Matt Canavan blames states for quarantine failures

True to Morrison Government form, National Party MP Matt Canavan has today blamed the state’s failures on hotel quarantine for halving international arrival numbers:

Senator Canavan said Australia wouldn’t have had to half international arrivals if hotel quarantine was managed better.

“I think it’s really unfortunate the state governments haven’t been able to manage their quarantine systems better such that we’ve had to go backwards. We’ve gone backwards”…

“We should be taking more Australians back. We should be accepting greater risk and managing this.

“Instead we’re crawling back underneath the doona”.

Matt Canavan should take a look at the Australian Constitutional, which clearly states that the federal government has responsibility for quarantine.

Canavan should then ask his fellow Coalition MPs why the Morrison Government has repeatedly knocked back state government requests and proposals to create dedicated federal quarantine facilities.

May’s federal budget is a case in point. It included billions of dollars of spending on everything but dedicated quarantine facilities.

After examining these issues, Matt Canavan should then interrogate his fellow Coalition MPs about their botched vaccine rollout, which is lagging badly behind the rest of the developed world.

Sadly, it is much easier for the Morrison Government to shift blame to the states than admit its own blunders.

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    Lol what MC says.
    Just another incapable pollie amidst a sea of incapables!
    One only needs to look around to realize that what has developed wrt dealing with C19 is a direct reflection of the incapables’ ineptitude.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      You’re right, i’ve never seen a photo of MC that doesn’t look like he’s been eating too much Chinese cadmum flavoured rice with stir fried coal dust. Which is probably his Mum’s fault too. I’d just call him ‘Fotze’ and be done with it but he has a special extra something, innit? Also eminently less useful than his namesake.

  2. MathiasMEMBER

    Woah… they bring another person into the media… probably because his name hasnt been tarnished yet. He will be gone in a week.

    So Gladys Berejiklians word is as useful as mud. Nobody listens to her and nobody cares anymore. Not surprised lol.

    ScoMo about to throw Gladys under a bus or hide from the media spotlight to protect his own reputation ( thats the Liberal way ) but I suspect the AUDUSD is going to tank so hard soon that ScoMo himself will be under fire.

    So now we bring out all the underdogs and the squeeling pigs begins to start.

    This gets so exciting.

    So when NSW implodes into a ball of flames and all of Harrys Dreams end up buggered, does that mean QLD can now buy out all of NSW property for cheap, forcing everyone in NSW to rent to us and start calling the shots? Why not? Its what they’ve done to us?

  3. It’s been clear from the beginning that the LNP haven’t taken the pandemic seriously and all of the restrictions put in place are because they got dragged along kicking and screaming by the state premiers. Initially it was “It’s just the flu”

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Did ANYONE really think the feds were going to take responsibility themselves for this Covid fiasco?
        It was always going to be the States fault!
        Whether it was a state government of their team or not.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          Yep. Anyone else reckon he went back to Kirribilli so he can say he’s lockdowned like everyone else and therefore leaves everyone else to front the media?

          #KoalaKiller and the walking Hazzard looked mightily p!ssed off this morning. They’ve realised Scummo is going to hang them out to dry after doing what he wanted.

          • kierans777MEMBER

            Good. Let the Coalition tear itself apart. It needs a wipeout to reboot itself.

  4. It has to be obvious from all the leaks that hotel quarantine was never fit for purpose. The ventilation systems in hotels were never designed for quarantining people with an airborne infection, not to mention choosing hotels that were in the middle of major cities. They had to use hotels initially for want of any alternative, but the politicians have had a whole year to construct more Howard Springs type facilities. Matt Canavan needs to look in the mirror if he wants someone to blame. I heartily agree that he is also an environmental vandal.

  5. The reason why they don’t want to do it is really simple. They don’t want “long term” suitable quarantine facilities to be built; if it means people may not have to “live with the virus” on an ongoing basis that would threaten what they stand for ideologically. They want things to go back to normal – high migration, high travel, lots of development and that can only happen if we live with the virus on an ongoing basis really and accept some people getting sick from it and its ongoing variants.

    Effective quarantine could help mitigate this on an ongoing basis while still allowing “essential travel” (e.g. seeing dying family members) to take place if people are willing to quarantine. It would still allow essential travel but unfortunately for Morrison would not allow for mass migration. However this stops the kind of travel big business and typical donors to the liberal party like – movement of workers (fly-in, fly-out, business travel) and very large scale migration (200,000 a year to quarantine is a very large task) and therefore they don’t want to fund it.

    Once the population has seen quarantine can work well they will want it there for a very long time; which is exactly what Morrison does not want. They want people to see breaches as inevitable, therefore you MUST be vaccinated and therefore we can open borders.

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