109 Sydney COVID cases today, reveals maths genius

Jon-Bernard Kairouz has been predicting precisely the Sydney COVID cases all of the last week the night before their release. 109 coming today:

The day before:

And now he’s on the MSM:

According to The Project, a mass witch hunt is underway to find the leak. Surely the Berejiklian fascists can just cut straight to using the secret police and defamation lawfare.

Then again, that’s not going too well, either:

Xenophon Davis partner Mark Davis added in a media release on Thursday: “We are profoundly grateful for the support of tens of thousands of Australians who have seen the importance of these legal battles.

“We believe these cases go to the heart of a citizen’s right to challenge, investigate and criticise politicians. We are inspired by this level of support.”

More than 24,000 donations have been received — with former PM Kevin Rudd among them — that totalled a staggering $1.06m that will likely be used to pay legal fees for Friendlyjordies producer Kristo Langker and his family following his arrest by the NSW Police fixated persons unit in June.

Tear it all down.

Houses and Holes


      • The actual f#ck up is having the figures available at 8pm the night before and then releasing them 15 hours later to some sort of fanfare, or not.
        Like everything else, Gladys late to the party.

      • “…idea of the numbers being out early. Takes the sting out of the press conference”

        Haha, there’s a smoking gun and a hand in da jar. Luvly distraction.

  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    It’s hilarious that the fascist state wants to crush this guy for his fun. Are they that stupid that they don’t realise that the numbers get published to the Covidsafe ap and covidlive website the night before?

    I knew once Gladys started imposing strict dictatorial Labor-style commie lockdowns her Liberal Nationalist ideals were lost and she’d become just another fascist like those lot.

    Are there any freedom loving governments left since Trump got scammed out of his job?

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Are they Commies or are they Fascists Reusa?
      Make up yer mind buddy.
      I would have thought you loved the fascist embrace of dictatorial government in partnership with profit taking capitalist rent seekers, monopolists and captains of industry.

      Your sounding very confused of late.
      Maybe Covid has addled your brain. Have you gotten a test yet?

      • Haha what a flip flop of opinion on Gladys. Haven’t seen a “Lock. Us. Down.” from Reus for a while. The reality is that NSW got lucky with covid compared to Victoria up until recently (Ruby Princess excepted which gave you an early but forgotten insight into her incompetence). Will be very interesting if Victoria’s hard lockdown eases way before NSW. You’ll be a Melbournian commie convert in a few months, Reus. The almond lattes while talking to the locals is a solid start.

  2. meh ’tis not magic or a leak.

    The federal government’s $70M Coronavirus Australia app, created last year to provide details about pandemic but never took off, updates all state case numbers and the total since the pandemic began at 8pm every day – subtract one from the other for the new cases.

  3. boomengineeringMEMBER

    Had yet another booster shot this morn, but had to bellyflop before hitting the shore as a mate once broke his angle stepping off.
    Why didn’t they shut the economy down due to road deaths in the past.
    The good thing about my booster shots is the immunity against all future variants as well.


        Also road deaths tend not to grow exponentially nor do they mutate into more infectious/dangerous forms of road deaths. Though that would be interesting to watch!

        Also we do put a lot of restrictions and safety measures/laws into place to minimise road deaths and injures and to minimise the long-term negative impact on economy.

        • Mining BoganMEMBER

          “Also road deaths tend not to grow exponentially nor do they mutate into more infectious/dangerous forms of road deaths.”

          YouTube has a selection of driving examples from China proving you wrong. Also see Russia.

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      Why didn’t they shut the economy down due to road deaths in the past.

      But, they DO curtail civil liberties to reduce the road toll for the good of society. The Governments have introduced, speed limits, seat belts & drink driving rules!

      • The at fault drivers civil liberties may be curtailed, but the other party involved just have a better chance of survival with those ‘restrictions’

  4. Public Health England, Technical Briefing #18, page 17, bottom of table, deaths from the Delta variant among the vaccinated and unvaccinated till June 27, 2021, ……92 deaths among the unvaccinated and 161 deaths among the vaccinated.

    • Do they have an age breakdown though and numbers of each age group. The vaccinated that die might be all over 90 where as unvaccinated deaths might be younger. Maybe there are a lot more vaccinated infected.

      Apparently, vaccines are pretty piss poor against Delta so not surprising.

      • Here’s a link, https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1001358/Variants_of_Concern_VOC_Technical_Briefing_18.pdf

        Age data is in there but it’s younger / older than 50 so not as detailed as you might like.

        It’s an interesting table though, dividing deaths by number of cases for each category, the vaccine seems to make a difference in the >50, but less so for <50 with 5.6% of over 50 unvaccinated cases dying vs 2.2% of fully vaccinated. For under 50s, the rate of death is is around 0.03% regardless of vaccination status.
        It's a similar story with hospital admissions. For over 50 unvaccinated cases, 15% require overnight admission to hospital compared with 5% of vaccinated cases. For under 50 it seem to be about 1% of cases ending up admitted overnight regardless of vaccine status.

        The data does have an asterisk that about half the cases were recorded in the past 28 days, so presumably haven't necessarily run their course just yet. Those 15% of unvaccinated cases admitted to hospital may yet fall into the unvaccinated deaths column

    • If everyone were vaccinated then 100% of deaths would be among the vaccinated. Without more context it is impossible to know what point you are making and whether it has any substance.

      • Yes, this is normal & the same in Israel once the vast majority of people are vaccinated there will be more deaths in vaccinated people as no vaccine is 100% effective or efficient, so totally expected. And it doesn’t necessarily mean vaccine not effective against strain variants (though does seem to be re delta)

  5. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Agreed. The place of the police state is not to pursue journalists for producing accurate data. The rightful place is to pursue anti-vaxxer bio-terrorists and essentially remove them from society until they take their medicine. I’m quite serious on this. And it’s coming too… once general vaccine availability exists, all it will take to get the ball rolling is a few inevitable deaths of immuno-compromised folks from COVID. Then the state can begin separating the selfish irresponsible spineless vaccine fearing cowards from the rest of the population.

    The worst and most useless part of the population is self-identifying. Opportunities like this don’t come along often.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        It’s right there in my post that you clearly didn’t read or comprehend. “immuno-compromised”. You see, if Australia doesn’t get herd immunity, then these people die. Once that happens to a few of ’em, the blame will rightfully be placed on irrational gutless coward anti-vaxxers.

        • Except there is no permanent vax for covid as yet, only experimental temp approved stuff which works now but no one knows what it will bring tomorrow.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            “Except there is no permanent vax for covid as yet, only experimental temp approved stuff”

            More lies from a gutless cowardly irrational non-member anti-vax loonie. There have been hundreds of millions of doses administered over a fairly long time period. Your cowardice disgusts me. I seriously hope they appoint Dutton to separate you from the responsible members of society, for the good of the immuno-compromised.


          • Gee whiz, such a long response and all a strawman. Could you address at least one item I claim or you’re reading from a script so only blanket statements apply?
            It takes a bit of matter, a Gray type, to comprehend that provisional means, well, provisional.
            adj. Provided or serving only for the time being. synonym: temporary.”
            Your link claims that TGA approved provisional Fizzler and Zenca shots as vaxes.

            On top of that, your cancel culture model dialled not on 11 but on 20 seeks to destroy anyone whom does not agree 110% to your opinion is like scorched earth defence. Silly.
            I am as far form being an anti vaxer as one can be, just not “your type of vax”.
            There is a reason why the mRNA vehicle was not approved once in the last 20 years.

            Careful with the link below, may blow up brains with cognitive dissonance (observe the date):

          • What a tool, if I subscribe to news.com.au for 400 bucks, does that makes my arguments twice as stronger than yours at 200 bucks subscription at MB?

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      essentially remove them from society until they take their medicine

      No need to ‘force’ them. Just make vaccination compulsory for attendance at things like indoor sport/concerts, interstate/international travel, certain roles, kids attending childcare/schools etc. This sorts out the hesitant from the idiots who take their health advice from youtube instead of Doctors.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Indeed. I wasn’t very clear… what you proposed is basically what I mean by “forced”. No one’s going to be rounding them up and jabbing them against their will. However, they will find that life becomes rather uncomfortable. Another interesting enforcement mechanism is the health system itself… I imagine they’ll make getting health care more difficult for the plague rats, because they risk infecting any other at-risk people they come into contact with in the health system. They should be charged every penny and then some that their wilful ignorance costs the health system (special protocols for plague rats, quarantining, distancing, other extra precautions, etc… all cost money).

  6. Yes, age breakdown included, 50, as is well known median age of corona fatalities is over 80 in most developed countries (78 in US), the briefing also contains case fatality figures for the various variants, Delta 3 times more infectious than Alfa (the first variant) but 10 times less lethal, government figures, check yourself, no need to second guess.

    • ChinajimMEMBER

      Thanks pink. I can’t believe I’m having to bother to post this but someone has to debunk the implication of your posts. Devious little sh!t aren’t you? You think you’re clever. You’re not. You’re a twat.


      No doubt your reply will be something about the “MSM” and you were “only talking about an official government report” and “check for yourself”.

      Please don’t bother.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “Delta 3 times more infectious than Alfa (the first variant) but 10 times less lethal”.

      This is a lie from an anonymous internet propagandist. I notice all COVID articles attract these lying non-member randos like flies to $h1t.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Ive got a french customer who’s house I was supposed to work on today (laundry reno) that I rang up to cancel due to Covid restrictions.
            We chatted for about 15 mins during which he started telling me about the UK closing its boarders to France due to some new “French variant” of Covid-19.
            “Here we go” I said aloud mirthfully expecting to be lead into some kind of silly Covid joke.
            But instead he went on to inform me of some actual new French varient.
            When he was finished I said,
            “I thought you were going to tell me this new french strain made everyone root each others wife”
            He laughed and said, “No,… it makes you a better lover”.

            Sigh,…I won’t be doing his job until these construction restrictions are lifted.

            Were Construction/renos closed down at anytime during the Melbourne lockdowns?

          • TheLambKingMEMBER

            Were Construction/renos closed down at anytime during the Melbourne lockdowns?

            Constructions sites no – as the CFMEU runs Vic Labor. Renos – only if there was no one living on the site (and number restrictions) or for emergency work

        • TheLambKingMEMBER

          but as a general rule of thumb in the over billion odd years of virus evolution the more contagious a strain is the less lethal it is.

          It is simple maths mixed with biology. If a virus is too lethal, too quickly (like ebola) it does not have time to reproduce (infect others.) So the more lethal, the less chance to spread, the less lethal the more hosts the virus can spread to.

          The real dangerous to human viruses are the ones that are highly contagious, but have a number of days of infection before symptoms occur and cause death well after it has had the chance to spread to lots of people – just like Covid-19 .

    • That’s what I thought too. To be really conspiratorial, a gov. employee was told 109, others were given other numbers, and someone’s bingo number came up.

      Highly likely all this went on in my head too.

    • No, you are all fooled by randomness. These mathematical models have a level of uncertainty, so picking several days right is statistically unlikely.

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