NSW records another 89 local COVID cases

NSW Health has recorded another 89 local COVID cases over the past 24 hours:

Of the 89 locally acquired cases reported to 8pm last night, 64 are from South Western Sydney Local Health District (LHD), 15 are from South Eastern Sydney LHD, 5 are from Sydney LHD, 3 are from Western Sydney LHD 1 is from Northern Sydney LHD and 1 is from Nepean Blue Mountains LHD.

There are currently 65 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 21 people in intensive care, four of whom require ventilation.

NSW Health also recorded the death of a man in his 70s, who was a confirmed COVID-19 case. He was a resident of the eastern suburbs.

NSW now has around 715 active local COVID cases:


Still rising fast.

The next chart plots NSW’s daily case count against Victoria’s in Winter-Spring last year:

NSW vs VIC outbreaks

Victoria’s outbreak still worse.

NSW’s outbreak is still tracking behind Victoria’s.

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  1. BornwildMEMBER

    NSW will not be worse than Vic in terms of cases/deaths because of vaccines. But it could still go on for just as long if the aim is elimination.

    • Are you saying NSW will be vaccinated in under two weeks? Because that is what would need to happen.

      • If we assume that a large fraction of older people have already been vaccinated, this should reduce the number of deaths (but, it won’t make any difference to the number of cases).

  2. Look at that apartment house in Melbourne in quarantine……………Delta is 4 times as bad as last years variant but still no talk about double masking etc. in a close environment, I hope it doesn’t get loose in the hospitals No real sense of urgency……..Missouri


    Will see a race now in countries everywhere to obfuscate the Covid figures by every method possible……as for Mr Johnson he is strapped into his seat having lost control of his back bench.


    • Frank DrebinMEMBER

      So those in Missouri ICU who are vaccinated are overwhelmingly elderly who are more susceptible to the virus regardless of having been vaccinated.

      Makes sense and tracks the results of previous waves (vaccination not withstanding) where it cut a swathe through the elderly.

      Sounds like positive news to me, unless of course you are elderly and have the misfortune to mix with anti-vaxxer flogs.

    • Will also see a race to obfuscate that vaccine effectiveness dwindles after only six months – so booster shots for the whole world every six months forever more…….

    • 600 hospital staff and 120 patients went into isolation last week – Goulburn hospital infect yesterday.

  3. I think one of the good news stories about this is that the Eastern suburbs seems to be under control. No new cases coming out of the East and only 5 from Sydney LHD. The problem is still the south-west, which is bigger and more widespread than the Bondi issues, but those issues come up when there were no restrictions, so hopefully there will be some good news on that front in the coming weeks.

    • You have to love the reporting “only 14 cases are unlinked to known clusters”. ONLY!! 14 unknown cases would have ensured media hysteria if coming from VIC’s last lockdown.

      • +1 It’s amazing how many people actually think this – apparently Chanel 7 comments are full of such comments!

      • Covid Trifecta:
        1. Easier to Submit to rules. according to Wallyeed
        2. Mock Down
        3. Wear humiliation device on face
        Oh yeah & wash hands & stay apart 🤮🤮
        Take the jab🤮🤮🤮 Covid pi$$er

        • Wait for the ‘Omega’ variant which will be used as a scapegoat for all the adverse vaccine reactions and then military style lockdown probably awaits.

    • If Gladys wealth-before-health had had the good sense and humility to learn from Vic’s painful lessons the lockdown would have been long over.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      How long before the powers that be order their lackys running countries to shut this website down and prosecute anyone who talks about it?


        I’d venture the lackeys running Straya might close it to ensure their bar room deal with AZ is banked but good luck trying that in the US.
        Houston based Doc Joe Varon ( outspoken rep for the FLCCC-https://covid19criticalcare.com/) is thought very highly of down in the Republic of Texas.
        It ain’t never gonna happen there!

        • Ivermectin will come into its own once the penny really drops that vaccines are only effective for six months. Every household will want a prescription on hand – as I have – as it’s most effective when taken at the first sign of infection.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      There’s no evidence that ivermectin works. We’ll see what the Oxford study says, otherwise this is going to be the next HCQ, Azithromycin, Vitamin D, or bleach.

      • This whole thing about Ivermec is just weird – it’s got to be being pushed by some commie troll farm in Russia or China. I remember back in the 80’s when it came out, it was marvelous stuff… for treating worms in cattle… and when they shifted from the injection to the pour-on, drenching cattle went from being hellish to just being mildly unpleasant.

        Only a frickin’ idiot would use an anti-parasite medication on a virus.

        • RomulusMEMBER

          And dexamethasone is also given to treat ear infections in dogs, cancer patients side effects and pregnant women at risk of pre-term delivery. One drug can have multiple uses. I’m happy to keep an open mind and wait for medical research to test what has had some potentially promising results in the field.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Yes but dexamethasone is a corticosteroid, one of a family of drugs that have predictable results on preventing inflammation and not surprisingly has an effect on the cytokine storm that COVID produces.
            Ivermectin, on the other hand…

        • Only a frickin’ idiot would use an anti-parasite medication on a virus.

          You would be the type of person who owns screwdrivers that are only ever used for driving screws, and keys that are only ever used for turning locks, and a roll of duct tape that is only ever used to tape-up ducts.

    • Amazing how ivermectin works the same way as wearing masks, lockdowns and isolating – it even works when countries don’t use it.

      Hang on a second…….

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        Hey I’m guessing you’re a yella bellied ugly looking bloke with no social life so hiding away behind a mask in your extraction dungeon works just fine for you but don’t go imposing your facsist ideals on the rest of us! I aint wearing no ugly mask, except very quickly to grab my latte or for a browse for a few things at Harris Farm. And I am always socializing and still am by chatting out the front of the shops or with fellow outdoorsies as we exercise, and even sometimes ducking off for some fun.

        But one thing I will always do is take any drug on offer! So, your comparison list, is irrelevant.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I think after today, and as we’ve always known, it has been well established that the biggest risk for the spread of this China virus is tradies. Maybe it was quietly accepted before that they all spread disease from single mums to lonely housewives but now it’s getting serious. Those bloke need to be Lock. Us. Down! now.

  5. Charles MartinMEMBER

    I gotta say Chris Minns is breath of fresh air after the previous opposition leaders, coming across as reasonable and constructive. His predecessors and all of his Federal Labor counterparts are fvcking whingers in comparison.

  6. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    My test results came in to day just as I was arriving at a customers property.
    It was Negative so all good for this week.

  7. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Tip from someone from Melbourne:

    Don’t excited by the daily numbers, they jump around and early in the week they always seem to be lower. You can’t get excited until the 5 day moving average starts going down (which it is not!)

  8. I don’t usually listen to the ABC but now that all media outlets have decided to be biased and pick sides I have to listen to them all and find the truth myself which is somewhere in between; anyway I digress.
    Here is the ABC interviewing a paediatrician telling viewers that she read an article in Nature magazine that has some good information about mixing vaccines particularly the AZ vector and the Pfizer mRNA and that we should do it.
    This is why people are confused and bewildered and hesitant about vaccines. And if your still confused why I will spell it out:
    1) Any media outlet can spew out any though bubble of what’s best for people
    2) Any half backed medical practitioner in any field are given a voice about what they think works even when its clear they have no idea about the intricacies of the virus and how to develop vaccines for them
    3) Every medical institute, hospital, practice and GP are conducting their own tests without proper clinical trials and controlled environments mixing vaccines and dosages like its a cocktails with their own half baked conclusions. This is after people are told by the manufacturers that these are highly specialized vaccines that fundamentally work different from each other and require specific doses at specific time intervals.

      • Not much freedom at the moment and not great information.
        What makes you think I am a bloke?

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      I don’t usually listen to the ABC but now that all media outlets have decided to be biased and pick sides I have to listen to them all and find the truth myself which is somewhere in between

      Actually, you will find that the ABC is pretty much in the middle (by charter and audited.) The Guardian is a fair bit to the left, and pretty much the rest of the media are either right, far right or nut-job far right. Because pretty much everything is so far right it makes the ABC ‘seem’ like it has a left wing bias. The ABC does also have a mandated ‘truth’ bias, which also makes it seem like the opposite to a lot of what the right is saying with the ABC’s ‘intellectual facts and figures’ to back it up. But I digress 🙂

      • The Guardian is not on the left in any way shape or form on any issues that would improve the lives of workers or clash with the interests of the state. All they do to be considered left is write incessant drivel on identity politics.

  9. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Just tried to book in a Pfizer jab and got told by 2 clinics/medical centres that they are only booking in their regular patients.
    So i tries the big Homebush web site.
    No bookings available but I was put on an SMS list that will contact me when new supplies become available.
    Being on this list, the text told me, does not guarantee a booking. It only means Ill receive a text telling me when product has arrived and then Ill have to compete to book a shot on a first in first serve basis.
    I’ve spent over an hour stuffing around on the phone and computer trying to organise one shot.
    Waste of Bloody time.

    • My first Pfizer jab is next week. Booked in 7 weeks ago. Shambles of a roll-out.

    • alwaysanonMEMBER

      I got my first shot in Olympic Park yesterday which I booked in mid-May after the 40-49s became available and the first appointment was in July. A coworker who booked the other day the soonest available was late September. The lady at the centre said they were now doing 9000/day there.

    • Try a number of locations. I went through 6 locations in early June before I was able to secure a booking at RPA. Instead of having to wait until August, I had my first shot of Pfizer 3 weeks ago and have my second shot in 2 days. However, I’m sure it is harder now to get a booking because people became interested in being vaccinated all of a sudden…

    • I refuse to get jabbed as I think the whole thing is a hysterical overreaction whipped up to enrich the pharma companies and others at the expense of workers. The infection fatality rate is < 0.2% now and heavily biased towards the elderly and those with comorbidities. Subsequently if you are under 70 and healthy then the risk to you is no worse that for any other flu. Additionally the draconian measures put in place by supposedly "liberal western democracies" have shown that they are anything but that.

      • Asians & Muslim Bangla in fetid slum share.
        (Pictures / UK Daily Mail Botany Street Block occupants).

        How many Asians in that unit?
        How many Bangla in that block?
        Who owns the units, who do they pay rent to?
        What are they even doing in Australia?
        What is their PR or TR pretext for being here?

        One little unit block – packed full of migrant guestworkers like a symbolic twig on fire…

        We have over 300,000 Ex Australians little modest units or dwellings in now occupied by over 1.6 million non Australian third world migrant PR & TR.
        👉🏾Average dwelling occupancy in migrant only bunk share – 6.8 per dwelling as ‘private shared accommodation’ (ABS)

        The virus now spreads like a firestorm across the vast swathes of Sydney overcrowded migrant slum share.

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          Bloke, it’s Bondi. Not many. Mainly good fit looking people like myself. They should be freed.

  10. Anyone know if that 70s something bloke who was recorded as a covid fatality today was vaccinated or not? Strange that I’m hearing crickets from the media about his vaccination status…

    • Sydney Property is a Winner

      They breathlessly tell you someone had underlying health problems if the die from a vaccine, so yes they would have gleefully said that the geriatric didn’t have a ‘jab’