Gottiboff screams ‘apartment shortage’

Robert Gottliebsen must have gotten off the blower to his mate ‘high-rise’ Harry Triguboff, because today’s drivel in The Australian reeks of blatant special pleading:

NSW and Victorian governments are adopting strategies that, by accident or design, are slashing the building of new high-rise apartment towers…

When overseas students return to Australia there will be shortages of accommodation, particularly in Sydney, which will lead to higher prices and rents…

Neither government is coming out into the open and saying: “We don’t want high-rise developments and we want to slash production”…

Most of the surplus units have been absorbed so if and when students return in large numbers the city will not be prepared…

If politicians in both Victoria and NSW do not want high-rise developments and are happy for rents to rise then in a democracy it’s important to come out and say what you want to achieve.

Speak to any dozen Sydney or Melbourne residents and the overwhelming majority will tell you that they are sick and tired of mass immigration and the accompanying explosion of high-rise apartment developments that have infested both cities.

Many of these developments are ugly and riddled with defects and flammable cladding, costing their owners thousands of dollars in rectification costs.

Most residents of Sydney and Melbourne don’t want to go back to the pre-COVID situation of extreme population growth and extreme over-development.

The sooner Gottiboff recognises this reality, rather than spouting the wishes of his property lobby mates, the better.

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  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “The sooner Gottiboff recognises this reality, rather than spouting the wishes of his property lobby mates, the better.”

    I’ll win Lotto long before Gotti ever gives up on spruiking for his property mates, particularly HRH.

  2. MathiasMEMBER

    > Speak to any dozen Sydney or Melbourne residents and the overwhelming majority will tell you that they are sick and tired of mass immigration and the accompanying explosion of high-rise apartment developments that have infested both cities.

    Yeah… and now they’ve all moved to Queensland. Tell em to F off.

    Im hoping a crash will see money evaporate, turning migration into emmigration. Most QLDers I know laugh at all these interstate migrants and the consensus is, ” Lets see how long they stay when they realise they cant get a job ” ha ha. You dont get the big salaries in QLD like you do NSW / VIC. When they realise that, they might be moving back.

    QLD doesnt mind if NSW and VIC wants to blow up there state. We only get mad when the level of stupidity crosses borders and ends up blowing up our state ( which seems to be happening ).

    • I usually skip over your posts but read this one by mistake.

      Could you at least learn to use two words ‘their’ and ‘there’ correctly.

      There means the opposite of here; “at that place.” Their means “belongs to them.” They’re is a contraction of “they are” or “they were.”

      2nd grade grammar.

  3. MathiasMEMBER

    A mate of mine went out to some social event. Im not really into his kind of things but I went along. A room filled with people and I was shocked at how many where single.

    Being the cheeky bugger I am, I walked up to this lady and said, ” Hey. He looks like a sexy man. Reckon you and him would hit it off? “. She laughed at me hilariously and said, ” Nah. I like my own private space. “. Fair enough. So I went up to the sexy man and said, ” Hey. That looks like a sexy lady. Reckon you’d shack up with her? “. He was like, ” Nah. I have things the way I want them. I like my independence. “.

    It occurred to me, that the number of people in the 40+ age bracket who are single was astronomical. So when I started to enquire, ” So why you want to be single? Dont you like the pretty ladys? “, the consensus was pretty straight forward. A lot had to do with money preservation. They owned assets and just didnt trust anyone ( a product of Australias crap laws ). The other is the love for independence. Both the men and woman I spoke to pretty much said, ” I like doing things my own way and I dont have the time for other peoples problems. “.

    Cities tend to attract lots of woman. I suspect because its a lazier and easier life for woman. Attracted to the lifestyle. It seems to me that both Melbourne and Sydney have tonnes of single ladys. Most of whom cant keep a relationship together to save there life ( a month is too much attention span for most woman ). Not to mention, it seems to me, there are a lot of single people.

    Im getting the feeling we will have a lot of single people in Australia over these next 20 years. It just seems to me that everyone I know is turning towards independence. Im not suggesting we need more housing but it seems we may need more ‘singles and at home services’. Nobody seems to want to marry or be attached anymore. Everywhere I look, everyone prefers to be single. Not saying its bad but Im not sure our society is setup for that.

    • It is bad. If everyone is independent you have no or few kids. The money meant for kids gets capitalized into housing. Familes can’t compete with singles for money so get pushed out of cities and many types of jobs. The singles all need to be looked after as they age so asset prices need to be kept up so they can pay for retirement and age care. As a cohort they didn’t and couldn’t have enough children to do this, so mass migration is necessary. You are witnessing the death throes of a people sucked into a behavioural sink and the vortex is destroying the previous norms of social living with families at the centre. Instead, you have selfish turds everywhere you look. Australia as we knew it is never coming back. Reproduction is the main function that living things do. If you can’t manage that, everything else is pretty meaningless. Far too many Australians chose comfortable meaninglessness.

      • MathiasMEMBER

        Well… I dont think people are selfish. I mean, the trend for falling fertility rates has been happening every since the 1960s. I’d probably agree with you if this was just a generational thing but Boomers never had any kids either.

        I think its more serious then just ‘Life Choices’. I think moneys a factor.

        I like to keep things real. When I think about myself and all the people I’ve spoken to, I think the two major factors is money and security. People dont want to lose there money which is certainly one reason. The other is there’s no security in it anymore. I think Womans Biological Instincts basically just romanticise men as pay cheques and when men dont want to be that anymore, woman no longer have the interest. Furthermore, I think we have a lot of really stupid laws in Australia that are making both men and woman think twice about the whole marriage thing.

        I had a young bloke in our group meet his young true love to be. He was a young bloke amongst all us old men ha ha. We all told him our truthes about woman. He didnt say much except call us grumpy b*stards ( guilty as charged lol ). A few months later, it all turned sour on him and he came up to me in private and said, ” Yeah. You guys where right about all the things you said. “. I wasnt trying to put the guy off or anything but I think once he realised there was a price he had to pay for any relationship, I think he just decided it wasnt worth it.

        Its my understanding through a nurse friend I used to know that many woman are turning to IVF. They get to choose the time of place of family without having the man involved. I dont see the problem and its hardly threatening to men. Most men I know dont want that responsibility anyway ha ha. Most men I know end up forced into it which is why many of them suicide. One of my mates had 14 kids to different woman and shot off to India lol. There’s a lot of stuff coming out about the mental health of children without men. Disorders which they claim are clearly a result of the lack of having a proper father. It doesnt effect me personally but I suspect these changes will see a lot of screwed up kids growing up in the future. A lot more suicide. I can pretty much look at a young male and know almost instinctively that he never had a father. Its not hard to tell.

        If marriages are dead and we all end up single then thats fine… but society will have to adapt to that.

        I think Canberras just screwed up Family Law so badly in this Country that now people are just avoiding marriage entirely. Which, yeah… will have implications into the future that I dont even think I can foresee. I mean, those are some pretty serious changes.

        So if relationships are no longer important anymore, will men still want to work or just sit at home on the XBox all day? I mean, whats the point of life now? Arent men in America pulling out of Universities and pulling out of the workforce due to lack of motivation ( why bother ) ? Dunno. Its too complicated for me but I think its a major change to Australian Society which I dont think anyones actually thought about.

        I dont think a crash is enough to fix this because its the Laws which have to change as well. Unless those laws change, I just dont think anyone will be interested anymore.

      • The FNG.MEMBER

        It was always going to happen though. Population cant grow forever.

        All we’re seeing now is the certain elites desperately trying to maintain the status quo of forever population growth.
        Anyone who supports this is fighting natural forces they have no chance of defeating. Why are we so immature that we cannot face reality?
        This meddling with natural forces will end badly.

      • Three examples of why I will be cancelling my MB subscription – misogynistic ignorant rubbish. Please, please do find a site more suited to your views, intellect and grammatical abilities.

        Fact: If there is one thing you can do to save the planet it is to have one fewer child.

  4. pfh007.comMEMBER

    “..Most residents of Sydney and Melbourne don’t want to go back to the pre-COVID situation of extreme population growth and extreme over-development…”

    Yep and are they likely to get what they want?


    So would they prefer 0.1% residential vacancy rates and paying through the nose for slum lifestyles?


    Which means the lesser of two evils is paying very little for living a slum lifestyle and that means one thing


    • What is most important is that building matches population growth.

      If you are stingy and mean about population growth (eg few immigrants) then you can (and should) be stingy and mean about allowing extra dwellings.

      However if you are fast and loose about population growth (like we are) then you must also be fast and loose about extra dwellings.

  5. He’s trying to flog units and needs to create the perception that they are a valuable scarce commodity.
    Its spruik nothing more.