Victorian fuckdown to end

Thank god. My sixth fuckdown will likely end tomorrow tonight:

Some restrictions remain and it will be a staged return to normal.

Go get vaccinated!

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  1. MathiasMEMBER

    Attempted suicide rates among Victorian teenagers soar by 184 per cent in past six months, Kids Helpline reveals

    Yeah, thats not nice.

    Household breakdowns. Parents having a hard time paying the bills and getting through. Stress coming out in kids.

    Im sick of these Liberals. They’ve basically got the knife to our throats.

    Sounds like Melbournes a pretty stressed out, weather impacted and lonely place to live. Surprising because your surrounded by so many people but most cities are lonely, I guess. A lot of people I know are surrounded by more people then they can count but end up the loneliest of all. Im out bush on my own and I’ve never been lonely. Yet you’ve got people in big cities, more lonelier then me. Go figure.

    Im glad I left the city. More money in the city for sure but you sell your soul.

  2. BakuninMEMBER

    Epidemiologists are the new central bankers!

    COVID-19 metrics and information that aren’t widely discussed:

    * PCR false-positive/false-negative results
    * Years of life lost resulting from COVID-19
    * Excess annual deaths from all causes ( /-) using pre 2020 base year analysis
    * Percentage of younger age groups who test positive (people under the age of 50 with no chronic health conditions), exhibit severe symptoms and are incapacitated for months
    * Percentage of these groups who exhibit severe symptoms and have organ damage that don’t recover in a few months
    * Percentage of people who have COVID antibodies that come down with the illness again a few months later
    * Cost-benefit analysis of lockdowns including multiplicative modelling that considers second and third-order community effects including cost metrics per life saved

  3. Sri Lankan ‘traveller’

    Faecal spread. 🚽 💩🌫 ->🧑🏼‍🦯🤒 🛌 💀

    👉🏾Spread by faecal aerosolised emission is the best guess from the contact trackers.

    Apparently breathing in the aerosolised invisible virus mist cloud associated with a virus infected person dump in an enclosed public or say hotel or airline toilet – is far more infectious than breath or touch spread.

    And that aerosolised faecal virus contagion then settles and can persist for a day or two on any surface.

    The virus persisting in the virus infected person’s gut & in their faecal emissions for up to 2 weeks after a ‘nasal test’ might falsely indicate a negative result.


    🔻Health warning notices are to be placed on all public amenities?
    🔻Air conditioning / ventilation fans in toilets all needing to be isolated and have medical grade disinfectant scrubbers?
    🔻 The army of toilet cleaners and people involved in sanitation – many migrant non Australians often working illegally- all needing protective grade PPE and vaccine protection?
    Surely the answer is to stop all migrant travelers.
    Extend quarantine to over 1 month in highly secure non urban facilities.

    “Victoria headed into extended lockdown, as the state’s contact tracers were working to track and test at least 10,000 contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

    Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton told yesterday’s media briefing the strain of the coronavirus involved in the latest outbreak was “one of the most infectious we have seen”.

    The new cases confirmed in Melbourne this week have been identified as belonging to the B.1.617 lineage of the virus, colloquially known as the “Indian variant”.

    According to Professor Sutton, while it usually took between six and seven days for a person to pass on COVID-19 after becoming infected, current cases were being transmitted “within a day”.

    And clearly we need rectal swab virus tests (like China) before anyone is cleared to be in the Australian community, or in local testing so they can be put into isolation.

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