Aussie university vice chancellors still grossly overpaid

Despite the cut in international students, salaries of university vice-chancellors remain bloated, according to new analysis by Fairfax:

University salaries

Bloated remuneration for Victorian vice chancellor salaries.

NSW vice chancellor salaries

NSW vice chancellor salaries also extortionate.

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Unbelievably, some vice chancellors scored pay rises in 2020 at the same time as revenues tanked, rank and file staff were retrenched or had their wages stolen, and students were pushed into sub-standard online teaching.

As shown above, seven VCs across Victoria and NSW earned remuneration above $1 million 2020. This compares favourably against vice-chancellors in the UK and US universities, who are paid much less. For example, the vice-chancellor of Oxford University – which topped the Times Higher Education World University Rankings this year – was paid total remuneration of $A835,000 in 2019-20.

The curious thing is that Australia’s universities are run as ‘charitable organisations’. Yet the degree-factories they run, which rely on funneling large volumes of international and domestic students through cookie-cutter courses, are more akin to the very worst profit maximising corporations.

With regards to international students specifically, the whole ‘education industry’ has transformed into an immigration scam, with universities acting more like migration agents than educators.

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