Morrison polling slide worsens

The most recent Newspoll had the Morrison Government trailing Labor again at 49/50 on two-party preferred. That result appears to be a forming trend across a variety of polling houses. Pollbludger’s aggregated measure tells the tale for TPP:

In terms of qualitative polling, two issues continue to stand out for driving the Morrison slide. The first is women, following Rapegate:

Women have swung against the Coalition in a powerful rebuff to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, cutting the government’s primary vote from 41 to 37 per cent among female voters since the last election.

The swing is strong enough to threaten Mr Morrison’s hold on power amid a growing debate over the treatment of women, with a new analysis of quarterly data showing he has lower personal support from female voters than men.

Things will not have been improved by the return of the Beetrooter, who is also subject to past sexual harassment claims. Another of Morrison’s predators is in trouble in NSW today.

The second issue is the great vaccine fail:

Voter approval of Morrison slipped from 57% to 51% and disapproval also climbed by four points from 36% to 40% as premiers and health ministers expressed their frustration about the pace of the vaccination rollout in public, and Queensland led the charge against giving the AstraZeneca vaccine to people under 40.

…Consistent with a voter backlash against Morrison evidenced in this fortnight’s data, support for the government’s handling of the public health crisis slid nine points, from 53% to 44%.

Paul Kelly sums it up with a bit of honesty for once:

  • Morrison has entirely lost control of the rollout and has no way to fix it because there is no vaccine.
  • We don’t get the full surge of Pfizer for another three months at least and there are risks it comes later.
  • In the meantime, it’s all spin.

I imagine Morrison will go for a massive Christmas vaccine blitz then claim victory over the virus and go to the polls in the new year (he has to go by May).

It is a delicious irony that the unprecedented levels of corruption in the Morrison government, which were embedded in its decision to hand Astra Zeneca virtually the entire vaccine contract with its Liberal mates at the helm, is now one of the primary reasons that the Government is dying.

As I have said before, carpet-baggers and scumbags are fine in the good time but when the pressure is on for actual policy development to address real issues they get exposed pretty fast.

My hope is we will get an intensified khaki election assault on China from Morrison. He doesn’t have many other cards left to play.

Another round of decaying relations with China would at least mean that the rapes and ineptitude have delivered one national interest upside.

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  1. surfbeach2536

    Julia Banks painted a credible picture of a backstabbing and untrustworthy PM that will be difficult to counter. It is so disheartening listening to all sides of politics spout their ideological crap devoid of morality.

    • He’s got Sarah Henderson out today to play the gaslighter-in-chief role.

      “I’ve never seen it so she must be lying”.

      • Pathetic wasn’t it? “I’ve never experienced it, so it mustn’t have happened.”

        • From the woman who lost her seat and was then gifted a vacant senate spot. Clearly she owes ScuMo big time.

          • blacktwin997MEMBER

            The very same woman who said that she could live on $40 per day, hence justifying no need for any Jobseeker/Newstart increase. Also the very same woman who, by failing to recontest her seat, gave the Chisholm CCP Mole her free foot in the door because yay LNP loves women.

            Genuine misogynism is definitely a problem and there is no real doubt that the incidents occurred, but as an out of touch ex commercial lawyer from Glen Iris, Julia Banks is not your typical victim.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          “I’ve never experienced it, so it mustn’t have happened.”

          I’ll take “How do you tell someone you’re a Conservative without telling them you’re a conservative”, for $200, thanks Alex.

      • kierans777MEMBER

        As one of the prime suspects for the role of “male Federal Victorian MP bully that supports Gladys Liu” Michael Sukkar should also keep his head down on the Banks issue. But he’s popped up again

  2. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    The implication of the political polling is not that the ScoMo government is sliding in popularity. 

    It is after all the bastard offspring of the most reviled government in Australian history (the post 2013 LNP conservative government) sugar coated by spending it abhors in the face of a virus it has mishandled, exposing the inner faecal matter of the ideology at its core – including population ponzi, tax avoidance, free trade selllouts, the deforming of the university sector, the corruption of the state and commonwealth public sectors etc etc – garnished with post masticated positions on global warming/carbon pricing, and the handling of sexual assault claims, and general approach to womens issues.  Viewed in isolation that would have to rank as one of the all time great piles of public ordure ever sucked up by the voters of any nation.  It was defecated into place in 2013 and has achieved nothing of note, despite having been moistened by three different leaders, to achieve 3 equally repulsive bouquets.  The sheer incredulity that it remains plausible enough to govern at all is the staggering WTF moment of Australian relations with their own elected representatives.

    The enormity of the political polling is that Australian politics is bereft of any plausible alternative and devoid of any respect – with an ALP having gelded itself with its own stance on immigration, free trade and its own inability to envision a narrative outside the neoliberal orthoodoxy it has wedged up its jaxi for a generation, the Greens blowing their own environmental credentials off with their fellating of the population ponzi and neoliberal trade agenda to prioritise global ideological concerns above the day to day interests of the Australian people.

    That political polling should be viewed against a backdrop of corporate Australia having been profoundly discredited, and the public sectors at state and commonwealth levels being equally discredited, with a national media now overtly incapable of reliably informing the nation of anything.

    Like, where the almighty F is this country going? And what sort of imbeciles are taking us there? They all stink!

    And what are we going to do about it?

    • 100% agree

      > And what are we going to do about it?

      Nothing. As long as house prices keep going up and anyone who questions the population ponzi is branded a racialist, the Wizard of Oz will keep the majority of the population subdued with a false sense of security.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      One wonders what the average man in the street in Geetroit thinks if he could express himself so eloquently
      …I’m sure he would agree ….problem is old angry australians are in the minority diluted in a sea of recent arrivals who are too busy scratching for a living and vote because they have to and often as directed

      • The FNG.MEMBER

        That’s right. It’s already over. We’ve already lost.

        Young people were the last hope. But they all think they’re going to inherit their parents houses and theyre all trapped by social media, their desperate need to be liked on social media and the culture war meaning they simply cannot, ever, talk about the negatives of mass migration.

        I’ve seen it. You can’t even get them to admit that doubling the population of Australia might increase our CO2 output. They are completely brainwashed, they believe in magical thinking (like we just need to build Hyperloops everywhere) and they’re a lost cause.

        They have no idea of their real predicament. They will find out too late.

    • MB readerMEMBER

      What are we going to do about it? Haha, we will probably re-elect the government.

  3. kannigetMEMBER

    What surprises me the most is that with all the crazy sexual misconduct and mishandling associated with this pack of loons, the Female support only dropped 4%..

    • The market must of already priced it in…not expecting better from anyone else.

  4. We still face the big problem of Morrison versus the Empty Chair, a bit like Italy vs Wales in soccer. Anyone for Dutton versus McGowan, now that actually might be a contest, a bit more like Italy vs England.

  5. If there was a remotely credible opposition Morrison would be working behind the counter in one of those mall food court shops, where he belongs. Or unemployed.

    As it is…

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      If there was a remotely credible opposition independent media in Australia Morrison would be working behind the counter in one of those mall food court shops, where he belongs. Or unemployed.

      Fixed that for you!

      Abbot got in – he was not remotely credible. Oppositions do not win, the population votes out a Government.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Abbott’s election was epic! I remember “Australia Needs Tony” plastered over News Corp front pages. Having been promised a version of Australia that looks a bit like the middle panel of Hieronymous Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”, Australians duly elected him.

        Now that things are looking a bit more like the third panel, people are having second thoughts. Although we’ll see how serious those are. Australians aren’t likely to vote for anyone who they think will make it more expensive to fill up the orgy wagon with fondue… err, I mean the Land Cruiser with petrol. Well heeled Australians just aren’t ready for that much deprivation and austerity… or any deprivation and austerity for that matter.

        Scotty is a prosperity gospel happy clapper, and he has a moral and psychological kinship with half the electorate. Scotty Government landslide is locked in. The support of Murdoch and Nine Media almost guarantee it.

      • My memory of that election was sitting in a car as Hockey announced polices. They had gone with Abbott’s strength up until that point. The man can wreck anything. With the support of the Murdoch media he was at it for years. It was damn close to the day so they thought they better announce a few. Probably the Thursday before the vote.

        Joe hops up the microphone and it’s a shambles. He’s out of his depth. They are vague. The type of things you’d throw into a yearly performance report if you knew you had work to do and didn’t want to be specific about it. The questions from the amassed media are leaving him a bit flustered. Kevin Andrews was on hand and he took the reins. Browsing the media the next day not much was made of it. Hockey had been the next great thing for a sporting team and performed that way columns would have been spent critiquing his inadequacies.

        However, the LNP stroll in and here we are in 2021. The LNP is even more bereft of capability and the Labor party hasn’t recovered from the hammering given to them for taking policies and vision to the last election. Should they get in they will probably be too timid to really attempt anything worthwhile for fear of having the press do to it what it did to Rudd and Gillard.

        Poor fellow my country.

        • Most Liberal policies that are still in play are really Joe Hockey’s ones so from his perspective as a politician he was successful. Not good for the country however I would figure or certain communities that aren’t his own.

          – Cuts to services
          – Free trade agreements
          – The car industry dying
          – Focusing on the intergenerational report for an “aging population”
          – Retirement age rising
          – Celebrating privatisation of assets via asset recycling programs
          – WSA (now $25 billion ) to alleviate the burden of flights over his Hunters Hill estate.
          – Trying to start Workchoices-lite.

          These are all still in play given his short time there. His exit speech really shows you he got what he wanted out of politics and then left (

  6. TailorTrashMEMBER

    II Dutto will be practicing in front of the mirror
    …the black uniform nicely pressed and ready

    • The FNG.MEMBER

      I still don’t know what I’m going to do in that situation.
      Whether to get ready to fight the Jackboots…..or get my size? It might be a good idea to be on the comfy end of the Jackboot.

      Because quite frankly, what would I be fighting for? I would fight to continue being a debt slave, tax slave for the boomers who want to mass migrate us into oblivion?

      You think Im going to fight to maintain this?

      No we’ll be fighting against that.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      PM Dutton would make me soo happy! He’d implement levels of protestor stompage that Trump could only dream of. And criticizing government ministers would be upgraded from libel to a criminal offence. Not only will people who do that be arrested (as they currently are), but in addition the charges will stick.

      Revenge of the Potato!

  7. The trouble is that unemployment on a massive scale is baked in at some point in the near future. Crashing house prices doesn’t mean much in that scenario, and the war will seem a God send to most of the punters.

    • The FNG.MEMBER

      That’s pretty much where I’m at. I see Xi as the only person who can make the changes we need in this country.
      That’s how far gone Australia is.