accomodation’ which is ABS code for migrant slumshare.

      These migrant foreign nationals onshore in contact with the ‘traveller’ who infects the migrant community & then Australians.

      As we saw in hotel quarantine failures, in our aged care sector, in our shopping centres, in transport & in our public places.
      And now in this outbreak.

      Is it too late? No.

      We still need a national identity check and bio security risk profiling of all the non Australian foreign nationals onshore.

      Many of the PR should be vetted and reassessed as to their suitability to remain as a PR. Those found to have falsified their PR or in breach of PR conditions need to have their PR cancelled & be deported.

      The vast bulk of the TR are here on fraudulent visa pretexts (foreign student, partner, protection visa, skilled visas etc) and an even more aggressive stance is required.
      If they have no funds, aren’t attending classes or even enrolled, using the the AAT protection visa as an attempt in staying here, not skilled, not earning above an average income – then they are in visa breach, their visa needs to be cancelled & the foreign national deported.

      The non NZ born entering via the NZ SCV racket fall into a similar category. Why is NZ dictating who can enter Australia?
      The SCV arrangement needs to be only for Australian or New Zealand born, and the other 360,000 non NZ born allowed in to be also heavily vetted & deported back to New Zealand as their problem.
      The Aust/NZ SCv should be only for Australian & NZ born.


      Cleaning out 2-3 million third world foreign nationals on pretext visas will have enormous short term pandemic survival & then recovery benefits for Australia.

      🔻The bio security risk from the 4 million third world migrants onshore is mitigated.

      🔻The health care burden as the virus sweeps through the (largely health compromised) non Australian migrant foreign nationals enclaves is reduced.

      🔻Unemployment (1.3 million Australian are unemployed – Roy Morgan June 21) is fixed.

      🔻Wages growth is restored.

      🔻Increased Gdp per Capita.

      🔻Australian housing is returned back to Australians – rather than being used as a money laundering & cash goldmine for the foreign criminal syndicates in using modest established housing as cash in hand migrant slum bunk share. The 116,000 Australians permanent homeless and the 360,000 Australians who lack affordable housing who have been ethnically cleansed and dumped onto the street by the 2 million plus migrants influx stealing their housing (and jobs) are given back affordable housing.

      🔻Our education system is restored to be for Australians – not prostituted for a third world illegal migrant worker visa alibi.

      🔻Our hospitals, health care, public infrastructure are right sized to a reduced Australian citizen population.

  1. Current restrictions are not working, more cases in the community than ever. Even the pi$$ poor Sydney press are begging for more restrictions… What a mess.

    • Gold standard Gladys… keeping Bunnings and Harvey Norman open in the interest of her masters.

      • Gold standard in specifically exempting limo drivers from wearing masks ‘cos of industry lobbying.

        Gladys’ corrupt government has screwed NSW and now VIC.

      • Harvey Norman, Myer and David Jones were open in the recent Brisbane lockdown. Construction and building sites have not stopped in the current Melbourne lockdown. I didn’t see any social distancing or mask wearing on these sites this morning. Illogical exemptions seem to be on both sides of the political fence.

      • Or Dan giving more lenient conditions to some people rather than others and not based on science. Exempted workers can go shopping for food during quarantine, but vaccinated returning travellers from red zone can’t.

  2. At this current day in the outbreak, VIC cases also appeared to have peaked (4 days where cases were below the previous high) then it made a new high and kept going up

    • If I’m not mistaken, the 46 cases that were definitely out in the community for at least part of their infectious period is a new high. That’s the important number, as those are the cases that drive the next batch of infections.

  3. Banana ManMEMBER

    Ask yourself when you think this global pandemic started. Write it down. Then check out the event 201 simulation and ask yourself some questions. Stage 5 coming August. Get your shi together. Unvacxed sperm donors will be in high demand soon. Bought to you by an obviously unhinged looney.

  4. It is getting into the construction sites and hospitals. Not a good development at all.

    They need to shut the whole things down and do mass testing door to door for 2 weeks to get on top of it.

  5. Neither Gladys nor Kerry Chant are doing well at all with the journo questions today. They look like they are losing control of the situation. Hazard looks like he is on another planet in terms of having a grasp on the details.

    • Did I hear him claim that Delta is up to 1000 times more infectious? WTF 2 time maybe, not 1000…

      • 2.5x more infectious, 9x the viral load of the original Wuhan virus variety.

        The problem is 2.5 is the exponent, so instead of each case infecting 2.3 people, it’s now 6!

      • He sounds like he is just regurgitating crap he browsed on reddit or whingepool last night. What a drongo.

  6. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    Gladys really screwed us this time.

    Hero to zero. She has that smug smirk that ScoMo has and it’s quickly disappearing as it should.

  7. I agree with Leith. Even though I hate her, this ain’t Glady’s fault. This is Scomos problem for not dealing with quarantine. NSW has taken in the lions share of returning Aussies.

    • Goldstandard1MEMBER

      No, it is both of their faults, do NOT let her off. Lieth is not right.

      1. ScoMo has failed the ppl for Vaccination blunder and quarrantine

      2. Gladys has FAILED in the strategy to keep this in the community for the SHORTEST period of time and put the safety of the other states at risk big time. She can’t fix ScoMo, but she sure as hell could have minimised the spread earlier.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Nah, this is #GladysVirus. She had the blueprint in front of her of what to do and she ignored it. I do believe that Scummo is pulling the strings to lead her to such poor decisions but still, her smugness underlines that she’s not worried about health, just her own massively corrupt arse.

  8. It is an interesting coincidence that for 4 days in a row a helicopter turns up to drown out the journos when they are getting momentum with their questioning …

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      The police commissioner lives to serve his LNP masters and idealogicial happy clappy betters

    • Hilarious watching Dan & 2 ‘medical’ official moan on about mock down. Press off screen to the right & so far from a microphone their questions inaudible.
      Somewhat bizarrely (but not really) the rear stairwell of whatever dungeon (prison) they film the press conference from feature centre screen for duration of telecast. Dan to right of screen, deaf signers to left and occasional copper marching up & down Grey stairwell. Who scripts this stuff? Enid Blyton?
      Dan has moved away from tough, school principal persona to drop shouldered, soft spoken take on humility.

  9. Goldstandard1MEMBER

    We beat NSW to a hard lockdown because you don’t want this out in community. Thankfully we’ll be out of it before NSW too.

    Gladys is a nightmare of procrastination-a puppet of retail and construction.

    2 Strategies at odds:

    NSW (no lockdowns and try and control even when impossible) and

    Vic (no appetite for community spread)

    The fundamental problem with these differing views is NSW will always spread it to Vic. They need alignment or shut the border until there is alignment. Simple.
    Her political stubborness will keep NSW under restrictions for months.

  10. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Gladys is like that single auntie from childhood who you thought was cool.

    As soon as any parenting is required though, she has no idea. And she has atrocious choices in men.

  11. Before this outbreak the discussion was about how to open up, basically how to go from zero tolerance to allowing some spread against a substantially vaccinated population. Quite high thresholds were being discussed, like 80%. Although overall vaccination rates are still too low, the most at-risk population (>70yo) is largely protected.

    So maybe events have brought the issue to a head. With current vaccination rates maybe some kind of containment rather than full lockdowns is the way forward. Victoria has begun its 5th lockdown, so although they work in one sense, they just aren’t sustainable because this virus isn’t going away. If this were an epidemic then yes, lockdown hard and eradicate. But in a pandemic in a globally connected world, and one were at least we have some vaccines (better situation than last year), the costs of lockdowns are starting to outweigh the benefits.


      I reckon Sydney is going for a half lockdown/”suppression” strategy as their lockdown is only half-baked. Not going for elimination, and highly unlikely to get there this side of Christmas with current settings.

      I think this is a mistake on account of the lack of vaccination and most of their economy is effectively gonna be shut down for longer as a result of half/middling measures. Even if they get numbers low, its really hard to get the last few cases, and if you don’t before you open up, you’re back to square one. Scotty may get his way though and they’ll get a few extra astra shots in arms in the panic. It’s quite clear he’d like to see it rip.

      Vicco going for elimination and my guess will achieve it. All states will stay shut to nsw and tighten any loopholes (removalists, tighten red zone permit eligibility) until nsw starts effectively dealing with it, or vaccination rate high enough to slowly derisk.

      Remember lockdowns are inevitable wherever the virus is out of control. If we’re not vaccinated, once virus gets in, lockdowns and restrictions follow, as has happened in EVERY country in the world, regardless of political persuasion. Once folks start getting angry about folks dying, getting sick, unsafe at work ect, people will push for safety, and the political push will be towards lockdowns/restrictions.

    • While the media, including this site are pushing for lockdowns when cases are in the 10’s per day there will be no opening up or living with it.
      Lockdowns will continue forever, everytime a new pocket of cases are detected in the wild.

  12. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Unvacxed sperm donors will be in high demand soon

    Nothing speaks to the complete lack of scientific/medical knowledge of a person than a statement like that.

  13. Update from paramedic bro: he’s now on day 6 of 14 in HQ in a dingy dogbox at Ibis Sydney Airport after being exposed to COVID patient is SW Sydney.

    His partner who was not vaccinated has got COVID. Prevalent symptoms are high fever, bad cough and shortness of breath with loss of taste and smell. He’s currently at home but may have to go to hospital soon. Bro who is fully vaccinated has tested negative so far. Tested every 3 days.

    He’s been talking to his workmates. 4 paramedics in total from Liverpool station have COVID. All not fully vaxxed even though they were eligible in 1A rollout. My brother only got his second jab 4 weeks ago.

    Currently 17 ambos from Liverpool in quarantine including my brother. Many others calling in sick because they dont feel safe. Also refusing to do overtime. Resources stretched to the limit. Vaccinated Regional crews being bought in but still not enough ro provide adequate cover. Liverpool hospital is at breaking point. GP clinics not seeing patients due to COVID fears. The whole health system is SW Sydney is on the verge of collapsing. People waiting 4+ hours to be tested with the stupid rule that anyone in Flemington LGA has to be tested every three days if they work outside the LGA. Massive numbers still out in the community while infectious.

    It is a shambles. If this thing breaks out of SW Sydney in any significant numbers, other local healthcare systems will collapse.

    • Gee the health system is already collapsing and we are only at 100 cases… Not a good sign for ‘living wiht the virus’.

      • The multiplier effect at work – routine medical cases winding up in Emergency waiting rooms at the hospital because GP’s won’t see patients and paramedics won’t attend routine call-outs. Emergency waiting rooms turn away all but the very ill due to sheer numbers. People become sicker than they otherwise normally would.

        It’s not the COVID cases that collapses the health systems.

  14. Keith, “hopefully” is not a helpful setting. The Sydney mockdown is not working to reduce community transmissions. Sydney needs the Level 4 lockdown Victoria has done overnight. Gladys is a simp to big business.

  15. TheLambKingMEMBER

    One for the “Anti-vaxxer, but bizarrely prepared to use a drug used against parasites in animals” crowd:

    The efficacy of a drug being promoted by rightwing figures worldwide for treating Covid-19 is in serious doubt after a major study suggesting the treatment is effective against the virus was withdrawn due to “ethical concerns”.


    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      Lawrence said what started out as a simple university assignment had led to a comprehensive investigation into an apparent scientific fraud at a time when “there is a whole ivermectin hype … dominated by a mix of right-wing figures, anti-vaxxers and outright conspiracists”.

      “Although science trends towards self-correction, something is clearly broken in a system that can allow a study as full of problems as the Elgazzar paper to run unchallenged for seven months,” he said.

      “Thousands of highly educated scientists, doctors, pharmacists, and at least four major medicines regulators missed a fraud so apparent that it might as well have come with a flashing neon sign. That this all happened amid an ongoing global health crisis of epic proportions is all the more terrifying.”

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I stopped believing single-paper research studies the day we learned Blair went to war in Iraq based on a student research paper.

        Science will always be misused. Trust but verify. Mr Excitable should study his history better – Blair wasn’t the first time by any means.

        • “…the day we learned Blair went to war in Iraq based on a student research paper.”
          I would be prepared to put money on that story being utter BS or simply an convenient justification to do something he wanted to do anyway.

    • Absolute nonsense, it’s not an anti-vax crowd. What is the problem exactly with herd immunity being achieved via Vax Natural Immunity Any pharma. interventions that can be discovered?

      The 100% focus on Vax crowd are the real zealots in my opinion, especially considering there is a cohort of people who cannot for medical reasons take the vaccination – so why not look at the other options even if only made available to this cohort?
      Thats what research science is!
      But I get it, public health officials (largely to make their job easier) want a single message to sell to the public, trouble is reality is never that simple.

      Mass-Vaccination may have it’s own issues wrt. selection pressure on the S-protein.

      Lets at least be cogniscient of the Marek disease case, not saying it will happen but it needs to be considered.

      And btw. lets see where this one actually ends up.