Liar from the Shire invents more vaccine

It was good news this morning on vaccines:

Australia has clinched a potentially game-changing deal to triple its access to Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines to one million doses a week from July 19 as Sydney almost certainly faces another seven-day lockdown extension, with authorities struggling to contain the outbreak in the city’s southwest.

Scott Morrison on Thursday announced a dramatic acceleration of the vaccination program in Sydney – including 150,000 extra doses of Pfizer and 150,000 AstraZeneca vaccines – and ­additional financial aid for affected residents as Gladys Berejiklian warned the lockdown could be ­extended beyond next Friday if ­infection rates did not fall.

But it turns out that it was the usual Liar from the Shire:

Nothing in there about “dramatic acceleration”.

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      • Verschlimmbesserung

        Verschlimmbesserung is a German noun word for an attempted improvement that only makes things worse.

        Synonyms: Scott Morrison.

        • Jeepers even their language is efficient
          Except for the 450 character words

          “Bird in sky” I imagine is something like DieBirdenstrubeneindiekammerbagutterschlungkongenfruede

          • Swampy, google translate can’t swallow it, even breaking it up, the best I get is,

            The worsening improvement The Birden strube no the chamber bagutta schlungkongenfruede

            Can you let us in on a hint, or Hinweis?

  1. turncoatMEMBER

    Are you saying that Pfizer is not bringing it forward? But if they are then this is a significant improvement in our situation and you appear to be barking up the wrong tree.

      • turncoatMEMBER

        It seems unlikely to me that scomo would invent an improved schedule with the proof to be evident in 2 weeks time if it was ill founded. The political risk of disappointment and misleading a jaundiced public would be too grave.

        • At the risk of having missed the invisible arc tags:

          It IS an improved rollout compared to what we have experienced to date. But only because what we have experienced to date has been the worst in the world.

          It’s like ScuMo wants credit for jumping over a 3 foot high jump bar when his best to date has been 18 inches.


            Giving scummo any credit here would be like giving the man at the donut stand a round of applause for getting my order right. After it’s given to me a week late and he’s [email protected] on it. Also there isn’t any actual donut it’s just the sh1t.

        • The political risk of disappointment and misleading a jaundiced public would be too grave.

          Seems like the public are already in that state. I’m sure pun was intended with “grave”.

        • The political risk of disappointment and misleading a jaundiced public would be too grave.

          You seem to be operating under the assumption the public will hold this little hobgoblin to account.

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        It is amazing having a company having to release a press statement contradicting a Prime Minister!

        I wonder it The Australia (or any Murdoch paper) published the statement from Pfizer? And without that, the Morrison Spin worked, so why would he operate any differently? With a functioning media he would be called out for being a deceptive, corrupt politician, without one his popularity increases.

        • It seems like a giant FU from Pfizer based on not being selected as captains 1st pick. Humble pie is best served cold. -200 degrees I believe 😂

    • MathiasMEMBER

      Agreed. The Media Watchdog should be slapping them with a huge fine for that.

      Better still, Fairfax can shutdown and bugger off back to America. They can take Guardian with them when they go.

      • I did, and again.Seems like Pfizer are asserting the agreed/arranged terms, so some turn coat doesn’t stab them in the back with blame. Eg, I did everything but Pfizer, … We’ve heard it before.

          • Hilarious! You need to read it carefully. Anyway Jason has already done it for you.
            Nothing in their statement precludes fast tracking. Seems like you’ve imagined reading something.

          • Nothing in Pfizer’s statement says they are fast tracking either. They simply assert that 40 million doses are contracted to be delivered between now and December 30 and that they are keeping up with a weekly delivery schedule (unspecified) which will see them meet the terms of their contract. For all we know that could be 200,000 doses a week for the next 20 weeks before they drop 36 million doses in December.
            The absence of any indication by Pfizer of an increased tempo of deliveries is more informative than anything Smoko or The Australian has to say.

      • “Remain on track and continue to progress in line with our weekly delivery schedule” seems entirely inconsistent with “PM secures faster flood of Pfizer doses”

        • turncoatMEMBER

          “Remain on track and continue to progress in line with our weekly delivery schedule” is looking in the rear view mirror. What matters is if the schedule changes.

          If Scomo is lying we will soon find out – but the risks to him are far too great. Most probably it is as Pfizer says in the release “we continue to work closely with the Government to support their rollout program” and accordingly they have modified the schedule.

      • You keep urging this, but no matter many times it is read, the meaning is crystal clear. It is quite blunt in corporate speak terms. That Pfizer took this pre-emptive step to set the record straight speaks volumes.

        • turncoatMEMBER

          So let’s wait and see then. It’s not too far away. My bet is that Scomo is not such a total imbecile that he would imperil himself by creating false expectations when previously his government was widely castigated for failing to meet the initial targets. I’m more than willing to smell a rat but in this case I think Ockham wins out.

          I feel safe with my bet whereas yours seems a bit out there, as they say.

  2. nanutarraMEMBER

    Maybe they already have a few million doses stashed away (Who knows) and the plan was to mass vax just before the election.
    This Sydney outbreak may have changed their corrupt minds.

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