Odds firm that Melbourne’s lockdown will be lifted

Data just in from the Victorian Government reveals that there were only 2 new local COVID infections reported over the past 24 hours – both linked to current outbreaks:

With all of the new cases linked to existing clusters, and most already being close contacts that are self-isolating, state government sources told the Herald-Sun they are “very confident” that Melbourne’s lockdown will end as scheduled at 11:59pm on 10 June, barring a major spike in new cases.

This easing of restrictions would most likely see Greater Melbourne emulate those that are currently applying in regional Victoria; although travel to regional areas is expected to be banned during the upcoming Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

These eased restrictions would include mask wearing indoors, bans or caps on home gatherings and public get-togethers, and caps and density limits on offices, venues, bars and restaurants.

However, schools are expected to return to face-to-face learning and children’s sport is expected to resume.

The Herald Sun understands that key industries were briefed yesterday afternoon briefed on the planned easing of restrictions.

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  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    How did the Delta strain made it to Victoria? That is the big question, as there are no matching cases in hotel quarantine yet. I doubt it is from ‘frozen seafood’.

    • Faece aerosolised spread is the short answer.
      Read on for why this is a new form of virus spread Australian needs to protect itself against.
      Sri Lankan brought it in.
      🔻How are they getting in?
      🔻Why are they getting in?
      🔻Why are they even still here and not rounded up and deported as a bio security risk a year ago?

      👉🏾This one not tested properly or in quarantine long enough (Should be 4 weeks). Maybe there’s a racket now in bribing people to get a covid test clearance.

      Anyway it looks like it’s via faecal spread.

      The virus isn’t just droplet or aerosol spread.
      This virus is inside the body and anyone using a urinal or toilet after an virus infected person will go into a massive invisible cloud of aerosolised virus.

      Especially in say an aeroplane, a night club or say a 711 frequented by Uber & Deliveroo Indians, Bangla and Sri Lankan’s or Nepalese… …not only the incoming source but the incubation hub & transmission vector to Australians.

      That invisibly faecal covid virus cloud goes all over your body, face, clothes, shoes.

      Masks don’t stop it.
      Nor does handwashing.

      Don’t ever use any toilet after an Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangla or Nepalese.

      First of all the splatter. Diarrhoea & loose stools are the norm in Indians & Sri Lankan’s, Bangladeshi & Nepalese.
      It’s not just their food – usually very rotten meat or fish, masked by curry & spices – which means a fast violent exit passage by the body to expel the toxic load.
      They also don’t have sewage systems or toilet paper, just a hole, or the footpath & then a communal tap or bucket or a grimy damp rag in a plastic bag they carry around to use.

      And no toilet training when they arrive to live & work illegally in Australia. They still live in an Indian or Bangla or Nepalese ghetto and practice their ethnic toilet habits.
      So they don’t wash / they use their left hand & fingernails and the rag to scrape out any solids or residue & just don’t use that hand for eating, but still will touch & infect everything with the ‘hand of Abu’

      When the indian gives you the deliveroo or holds & scans the bottle of water with the left hand, then puts it back on the shop counter – he is giving you a little gift from himself.

      In India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal etc stomach issues’ are all on public display with human faeces on the street or path everywhere in fresh or dried splatter.

      As such the sub-continentals carry a huge amount of intestinal disease spread by their third world hygiene standards.

      As a parallel example. NDM-1 is a new disease, created by the Indian counterfeit pharma industry – a prion that makes any common bacterial infection antibiotic resistant and therefore lethal.
      Nearly a third of Indians now have the NDM-1 in their gut. It is spread by their faeces infecting the water supply.
      An aged Indian lady on the usual tourist visa scam to ‘suddenly get sick’ and ‘need emergency health care’ in Canada shut down a public hospital ward after she has a splatter then she ‘touched’ a door handle.

      And this covid virus is far more infectious via faecal virus cloud & touch / transmission than NDM-1.

      So I think all Indians, Bangladesh, Sri Lankan’s & Nepalese (sub-continentals) should be required to display a public health warning on their person.
      Clearly all the TR sub continentals should be rounded up & force exited as bio security risk.
      Leaving the sub-continentals who are PR or now Australian citizens. For them – compulsory toilet hygiene training with a pass (like speaking English) being required to retain PR or citizenship.
      And obviously mandatory community testing / registration and door to door turnouts under police enforcement – to stop any runway outbreaks in the migrant enclaves.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Nobody will tell me if the ten thousand children being held underneath the city for sex trafficking were removed before Dan was locked up to face the secret court under the Yarra.

      They should be kept separate for appearances sake.

    • *STAIRMAN DAN* hahaha made my day!
      Now just waiting for confirmation that former PWC ceo Luke Sayers clocked Andrews and broke his jaw. We can fill in the blanks from there. Although one presumes Stairman won’t be welcome at Lindsay’s for a while and he can probably rule out a cushy post parliamentary consultantcy gig at Linfox.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Of course it’s true. I’m disappointed though that the page where all the theories started backed off the secret underground court and the sex trafficking bit. They were finally about to crack the case wide open when pressure from the lizard people got to them.

  2. DodgydamoMEMBER

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! This is super contagious beast strain and we will probably have a blowout to 4 or 5 new cases tomorrow (all already isolating) and we’ll have to lockdown for another week 🙄 FFS

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