Job postings unaffected by lockdowns

Callam Pickering, economist at global jobs site Indeed, has released new data showing that, as of last Friday, Sydney’s and Melbourne’s lockdowns had minimal impact on Job Postings; although Pickering expects the situation to change as lockdowns drag on:

As of last Friday, there has been minimal impact on job postings from the lockdowns in Victoria and NSW. I’d expect that to change – given how long these states will be in lockdown – but so far very little movement.

Overall, job postings remain very strong and that is typically a good sign for future employment. In the near-term though employment trends are going to be driven by lockdowns.

Job Postings

Separately, Callam Pickering released another chart showing that short-term employment has fallen to its lowest level since early 2008:

Australia’s long-term unemployment rate (>52w unemployed) dipped to 1.5% in June. That’s down from 1.8% in April. It was about 1.3% before the pandemic.

The short-term unemployment rate (<52w) fell to 3.4%. That’s the lowest level since February 2008.

Short vs long-term unemployment

Australia’s labour market has experienced a remarkable recovery. Sadly, the latest batch of lockdowns has thrown a large spanner into the works.

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