Sydney COVID restrictions tightened after quarantine breach

Another hotel quarantine breach has prompted the NSW Government to tighten COVID restrictions for three-days from 5pm tonight.

The source of the infection is reportedly a returned traveller from the US who stayed at the Park Royal at Darling Harbour. This man somehow passed the virus to a local Sydney man and his wife. However, authorities are unsure how the two parties were linked and, therefore, believe there is another ‘missing link’ contact floating around the community.

Accordingly, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced new restrictions from 5pm tonight, including:

  • Wearing of masks indoors;
  • Patrons must remain seated at bars and pubs; and
  • No singing or dancing in indoor venues.

On multiple occasions, the NSW Government has proven that it can manage community outbreaks without hard lockdowns via robust contact tracing.

Let’s hope it passes the test again.

Unconventional Economist


  1. No singing? How does singing spread the bug? Is there research to show it? Serious question.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      I have a question. Why would any fine upstanding winner from the eastern suburbs go to Casula? Or Lidcombe?

      Seems like they wanted to get a dose of something.

      • Gagging for the best barbie deal.

        In other news man I wish there was an ignore function for some commenters (none in this little thread, mind). Re-sub on the spot.

        • Agree – so much so that the few repeat offenders of continually posting sh*t are causing me to consider my renewal next time around.

  2. Was always going to happen as soon as airports started up……red and green areas are laughable when they share the same air circulations. Aerosols carry in the air for hours in the right circumstances and these new variants from South Asia carry huge viral loads and they act a lot quicker. Personally I am accumulating KN95 masks before people here catch on that surgical masks don’t cut it with these new variants. I will bet there is a shortage of KN95 masks in Australia as well as base chemicals and bottles etc for vaccines

    • Still have all my N95, isopropyl, gloves, wipes, etc from first panic, in useful quantities.

      To your first point, what? This has been going on the whole time, airports (in bound from OS) have not really stopped.

  3. Plenty to gripe about with Gladys, but her response to outbreaks is not one of them. The last one was handled with only localised lockdowns and was fine – hopefully the same will happen again, AND the other states will actually take a leaf out of her playbook for a change!

    • You can’t have a few cases of Covid without the Palachook getting in on the act. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

  4. Triple Mutant

    Hopefully it gets out of control and we have no choice but to live with the virus rather than this ongoing hysteria.