Give Sydney JobKeeper or expect violence

My sources are telling me Sydney is in lockdown for another two months at least. Hence, the following is completely bonkers from the state and federal Coalition:

Premier Gladys Berejiklian is refusing to publicly lobby the federal government for the return of JobKeeper despite Sydney’s lockdown being extended by four weeks and new data revealing spending across the city is at the lowest levels since the pandemic began.

Industry groups, unions and NSW Labor have joined NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet in pushing for JobKeeper to be reinstated as Sydney’s Delta outbreak recorded its worst day on Tuesday, with 172 new COVID-19 cases.

Ms Berejiklian will on Wednesday announce an extension of the lockdown, with concessions to allow construction to resume from Saturday in non-hotspot areas and rapid antigen testing of year 12 students meaning they can return to school. There are no plans for face-to-face learning for students in other years.

You can’t force people to stay home and not pay them to do it as their jobs go up in smoke. Pretending that the lockdown will end earlier so you can dodge the responsibility of financial fallout will trigger a revolution.

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    • The majority of Australian’s rebel, seriously? We are one of the most compliant nations on Earth. Yes Gladys, no Gladys, three bags full Gladys.

  1. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    What’s the point though when, As per your previous article, the businesses themselves will just pocket the lion’s share. It’s shameless.

    Maybe the employees can best direct their anger at the employers who don’t share in the largess. Wonder how many people a pedigree racehorse would feed ?.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      the 1500 a fortnight had to be paid to the employee no matter what so unless your business is still running you are not pocketing it, which is why it makes sense for this lock down as its much tougher then last year with all non essential retail shut, that’s alot of employees.
      They could definitely fine tune however, it was too easy to qualify for last year

      • Frank DrebinMEMBER

        Which is fine, but it should be going straight to everyone rather than via employers.

        • MountainGuinMEMBER

          Run it via centrelink, the body that has the purpose of providing dollars directly to qualifying folk.

        • Jumping jack flash


          Businesses have forgotten how to pay money to their employees after over a decade where wage theft was the name of the game.

          Running it via Centrelink is a great idea but Scomo wouldn’t like it because it would mean it was more “dole”-ish and that goes against the core tenets of the LNP which is to despise dole bludgers.

          If one of Scomo’s mates could quickly set up a private stimulus distribution company then that would be ok.

        • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

          only problem with bypassing the employer who had to pass it on anyway is that employees simply wont come in to work if there is any. Employers had to pass it on so it would show up in payroll tax and BAS etc.

          • Jumping jack flash

            Fair point.

            The problem with leaving it up to employers to be responsible for doling it out was that after a good decade or so of wage theft employers have used every trick in their books to position their workforces where nobody was eligible for the stimulus.

            Hence why many employers ended up giving back large swathes of stimulus – the mark of an utter failure at stimulus, which is by definition meant to handed out to stimulate, not to be handed back to whence it came after doing absolutely nothing.

            Some may argue that the eligibility criteria were sound and reasonable, and that if you weren’t eligible then you didn’t deserve any stimulus. The problem with that is that the point of the stimulus was to stimulate and it would have been obvious to Scomo et al when forming those criteria that their criteria cut out large sections of the workforce that were ready, available and should have been utilised for stimulation, ie, it was a sub-optimal effort.

            Its a miracle that we’re getting a 3.8% CPI result based on that dismal effort. It’s not a bad result but it should be, and needs to be, a lot higher.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Probably some version of: in theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

          • Earlier article today said that best and less recieved a certain amount of jobkeeper but only passed half of it on to their employees. At least that was how it sounded when I read it.

            “Best & Less received $42.6 million of JobKeeper in calendar 2020 – nearly half its annual labour bill of $90 million. But only $15.7 million of JobKeeper was passed on to employees.”

          • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

            yeah i saw that but that couldn’t of happened, the whole lot would have been passed on but the employee would have still been working so the govt basically paid their wages bill which is why the profit margin was so high. it was still passed on.

          • Jumping jack flash

            How much did B&L give back?

            Either way, net result zero as far as stimulus is concerned.
            If they didn’t end up returning their stimulus did B&L hire extra staff or give out wage increases with their extra profits?
            Then it was a fail.

        • Arthur Schopenhauer

          Given the paperwork Small Business had to submit to the ATO, it would be relatively easy to track non-compliance? Or did bigger business have different assessments?

    • No can’t do that. Employers would feel the bully & launch class action against employee disgruntledness….yes I’m making up my own words:)

  2. I Demand a Lockdown

    Let it rip. That’s what they’ve done in the US. 200k dead since Biden took office they don’t lockdown.

  3. Krudd cheques for TVs needed. Its a stunt so smirko rides in, in a fortnight with money for everyone

    • MountainGuinMEMBER

      If scomo tries to score points in writing cheques, he should be asked why he avoided building quarantine and why he stuff up vaccinations. I.e. any expenditure is sorta the cost of these failures.
      Payments should come with an apology and ministerial responsibility.

        • Jumping jack flash

          Its a crisis so anything goes. No accountability or responsibility required, as long as enough things are tried quickly enough and without any kind of thought or logic to appease the people who demand something must be done.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I am so hoping that the people get out there and take their freedom back pronto! Fascism must be defeated. Say no to totalitarian lock downs now!

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Plus more dead grannies means more estate sales, eh bloke! Plus whatever other assets they had will go to younger people who are more likely to invest it in less conservative and thus more lucrative investments.

      Unlock all that wealth the oldies (and fatties – yuck) have been hoarding. The real estate commissions on the property sales alone will be mega! It’ll be an estate driven boom!

  5. Revolution in Australia? Yeah right. The majority are too scared to do anything and the minority that do anything will be labeled with severe consequences to follow.

    • Jumping jack flash

      House prices always need more inflation.
      10 million median price by 2050. (doubling every 7 -10 years)

      Pity that particular kind of inflation doesn’t generally get transferred into the wider economy though. People don’t usually liquidate their houses to consume. They liquidate their houses to buy more houses!

      For the correct type of inflation they need to directly pay the workers cash to boost consumption, and then that injection flows into prices and then wages in turn.

    • I’m ready!
      Anything to break our current corrupted system till get real democracy that puts Australia & Australians first.

  6. Fark that.

    The average Sydney house looks to increase $216K in 2021, owners of such dwellings can draw down on equity (mate) and continue living the extravagant lifestyle they are used to.

    Renter scum should be given assistance so they can pay their overlords the correct amounts each month for accommodation and lodging. Better still, just send the money straight to the landlords so the scum dont spend it on useless stuff like nappies and food.

  7. The conspiracy theorist in me says the hold-out from the Feds is a dangling carrot to get more AZ vaccines in arms while they’re waiting on the Pfizer to arrive.

    NSW have lost complete control of this. Out of the 177 cases today, 103 are yet to be linked. In total there are 689 cases yet to be linked.

    68 of yesterdays cases were out in the community while infectious.

    Potentially 171/177 in the community while infectious. Even if we conservatively say that 1/3 of those unlinked cases were out in the community, that’s 102/177.

    This is a really fkn dangerous game without government assistance.

    • The FNG.MEMBER

      That’s what I reckon. Watch AZ vax hesitancy dissipate once we really start putting some boomers into some coffins…

      Cases don’t scare people. Deaths do. They’re ripping the blanket off!!

      • Jumping jack flash

        Boomers into coffins isn’t going to happen in any kind of significant volumes unless we get thousands and thousands of cases (but perhaps from taking the vaccine, then yes) and more 80 – 90 year olds dying simply wont convince me to get the jab. Sorry.

        Let the 80-90 year olds get the jab. Hopefully they all fare better than my father.

    • Big call….that line of thinking implies TBTB are ok overloading hospitals, making staff sick, literally killing people, all to overcome a poorly communicated and implemented and procured vaccine/public health campaign?….

      • Throw into the mix potential issues with local manufacture/supply, and one might get desperate to put existing doses into as many arms as possible lest they go to waste…..

        Something fishy is going on with the local manufacture of AZ at CSK (or at least the data).

        The Vaccine Operations Centre weekly update dated 26 July week (published 27July) said:

        Last week, around 1 million doses of Pfizer were released for distribution.

        Over the coming week, the Therapeutic Goods Administration will conduct sample testing of over 1 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, along with over 1.6 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine produced onshore by CSL, prior to releasing the vaccines for distribution.

        The previous weeks release was dated 19th July, but only published on 28 July:

        Last week, over 500,000 doses of Pfizer and 500,000 doses of AstraZeneca were released for distribution.

        Over the coming days, the Therapeutic Goods Administration will conduct sample testing of close to 1 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, prior to releasing the vaccines for distribution.

        Why didn’t they test any doses of AZ the week before last? Were any doses of AZ actually released?

        And why are they not providing exact numbers and data-sets?

        • ….the update on the 12 July , they were providing exact numbers:

          Last week, 300,690 doses of Pfizer and 260,100 doses of AstraZeneca were released for distribution.

          Over the coming days, the Therapeutic Goods Administration will conduct sample testing of 500,760 doses of Pfizer vaccine, along with 281,500 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine produced onshore by CSL, prior to releasing the vaccines for distribution.

          Doesn’t exactly instil much confidence when the numbers are written differently from one week to the next..

  8. working class hamMEMBER

    $750 a week instead of $600.
    Not really going to help with a Sydney mortgage.

  9. The NSW govt aren’t doing themselves any favours. The support for businesses announced to date lacks sufficient detail to properly apply for and only applies to business over 2 years old. Plus they are insisting that you get an accountant to certify your fall in turnover and accountants are charging a couple of hundred bucks for the privilege to put a Xero report on their letterhead.

  10. Jumping jack flash

    I can’t understand it. Here is an incredibly rare *second* opportunity for Scomo to have another crack at getting the stimulus to heal Australia’s debt economy [err, to counter COVID, yes, yes of course that’s what its for] correct, and he isn’t going to have a go at it?

    It makes no sense. The guy is clearly a buffoon. Perhaps he’s slightly “touched”? Maybe an unfortunate encounter with lead at a young age? It could explain the Engadine Maccas incident.

    You usually don’t get another chance at these kinds of things, but here we are. I can’t see the US or the UK having another chance to get their stimuli correct. The US is going all in – they obviously know how things work in the New Economy.

    Go on Scotty! You can’t be that stupid. We need the CPI or everything collapses, slowly but surely.

  11. Rorted to high buggery last time.

    Government will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to resurrect JobKeeper.

  12. Every homeowner in Australia won lotto this year. Why work?
    For us renter scum… memecoins, I guess. And apparently no real inflation. I have lost faith in just about everything, to be honest. Is that a revolution?