Aussies increasingly willing to get vaccinated

If Australians wish to avoid future lockdowns and restrictions, we need to get the nation’s full vaccination rate up to around 50% of the population, as has been achieved in the United Kingdom, Canada and several other advanced nations:

COVID vaccination rates

Australia lagging way behind.

As shown above, Australia is currently lagging well behind these levels with only 13.5% of the population fully vaccinated and a further 17.7% partially vaccinated.

In fact, Australia’s full vaccination rate is below the world average of 14.1%.

The good news is that vaccine hesitancy is reducing across Australia:

Vaccine hesitancy

More Aussies willing to get the jab.

As shown above, only 28.5% of younger Aussies (18-44 year olds) are still unwilling to get the jab, down from around 41% six weeks prior.

Hesitancy levels drop as we move further up the demographic ladder, with only around 20% of 45 to 64 year-olds unwilling to get the jab (versus around 37.5% in May), and only around 7.5% of over 65s (around 22% in April).

With Aussies willing to do their part, it is now up to our political leaders to ensure vaccine supply to end this lockdown madness.

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