Beetrooter to Labor’s rescue

It is most unfortunate that I have to write this post. There’s only so much a person can care about in Australian politics and Barnaby Joyce is at the very bottom of a very long list.

Still, he’s made his play to return as leader of the National Part so I will have to point out the obvious.

The Beetrooter will undermine The Rapist party’s attempts to rebrand as women-friendly.

The Beetrooter will also let The Traitors off the hook on climate policy owing to his extremist views on climate and coal:

  • Beetrooter will demand control of climate policy in the new agreement with the disordered Scott Morrison.
  • This will include new coal-fired power stations.
  • Beetrooter claims he will aid The Rapists in QLD and Hunter.

Reportedly the new star-studded lineup for the Beetrooter cabinet will include rotten hayseeds David Littleproud, Keith Pitt, Bridget “Sports Rorts” McKenzie.

Hence, The Rapists have entrenched their troglodyte policy positions for the forthcoming election which are outside of accepted mainstream views. This will aid The Traitors at the margin.

I am so looking forward to covering it.

Houses and Holes


    • Self destructive partyMEMBER

      And they didn’t pick John Andersen for their senate team spot in NSW.
      Instead they selected a lobbyist for the Chinese half owned coal Port of Newcastle.
      So the even more hard right Shooters party will take the National’s seats.

      • Are the SFF party really hard right? I wouldn’t join them and argue against some of their policies and rhetoric, but in a two horse race between LNP and SFF I’m sure the latter is the least corrupt, most authentic option. I think they’ll eat the Nats in the next decade and good for them. They actually represent a big bunch of people outside of corporate cronyism

      • Anderson has gone a bit soft, has spent too much time among press gallery (same with Katter), but a good guy… actually Joyce’s best days are behind him. His reputation sullied beyond repair.

        We need a hard right to balance Green and Labour. Then the Government can sit in the middle and pick and choose policies.

    • Anders Andersen

      It’s just amazing how much “talent” the LNP has in, and that’s including both sexes. And no, haven’t voted Labor since ’87.

    • I have it on pretty good authority that the Beetrooter likes nothing more (apart from rogering his staff) than sitting down of an evening and knocking off a bottle of “Square Bear”, aka Bundy rum.

    • So the ultra religious coal based Death Cult masquerading as a political party has a new ,old, new leader.
      Scotty , clutching his lump of coal tightly to his breast ,will be talking in tongues.

  1. The politics of this are, to quote Bruce McAvaney, deeelicious.

    Scott will be squirming.

    Albo is off to a good start – more jabbing and less stabbing. Gold.

  2. In a minor defence of Bridget McKenzie she performed well in the Senate Estimates re Australia Post fiasco and absolutely took the fight on with her Liberal counterpart Jane Hume.

    • Showtime. She still seems like a very average performer. Much like the rest of them.

      Look at them, utter dross.

      Why farmers keep voting for them is beyond me. Kevin Hogan has been very quiet.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Darren Chester been quiet too apart from the usual do my best for the party and country guff.

        I get the feeling he actually likes farmers and what they do. How he ever ended up in the National Party I’ll never know.

      • Kevin is a quiet achiever, one of the quietist politicians you will ever meet.
        He is never quieter than during an election campaign where he completely disappears, will not attend meet the candidates events. or be anywhere where he may have to engage with the voters. He has perfected this style of campaigning over 3 electoral cycles and it has been a winner.
        Of course being a Gnational Party seat he needs do nothing else.

    • RobotSenseiMEMBER

      But why would you, as a politician, take the hit for someone else’s rort? She only has herself to blame.

  3. Jumping jack flash

    Another clown in the conga line of clowns that comprise the Australian Parliament…

  4. I’m still gobsmacked that he’s managed to get multiple women to procreate with him.

    • No surprises to me, he is a public figure with power, money and ability to bullshit his way through life. Those traits are very alluring to some people.

    • Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

      Turns out women are not attracted to soy drinking men with thick glasses and instagram accounts? Who would have thought!

      • Anders Andersen

        Yeah maybe so….but…..he’s a complete effing tool and a useless tool at that. If he was in your shed you’d wonder what the eff you’d use him for, which is why, I guess, he fits into parliament so well.

  5. buttzilla world tour

    jebus, they’re trying to out-lose eachother…
    yeah, it’s that bad. Time to rewatch “The Losing Edge”
    South Park episode (season 9, episode 5)

  6. Sir Alec Guinness said it best – “The National party. You will never find a more retched hive of scum and villainy.”

  7. John Howard has insisted there is no “underlying racism” in Australia, holding firm in his view that the 2005 Cronulla riots were not racist

    Ha ha. Is that permission to riot?

    > Hence, The Rapists have entrenched their troglodyte policy positions for the forthcoming election which are outside of accepted mainstream views. This will aid The Traitors at the margin.

    Sounds like they are running out of Politicians in there Brotherhood of Australian MAFIA.

    • Jumping jack flash

      “Sounds like they are running out of Politicians in there Brotherhood of Australian MAFIA.”

      We can but hope, but I’m sure there is and always will be a line of people with no specific skills or employability looking for a quick buck for minimal effort.

    • Anders Andersen

      I’m looking forward to the day that piece of sh!te dies. I’ve peed on the old parliament and I’ve done likewise on the new and when he’s dead I’m gunna make a trip to Canberra just to show him my respect!

  8. Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

    When you say “outside of accepted mainstream views” , do you mean outside ABC online and The Drum ?
    If so I have news for you…..

    • TheLambKingMEMBER

      mainstream views

      It is mainstream when EVERY SINGLE SCIENTIFIC ORGANISATION in the world has the same publicly stated view that:
      – The earth is warming
      – Humans are the main cause of the current warming.
      There is no mainstream discussion about those statements. None. The fossil fuel industry spend a LOT of money to convince you otherwise – just like the tobacco industry before it.

  9. Anders Andersen

    I really don’t think it matters what he’s done, people will vote for the hip pocket before any integrity thingy. He’s just one of many examples.

  10. TheLambKingMEMBER

    Just shows how much power Gina and the Fossil Fuel industry have. Every time it looks like there is might be consensus on climate action a Political Leader gets rolled. Crazy Scary.

    How dumb are Australian Farmers? They continue to vote for a party that fights for the interests of mining companies over their own interests!

    • A farmer on ABC radio quietly said he thought McCormack would be better for the farmers on dealing with climate change.

      And that is the point, majority of National voters don’t really care who represents them or what their policies are, farmers only vote National. Even when the party is drying up their livelyhood in front of them, cause the party will push for government benefits when the bank is taking their farm. And that makes farmers feel happy they voted National.

  11. David WilsonMEMBER

    Get off the pot David, I find your article a bloody disgrace. Best you stick to your knitting or things economic.
    By the way climate change is natural, it changes hour by hour every day and my scientific study informs me that this year will be another year cooler than 2016 the recent warmest year.
    Studies of solar flares and subsequent radiation have recently revealed a 350 year cycle and suggest that we may be entering a cooling cycle for up to 53 years , this cycle will offset any human caused warming and may result in a general temperature drop of 1 to 1.5 degrees C. After this time we will then enter a new warming period then everyone can start winging again… god save us.
    I,m sure to get some rubbish replies to my post but why don’t you and your readers make a diary note for say February next year to see if global authorities acknowledge my view that we have a cooler planet and the reef will be ok regardless of the bs politics of the left that the world is going to end.

  12. Have never been able to figure out why governments agreed to CFCs causing a hole in the ozone layer theory.
    Dupont didn’t have enough pollies on the take, or conspiracy theorists spent too much time playing frogger on the Atari.