Why is Morrison COVID ineptitude getting a free pass?

There is no doubt that Australia has the worst vaccine rollout underway in the developed world. Bar none. It is the slowest, most troubled, and worst handled. Via Goldman:

Note that Japan is now much faster than Australia.

Note that Japan is now much faster than Australia.

I am locked down today for the sixth time directly as a result of this failure and Morrison’s other screw-up, failing to centralise quaratine in the bush.

Yet, Samantha Maiden today commits some serious chart crime in extrapolating this to politics:

One of the great truisms in Australian politics is that sooner or later, the mob works you out.

The problem for Prime Minister Scott Morrison in the latest Newspoll is that it suggests the mob has worked him out, and the trend is not his friend.

Voter dissatisfaction with his leadership is rising amid the bungled vaccine rollout.

Sadly for Maiden, the chart is completely wrong. Newspoll’s “better PM” measure has deteriorated for Morrison but only a bit to 53-32. I assume the colours are just back to front.

The real mystery of Australian politics today is why nobody is blaming the Morrison Government for the vaccine and quarantine debacles. Take your pick:

  • We love closed borders.
  • We love property booms no matter what else it costs.
  • We love Scott Morrison.
  • We are a cowering and terrified people.
  • We hate needles.
  • All of Australia hates Victoria.
  • Conservative times render politics moot.
  • Anthony Albanese and Labor are so repulsive that not even the greatest policy failure in modern Australian history makes either attractive.

I report, you decide!

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • Beat me to it.

      The ABC can’t say boo about the government without the two prong attack of the heavily federally subsidised News Corp. claiming bias, and the government itself making thinly veiled, if veiled at all, threats about its funding. The free to air TV networks gave up journalism a while ago. Fairfax does a piece every now and then to make those who buy it because it isn’t News Corp feel like they are getting something different. What’s left when hoping to reach a large audience in a way that most people treat it as serious news?

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Well yeah, but who tells the punters that hyperinflation in housing is a good thing? A weak and compromised media.

        I see it every day with the mob I work with. I’ll opine on something and in response the Hun will be waved in my face. Yes, there’s people who still buy that rag and it’s treated with more respect than that other great work of fiction, the bible.

        No media, no insight, no truthiness.

        • Half empty life boats departed the Titanic well before the likes of Rupert were born. The MSM didn’t invent greed and selfishness (i.e. human nature), they just cleverly tap into it.

          When the front pages are telling punters the biggest asset they own is going up by ~$1000 a day…unless bread, milk and Netflix subs are going up by the same amount, who cares.

          • life boats departed the Titanic well before the likes of Rupert were born
            Hmmm, are you sure? The prune-like skin on Merdoch looks 300+ year old.

    • kierans777MEMBER

      I’m a bit surprised that DLS didn’t include this in the list.

      The media has been conditioned to be pro LNP. Journalists who write facts pointing out the failures in the Liberals ideologies (like Emma Alberici) get hounded out of the job. The ABC is cowed and commercial media is in the LNP pockets (except for a few small outfits like The Sat Paper, New Daily, IA, etc).

      It’s the media stoopid.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Our political and economic reality is the predictable outcome of transforming a liberal democracy, with a once real left/right dichotomy, into an almost total Plutocracy that fakes a system of democratic choice through the constant promotion of banal and concocted conflicts between social conservatives and the bourgeoisie fantasies of Upper middle class Progressives.
      Barley any a working class voice heard at all from either camp.
      We now have near Zero political representation for the Vast majority of the population.
      We dont live in a democracy and this is the reason for all the corruption and dysfunction we see in our Country today.

      • This. Times many. Our ‘democracy’ with its preferential voting system always delivers us either Lib or Lab. A corrupted media plays its part, but the only choice in reality is for the lesser evil.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          There is an order to these things, too. For example I like my Libs *behind* their desks at all times and my Labs chocolate.

          Or on a rush to get done before the office closes.

  1. Can I ask a couple of genuine questions with objective answers please

    1 Does the vaccine actually work. That is if I take it, is there a very high probability I won’t get any version of COVID or at least a more mild case
    Really does the vaccine work or is this more $ for big business and political point scoring around the world

    2 is pfsiver better than astra ?

    • BabundaMEMBER

      You’re asking the wrong question. Whether the vaccine stops you getting COVID is moot. What’s important is whether it stops you getting really sick or dying. They do seem to be effective at doing that. That means the virus will become endemic and circulate freely. It will be a bit of a nuisance but it won’t be catastrophic as it is now, much like any other upper respiratory virus.

      Pfizer is hands down better than Astra.

    • There are other questions we should be asking as well, is our government working for big pharma or are they working for us? Ivermectin is a real alternative.

      Historically it is an anti parasitic, working on a glutamate chloride channel which humans don’t possess.
      We have studied it against viruses for a decade and have known it has antiviral activity. (Flaviviruses, yellow fever, dengue, Zika, Ebola, coronaviruses).

      Against Covid the mechanisms of action are :
      1. Inhibits spike binding to the ACE2 receptor
      2. Inhibits the alpha/beta importing subunit that the virus uses as a taxi to ride into the cell
      3. Blocks a protease that allows the virus to unfold and fold itself
      4. Inhibits the virus from using the rna dependent rna polymerase
      Immune system effects and hence efficacy in the early inflammatory, full inflammatory and post inflammatory phases of the disease
      5. Stimulates the nucleus to upregulate nuclear cellular interferon production, which stimulates surrounding cells to do the same. The virus high jacks and decreases interferon early. Ivermectin reverses this viral effect. Increased interferon balances the TH1 /TH2 responses and hence decreases inflammatory cytokines.
      6. Balances extra cellular neutrophilic traps thereby decreasing fibrosis and lung damage.
      Covid death and damage is primarily from clotting
      7. Ivermectin binds to the platelet, red cell and endothelial CD147 receptor, and thereby acts as an anticoagulant. Sars Cov 2 binds this receptor to cause clotting. Ivermectin reverses that.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            This pandemic has been a cause-and-effect of RWNJ’s who believe in “the vibe” over data. I’m not sure if you’re trolling or just have a smooth brain.

          • RobotSenseiMEMBER

            Christ almighty… let’s go on a deep dive.

            Have you actually read the paper you’ve cited here? I’ll summarise it: they did a big *shrug emoji* and stated:
            it is apparent that even more data on both the quality and quantity of trials are needed, even during a global health care emergency, and in consideration of a safe, oral, low-cost, widely available and deployable intervention such as ivermectin.
            Next they went: never fear! Someone else will sort this debacle out for us!
            Fortunately, large teams sponsored by 2 different organizations have embarked on this effort. One team, sponsored by the Unitaid/WHO’s ACT Accelerator Program and led by the University of Liverpool Senior Research Fellow Dr. Andrew Hill, is performing a systematic review and meta-analysis focused solely on ivermectin treatment RCTs in COVID-19. Although a preliminary meta-analysis of 17 RCTs was posted to a preprint server in February, it is expected that by March 19, 2021, results from approximately 27–29 RCTs including almost 4500 patients will be presented to the WHO Guidelines Committee and that the epidemiologic studies reviewed above by Chamie et al were already presented to the committee in early March (personal communication with Dr. Andrew Hill). It is important to note that on February 5, the WHO Guidelines Committee announced that they had begun a review of the accumulating ivermectin data and expected to arrive at their own formal treatment recommendation within 4–6 weeks.

            So what did Dr Hill conclude from his *own paper*?
            “Many studies included were not peer reviewed and meta-analyses are prone to confounding issues. Ivermectin should be validated in larger, controlled randomized trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities.”

            So not even Dr Hill, Ivermectin deity that he is, is ready to stick his nuts on the table to back it. It sits in a limbo-land of “maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.” Know what else sits in that same limbo-land? Literally ever. other. pharmacological. compound. ever. made.

            Long story short, Ivermectin is all bullish!t and mirrors, peddled by woo-merchants who think there is some X-Files-esque “the truth is out there” conspiracy is going on. I’m generally not sure which is more extreme: their exceedingly high levels of paranoia, or low levels of scientific literacy. In any event, this is just a photocopier of turds, one stinking turd after the other rolling out hot, all convinced that Ivermectin is the Next Big Thing.

            It’s not. First there was hydroxychloroquine. Then there was ivermectin. Just let me know beforehand which the next “pump and dump” drug is so I can buy shares in it prior to the misinformation wave hitting the airways.


        Great post!
        Word is getting out that prophylactic treatments (vaccines) are not the only method to deal with Covid 19 although big Rx and global tech and gov’t would prefer you to believe otherwise to maximize their rev and control.
        Ivermectin is a wonder drug and in Straya, where the populace has been conditioned to accept and trust any and all authority (no matter how corrupt) it will face enormous hostility. However, let the data speak for itself- not the conflicted noise that accompanies nearly all reporting by self-interested and duplicitous ‘stake-holders’.


        • RobotSenseiMEMBER

          Let me guess, all those government officials are secretly hording Ivermectin for themselves and their families whilst pushing an untested vaccine on the population blah blah Nuremberg blah blah, right?

      • TheLambKingMEMBER

        There are other questions we should be asking as well, is our government working for big pharma or are they working for us? Ivermectin is a real alternative.

        I love you anti-science guys – just so full of contradictions!

        So what makes Ivermectin not ‘big pharma’? You are believing this pharma company pushing ‘their’ drug (without clinical trials and peer reviewed science), but not the multiple different ‘big pharma’s’ that are each pushing different vaccines and treatments (backed by clinical trials and peer reviewed science.) Weird.

        • SoMPLSBoyMEMBER

          “… without clinical trials and peer reviewed science”
          False statement!
          There have been widespread trials and peer reviewed papers on Ivermectin and the associated anti-inflammatory meds that are delivering extraordinary results right now.
          Safe and inexpensive too!

          ( This group is a public charity and organized under the US 501 (c) 3 rules for non-profit org’s.)

        • Ivermectin is off patent and no company can make anything from it, which is why there is no pharma companies pushing for its use. There is tens of billions to be made from vaccines though.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      As for point 2, if Pfizer isn’t better, why did you think ScoMo took it? Or Palaszczuk?

      The blood clot risk is around 1 in 100000, but it is still there. In Europe the doctors seem to have found a treatment for the blood clot already.

  2. One dot point is missing here – National Cabinet itself. The calculated cooptation of state premiers, minus the federal opposition, has significantly blunted whatever small purchase that timid Albanese Labor might have had.

  3. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Large corporations (but mostly Gina, Clive, Twiggy) own the Main Stream Media and the LNP so don’t want to upset their profits.

    But it is mostly because Australians are an apathetic, selfish bunch and life has been pretty good under the LNP and a change of government might affect them negatively.

  4. BabundaMEMBER

    Perhaps people will cotton on when they see the rest of the developed world has opened up while we’re still cowering down here because we’re not vaccinated.

    By the end of this year we will have gone from the world’s leader in pandemic response to the world’s laggard.

  5. MathiasMEMBER

    > We love closed borders.


    You forgot a few.

    a) We hate baby boomers and figure a pandemic that wipes out half our elderly will reduce our Pension Liabilities ( make us richer ).
    b) The Poorer this Country seems to get the better off it seems to be. Have you noticed everytime we get rich, the moneys always mis-spent?
    c) Nobody cares anymore.

    I’ve been hoping covid stays forever.

  6. Because the majority – including those who are the core demographic of the MSM – are f’cking rolling in it, that’s way. Who cares about ineptitude if the consequences are nil. He could catch Covid and cough on the Queen on live TV….but with massive stimulus and a bread and circuses budget, enough of us still feel relaxed and comfortable (especially if you’re fortunate enough to own property), to actually give a sh!t.

  7. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Ruprecht Mudroch is the real king of the dumb, mean spirited, greedy, terrified collection of slum-lord wannabes that we call Australia. They basically think whatever he tells them to think. And he tells them to think that Albo sucks and Scotty rules!

    I can’t work out precisely what his end game is. I suspect it’s to turn all Western democracies into slightly less poor versions of Russia, with him and his oligarch mates calling all the shots.

    • MathiasMEMBER

      As I understand it, you’ve got to go back the 1960s Vietnam War.

      Back then, the world was Anti-Communism and we saw a huge rise in Communist hatred coming out of the West. Rumour has it that Murdoch and the CIA joined hands and Murdoch was tasked with spreading Capitalism far and wide, with the intent on ensuring we never even think to go Communist ever again. You may notice, especially in America, there is huge Communist Hatred and the mere suggestion of Welfare, Social Inequality or anything that isnt extreme Right Wing Ideology is usually followed up with the verbal attack of, ” What are you? Some kind of Commie? “.

      So over the many years after 1960s to present day, Murdochs basically been an American Propaganda Machine pumping Capitalist news anywhere he can, deposing Communist ideals and trying to keep us good little Aussies from turning towards the evil Communists.

      So Liberals Good… Labor Bad. Australias has 24 Liberal elections and only 12 Labor elections. We dont mind Labor having an odd election win occasionally ( it looks good for appearances ) but we cant let them go too far, for then Australia might turn to Communism. The evidence of Murdochs interference in Australian Democracy is as obvious as black and white. When you begin to see just how bad this is, you also start to realise how broken and American Controlled Australian Democracy has been all these years.

      We arent Free. The Americans have been pulling our strings for years.

      If CCP had its Communist mouthepiece, Murdoch would be the Capitalist Mouthepiece.

      Thats how I understand it.

      You can google ‘Murdoch CIA’. I was just figuring this stuff out myself because it all seemed very logical ( given Australias History ) but didnt realise I’d stumbled upon such an enormous wealth of information on the topic.

      Its believed Americans have also made two of our Prime Ministers resign. Gough Whitlam in 1975 because he tried to ” bring the power back to the people ” when Americans went ahead and just built Pine Gap without Australian Permission. Secondly, Kevin Rudd because when you look closely at all our Mining ( I think its all attached to military and has dual-purpose ), you discover Australias Miners are all heavily owned by offshore American Companys linked to Military. When Kevin tried to, ” Bring the power back to the people and make them pay tax “, well… Im sure you know things didnt go very well for him after that.

      I think Americas been doing a lot more in Australia then just being an Ally. Seems to me, Australias more like its Prisoner.

    • MathiasMEMBER

      Did you know we have quite a significant ship building company off the coast of West Australia, that I assume uses a lot of Iron Ore to build Naval Warships?

      AUSTAL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaWZtBIl4WY

      I think you’ll find the reason Australians are suffering so badly and our entire Economy has gone corrupt, is because Americans have been calling the shots.

      I think… Murdoch and all these Miners are hooked into the American Military Complex which is why Australians are irrelevant… because the only purpose Australia serves to Americans is the Iron and Ships we have.

      Every Australian could die for all America cares. As long as they get what they want from this Country, the rest is irrelevant.

      Australia needs to deal with this because I think Australias Domestic Economy shouldnt be held to ransom by all this crap. When you understand, its no surprise Australias Domestic Economy is being marginalised. Im all for a strong Australian Military, but not at the expense of Australias Domestic Economy.

      • Nearly every post of yours is warped hatred or just plain wrong. You won’t engage to dissect your hate so it’s just easier to deal with the really simple stuff, like Austal. Hint: the last two letters.

          • lol
            Edit – but the concern is the bile should be called out. Look at the sh!t below, that women are monkeys. FFS. I know he’s trolling but there is the possibility that someone vulnerable might be swayed by this, unlikely on this blog though.

        • MathiasMEMBER

          > Austal. Hint: the last two letters.

          Yeah, sure. Im not arguing against Australia having decent Defence. Im not one of these tree hugging greenies saying, ” Make Love, Not War “. Of course we need a Defence Force. My problem with all of this is the Australian People are being Marginalised.

          > there is the possibility that someone vulnerable might be swayed by this

          Your absolutely right, Ginger.

          So please tell me, how many Men vs Woman suicide in a year in Australia? Despite the hundreds of thousands of articles written accusing men of being the most ‘heinous b*stards the world has ever seen’, how many men are suiciding relative to woman?

          Secondly, Im saying ‘ its not in a womans nature to hold down a relationship ‘. Which countrys in the world have the best marriages, that last the longest where divorce is never seen? Hint: Its not Australia or America. Do your research because I have.

          Woman are writing this stuff themselves in there own blogs?

          I stem from the view point that ‘Life is about Living’ and ‘Men, as equally as woman, deserve to a happy life’. If a relationship between men and woman is primarily responsible for mens suicide ( 14 of my mates have suicided, at least half due to relationship issues ), you think men are going to rush out and want that in there life?

          Argue away my friend ;p I probably dont see it but I assure you, Im not avoiding you on purpose. Bring it on mate ;p I’ll take ya.

          • MathiasMEMBER

            me? I’ve been single forever. ( never married. not once. no desire to. )

            I mean, I’d like to think Im sem-attractive ( I’ve never had problems meeting woman in the past ) but I am a little old now, so Im probably fatter then I used to be ha ha.

            Nevertheless, whats that got to do with anything? You turning FACTS into PERSONAL ATTACKS to push your own view? Trying the ‘ He has a bias ‘ perspective. Surprised you didnt try the, ” Oh because all your mates died you now think all woman are evil ” … ” Maybe someone hurt him once and now he’s become all shrivvelled, bitter and twisted ” ha ha. Heard it all before mate ;p

            Also, because I know you’ll probably ask at some point, no… Im not homosexual.

            Im single by choice. I value a happy life. Its why I dont stress much about all this stuff. I suppose you could probably say, Im in love with ‘nature’ but then I am a little wierd sometimes.

            I fed a little possum on the weekend. Was out camping by the fire and he scared the crap out of me. I fed him a little bit of apple lol. Sitting by the fire, me and possum, keeping warm. Then he crawled back up in the tree ha ha. A very unexpected moment, I must say. This kind of stuff seems to happen a lot to me. Dunno why.

            My goal is to be happy in life and I dont regret being single for a second. I guess I’m just self-confident in who I am. Do I sound like a guy who lacks confidence to you? ha ha.

            Marriage is nothing more then a career choice for woman. It does very little for the man. Why take on peoples problems? Why take on other peoples stress?

          • jebus, it’s worse than I thought, that you can have such warped hatred without precursor events. Get help.

          • MathiasMEMBER

            > that you can have such warped hatred without precursor events

            yeah ok.

            Time to get a little sunshine I think mate ;p You’ve been on the X-Box too long.

            Australias Data is pretty conclusive. Any man with half a brain ( Im talking the other brain ) who looks at Australias Marriage Stats and comes to terms with whats been going on since the 1980s, see’s it as clear as day.

            Im actually a supporter of Marriages because ‘on the whole’, I think they are good for communitys and great for societys at large. ‘On the whole’, they have many positive benefits to a functioning society.

            That being said, myself, and just about every man I know, wants nothing to do with it.

            I go out with the mates and we surf, camp, paintball ( I suck at it lol ) and various stuff. Men need mates. Best thing in the world. Mates have no agenda unlike woman. Sure, they might smell a bit funny and be a little uglier then usual, but there’s no agenda. In 20 years after your divorce falls apart and your lost in a gutter somewhere trying to decide what just happened to your life, it’ll be your ‘mates’ who are the ones still there for you. Any man who ditches his mates for woman is asking for trouble, imo.

            One of the young guys I know didnt agree with me. He found himself a nice girl. A few months later while setting up a camp site, he comes up to me and says, ” You know, you where right. Im starting to see what you mean. “.

            Men are a brotherhood. Men are a loyalty. Its not our fault society has turned on us. We have every right to be as happy as the next person.

            … and something which is rare in this life today, there isnt a single one of those men who wouldnt knock someones block off if you ever harmed a single person in that group.

            If your lonely and looking for loyalty, your in the wrong place mate 🙂 Men are good to each other. Men look out for each other.

            You’ve been personal with me. Now I get personal with you.

            I bet you where raised in a single mother household and you never had a father growing up? I can smell it on you 🙂

            Single mother households are becoming very common in Australia nowadays and its surprising the damage it does to young men.

            Aussie Men arent the product of ‘Domestic Violence’… they are the Heroes of this Nation.

            Sorry you dont like me mate… but you know what, thats totally alright ha ha.

          • drsmithyMEMBER


            “Do your research, I have” says misogynist troll who says suicides are an order of magnitude higher than they actually are, self-selects “data” from blogs and is usually wrong about everything.

            Never mind pornography, here we see the real damage being done to society by the internet.

          • Wrong again which is not surprising given your warped views. Happy traditional 5 decade marriage upbringing, Never played x-box. Get help.

    • MathiasMEMBER

      Philipines have been going crazy over Chinas plans to invade there waters.

      Interesting news. AUSTAL building warships for the Philipines.

      You want to know why Australias Domestic Economy is suffering so badly… and why Aussies are as worthless as dog sh*t.

      It doesnt take much to see why.

      On present course, Australia will gladly murder every single Australian to save its precious American Military Complex that neither ‘Australian Government’ nor ‘Australian People’ have a voice over. In other words, we are no longer in control of our own Country. These institutions are calling all the shots and think they are more important then the Government and the Australian Nation.

      Like the guy or hate the guy, when Kevin Rudd got deposed in 2007, that sends the message that ‘ These Companys are Above the Government ‘.

      If we cant control these companys, then maybe its time we remove them from Australian shores.

    • Lord D you are on the money.

      Rup is on about ego and manipulating politicians for his own ends. Unfortunately, in farming jargon, the kid with the least ability is being groomed to take over the farm 🙁

    • Completely agree LD. The salience of issues is a critical feature controlling the political agenda and I don’t think the internet has countered the influence of Murdoch (it may even help it). You only need to see how the Murdoch press has derailed action on climate change for so long to see its strong hold. Add the propaganda funding that comes from the deep pockets of our own oligarchs like Palmer (which delivered a lot of votes in Queensland last election) and it’s a completely lopsided tournament. The only way Labor has a chance is if someone senior opts to sell out to Murdoch and there are a few notable past examples here and in the UK.

      So what’s the salient issue now? Not hard to guess. https://www.crikey.com.au/2020/12/04/labor-china-reversal/?success=tapv9v

  8. Display NameMEMBER

    When 70% of the print media and a good chunk of other channels is owned by a person with particular interests that they are happy to pursue across these mediums what chance does the average punter have to understand what is happening in the real world. They live in fantasy land where Dan is a dictator and ScoMo twerks with twiggy. Maybe.

    To my view the current LNP are by far the most incompetent and corrupt govt we have had in the last 40 years.Utterly hopeless. No redeeming features.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      The LNP won’t tax corporate profits, and will never do anything about the fact that almost all Australian print media is controlled by a handful of oligarchs. That is why the LNP are in government, and why Labor will never win another federal election.

      • MathiasMEMBER

        Then maybe its time Australians put together a Freedom Fighting Force to make sure they do?

        Who’s country is this anyway? Australias or Americas? Last I looked, Australia was for Australians.

  9. 50% of the population dont even have the brains to maintain a marriage .

    50% of the population vote Predator Protection Party

    Coincidence ???

    You decide!

    • MathiasMEMBER

      > 50% of the population dont even have the brains to maintain a marriage .

      Because woman are monkeys… who’s instincts are to swing from branch to branch… and unlike men, woman struggle to keep a relationship together.

      Woman get bored which I suspect accounts for majority of divorces.

      At least half of Male Suicides in Australia are usually a result of Divorce, Blackmail of Kids or other. Not a day goes by where we dont read about ‘ The Bad Man ‘ and ‘ Domestic Violence ‘ and how evil men are. There’s a huge perception on men that, ‘ It was my fault that my marriage fell apart ‘. Yet, nobody has ever bothered to question the fact that instinctively, ‘ Woman get bored ‘ and they turn to ‘ Emotional Manipulation ‘ and ‘ Mind Games ‘ to escape from that boredom.

      I cant find you an article and I apologise, I did a quick search inbetween my coffee but there’s plenty written on this stuff. Woman have written stuff themselves and said, ” We like to swing multiple partners and when stuck in one long term relationship, we get bored “.

      Couple that with Australias bullsh*t Feminist Laws and house prices, you’ve got yourself a cocktail for disaster. Its no surprise marriages fall apart in this country.

      You can be the greatest husband that ever lived in Australia, yet, Woman will still divorce you because its in there nature to ‘ get bored of you ‘.

      Australian Law doesnt account for that. It just see’s Woman Good and Man Bad. Which is probably why so many men are choosing to stay single permanently because they’d rather invest in themselves, have a happy life and not entertain that risk which Australia has made ten times worse.

      Men are expendable humans. When a man suicides nobody cares but when a woman suicides, oh boy, bring out the violins and lets all make a big fuss.

      Australia hates men and men are beginning to realise this.

      • FFS mate you have a big problem. Take it from a never married, never wanted to be married, reasonably attractive, never been in a serious relationship FEMALE (so therefore I haven’t fckd a bloke around or dog forbid been responsible for someone topping themselves).
        If you think women leave marriages because they’re bored you are so deluded it is funny.
        Anyway I’m going back to skipping over your posts (which is what sensible people do).

  10. Stockholm Syndrome?
    The LNP governing at federal level is as imbedded as Labor is at the state level. We are so accustomed to all the talking points about LNP vs Labor that neither side can get out of the parody of the talking points that they have become. Morrison is the current PM, he happens to be an LNP PM and therefore he is good. Well at least better than a Labor PM would be.

    We’ve normalised selfishness, small-mindedness and pettiness. Now I have to admit that Morrison is a rather apt PM for a country of our values. He’s splatter of vomit on the Tarocash suit after a day at the races. It’s disgusting but it ties everything together quite nicely. Good one ScoMo.

  11. We love closed borders.: Yes. It’s the only way we’ve managed to put a pause on the mass immigration Ponzi scheme. Besides that, Australians have rediscovered a love of the good old domestic Aussie holiday. That might not last forever but it’s so hot right now. Closed borders are getting the thumbs up.

    We love property booms no matter what else it costs.: As stated above, it’s a media driven frenzy and any opposing voices are a shout into a cyclone.

    We love Scott Morrison.: Anecdata reveals that 99 percent of Australians see through the daggy dad persona and recognise him for the smirking sh1t stain he is, but there’s no real electoral alternative and the MSM refuse to account for the general public dislike of the man.

    We are a cowering and terrified people.: No. More complacent, apathetic and disbelieving of the fear mongering media fiction.

    We hate needles.: Yes. Who doesn’t? Particularly when the needle contains an unapproved and untested substance.

    All of Australia hates Victoria.:Yes. Victoria is the fat, slovenly share house mate who eats everyone else’s food out of the fridge , refuses to pay their rent or contribute to bills but still demands the prime spot in front of the TV and control of the remote.What’s not to hate?

    Conservative times render politics moot.: Ithink the dual conservatism and neoliberalism of both parties renders political discourse in Australia moot.

    Anthony Albanese and Labor are so repulsive that not even the greatest policy failure in modern Australian history makes either attractive: Yes. What’s worse….the guy who sh1t his pants or the sh1t within the pants? Same same but different.

    • Yes, the fear of needles is a good point. If they could mix the vaccine with collagen and inject that sh!t into my lips for a plumper, fuller look, then I might consider it.

    • Victoria is the fat, slovenly share house mate who eats everyone else’s food out of the fridge , refuses to pay their rent or contribute to bills but still demands the prime spot in front of the TV and control of the remote.
      Brilliant summary!

    • MathiasMEMBER

      > All of Australia hates Victoria.:Yes. Victoria is the fat, slovenly share house mate who eats everyone else’s food out of the fridge , refuses to pay their rent or contribute to bills but still demands the prime spot in front of the TV and control of the remote.What’s not to hate?

      No, its because we hate migrants. South African Crime gangs… spot the white man and syringes all over parks ( drugs… was last time I was there ). We dont want to see that crap come to our state because we are happy the way we are.

      QLD has a mice plague now because those filthy NSW. Living next door to NSW is like living door to a Brothel Casino. Drugs, Crime, Mouse Plagues. Not only are they corrupt but they are filthy.

      A few months back, these morons tried to bully QLD and tell us what to do. The same idiots who cant even deal with there own Mice Plague because they are just too greedy. Yeah right. As if QLD would ever listen to NSW. Bloody disgusting state.

  12. “He’s a ripper bloke”
    Admittedly anecdata of two, but this from a builder and a mining engineer from WA.
    The public almost exclusively get to see Scomo on tele or on the front page doing his daggy dad impersonation and are so disengaged from politics they only inhale the surface impression. In advertising it’s called reach and frequency – how many people how often. And it’s Scomo everywhere all the time.

    Goebbels – “repeat a big enough lie often enough…”
    P.T. Barnum – “you can fool some of the people all of the time”
    The Colgate mum – “look, it does get in”

    The once critical thinking part of the media is neutered and compliant, while the other is a cross between a bastard attack dog and an airbrush artist. Truth be damned.

    Eventually Karma’s slow turning wheel will catch up with Scomo, like it did for Eddie everywhere McGuire. Scomo will topple off his sandhill as the end result of one grain of sandy bullshit too many piled atop the bullshit mountain – his bridge too far – to mix metaphors.

    We can only wait for Scomo to self-destruct. Unless Rupert decides to tear him down first.

    Forget this at your peril – hope is not a strategy, it’s a punishment that endures…

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      But even those moments where he did self-destruct – like at the presser when he went after that News Corp journalist for not “keeping their own house in order” – the response was a collective “meh”. If SHY had said that, Sky News would have collectively jumped in the pool and walked clockwise to make a vortex of public shame.

  13. I’ll lock in all of the above for 1 billion thanks Eddie

    Scomo is a shrewd political operative. Very shrewd. Albodross isn’t as shrewd, sadly.

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