NSW COVID cases soar toward 1200

NSW Health has recorded another 98 local COVID infections over the past 24 hours:

Of these locally acquired cases, 61 are linked to a known case or cluster – 43 are household contacts and 18 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 37 cases is under investigation.

Fifty-four cases were in isolation throughout their infectious period and 17 cases were in isolation for part of their infectious period. Twenty cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of seven cases remains under investigation.

There are currently 82 COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital, with 24 people in intensive care, seven of whom require ventilation.

There have been 1,340 locally acquired cases reported since 16 June 2021, when the first case in the Bondi cluster was reported.

NSW’s active local COVID cases are now approaching 1,200:

NSW active COVID

Approaching 1200.

As a comparison, here is how NSW’s daily case count compares to Victoria’s winter-spring outbreak last year, which saw Melbourne shut down for 14 weeks:


VIC still tracking well ahead of NSW.

Finally, here’s the comparison of active local cases between NSW’s current outbreak and Victoria’s last year:

Active local COVID cases

Still a long way to go…

Hopefully NSW’s cases are nearing their peak. A minimum 6-week lockdown looks baked-in for NSW, probably longer.

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    • No doubt the usual train wreck of panic and mass stupidity will grip Sydneysiders and anyone with half a brain will be left scratching their head at the actions of both the NSW government and far too many New South Welshmen. Carry on!

    • DodgydamoMEMBER

      Happy Eid tonight/tomorrow! Depending on how well that’s locked down your 6 weeks might be very optimistic….

  1. It’ll have to be zero confirmed cases in the community while infectious + 28 days or 80% vaccinated -whichever comes first.

  2. NSW has been testing in Fairfield, Cabramatta, Banks town as specifically called for by Gladys at her pressers – requesting people in these areas get tested. Suddenly there are cases being announced in Coughs Harbor which were discovered almost a week ago – but no testing, no lock down in the regional areas.

    Victoria locked the whole state down and has tested across the entire state – as it did last time – and has found cases all over the state.

    NSW has been completely delusional – totally and utterly delusional about this outbreak and how to handle it calling itself the gold standard and there is no need to lock down. What a complete joke of a government.

    Its all over the state and everyone knows it – by not testing they don’t have to deal with it.

    Honestly this is the worst state government in the country by a massive margin. Corrupt as all hell, competent – but worst thing of all – that high pitched squealing upward inflection at the end of every single sentence – jesus how can no one have told her.

    Victorian press conferences look like a professional well organized unit – NSW looks like a country cake stall that turned up late to the wrong pony club Gymkhana.

    Same relentless gibberish, refusing to answer any questions and waffling on about endless inanities in order to not deal with the issues being raised.

    Gladys is doing more harm to LNP than Morrison at this point.

    • Its all over the state and everyone knows it – by not testing they don’t have to deal with it.

      Could you kindly cite some evidence of same?

      Working in a regional health service, with daily updates, there are no cases at present, and haven’t been for months. **

      ** Detected cases.

      Gladys is doing more harm to LNP than Morrison at this point.

      Not sure what the issue is here.

    • NoodlesRomanovMEMBER

      Issues being raised – to be fair some of the questions being raised by the media at those press conferences have me wondering how they remember to dress in the morning.

      • Murdoch plants.

        Comparison with Vic pressers is night and day. NSW is waffling, repetitive, blathering sht show of rural cake stall church fundraisers who appear to have been rudely awoken from late afternoon nanna nap while Vics look like something out of a Borne identity Tom Clancy / Mission Impossible critical strike team.

        Its seriously bizaare what is going on with the total ineptitude in NSW.

      • Good point. QLD has said the only reason the entirety of NSW not declared a hotspot and border shut (including to blue border zone) is the sewage testing indicates no/little virus. That’s from the QLD CHO.

        • Are you sure about that David? The QLD CHO has specifically said that is not the case.

          * Swampy runs out to shed and hops in Faraday cage — unless you think it’s a NWO conspiracy and there is LITERALLY VIRUS EVERYWHERE AND NO ONE IS TELLING US NOT EVEN THE HOSPITALS AND MEDIA111111onoeoeoenoneoen


      “…but worst thing of all – that high pitched squealing upward inflection at the end of every single sentence – jesus how can no one have told her.”
      Nailed it for certain.
      Creating an interrogative vocal ‘ending’ in place of an expected declarative is the litmus test for those who seek to disguise the truth.
      They are convinced it adds sincerity when all it does is prove the prevarication.

  3. Good to see the journos (eg; James) starting to get up in the grills of clowns like Hazzard who need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they work for us- not the other way round.

  4. Stats on influenza/pneumonia. “There were 415 deaths due to influenza and pneumonia recorded between January and March 2021” Australian Bureau of Statistics.
    Covid has been taking all the spotlight recently so I though I would shed some light on other contagious respiratory diseases. I actually didn’t think there would be that many.