Is Australia on the brink of losing COVID war?

NSW’s COVID outbreak went from bad to worse over the weekend with another 163 new local infections recorded on Saturday followed by 141 on Sunday – both the highest number of daily cases this outbreak. Dozens of these cases were also infectious in the community.

Sadly, a women in her 30s with no pre-existing illness also died of the virus.

The next chart, which compares the progression of NSW’s daily cases with Victoria’s Winter-Spring outbreak last year suggests that NSW case numbers may not peak for another fortnight, assuming Sydney remains in lockdown:

New locally acquired COVID cases

Another fortnight before NSW COVID cases peak?

Whether Sydneysiders will put up with months more lockdowns is the big question, with violent protests erupting in the city on Saturday (see below video). Thousands of unmasked residents descended on central Sydney calling for ‘freedom’ from COVID restrictions. Police and their horses were attacked and dozens of protesters were arrested.

The NSW government and epidemiologists are now concerned that the protest may become a super-spreading event that results in an explosion of cases across Sydney, meaning the virus gets out of control.

Thousands of protesters also descended on Melbourne and Brisbane; although they were tamer in comparison to Sydney.

Regardless, these protest suggest that Australians are watching Europe and the United States open up and are becoming increasingly frustrated with and/or opposed to lockdowns and restrictions. If Sydneysiders can react so strongly after only four weeks of lockdowns, then what chance is there that they will passively obey another month-plus of lockdowns?

If NSW cannot get the virus under control quickly, then residents may continue to revolt, flout the rules, and case numbers will rise further. If that happens, then any chance to eliminate the virus will be lost, NSW will be shut off from the rest of the nation for the foreseeable future, and intermittent snap lockdowns will be imposed elsewhere as virus continually leaks across the state border via freight or any other transmission mechanism.

In short, it is possible that our governments’ COVID elimination strategy has begun to fail.

If so, the goal now should be to emulate Europe and the US by getting vaccination rates above acceptable herd immunity thresholds as quickly as possible and ceasing border closures and lockdowns.

Vaccination rates

Australia’s vaccination rates lagging well behind.

Like it or not, Australia must learn to live with the virus, just as other advanced nations are doing.

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  1. Learn to live with it? Just like that woman in her 30’s? You have lost me here Leith. We need to just not do what NSW did. As for NSW it’s stuffed and the silver lining is that this arrogant government will hopefully unravel and Gladys and Scomo will be made to pay.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      The only silver lining is that having been responsible and done the hard yards repeatedly, other states will build an iron wall around NSW until general vaccine availability. So all the deaths will at least be contained in Sydney/NSW. Which should limit the total number to low thousands.

      Once the bodies start piling up in Sydney, we’ll see how recalcitrant the smooth-brained freedom-screechers are. You’ll be seeing further lockdowns in that city, and the only way to ensure compliance will to be VERY tough on non-compliance.

    • Actually, UE is bang on this one. You cannot avoid it, its coming for everyone eventually. Took two AZ jabs, I seem to still be alive a kicking. And in any case, its better against the Delta (Indian variant) than the mRNA based options.

      Just do it, and move on… it makes no sense everyone running for cover over AZ. Its arguably the best jab out there, although you will need a booster next winter because its antibody based, and for some reason, we all lose immunity against covid, rather quickly!.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        UE is bang wrong on this one. The other states should (and will) build a ring of steel around NSW, and simultaneously aim to get their vaccination rates above 80% or so. Only once that vaccination level is reached should the ring of steel be lifted.

        Meanwhile, NSW can do whatever they’re capable of the limit their outbreak and get their vaccination levels up. They don’t appear capable of much.

        From a risk perspective, the other states should treat NSW the same as another country that has a bad Delta variant outbreak.

        • From a risk management perspective mandating the entire population (or 80% of it) take a chemical concoction with unknown long-term consequences is the last thing that would ever be done, not for something with a 90~99.98% survival rate.

          Short-term studies do not always turn out long-term consequences, sometimes long-term consequences are disastrous. Risk management and mitigation, is not about swapping a medium chance of something not that bad, for a small chance of something very bad.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            “for something with a 90~99.98% survival rate.”.

            Lying non-member troll and fool. Let’s take the middle of your range with a 95% survival rate and 30% of the population infected. That’s 333,000 deaths in Australia. The mortality rate is actually around 1%. For Sydney alone, assuming a low infection rate of 20%, and the known mortality rate of around 1%, you’re looking at 10,000 deaths in Sydney alone.

            Meanwhile, mortality from the vaccines is in the 1 in a million range (or lower for the mRNA vaccines), leading to an expected number of vaccine deaths of a dozen or two for the whole nation. You smooth brains can’t even do simple math. 20 (expected national vax deaths) is a much lower number than 10000 (likely number of COVID deaths in Sydney alone).

            Anyone who listens to a lying propagandist fool like you is a even bigger fool.

          • NSW CHO Kerry Chant said about AstraZeneca…. “The risks of AstraZeneca are infinitesimally small compared to the benefits. I just cannot understand why people would not be taking the opportunity to get AstraZeneca in droves”

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            rusty: excellent quote. I’d offer some reasons why people aren’t running out to get the vaccine.

            1. Scotty cast doubt early on about the safeness of AZ, and there hasn’t been much from the government re-inforcing the “vaccines are safe, effective, and will be the means by which we overcome COVID and get back to normal with very few deaths”. Senior government figures should have been repeating this until blue in the face.
            2. Australians are being sucked into anti-vax propaganda in droves. If you want to see a major source of such propaganda, simply do a search for the book “Foundations of Geopolitics”, which is basically the disinformation instruction manual for Russia, a number of other nations, and oligarchs everywhere who are trying to destroy democracy. It’s largely through social media, which in my opinion is going to be the cause of the collapse of most Western democracies in the next 20 years.
            3. Years of anti-science drivel from government and media, trying to cast doubt on all kinds of settled science in order to help their vested-interest owners.
            4. Australian exceptionalism, which at an individual level boils down to “I won’t get COVID because I’m special, so the risks of the vaccine accrue to me, while the risks of COVID accrue to everyone else”.
            5. Widespread innumeracy. The average Australian is simply incapable of comparing vastly differing risks. The risk of dying of a vaccine is something like 3 orders of magnitude lower (or more) than dying of covid. The vaccine also has the advantage of reducing the r-number. Yet a disturbingly high percentage of the population weight the vaccine as more risky.

          • This is a really illuminating short video on why you can’t compare Covid-19 vaccines ( Now the video talks about J&J efficacy, but if you look at AZ in the UK, the results are staggering, and given its better with the Indian (Delta) variant, its probably the best choice presently. The dangers blown totally out of proportion.

    • There are always going to be outliers in anything. This woman in her 30s is the 2nd death in Aus from over 17,000 infections of under 40s. I really feel for her family and friends but this poor young lady was very much an outlier. You know it is by how much is made of it by the media.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        ” I really feel for her family and friends but …”

        Ha ha ha! Appending “but” to any statement renders it false. Just admit that you don’t care. You can do it.

        • sydboy007MEMBER

          Care about as much as Australians have cared about the 10s of thousands that have died from teh flu over the last decade.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your opinion man. And even if I am, so what? Doesn’t make me wrong. Whereas you’ve presented precisely nothing aside from “waaaah, me upset by truth, call names”. Low energy! Sad!

            When someone says “I feel for dead-person’s family, but …” they don’t really care. “But” is a modifier that invalidates the preceding statement. They’re just trying to sound less callous because they’re quite happy for loads of people to die so long as they’re not being inconvenienced, but are too afraid to say it. Whereas I adopt being callous when it’s suited, which is why so many of you anti-truthers can’t stand me.

          • reusachtigeMEMBER

            Not just a tool. Fascist scum just like the first commenter and all their Lock. Us. Down! now ilk.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Are they fascist or communist today? They seem to be swinging from one side of the political spectrum to the other in your mind.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            The ideology of the authoritarian/oppressive regime makes little difference to the “lived experience” of the citizen with the jackboot stomping down on their face forever.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            Ha ha ha! ad-hom is an attack on the person instead of their argument. Pointing out that “I’m not racist but… ” style statements are full-of-$h1t isn’t ad-hom. If that’s ad-hominem, then EVERYTHING is, and NOTHING is. Please try harder, I’m here all night! _thunderous applause_.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            That’s pathetic. I’m an over-educated approaching 50 year old. Ad-hominem is the most commonly cited fallacy. Everyone over the age of about 25 who can read has heard of it.

            Please don’t post complete garbage.

        • The Penske FileMEMBER

          People under 40 still have more chance dying in a car crash than COVID (ban cars?). Learn to live with it.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            Yeah, that’s great for people under 40. But health authorities have to consider the whole population. COVID is terrible for older folks. Also, you haven’t sourced your stat. Where did you get it from? Because if you got if from Australia, you’re comparing the scenario in which COVID was eradicated to road deaths. Australia is no longer facing the scenario where COVID is eradicated, but having prolonged community spread.

            Please address this, because otherwise you sound like an uneducated crazy person who is spouting random memes that they read on Facebook.

      • Delta variant is impacting young people at a far higher rate than the original strain or Alpha strain.

    • Its a very disappointing post..

      The new Delta Plus and Lambda variants are incredibly concerning and Delta Plus is no doubt in Australia.

      It is resistant to Covid-19 drugs.
      Far more transmissable
      Resistant to vaccines
      Is not showing up in tests.
      Killing young people now as well as old.

      If you could write down what the worst case scenario for this virus would be – then Delta Plus is it – to let that spread is completely and utterly wreckless and a total abrogation of duty of care for the citizens of Australia – it really is borderline treasonous stuff.

      • truthisfashionable

        “Now, the “third wave” is expected to emerge from the Delta Plus variant (B.1.617.2.1/AY.1) that has appeared across 12 countries, including India, UK, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Russia, Japan, Nepal, China, Canada, Turkey, and the US.”

        Lucky there isn’t say, a major international sporting competitions that is occuring in one of these countries where the Delta Plus variant has appeared…. oh

    • I think he has lost quite a number of people here sadly. The narrative of “we must learn to live with the virus” when this COVID outbreak was only the result of government “hotel quarantine” failure makes me despair. The government failed, now we had to live with the consequences?

      Hotel quarantine as a quarantine system should have always been temporary. We had a year and a half to establish good quarantine facilities. It doesn’t help that NSW was eager to take in the most residents from overseas with what was a temporary not-medical-grade quarantine system. This was always a gamble that in the end the “delta strain” won – other states put their own citizens first.

      The protests, the vaccine rollout, now approving AZ as a panic decision, etc are all symptoms of the real failure. The real failure is our quarantine failed and needed to be invested in way before this breach took place. Gladys should own that failure as the person who stood up in front of the press with Scomo just before this lockdown and stated we had confidence in their quarantine facilities. She justified Scomo, where quarantine is a federal responsibility to not have to invest in it. Other states, and their leaders, certainly had to own their own failures.

      • Exactly. The dodgy fake “quarantine” they did in inner-city hotels was a disgrace.

        Real quarantine was done properly decades years ago. It is not hard to understand. It justs takes effort, resources and time to do it properly.

        They take a healthy worker travelling interstate and force him to fake quarantine in a dangerous hotel with likely sick people from overseas. 14 days later (where did that number come from?) they release him. Turns out he has caught the virus at the fake quarantine facility and then spreads it amongst healthy people.

        These same dictators who believed in the fake obviously-dangerous hotel quarantine now tell us that they have vaccines that they believe are safe. Is that as safe as the hotels, or safe? I ask.

        These vaccines don’t stop you catching the virus. These vaccines don’t stop you spreading the virus. The vaccines sound like the fake quarantine. Remember the obviously dangerous hotel quarantine that didn’t stop the guy catching the virus, and didn’t stop the guy spreading the virus? What’s the difference?

        I put it to you that these vaccines are like the hotels – fake and dangerous. I don’t trust them.

        • There is a very real risk that vaccinations will be outrun by mutations, if this happens the playbook will have to change or society will tear itself to shreds. Its frustrating that our politicians have;

          – Placed their bets/hopes in lockdowns and vaccines.
          – Messed up the 2 things they put their bets/hopes on and instead gave themselves green scorecards way too early.
          – Have not fully explored, funded and researched alternative medical solutions both natural and chemical.
          – Underinvested in core healthcare across the board to better deal with outbreaks.
          – Refused to focus on the general societal health issues which strengthen the populaces natural immunity (Obesity, diabetes heart diseases etc)
          – Sold their countries futures to drug companies utilizing rushed vaccines on the basis of a “global crisis” and then indemnified these drug companies.
          – Broken up countries along state borders.
          – Provided massive exceptions to elites, core constituents or lobbyist groups (construction).

          Unlike Duds, I am not writing Australia off and dont generally think the population are a bunch of scumbags that deserve the upcoming decline. Australia/the globe needs a reset and if there is a silver lining my hope is that if systems, processes, people get pushed to breaking point then the reset can be used for good.

          • I definitely understand “Creative Destruction” because I lived it for a large part of my working life. But I must admit I struggle to understand “Destructive Creationism” which appears to be what you’re hoping will happen and give rise to a revived Aussie economy
            Exactly how’s this going to work?
            Has it worked for other countries that went down this path (Argentina, Zimbabwe or South Africa)
            Has it ever worked anywhere? (Mao’s long march, or Cambodia’s Killing fields)

            Maybe Chile post Pinochet or Colombia post Farc are examples of “Destructive Creationism” but I’m not sure Australian are ready for this sort of journey.

    • Goldstandard1MEMBER

      Or was this the plan all along in the sense that it forces younger ppl to get the AZ. The vaccination failure from ScoMo is a disgrace and no person should be forced to get the more dangerous vaccine. This is going to be very interesting and ScoMo and Gladys caused it all.

    • I Demand a Lockdown

      I’m sure a young person died in a car crash that wasn’t their fault today, but I’m going to get in the car still.

  2. Morrison and Gladys screwed it up yet again for all Australia, typical Liberal Party only care about big business and the economy, no care for individuals, family and Australians (or Australia) in general.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “Liberal Party only care about big business and the economy, no care for individuals, family and Australians (or Australia) in general.”

      Yeah, that’s been their platform for years. The electorate seem to love it, as demonstrated by their repeated re-election. NSW in particular has gotten what it voted for. Australia is a functioning democracy. You can’t meaningfully separate the elected from the electorate.

      Since the electorate support “every man for himself”, “science is crap” world-views, this is what you get. The solution is for the other states to ring-fence NSW for the next 6 – 12 months until 80%+ vaccination rates are reached. There’s no fixing the plague rats, because they refuse to take responsibility.

      • lol, the guy on a forum post warpath regarding the anti-science, illogical, illiterate luddites still cant resist his own decent into partisan dribble.

    • sydboy007MEMBER

      Would you be willing to share the financial impact of lockdowns have been for you?

      Are you one of the small business owners bankrupted from lockdown? Maybe one of the 500K Melbournians withouy an income last month?

      I find those most voiciferously supporting lockodwns seem to be the ones least affected by them.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        You’re making a huge error, which is assuming that in your low-vaccination-rate environment, that by not having lockdowns, the economic damage would be less. This is wrong. You’d see a whole heap of spread, which would lead to more and longer future lockdowns, and people self-isolating to the point where the economic damage is just as bad, if not worse.

        Your only path back to normal is to get enough vaccinated to reach herd immunity. If you fail to reach heard immunity and this starts spreading, the costs will be very high. At the current time, NSW is facing likely low-thousands of deaths from this thing if they let it rip… therefore, they won’t let it rip. There will be more lockdowns. It’s that simple.

        • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

          aren’t you a “have no need for work” individual with a penchant for being locked down Reusa ? Pot.. Kettle mate

          • Yes, his vitriol towards WFH from a character (and let’s remember, he is just a character) that supposedly just collects rent and spends it at brothels is a tad contradictory. And then he talks about buying almond lattes and power walking, and has the audacity to call other people “cucks”.

      • Display NameMEMBER

        The UK who had a much more “Left it rip” approach than had the biggest contraction in GDP in 300 years. 8% in one quarter I believe.

        I am not sure the Nordic approach is valid in Australia. When you lose ethnic homogeneity to the degree we have , cohesion, common values appear to me, to be largely shot to pieces. Add to that declining education standards and we have no chance of a Nordic or SG or Taiwan approach. We have the politicians we deserve now, incompetent and corrupt.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          When you lose ethnic homogeneity to the degree we have , cohesion, common values appear to me, to be largely shot to pieces.


          The long-running destruction of trust in public institutions, corruption, decay in public services, gutting of social security, undermining of experts, lack of leadership, creeping fascism, politicisation of everything and just flat-out refusal to take responsibility have all been deliberate actions of successive Coalition Governments and their backers, who have now been running the country for 20 of the last 25 – no, sorry, 30 of the last 35 – years and have been elected with little to no controversy over that period.

          “Lose ethnic homogeneity” ? Get your hand off it. “Ethnic homogeneity” isn’t even on the radar of causes for this sh!tshow. This is a “Conservatives gonna Conservative” result.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            I Agree Smithy that overcoming racist/sectarian attitudes is vital to the growth of a strong working class movement.
            But you can not deny that an overly high rate of immigration has been weponised to undermine hard fought for Working class conditions here in Australia.
            Its just a well know straight up fact.
            You all to often make yourself a tool of Plutocracy Smithy,

            Your alliance with Jeff Bezos types is just as “Problematic” as my (Fake) alliance with Reusa,…Shhh.

            “Leaked internal documents from Amazon-owned Whole Foods reveal the company rates their stores using a “diversity index” and determined the threat of unionization is “higher” at stores with “lower diversity.”

            The premotion of a unique Australian cultural identity, available to all ethnicities, within our Multicultural society is what is sadly lacking in this countries intersectional and pro Globalisation/plutocratic nightmare.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            More ad-hominem, straw men and babble.

            Just go full Biff Latham and be done with it. The trajectory’s been clear for a couple of years now.

        • EZFKA. Come to Melbourne smithy we’ll show you what cohesion looks like. Not a coalition government to be seen.

          “The long-running destruction of trust in public institutions, corruption, decay in public services, gutting of social security, undermining of experts, lack of leadership, creeping fascism, politicisation of everything and just flat-out refusal to take responsibility have all been deliberate actions of successive Chairman Dan Governments and their backers.”

          You forgot to say we are funded by the organ harvesters.

      • Locking down is on the whole better for the economy then letting the virus rip. Plenty of evidence to suggest that.

        However I also agree that lockdown punishes some groups more than others. These people probably need the level of support that we saw in last year’s lockdown, maybe more since last lockdown wasn’t as hard on some groups. Many of these people live paycheck to paycheck and desperate people may do desperate things.

  3. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Now you have members of the government going all “Braveheart”.

    Thing is, the deaths haven’t really started piling up yet. If Australia ends up with only a quarter of the per Capita deaths from COVID that the US has, then you’re looking at 12,000 deaths.

    All because the smooth-brains that comprise a good chunk of Australia couldn’t wait a few months for vaccine rollout.

    Collectively, you did this to yourselves.

    • Given you are absolutely panicked about a number of deaths that in no way represent a systemic threat to Australia, or our future, I don’t think you should be throwing around comments like smooth-brain.
      We’ve not all been gaslit out of reason you know.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        I don’t even live in Australia, so I’m hardly panicked. And the number of likely deaths is in the thousands for Sydney alone. Let’s see how you smooth-brainers go once the bodies start piling up. I got this number by dividing the US per Capita deaths by 4, then applying to Sydney’s population.

        If you think the number of deaths will be much, much lower, then provide a rationale.

        Luckily, NSW is already ring fenced, limiting the deaths to that state.

        • Using your figures Sydney would be looking at something like 2500 deaths. But unlike the US over the last year and a bit, most of the most vulnerable are already vaccinated or close to it (about 80% of over 70s have at least one jab). So I think you are looking at about a third of that, which is 800 – 1000. Probably something our population wouldn’t tolerate but it wouldn’t be bodies piling up.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            I’d call 1000 dead in Sydney alone “bodies piling up”. At the very least, you and I agree that the population probably won’t accept this. Well, they won’t like it, but given how useless NSW are at actually handling this, it’s probably going to happen.

            Which is why NSW should be (and already is, and will remain) ring-fenced and treated like another country from now until herd immunity is reached in the other states.

  4. Chayan GunendranMEMBER

    Agree with members – why can’t NSW Premier learn from (all) other states & do a proper lockdown asap, rather than Lingchi …

    Economy is going to take a hit for no reason other than an egoistic Premier – only a bit more time before vaccines come through but feels like NSW is doing a titanic before that …

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “why can’t NSW Premier learn from (all) other states & do a proper lockdown asap”

      That’s simple. It’s the LNP “every man for himself”, “the so-called settled science of climate change is absolute crap” (that one’s a quote from a former LNP PM, WHILE HE WAS PM) world-view.

      One should not be surprised that a state run by the LNP, in a country run by the LNP is incapable of staging a pandemic response. If anything, a competent response would be surprising.

        • 1. Gladys taking the bulk of international arrivals in hotels IMO is the real failure. Vaccines help reduce the R0, but in the long term there is a very real risk that they will lose their potency.

          The only certain long term way out of this, if we manage to get COVID back down, is very strong remote quarantine with a small group of front line quarantine workers. Those workers would be constantly updating vaccines fast and quickly in a way not possible for the broader population. People keep saying vaccines are the only way out of this virus – but I think that’s a bit of a prayer especially given the risk of viral mutations worldwide is HIGHLY likely (think poorer highly populated countries).

          TL;DR Stop the planes.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      This is bang on the money. Ring fence the idiot plague rats in NSW, and get on with 80%+ vaccination rates for herd immunity in the rest of the states. And anyone who refuses the vaccine should be removed from the rest of the population. I’m quite serious.

      Australia is looking at tens of thousands dead if this gets out before widespread vaccination. As for NSW, they’ve now demonstrated they can’t be trusted to take this seriously. So treat them like a corrupt useless country with a delta outbreak, and don’t allow anyone in or out.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “And anyone who refuses the vaccine should be removed from the rest of the population. I’m quite serious.”

        If a Stalinist like you was ever in charge it’d be millions dying in your Concentration camps.
        And you have the hide to criticise Dutton.
        Your just as bad as him!

        • reusachtigeMEMBER

          I’m with you blue collar boy. This guy is a scumbag and if he had any real power he’d be dangerous! You fight him for your workers. I’ll fight him for freedom of enterprise! (We’ll fund the battle. You supply the men ok).

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Well,…if after our heroic victory you’re prepared to accept widespread redistribution policies and an expansion of the welfare state, paid for by the nationalisation of all natural resource extraction and Monopoly industries and utilities along with heavy tariffs to promote the reindustrialisation of our country then you’ve got a deal big fella!

            Greater democratic control over all decision making in our new Republic is also a major prerequisite.

            So real Social Democracy hear we come!

            Solidarity Bra


          I don’t think they should be removed from the pop. But if they genuinely refused vaxx they should probably also concede to not needing healthcare/hospital in the event of infection. This is taking from booms argument about not wanting his tax dollars to look after unhealthy [email protected]

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            This argument doesn’t go far enough. We should also disallow smokers, fatties, lazy people, negative thinkers, hate filled people, poor eaters, bad drivers, stupid people, the accident prone, risk takers and stress heads from accessing health care arising from their own proclivities.


          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Yes and if Dudley is being honest with himself those friends of his would be much better of without those disabled kids.

            Edit- I had better add in a Sarc also before Duds has another literary embolism


            Personally fishing, I think we should summarily execute anyone over the age of 40 because they’re past their use by date and ugly to boot!

        • Ronin8317MEMBER

          Vaccination should be compulsory for people working in the ‘front line’. If that limo driver driving the infected crews to the hotel was vaccinated, we won’t have the lockdown in the first place!! People who refuse to vaccinate can work somewhere else.

          • But, according to all the accounts I’ve read the vaccinated still get infected and are able to pass on the virus. Vaccination isn’t going to cut it by itself.

      • Wow man, disgusting comment. So much evil in the world has been allowed to happen with this type of attitude, I’m shocked to see anyone here repeat it.

      • And anyone who refuses the vaccine should be removed from the rest of the population.

        I’m short of money and have been developing a potion I would like to sell so I can make a lot of money. My potion is secret and the benefits are dubious and the harm is uncertain.

        I want people to be forced to buy this potion off me. How should I go about marketting it? Should I call it a vaccine or something?

        I’m worried about being sued if it harms or kills people. Is there some way I can be given legal immunity?

        What if not enough people buy it off me? Is there some way they can be forced to buy my product?

  5. boomengineeringMEMBER

    What’s so bad about losing the war ? If you are on nature’s clean side of the fence then it would be deemed as winning the war. Pharmaceutical drug pushers keeping zombified half dead people alive that should have served as compost in a world one tenth the current population enjoying a far higher quality of life not having to carry the dead wood. Next time you go to a supermarket, count how many would be alive in raw nature, then calculate how much of your tax, muli faceted, support them that wouldn’t .

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Sacrifice the weak! Cull the herd!

      Ha ha ha! With widespread thinking like this, your nation is cursed. Enjoy the decline!

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      A close friend’s of mine’s sister has 2 disabled children. I’d be intrigued to see what would happen if you came out with this drivel in front of them.

        • Lord DudleyMEMBER

          “Even more sympathy for thalidomide cases which was safe.”

          AND THERE WE HAVE IT! You just compared the risks of the COVID vaccines to thalidomide. You’re a complete and utter nutcase who is wholly disconnected from any form of verifiable reality. My advice is to look in a mirror, and repeat this 3 times: “there is something seriously wrong with my brain and I am utterly incapable of analysing risk, and I look like a fool every time I try”.

          • boomengineeringMEMBER

            Who’s whining now?
            No point young buck looking in the mirror as some old guy keeps standing in front of me.

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            Says the bloke who assess all Covid fatality statistics as though they’re uniformly distributed across all demographics. As though the general decrepitude of health amongst the US population he uses as an example wasn’t an incredibly significant factor in their case fatalities and as though the superior health of other populations won’t affect Covid outcomes. Says the bloke who still fails to come to terms with the fact that 99.98 percent of people under the age of 50 survive Covid, despite the media’s weaponised use of the death of an unlucky 38 year old woman. Talk about failure to assess risk….

            Fact: Since the release of the vaccine, more people in Australia under the age of 60 have died from the vaccine than from Covid.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            “Fact: Since the release of the vaccine, more people in Australia under the age of 60 have died from the vaccine than from Covid.”

            First, provide a reference or it’s a lie. Second, you’re talking about an environment where there has been basically no community spread of COVID. Your reasoning is completely broken.

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            “Provide reference or it’s a lie”… You do your research if you want, champ. I’m happy to wait to till you uncover the truth for yourself.

            “Your reasoning is broken” ….this from the guy who called 8million NSW residents “plague rats” after they’ve had less than 10,000 positive Covid tests after 18 months of pandemic. If only Lord Didley’s deductive reasoning was able to derive a similar character assessment of himself and and his fellow US citizens
            After they’ve had hundreds of thousands of deaths during the same period.

            Lord Didley – the Ratus Ratus of the 2020 Black Death!

          • Fishing72MEMBER

            NSW has a population of 8M for 8K Covid cases.
            USA has a population of 328M for 34M Covid cases.

            If NSW acted in the manner of the USA it should have 330K cases by now. Yet Lord Didley is here trying to paint Australians as super spreaders….lol. Why would someone pervert fact to suit a narrative so they get to falsely accuse others of being deficient? Because that person has a deficient character themselves.

        • Fishing72MEMBER

          Incorrect figures above. NSW should have over 80,000 cases if it had acted in the manner of the US Rats.

    • This is 100% the core thinking of Eugenicists.

      You should really think about that – its not something you should dismiss and walk through – you need to consider where your personality disorders are taking you.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        This! There’s a lot of posters here who think they’re alpha examples of humanity, and therefore the virus should be permitted to cull the herd. It’s despicable. I might be a disagreeable jerk, but I’m kinda keen on everyone calming down, taking sensible public-health precautions, getting vaccinated, and beating this thing.

        About half the posters here don’t want that. They refuse to be inconvenienced and are salivating at the idea of the deaths of those they see as weak.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Lex, eugenicists ( historical and modern gene) tamper with nature which I don’t like.
        Although conceed, nothing natural about lifting weights eating food not grown locally The list is endless but the theme is t there.
        Btw my personality disorders enhance engineering so be it, it is what it is.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “What’s so bad about losing the war ? If you are on nature’s clean side of the fence”


      A lot of people would call this a heartless disregard for human suffering.
      But I know you boom and I know this thinking of yours is more centred around looking ahead, into a future of sustainable human existence.
      You’re not into eugenics you’re just a rennaisance man who wants us all to contribute to our society,…and I love ya for that big fella.
      (Nothing [email protected] of course)


    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Next time you go to a supermarket, count how many would be alive in raw nature, then calculate how much of your tax, muli faceted, support them that wouldn’t .

      You could refer to this amount as “the cost of civilisation”.

      Most of your lifestyle is the byproduct of those people you’re happy to see dead.

  6. Fishing72MEMBER

    Oh gawd. Lord Dudley’s little pin d1ck is absolutely throbbing every time he types “plague rats” and tries to smear the character of the entire Australian population . Funny how some people so obviously crave the attention easily found by inflaming sentiments on the internet. It’s all evocative language and aggressive posturing, hoping to ensnare as many people in their widely cast outrage net. Also funny is how oblivious the perpetrator remains to the way they’re revealing their desperate need for attention to the entire internet. After literally occupying half the comments in a thread you’d think that there might be the dawning of some self awareness. Wrong.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      What’s your point? Did I upset you? A full comment doing nothing but whining about me, with no actual indication that I’m wrong in any way. It’s pathetic. There’s so much demonstrable disinformation from propagandists in this thread (like the muppet who thinks that vaccines are worse than COVID) that I see it as worthwhile to rebut them.

      The whole “desperate need for attention to the entire internet” part is hilarious, considering the only place on the net I ever post anything is this site where half the articles are restricted to paying members only.

      If you think anything I post is factually wrong, or that I’m making wrong predictions, rebut them. Otherwise, your post is nothing but whining about me. I mean, I like reading stuff about me, but this post is really dull, even for me to read.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      No, they won’t. They’re of limited duration until sufficient vaccines can be distributed. You’re insane.


      Boom. Lockdowns are the inevitable result of societies’ responding to an external threat. They are not, by and large, a choice. See basically every country in the world as a case study, rich or poor, left or right.

      Ie. You can choose to not lockdown early (ala UK), but then when the threat gets completely out of hand, societies will inevitably attempt organise against the threat using the tools at hand. In this case, restrictions and isolation are the only known tools, plus vaccines, that diminish the threat.

    • PalimpsestMEMBER

      One stat I’ve been a little surprised by Boom is that the suicide rate dropped during last year. I would have expected the stresses of lockdown to increase it. There may be other effects though like increased cardio vascular related deaths due to stress. Or perhaps increased homelessness. I’m interested in what the stats show, but it will take more research.

  7. It can’t be done on vaccinations alone……the Iceland petri dish shows that, stop the planes is first and real quarantine.

    And don’t forget that the virus is now predominately cleaved with Delta, in other words the next lot of mutations will be, in the normal run of virus evolution, in proteins away from the spike proteins. Not only does that have implications for the present vaccines and planned boosters but in the normal run of things mortality should increase. Get anything important you think you might need now, it might not be available next year

      • PalimpsestMEMBER

        Lets just parse that article a bit more. When the author talks about problems detecting it in testing they are referring to the Malaysian situation where they are doing higher level screens and not the detailed sequencing, so they are not picking up the true numbers of the sub-type. For example, the rapid tests really just pick up “COVID”, they are not sequence specific.

        It doesn’t really discuss drug resistance, because we’ve not had much success with antivirals. By the time we see symptoms, the virus has broken out, so not much change there. The drugs to mitigate cytokine storms remain effective, but as we see from the death rate in SYD, there is no perfect answer.

        Speculation: these new variants have basically nestled up against the human ACE II receptor better. That’s how they get access into the cell to infect it. Not only does that make it easier to transmit between people, it seems to speed up infection spread within the body. The drop in time to symptoms from 5 days to 3 days doesn’t sound like much, but it shortens the body’s ability to respond with antibodies and may explain why it is affecting a wider age range. In an unvaccinated body there is no head start preparation and it seems like just one jab of AZ or Pfizer isn’t good enough, which is why the article is pushing everyone to get that second jab.

        Conclusion: Don’t panic… if you are fully vaccinated. The case for an updated booster has firmed up, particularly with the lambda deletions. It’s been a year since vaccines were released. That sounds about right, I was hoping for 18 months. There are limits to how much the spike protein can change because it is functional. It has to match the ACE II receptor or it can’t dock. Hopefully it must be close to the perfect shape now.

      • The irony that this is published by Monash who funded the Whuhan lab where the virus originated

  8. I seem to remember not that long ago, how Sweden went about things dominated MB comment sections. How did that all pan out?

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Swimmingly! A total success, not that the MSM want you to know about it though.

      • Arthur Schopenhauer

        Yep, they locked down and sacked their chief covid strategist. Then, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven lost a vote of no confidence and now has the choice to resign or trigger a snap election.

        Bloke! I thought you disliked the precautionary principal.

  9. The Grey Rider

    “…chance to eliminate the virus will be lost”…eh? Was/is that the strategy?…could have fooled me given we keep willingly importing it.

    If my memory serves, there was a period not so long ago that there was minimal to no community transmission in the country, and all cases were in hotel quarantine.

    Yes, yes, yes…proper remote quarantine facilities, etc, etc.

    There never was a strategy to eliminate.


    “the goal now should be to emulate Europe and the US by getting vaccination rates above acceptable herd immunity thresholds as quickly as possible and ceasing border closures and lockdowns.”

    This was always the goal. It’s just not been happening fast enough on account of the fact that “it’s not a race” and “I don’t hold the syringe, mate”. So here Sydney is in a never ending lockdown, just like the UK has been for most of the pandemic, because of low vaccination rates.

    And as much as I’d like to believe the vaxx rates/supply would increase during a crisis..the current mob leading us are NOT who you want in charge in a crisis.. (bushfires, climate, pandemics). So yeh. Prepare for 6 month lockdowns NSW. And many avoidable deaths. Gold Fcking Standard.

  11. BradleyMEMBER

    Watching Insiders yesterday it was often said how businesses and individuals were burning cash reserves to stay afloat. Sort of like how Centrelink demands the newly unemployed burn up their savings before becoming eligible for Jobseeker. I am happy people and businesses are doing this as I want a burgeoning distressed asset sale market to keep getting bigger. That banks have not sold up anyone via mortgagee in possession sales is a huge disappointment and seeing factors that see failure being allowed again are most welcome. I have a paid off home so I am not looking to vultch, just wanting to see the crash we should have had in the Great Recession bring sanity back. Plus I would love to see a bank collapse too. Seeing the useful idiots marching in a Sydney I grew up in but now hate made me wryly smile, rub my hands and say ” excellent “.

      • That’s the problem though, decades of bad policy have made people very angry and resentful. Can you blame them? We reap what we sow, and we’re still sowing it. Expect more anger and resentment until things change. And since that change probably won’t happen, expect Hitler type politicians to pop up, or societal collapse.

      • I am plus I have 200 to spend on membership. If you think the war on entrenched corruption in everything is going to be won by being soft and wont have mass casualties, you are deluded. Rewarding failure in Australia has been in pandemic proportions for decades and now is the time to make sure as many as possible failures occur at once. My dream would be to see the coalition unelectable for a generation and the suits responsible in jail and stripped of their wealth.

  12. Does no-one find it strange that the BLM protests in the middle of last lockdown were fine, while now these protests aren’t?

    Same goes for people walking outdoors on a crowded Bondi Beach boardwalk are fine, while a march down into the CBD is not?

    • Fishing72MEMBER

      The protesters are superspreaders who need to feel the full weight of the law according to Scomo. They also broke Bin Chook’s heart.

      But the Federal Minister overseeing the Ruby Princess infected strolling through peak hour Sydney was all good yo!

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It wasn’t fine at all. The Victorian government did everything possible to not investigate the link and then blame it on the Eid party.

  13. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    The LNP are stupid and venal but surely even they can see that their electoral chances aren’t helped by COVID bodies piling up in NSW morgues. How much spare capacity is there in Sydney hospitals? In WA we have essentially no surplus capacity so even a tiny amount of COVID will start pressuring that system. If it cracks your mortality rates skyrocket as strokes,heart attacks, car crash victims start dying outside emergency as you cannot process them into wards who are chock full of COVID sufferers. If NSW doesn’t get their act together this is Italy all over again.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      Through a purely political lens, this has the potential to spiral out of control for the Libs. Attacked on one side by those wanting to stop the spread, on the other by the lunatic fringe you saw on the weekend. And that’s not to say anything about the body count.
      Those sQomo soundbites over the last 12 months are gonna burn like napalm.

  14. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Lockdown is a stalling tactic until the vaccine arrive. It is a race against time.

    The big danger right now is the politicians making health decisions,. AstraZeneca is inferior to Pfizer for two reasons.

    1) Efficacy is lower. Pfizer two does offers 90% while AZ 2 dose is 81%
    2) Second dose takes longer for maximum efficacy. Pfizer is 3 weeks, AZ is 12 weeks.

    AZ efficacy when second dose is injected at 12 weeks is around 81%, When taken at 6 weeks, it’s only 55%. That is what ScoMo wants people to do now. People with 2 dose AZ will starts dying at ICU because they are taken too soon. UK and Europe only shortened it to 8 weeks, nobody in the world does 6 weeks.

    There are people who cannot take the vaccine, which is why herd immunity is so important. A population with 80%+ efficacy versus 55% is a matter of life and death for them.

    • Agree that vaccinations should be the goal prior to letting it rip. However, we should all consider a scenario where the mutations outrun any vaccination attempts. In this scenario, we cannot stay locked up for ever. The more this thing mutates, the more it appears to be evading our best vaccines. Israel, UK and US will be the ones to watch.

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        I think this is entirely underrated re: watching the US/UK/Israel.
        We’re being given a preview as to optimal strategy. We should absolutely use it.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      The other reason to vaccinate to 80~90% is to limit the potential for more dangerous variants.

      Idiots, like our dear blogger, dismiss the potential of more deadly variants being brewed, despite the possibility being demonstrated by the Delta variant.

      This virus is mutating at a dazzling rate. Due in part to its nature, and in part to the scale of the infected population.

    • If thats the case govt should now declared “Use it or lose it”. – Or maybe in RE terms. ‘Going Once, Going Twice’.
      All the boomers sitting around waiting for bespoke vaccines can bugger off and lets get the rest of nation vaccinated.

  15. On Sunday I was talking to a builder friend in Newy I thought he’d be pissed but the guy was the happiest I’ve ever known him to be. So naturally I had to ask “what’s up?”, why the cheery disposition?
    Turns out he is ahead of schedule on all of his projects, weather hasn’t been a problem, materials that were on six week backorder are available for delivery and suddenly he can hire as many tradies as he needs. The last part had me confused, but as it turns out about half of Sydney’s construction workers are spending Monday to Friday evenings stuffed into “work camp” like conditions ( 4 to 6 per room) at motels up and down the coast. Now that sounds like a Covid safe plan!
    This is the real world Gladys, wakeup and smell the coffee Lockdown lite just ain’t working out the way that you planned it Now I’m not a lockdown kind of person but am someone who believes that you either do something properly or you don’t do it at all, no stupid half measures.
    Anyway that’s the news from Newy so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Newy is in lockdown before the week is out.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I’ve got a mate who sells high end timber flooring into primarily the Eastern suburbs and lower North shore.
      All his installation contractors come from the south west and far Western Suburbs.
      All his work came to a screaming halt even before the official lockdown due to customers not wanting to be exposed to individuals from these areas.
      Ill have to ask him if he knows what they’re up to atm.

      He’s the bloke with the Reno I’m yet to finish down in Sydenham.
      Looking forward to cracking a beer with him and Harry when this shyte lockdown is finally lifted

      • Makes sense that high-end materials and workers would be effected differently to just plain Jane construction.
        The stuff that he builds doesn’t use many exotic hardwoods, from what I’ve seen it’s mostly treated pine and pressboard, finished out with gyprock and a quick splash of paint. The plumbing in these places is a disaster, just plastic pipes everywhere. I have no idea what the plumbing codes in NSW require …BUT I’ve seen plastic pipes going straight from clay into concrete slabs and on up the timber framed wall with no thought given to stress relief…as I said this ain’t high end construction…they’re probably not even licensed tradies, the quicker you build it the less time there is for anyone to notice just how sloppy and careless the construction really is.
        But that’s what the public wants….

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          Cross-linked polyethylene pipe (Pex) is used almost universally now on all new builds, high and low end.
          The pipe has the same internal bore as copper but the fittings have a much reduced bore causing turbulence and restricting flow.
          I have many customers complaining about low “pressure” when their real problem is poor Flow from incorrect pipe sizing.
          When using Pex I prefer the more time consuming (and with more expensive fittings) rehau style of “slide” fittings.
          These have a bigger bore than easier to use (and cheaper) crimp fittings and require the expansion of the pipe end before inserting the fitting.
          Their bore is still less than copper though through each fitting of the same pipe size.
          On a large house to get the equivalent flow of a typical copper three quarter and half inch water supply system, with many bathrooms, id run Pex in 1 Inch (25mm) pipe to the hot water heater and second farthest point from the meter and use no Half inch pex at all in a low water pressure areas.

          If Im on a “do and charge” job Ill just use Copper every time but if Im on a fixed price Ill quote Pex to win the job.

          • Interesting
            My Dad was in construction (mainly high end Lower North Shore / Eastern suburbs along with high end commercial) with him it was either done right the first time or out it came ( that Tradie’s name went on the black list). I guess Dad paid Tradies better than most, his clients definitely respected him for that and there were no shortage of Tradies wanting to work with him. Sounds like the Building game has changed a lot since the good old days.

    • Have heard same up in Port Mac where there are a number of housing developments under construction. Heaps of tradies around and Air B&B’s full outside tourist season.

  16. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    My current (and informed) understanding is that the NSW people – both politics and the health side – have ‘reached out’ to the Victorian people in like situations. The perception from some of those they have reached out to is that there is a lack of will to make what needs to happen happen in Sydney.

    ………..and on walks the opening partnership of a tickler from the top and an absolutely gold standard psychopath dressed as a daggy dad who has managed to offend Australians from all walks with his handling of vaccine, bushfires, misogyny, corruption, public sector head rotting, coal carrying, religious nuttery and a complete inability to interact at a handshake level with the Australian people.

    This is the political moment the Australian people need to have. I almost believe there is a god when fate intervenes like this.

    As someone who has had the first jab of AstraZeneca (and had a couple of days off work ill because of that – headaches mainly) and then become aware that newer advice is that AstraZeneca shouldnt be given to me (mid 50s) I have sympathy for Ermo’s stance of getting Pfizer and being tolerant of the weekend protests.

    Our government – ScoMo first and foremost – have shot their own electoral nads off with their handling of vaccines and rollout.

    ScoMo lambasted Dan Andrews last year over the inclination to lock down. He is now wearing that lambasting like a crown of thorns, as Gold Standard Gladys who followed the ‘we dont need lockdowns’ mantra of high priest ScoMo, finds herself in the unfortunate position (for all Australians) of gradually, painfully, hauntingly becoming the conduit of the virus to Australia.

    ScoMo hailed the AZ vaccine a year ago and signed Australia up lock stock and two smoking barrels to a company close to the Liberal government. The AZ vaccine is quite protective, without being completely so, and with the right messaging it could have been put to the Australian people as a plausible (risk we need to take) response to the unfolding situation – But ScoMo ostentatiously gave himself the Pfizer didnt he.

    ScoMo’s stance on the stranded Australians has been and remains ‘they were told to come home’ – and he seems incapable of recognising that these people have a far higher priority than foreign citizens who are Australian visa holders, foreign tourists, cheap celebrities and mates of the government. Those stranded Australians are likely to become a millstone around ScoMo’s electoral neck, with quite reliable estimates of the number of Australian citizens offshore (not just those registered but those who can make ends meet in some way where they are and wait things out – who are also observing appalled ScoMo’s treatment of Australians in need ) of more than 200k.

    It is ScoMo’s government which has walked away from a Constitutional responsibility for quarantine, and placed States as the frontline with inner city hotel quarantine, and that simple fact alone is primarily responsible for the predicament NSW (and Australia) is now in.

    Sure, I think a lot of those who protested yesterday are living in lalaland. But I also thought the sight of Australian cops taking pregnant women in pyjamas away because of a Facebook post, and the sight of riot cops bullying kids protesting at markets pathetic. But the thing we cant let ourselves get away from is that ScoMo has fostered and fed that sentiment right from the get go. He fronts a party of virus loons. He is the ‘daggy dad’ – and in being so he is open encouragement to unintelligence. He is caught between his own existence and the web of lies he has either crafted or perpetuated on the Australian public for 2 decades.

    He is the epitome of glib specious half truth and evasiveness and unbelievability, and every time he opens his mouth from here to poling day he will be seen through that prism and the Torynuffs know it – and his only hope is that the ALP continues being irrelevant enough to the Australian people, or offensive enough to Australian men, that even in the face of the greatest single disaster of a government Australia has ever known, that they still cant quite bring themselves to vote ALP because they cant be that sure that the ALP wont sell them out that little bit more (and tell them its good for them). But from here we can be sure that even if he fronts up every day to election day – which he will – he is essentially a decomposing corpse of a political leader, and he will smell, and bits and pieces will flake off him and he will become rigid in unnatural poses as the pathogens of decay consume him from the inside out to leave a skeleton that even when it is sun bleached white, will still be the embodiment of jaundiced verbiage and an inability to be honest forever more.

    I am glad Ermo has the Pfizer. I’d like all Australians to have the Pfizer, and when I think about why they cant I think of a Prime Minister (and his lickspittle at State level in NSW) who assumed that he could fib and distort his way through this and get away with it while prioritising ideological belief over data and rationale.

    …..and those kids out there protesting. I think they are wrong. But they have been encouraged to be wrong every step of the way by a Prime Minister who is even more pernicious than Trump was in the US, and in their inchoate and incoherent rage I kind of get just how pissed off they are – I figure its just misplaced.

    I’d like to throw ScoMo to them and allow them to tear him limb from limb, and urinate on him and sprinkle coal dust on him and shove white hot pokers into his orifices.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      “I almost believe there is a god when fate intervenes like this”

      Lol,…yes I to am thankful for this random happenstance.

      Every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

      Whats the latest the next Federal and NSW elections can be held back to?

      • Denis413MEMBER

        Then you realise, “there is actually no god, because the alternative is China’s labor…”‘.

      • C'est de la folieMEMBER

        Whats the latest the next Federal and NSW elections can be held back to?

        Somewhere on the far side of an iron ore collapse, and the imposition of carbon tariffs on coal and gas.

        ScoMo could go there – it would be like a viewing door on a cremation facility….and finding someone alive (briefly) inside

    • Couldn’t agree more

      Scomo and his band of thieves are there by the grace of Rupert. How long before the dastardly Emperor sacrifices his tool?


      Ce n’est pas bien monsieur!
      The bumbling, daggy, quasi-real esate agent Morri ( who f’s up everything and still gets paid) persona is just an act.
      Everything he does is quite deliberate.
      Currently, the push to adopt the AZ ( our version-which is made in India) is designed to ‘pin’ people into Hotel Calistraya. The EU does not recognize it for travel purposes.
      See which countries accept the Indian AZ here:

      • RobotSenseiMEMBER

        10 seconds looking at CT scans of previous Covid patients should tell you everything you want to know about whether you’d like to play “Covid Roulette”.

        • Plenty scared about “long” covid, but why is nobody (except apparently “anti-vax nutters”) worried about “long” experimental vaccine? I’ll review my opinion when the results of this fascinating human trial are in, sometime 2023 maybe.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Because I’d rather worry about the now rather than 20 years time, and I think the risk of long Covid outweighs any hypothetical “long vaccine” by many orders of magnitude.

  17. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Unconventional Economist? No, just another dill no understanding of probability.

  18. Looks like Kevin07’s Mrs just lost her shit on Twitter spouting a conspiracy theory about AZ vaccine and people benefiting from CSL contracts.
    Hey Kev, now we know you read this blog – sort your loon wife out.
    Shes the last one to be throwing stones about benefiting from govt. contracts I would have thought!

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Lol, the tune of hundreds of millions too.
      She makes Robb and Bishop look like amateur wanna bees

    • Nothing remotely similar between the AZ acquisition and Rein’s contracts. If you think there is then I’m eager to know, otherwise, just boring troll.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Do you think her recruitment company would have had as much access to government contracts/profits if not for her Relationship to Rudd?

        • Seriously, this is just mud-slinging. Rein sold her Aust operations when Rudd was opposition leader although the deal may have finalised afterwards.

  19. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Wrong spot and I’ve got nothing else to say.

    How about them Doggies going down to the Sharks on the week end,….must have been all that Covid in the SW eh?

  20. Perhaps the most stunning factor of this pandemic is the welcoming with open arms, nay, *demands* for a police state by otherwise apparently rational people. Perhaps not surprisingly, on that point political leaders *have* delivered in spades. Tie that it with dob in a mask dodger etc etc and poor old George Orwell must fairly be doing a rotisserie.

    Interesting times eh? Imagine the profits being only one of a handful of pharmaceutical companies with a vaccine for a global pandemic. Throw in indemnity from prosecution and, well, I sure hope my Nucleus Wealth portfolio got on board early.

    Wandering off track now, but compare and contrast. 2016 – Russians hacked the US election (better part of 4 years). 2020 voting irregularities – you’re a filthy conspiracy theory nutjob beneath contempt. Cancelled!

    Gives a fella pause for thought. Enjoy the latter while it’s still legal.