Berejilklian Government’s fascistic FriendlyJordies “overreach”

The fascistic Berejilklian Government is sinking into deeper hot water over its ridiculous arrest of a FriendlyJordies employee:

  • Nicholas Cowdery, the former NSW DPP, said the “fixated persons” legislation was not designed for arresting comedians but for lone-wolf terrorists that pose a “risk of serious violence”.
  • “On its face this does not seem to be a case for which the fixated persons unit was established.”

Here’s the incident on tape. You tell me if it qualifies:

Looks to me more like the secret police should be arresting themselves under the legislation.

Other legal eagles chimed in. Marque Lawyers managing partner Michael Bradley said:

“What is it about Langker’s actions that could, on any basis, bring him within the definition of a ‘fixated person’? If anyone is ‘fixated’ on John Barilaro, it’s Shanks, albeit only in the sense that he clearly thinks Barilaro is a fair target for vituperative criticism and allegations of wrongdoing in the execution of his office of high public trust. You know, free press.”

FriendlyJordiess superb satirical attacks upon the deputy premier’s conduct in public office don’t warrant intervention from the fun police let alone Barilaro’s OVRA.

This is a massive overreach from a minister who must now be investigated within the parliament, as well as through the court process.

Is Gladys Berejikilian modeling her government on Benito Mussolini or what?

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  1. > This is a massive overreach from a minister who must now be investigated within the parliament, as well as through the court process.

    Excellent. The problem is nothing ever gets done. I think people fear there isnt any Justice in Australia anymore.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      ” I think people fear there isnt any Justice in Australia anymore.”

      No, people know there isn’t any justice in Australia anymore.

  2. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Echoes of the AFP raiding the ABC and News for daring to expose dozens of war crimes. Still waiting for any prosecutions at all for that little murderous affair.

  3. MountainGuinMEMBER

    MSM is barely noting this dispite it being an attack on independent and investigative media. Nor are they noting the substantial corruption concerns evidenced and raised.
    That Game of Mates book MB plugs needs another chapter…..

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      Australia has the worst media of any developed English speaking nation. Step out of the country for a while… when you return, it’s jarring.

    • The BystanderMEMBER

      They don’t like Jordan Shanks because he calls them out repeatedly for being talentless hacks, so they’re probably quite happy having his voice silenced. But they sincerely believe in free speech though…

      • Yep. Not always my cup of tea but for sure at times (most) Jordan is funnier than the professional comedians slumming it as news readers & journalist on The Project ile vomit …news served differently. How is he not funnier than Peter Hellier… I know low hanging fruit. Or Charlie Pickering, Shaun Mc awfliffe, Adam Hills, Helen Razor, Magda soba ski, walked ally etc etc etc. Reckon even Don Lane & Co had a crack at comedic news delivery.

  4. RobotSenseiMEMBER

    Crikey article today going in hard at Shanks and where he get his money from. Spoiler: lots of people donate because he has established a product that people want to listen to.
    There’s the better question: what do the MSM have against the guy?

    • If he’s getting a bunch of donations then it’s small wonder the MSM hate him – he’s cracked the code that they haven’t been able. How to get people to pay for you product and not compromise your standards by relying on keeping advertisers happy.

    • The BystanderMEMBER

      Not surprised in the least – friendlyjordies is running laps around the talentless losers who staff Crikey these days. I used to be a big fan of Crikey and its work, but over the years it’s changed from a serious independent outlet to a pathetic Buzzfeed clone. It even awarded its Arsehat of the Year award to Shanks, ignoring literally every other contender whose actions had a demonstrable effect on people’s lives. No clue what it was hoping to achieve, but even if the decision was meant to be ironic, it completely erased any remaining integrity it had with the public.

      Time to let it die with dignity. Or at least less embarrassment

  5. Their dodgy decision making around investigating the Christian Porter rape allegations are another example of the NSW police as a political actor. Looks like there are some nasties in key decision making roles….

    • There is no sense of political independence in the decisions made by Mick Fuller. He aligns himself too readily to the ultra conservative views of the LNP. One can only speculate as to whether he does so maliciously because he has political ambitions himself, or whether he does so because he is too overly keen to please the government, but I do know for a fact that there are a lot of senior figures in the NSWPF who have been concerned that the blurred lines between the police and government are being completely erased under his watch. I think this matter proves it.

      I would bet London to a brick that Bruz has gone directly to Fuller who has directed CT to make the arrest. Fuller has form on interfering in politically sensitive matters.

      • Yep, Fuller is an unelected conservative politician. Even more so given he controls the Brown Shirts.

        • The shadow of Abe Saffron and his police pigeons rolls on unabated in NSW.
          Murder school kids at Luna Park? Why not?
          Silence political interference? of course.
          Echos of Queensland’s super corrupt Bjelkie-Petersen ring on and on

        • BTW these corrupt ones deal in blood.
          Shooting of relatives of Brothers- in-Arms is just a side show.
          These cops are the real deal.

      • Indeed. It will be a very interesting FOI to see who signed off on the arrest warrant – and then ask that person directly under oath when this goes to court (and I expect it will under wrongful arrest) as Jordies wiill no doubt want to press home the advantage. Exactly who gave that police task force member the instruction to proceed? Were they taking the Mick(ey)? This pretty little daisy chain will prove instructive beyond measure.

        • Apparently, there is also a warrant for Jordan’s arrest which was issued a few weeks ago prior to Kristo’s arrest but the police aren’t going to execute it.

          That would explain why he was so quiet on YouTube the last few weeks – imagine being told as a journalist that the ‘Fixated Persons Unit’ of the Counter Terrorism Command is holding an arrest warrant for you, but they’re not going to execute it. How bad could the offence possibly be if they’re not in any rush to arrest you – unless of course it was, oh, I don’t know – intimidation perhaps?

          This is some seriously grubby stuff.

  6. There are more similarities between Gladys Berejiklean and Joh Bejelke-Pieterson than just there names.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Oh,….It’ll definitely be being discussed at this month’s branch meeting.

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        And the likely outcome? Zilch, nothing? No political party does nothing better than the ALP federally and in NSW?

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          That’s totally unfair.
          There’s bound to be tea served and possibly even some party-pies if Ermo isn’t ejected. Again.
          So that is something at least.

          • blacktwin997MEMBER

            Not taking away from the legitimacy of party pies as a branch favourite, might i humbly suggest that potato gems are indeed the mark of an up-and coming political powerhouse and well worth including?

  7. This is a massive MB overreach!
    It is a well known fact that LNP is all about the freedom of speech and freedom of press.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        I’d reply re why those eyeballs aren’t of interest to DLS, but I wouldn’t want you to have to be shocked twice in the same week that someone had been able to comprehend a comment. Even as it is, I’m concerned this might trigger – heaven forefend.

  8. UpperWestsideMEMBER

    Bringing this story to my attention was value enough for me to re-up my subscription.
    I was angry having watched the arrest, it is not what I expect of the Australian Police.

    I cooled my anger by making a donation in honor of “Friendly Jordies” to the International Center for Journalists which works for press freedom globally.

    (I was considering not resubscribing… as the comments , which were always the icing on the subscription , and some of the content had become less balanced in recent times)

  9. Funny how The Chaser guys dont seem to be jumping on this in outrage. They made a career out of similar jokes – by dressing up and following politicians around, and mocking them mercilessly – the dressing up as Obama and breaching security by joining the motorcade at the G20 thing was gold….. now they’re on the ABC payroll, they won’t speak up (or not that I’ve seen) for this new generation of sh*t stirrer.

    Calling Chaser! Where the bloody hell are you? Young fella needs the old guard to remember where they came from

  10. Jordies lawyer, Mark Davis was on the Marcus Paul program in Brisbane talking about the case the other day (content since removed from FB due to legal reasons but still available here on reddit

    He confirmed that the police had actually been at Jordan’s house looking for him a few weeks prior. Jordan asked Mark to ring them to find out what it was for and was surprised when he was put through to the ‘fixated persons unit.’ He was told that there is an arrest warrant for Jordan, but they weren’t going to execute it.

    This just adds to the grubby fascistic nature of this whole thing – holding the threat of arrest by ‘Counter Terror’ police over a journalist. Jordies must be on the mark with the corruption I hope beyond all hope that the independent media voices that are seemingly united in their abhorration of this saga keep running with this. The complicit MSM sure as sh*t won’t.

    Also, Bruz is a caaarnt

  11. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    Get used to this kind of thing. Australia has the most draconian “anti-terror” laws among Western nations, as a result of suffering less deaths to terrorism on Australian soil than to sharks. It really indicates just how apathetic, yet scared of their own shadow the Australian populace is.

    Indefinite detention without trial in offshore concentration camps is now bipartisan policy in Australia. There’s never been any question that this apparatus would be turned inwards against the Australian people.

    You have no freedoms. Recent years have shown that even your weak implied right to political speech can be easily silenced, largely through using your awful defamation laws as a cudgel. You have no right to protest. You can be secretly imprisoned based on the verdict of a secret court:

    These are all signs of a dying democracy. I don’t think you’ll last another 20 years.

  12. As Gladys said when caught fixing grants for votes: “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

    New South Boomerstan only cares that property prices are going up, being able to kill as many koalas as you want to rezone your land and imported coolies for cheap labour. Throw in last budget’s half price rego for caravans and the boomers will vote LNP forever.

    • I don’t understand why she is so popular with the electorate to be frank. They think they are untouchable now. They may be right – no matter what corruption and deals they do, no matter how much they stuff your area up (overdevelopment, clearing, etc) people think she is managing things well. She’s a smooth operator of management I guess – which is why she knows how to do bad things and get away with it.

      Would almost prefer a bumbling dumb politician – at least people can see through him.

  13. I don’t really enjoy Jordies type of humour, but still donated to his legal fight as this is seriously f**ked up s#it. We might as well be a Chinese Communist Party vassal if we accept this kind of bullsh*t!

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      It’s the constant moving of the clocks back and forth – does strange things to the mind.