Half a billion Pfizer freebies and Morrison can’t get any

Australia’s personality disordered PM Scott Morrison was approached by Pfizer in July last year and asked how many doses we needed. He said 180k, for himself and a few front-line staff. Then he bought millions of Astra Zeneca and Novavax vaccines instead. From two firms with NO experience producing vaccines, run by a former liberal party hack, at 15% of the cost that Pfizer was charging.

The rest is history. AZ credibility has all but collapsed with the public. Novavax is facing difficult questions about side effects and delays. The Morrison Government has desperately tried to backfill its utterly failed procurement policy with Pfizer and the similar Moderna vaccines. But too late.

More Pfizer won’t arrive until late this year and then next. Even that is not guaranteed. Moderna might arrive this year if we’re lucky.

This failure has cost Australians scores of billions in lost economic activity, scores of billions in public debt, untold inconvenience, lives and large tracts of our way of life.

It is the largest single policy failure of any government in my lifetime.

And now, today, we get this:

The US has purchased and will donate 500 million doses of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine worldwide as it seeks to be a key player in getting other nations vaccinated, a person familiar with the move told CNN.

President Joe Biden will announce the news at the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, this week, the person said.

Around 200 million doses will go out in 2021 and 300 million will be distributed in the first half of 2022. Biden’s top Covid adviser, Jeff Zients, has been working on the deal for the last month, a person familiar said.

Australia: edge of the knife, tip of the spear, crack of my ass in the Indo-Pacific US empire and Morrison can’t get on the blower to the White House for a few lousy jabs.

He should be thrown out of power on this issue alone.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    This was literally the single only thing Morrison has had to do in the last six months. He has managed to successfully fob off every remaining aspect of his job to other “fall guys”; vaccine procurement was his issue and his issue alone. Greg Hunt got up on Twitter and ripped into Michael Rowland when challenged over the Liberal Party logo being front and centre (image – https://michaelsmithnews.typepad.com/.a/6a0177444b0c2e970d026bdebb21bc200c-pi ) back in February, proudly proclaiming to all and sundry that this was their victory.

    Well now fast forward four months, and there has been no progress. We are no closer to Australia’s borders being reopened, no closer to having everyone vaccinated, and with yet another lockdown in Victoria. There is no further urgency from the federal Government, goodness bloody well knows what on earth they do day to day. We remain sitting ducks for further outbreaks; there is no end in sight, no confidence of vaccine supply, and our reward is to watch as literally every other half-organised Western nation is well on their way to having everyone vaccinated in the next 12 months.

    This monumental failure of a man is demonstrating to anyone who cares why he was sacked from cushy jobs running tourism ads. Put him in a real position of responsibility, and his flaws are on display for all.

    • Hey they’re our professional, absolute best [email protected] in the country!

      What do you mean you don’t know what they do all day? They wnk and then go around patting themselves on the back about how good they are at doing it, which a reasonable person would admit is hard to do because doing both actions requires using 180 degrees of motion with the same arm. Meanwhile the rest of us just try to survive in the fkd up society/economy/ponzi scheme that they oversee

      Give the man a break will you and have a bit of compassion?

    • Come on you’re being a bit harsh on scummo.

      He’s also had to manage a series a rape cover ups. That stuff takes a lot of effort. Carpet and furniture steam cleaning, making sure all witnesses tell the same story. On top of that he had to learn new things. Like from his wife Jenny who told him rape was bad.

      Sheeeesh. Exhausting stuff

  2. LachlanMEMBER

    Norman Swan recently claimed on air that in June 2020 Australia was offered the chance to be the Pfizer poster child of the world but Morrison stuffed up the negotiations. So Pfizer went to Israel instead.

    From approx 5 mins in this interview: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/melbourne/programs/drive/norman-swan-why-melbourne-coronavirus-outbreak/13368928?fbclid=IwAR0gIkMMiUvTdfQjzUSS1c4QCLm7Wj34ZdccEBmpzorA5-Kjo3QxUOZkj0Q.

    They should be strung up for this.

    • “Morrison can’t get on the blower to the White House for a few lousy jabs.
      He should be thrown out of power on this issue alone.”
      during the bushfires he couldn’t organise phone calls to macron trudeau or tptb in us forestry either.
      macron and trudeau tweeted publicly that aerial appliances were available

  3. This will all be swept away as well. The general feeling amongst Australians not living in Melbourne / Victoria is that there is no urgency around vaccination and the economy is doing just fine!! The national Government is untouchable and Teflon on any issues. You don’t know you’re in the middle of a crisis until you personally experience the effects of it.

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      One in four women will be sexually assaulted in their life time. It is not nonsense, it is another failure of the Morrison LNP government.
      Add it to the bush fires, quarantine and the vaccine roll out.

      Worst PM and government ever.

  4. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    It’s been over a month now since my second Moderna jab (the side effects from the second one were weird… not extreme, but weird… sudden onsets of fatigue that would then abruptly disappear a few hours later, cleared up after a few days). Basically anyone around here who wants it is already fully vaxxed. The US has an advantage in that it’s made here, but still… Scotty has royally screwed this one up. Australia went from being the poster child for COVID eradication to the poster child for vaccine-rollout omnishambles.

    I don’t think it’ll matter to Scotty though. After some deliberation, Mudroch is 100% behind his boi. Australians elected TestosterTone when Ruprecht told them to. They’ll re-elect the Scotty Government too. I’m hoping after the October Scotty Government landslide, they quietly shuffle Dutton in as PM, because why not? Go nuts, I say!

  5. He could pay what it costs, to get quarantine and vaccination done. Or, pay a fraction, and gaslight us instead. For a Dark Triad personality, that’s an easy choice. Yet Albanese Labor has barely laid a glove on him, and he’ll coast to re-election.

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      I think you’re right, I don’t like it, but I think you are.

      Most Aussies are so disillusioned with the insults and the politics of hate, that they have totally disengaged from it.

      Or they read the Murdoch press, which will always push the LNP agenda, no matter how bad it is.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “For a Dark Triad personality who literally believes they were appointed by god, that’s an easy choice.”

      Fixed it for you. I think most Australians don’t appreciate just how warped Scotty is. In many ways, he’s much worse than Trump.

    • Hernando Dobski

      A Director of AstraZeneca is Kieran Schneemann, former Chief of Staff in the Liberal party and John Howard’s cabinet secretary.

      Contracts went to mates despite what the scientists recommended.

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        If you’re the type who only recommends your mates, and you project that everyone else behaves the same way, why would you trust the scientists? After all, they’re only in it for that sweet grant money, and they’re just promoting their mates as well. Much better just to make sure your mates get all the cream.

        This insight into the right-wing mind brought to you by a complete cynic. Problem is, this depressing outlook is predictive.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          The good thing about Australia compared with the most politically corrupted countries in the world is the efficiency and openness with which vast quantities of public money is showered on those favoured by those elected and empowered individuals whose delegation those funds are at the sole discretion of. Right Mr Turnballs ½-billion dollar reef-saver?

          No namby-pamby brown-envelopes or hiding behind public servant decision-making here!

  6. Workmate got his second Pfizer in Darwin this morning. He said that locals are struggling to get appointments as interstate tourists are booking spots out. The vaccine roll out is beyond a farce.

  7. Don’t know why you’re so desperate to get experimented on without long term safety data. The spike protein, although not a complete virus, is itself toxic, capable of binding to the ACE2 receptor, capable of causing clotting. Instructing the body to produce a lot of spike protein may in hindsight be seen to be a really dumb thing to do.

  8. Is aZ run by the Liberal connect or just the PR/govt relations head. There’s a big difference. And if it’s the latter it’s detracting from the credibility of the claims

  9. The UK seems to be doing fine with the AZ/Oxford vaccine.
    Somewhat ironic that AZ is the one where they basically are providing it at cost. Not hearing too much from the socialists about evil Pfizer-BioNTech making a profit from their BNT162b2 vaccine these days.

    Still the govt. should have entered into contracts with multiple firms, basic risk management tells you that. As well as the interests of supporting market based competition.

    Only problem in Australia was game of mates comes to the fore because of the CSL plant in Melbourne and the capacity to manufacture the AZ vaccine locally. The policy wonks provide the advice and that does not change no matter who is in power.

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