Mission accomplished: Morrison vaccination target reached

Yes, the original Morrison government vaccination target has been reached. All Australians have had at least one shot according to the plan:

PM Morrison has declared “mission accomplished”:

“the suggestion that somehow there was a vaccination rate that would have put us in a different position right now to what was planned last year is simply not true. There was never a 65% opportunity for Australia at this time of the year.”

No, it was 100%.  Meanwhile, he’s gone missing, and why not, he doesn’t hold the hose.

Not so Berejiklian’s fascists, who are mulling COVID secession to shut every border in and out of NSW permanently, as well as killing several thousands of its citizens, which is its choice:

Three senior ministers, who would not speak publicly due to cabinet confidentiality, have acknowledged the state has reached a “fork in the road” where it must choose between a lockdown to eliminate COVID or living with the virus.

The discussions will intensify in the coming days as NSW battles to contain the growing outbreak in south-west Sydney, which has much lower rates of vaccination in its elderly population than the rest of the state.

NSW Police will launch a major operation in south-west Sydney on Friday, sending in at least 100 officers to enforce the stay-at-home orders in a desperate bid to lower the rates of transmission in a host of suburbs.

…“What has become clear is we have reached a fork in the road. We have to decide whether we accept a lockdown so that we get cases down to zero or whether we do what no other state has done and accept the virus will circulate in the community,” the minister said.

…Health Minister Brad Hazzard said on Wednesday “if the individuals that we need don’t hear Dr Chant’s message and don’t respond, then at some point we’re going to move to a stage where we’re going to have to accept that the virus has a life which will continue in the community.”

Asked about Mr Hazzard’s comments, Deputy Premier John Barilaro told Sunrise that it was a “true comment” and that such a scenario was “very possible”.

Believe me when I tell you that I understand very well the frustrations of NSWelshmen today. I have had six lockdowns lasting six months to their two and a few weeks.

But, let’s face it when you have done this to yourself:

Then what do you expect?

There was some good news yesterday. One million Pfizer doses are available per week from July 19.

Go get the jab then let it rip.

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  1. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    Yeesh a bit harsh, not exactly Gladys’s fault Scomo has completely botched up the vaccines.

    NSW has done pretty well to date, certainly a hell of a lot better than what we have had to endure in Victoria….

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Not sure there is much of a strategy. Looks like flying a kite to gauge if they could get away with letting it rip.

        What a sh!t show.


        I think designed is too honorable a word for these clowns. It implies some sense of creativity, constructiveness, agency and planning. None of which our marketing-middle-manager in chief has displayed, well, ever, really.

      • Spreading conspiracy theories now? Nothing to do with unvaccinated drivers or receptionist outside Covid wards or leaks from HQ.

      • MichaelMEMBER

        Speaking of leaks.

        “he doesn’t hold the hose.”

        It must get pretty messy in the Morrison bathroom…

      • This, except for those ineligible for Pfizer – lots of them yeah – they’re not getting AZ. So they’re going to call Perrotet’s bluff.

        And then what?

        A double bluff and let it rip?

        No way, they’ll be crucified at the polls. Slothy Moronson won’t want that as Labor will have a field day linking it to the vaccine clusterfk (oh wait, sorry, that’s not right, there’s no way Albodross would be that competent, what was I thinking – he’ll call it racialist instead).

        I wonder if there’s something else at play? Perhaps a play for the position of Grand Fromage?

    • Dare I say, Frank, the graph puts Gladys not Daniel last. With Scotty, 1m a week “available” doesn’t mean 1m jabbed. It might mean a “scoping study” for a “pathway” to a “bridge” to a “plan” to “secure” the 40m Pfizer ordered. Sooner or later.

      • Right, so he’s just done the maths and realised that we were promised 40m, we’ve received 14m, that’s 26m left which is a million a week for the rest of the year (on average)?

        No indication of when the remaining 26m will arrive I assume.

  2. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    1 million a week, well they will all have to come to nsw first obviously 😏

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Rollout 4 Point Plan:
      1. All LNP Politicans, family members, lobbyists, donors and associated grifters.
      2. NSW Private Boys Elite Schools.
      3. The rest of Australia’s Private Boys Elite Schools (with the exception of Victoria).
      4. Finish vaccination program.

  3. kierans777MEMBER

    I wonder if we’ll see the consequences of all the Murdoch rags/2GB propaganda come home to roost. Or will Guilty Gladys chicken out of “learning to live with the virus” (aka economic rationalism) so that people don’t start dying and the community see through the bollocks the Liberals and their propaganda machine have been peddling.


      If NSW go for the “let it rip/live with the virus” now, before decent vaxx/immunity, they will most certainly be smashed by a even heavier, and longer lockdown(s) in the months to come (plus the deaths and bad health outocomes).

      Society, healthcare systems and politics will demand it.

      I don’t understand how folks (like the 3 unnamed cabinet ministers) can see it happening any other way. We’ve had and still have, multiple (mostly under-vaccinated) countries around the world lurching from lockdown to lockdown with varying rolling restrictions. There’s case-studies everywhere. But somehow it might be different here?

      These lockdowns and restrictions are INEVITABLE where the virus gets hold and spreads through unvaccinated populations. The shills like Gigi Foster et al. still acting as if there’s some CHOICE have ignored the now hundreds of case studies of countries, with governments and societies of all political persuasions, being forced into restrictions and lockdowns BY THE VIRUS.

      Gets my goat.

      edit: did listen to a good Economists (ABC RN) podcast where Gigi was shut down by not one, but two, of their guests. Including an ex-RBA member and ex-Reagan admin economist.

      “Lockdowns and the path forward”


      • Gigi Foster is unlistenable. I can’t start Martin either, but he squashed her on that. She’s awful.

        • I listened to that. Good grief. She’s a great example of knowing the theory without having a clue. Talks at a hundred miles an hour and seems to equate that to intelligence. Brandolini’s Law in the flesh. No apparent willingness to acknowledge any evidence backed outcome that doesn’t align with her initial thinking.

          I get the desire to appeal to younger generations, but surely the ABC could find someone a little more thoughtful and reflective than this cliche.

          • She’s risible

            On immigration being a net benefit

            “I came here with no belongings and purchased all this furniture for my house I bought ergo immigration is great”. I paraphrased slightly but that’s basically what she said

            She is verbal diahorrhea. Paging Arthur – vass ist die German für dat s’Il vous plaît


    Scomo’s “Jab-berwocky”

    …….“And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
    Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
    He chortled in his joy.

  5. These numbers just need a bit of adjustment……watch Boris in UK where now that their version of JobKeeper is ending lots of people are deleting their Test and Trace App so that they can’t be sent to isolation since it is no longer paid. Also the lateral flow tests are no longer free for all……..like Mr Trump said, less testing means less cases.


    Changes are being made at the top level of the NHS right now………..probably daily admission figures will vanish like in the US. Wait until people realise even with the best of the vaccines mask wearing and distancing will be needed until 90% coverage and new shots every 6 months to stay open.

  6. Mark HeydonMEMBER

    “Morrison vaccination target reached”
    Wasn’t that back in February when he had his?

  7. MathiasMEMBER

    I havent had a first jab… and nor have many people I know. They refuse Astrazeneca.

  8. Where the actual f$ck is Labor? It’s incomprehensible

    Buttttttt not as incomprehensible as the Demons last night! Hey! Where was that against the Pies and GWS. Good gracious.

      • That’s weird the AFL doesn’t have a “the Raiders”

        Are you referring to Black Sails or some pirate related entertainment enterprise.

      • Ladbrokes are offering a 3.90 cash out on demons flagbets (laid at 26), down from 4.70 after the 11-0 start (I still can’t believe that)