Rapegate returns

Sadly, the Morrison Government’s appalling Rapegate scandal has returned. When we last adjourned, the Government was facing fourteen unanswered allegations of sexual assault and misconduct with three MPs either furloughed, fighting for their lives in the press, or just disappeared. Plus a raft of other staffers in all kinds of hot water. It has not improved with time:

  • 19 allegations of sex crime have been made to Federal Police since the Brittany Higgins disgrace.
  • There are 40 related reports.
  • There are 12 ongoing investigations and 15 referred to state police.
  • Morrison’s office has concluded the investigation into itself over briefing journos on Higgins’ family. (So, I guess it was some kind of friendly fairy.) It is not clear what the party split for the allegations is but obviously, it will mostly be Morrison’s Rape Protection Racket.

It also looks like the empathy training is failing badly:

Meanwhile, the lies about who knew what and when continue to mount.

Morrison PM&C charmer, Phil Gaetjens, refused to answer senate questions about his investigation into himself. And Peter Dutton’s office has been dragged in:

Police told Peter Dutton’s office about reports of a sexual assault in the office of Linda Reynolds in October 2019 – nearly 18 months before the now-defence minister says he learned of Brittany Higgins’ allegations.

Bottom to top, they all knew and should burn for it.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. BubbleyMEMBER

    The Murdoch press will continue to be rape apologists for the LNP

    Most of the public are so disengaged from politics they will let it happen

    • What if the public have formed a naive view that the police should investigate and the DPP prosecute based on the evidence gathered?

  2. C'est de la folieMEMBER

    How about a nationally televised lie detection test for every single member of parliament and all parliamentary staff…….

    1. Have you ever known of any past or present member of staff, or any current or former Member of parliament or Senator, being involved in any way in an incident which could be seen as sexual misconduct or sexual assault, or the handling of such a claim?

    • What a great solution /sarc
      we all willing surrender our freedom and democracy so that a few scumbag pollies can be removed from office.
      Remember if our elected representatives don’t have the legal right to the presumption of Innonence then neither do you or I…that’s a path that I’d rather not tread.

      • At one point in time I got training in passing Lie detectors
        It’s really interesting which lies you can disguise and which you’ll get tripped up on every time.
        There’s a techniques where the examiner instead of asking you a question like were you there? Did you rape xxx?
        he’ll tell a story where certain of the “facts” are just plain wrong, he knows which facts he believes to be wrong and will wait for your reaction to these wrong facts in the false narrative. I could never pass this sort of lie detector test. Trust me it is much more difficult then it seems because the story is 99% correct and find yourself following along but you know (if you were actually there) that certain of the facts of the story are wrong. For me this was the only test that I could never pass …the advice I got was to s#it my pants every time they started with this line of questioning, I never knew if this was literal or figurative advice
        Fun times

    • Charles MartinMEMBER

      yeah, if the talk isn’t about profits, house prices and profits, how bad Labor is or your escapades at the relations parties, I aint interested.

  3. Let’s hope the rapists, abusers and liars also learn to control themselves (or better still, just go to jail)….then everybody wins!

  4. kannigetMEMBER

    Looks like you attended the same empathy courses the LNP have been to.

    Being Drunk is not Consent to Sex, In fact it removes your ability to consent. Yes, She may have made it back to PH, but we dont know what state she was in when she arrived, we dont know how long it was between last drink and the couch and not everyone is immediately impaired on consumption. I have seen many people go down hill slowly after a few drinks too many, can take hours to fully kick in and even longer to sleep it off.

    I have a heap of questions around How They managed to get into PH and into the office considering neither had their passes. Security failed their job completely letting them in. This kind of breach usually results in clearance revocation and termination. So its entirely feasible Reynolds was actually interviewing her about the security breach unaware that Higgins had been raped and that it had occurred in her office. Do I believe for a minute Reynolds didnt know about it, No F%$king way.

    • Just for my own benefit
      Is “Drunk” one drink two drinks ..ten drinks or does it depend on the individual and the situation.
      Maybe it depends mostly on their recollections of the night before or possibly their regrets, hmm better get it in writing with a video to prove the facts..ah but did they consent to the video
      Fark this is complicated.

  5. Hey Leith and Dave, you need to pay some more attention to the comments. Ignore/block would be handy. There are real dills about.

    • kannigetMEMBER

      If only the new website with more interactive comments section had arrived we may have to ability to show our displeasure at the Dills…. even when I am one of them from time to time…. 😉

  6. whoops. needed to be moved. No it didn’t. The original comment disappeared. Anyhoo, let’s see if this cuts the mustard.

    He’s fumbled, it looks like he’s going for a save, and he’s failed. He’s fallen straight on his face. He tried to back pedal from looking like he was blaming the victim and he still manages to besmirch her character, which is irrelevant to the crime that has been alleged to be committed against her. As usual, its ugly stuff down here in the comments. Now to Reusa for some Clarkson/Bolt-esque styled one liners trundled out every week to a deadline for money.

    • kannigetMEMBER

      Removal of these inane comments doesnt help much, calling them out for what they and giving good reasoning is usually a better approach.

      • Having a minimum dress code for stoopid does help. You wouldn’t give the floor to a flat earther at a satellite conference. It just wastes time.

        • kannigetMEMBER

          Why? Do they have an issue with Stand up comedy at satellite conferences?

          I agree, there are times that its just of no value to allow all stoopid points of view to be a focal point, but sometimes giving excellent and well coordinated rebuttals for others who are uninformed and on the fence to read is good. It helps to stop the stoopid spreading.

          • Definitely. It comes down to the difference between a discussion between curious parties and those where one, or both, are fanatics of sort. Those [email protected] folk are a good example. No interest at all in what may be happening because they were caught up in a story. They are on their own long and lonely journey and may make it out the other side. That’s the type of stoopid I’m thinking of. What happened to those guys? Are they still about? Are there still true believers out there? Did they finally take their own advice and do some research?

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            I agree, there are times that its just of no value to allow all stoopid points of view to be a focal point, but sometimes giving excellent and well coordinated rebuttals for others who are uninformed and on the fence to read is good. It helps to stop the stoopid spreading.

            I think the likelihood of this happening is vanishingly small, and decreasing every day.

            Plus, as always, the fundamental problem is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandolini's_law

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            What happened to those guys? Are they still about?

            Yes. They refer to themselves as the GOP now.

          • “Yes. They refer to themselves as the GOP now.”

            Zing. Though they aren’t flashing their credentials in the peanut gallery as much as they used to.

          • Agreed. Some fools have even re-emerged with their tinfoil Wuhan virus lab leak conspiracy. That was debunked by the fact checkers a year ago. Shut them down now.

  7. Display NameMEMBER

    Every action taken and communication made by the Federal govt is filtered through a political lens. I dont mean a political sanity check, I mean an overt attempt to gain political advantage by every moment of government. So inevitably actions end up being half baked and not thought out correctly. Nothing ever lands where it has to. Everything of substance this government has touched, it has screwed up. On the communications side it ends up with spin, obfuscation, dissembling and les. Nothing is ever clear, it changes with the weather vane of the focus group. No one is quite sure what the current position is.

    Put the two together and it is a constant cluster. As has been seen on several occasions, different parts of the party and PMO are not sure which lies have been told to whom. It would be a joke it we were not funding it and living it. Donald Horne was wildly aspirational when suggesting Australia was run by mostly second rate people.

    • C'est de la folieMEMBER

      Completely and utterly ….This

      Australian politics per se is a cluster…..

      and the question for ordinary Australians is if it will ever end being thus

      • reusachtige or not?

        Ordinary Australians must stop voting in tribal fashion.
        Your dad voted Labor so you must vote Labor
        Your dad voted Liberal so you must vote Liberal
        That is so moronic and must stop.

        • Look at the sports clubs and the same tribalism exists. There is probably strong correlation between these 2 groups. Maybe Australians like the simplicity of tribes as it requires less thinking or onerous decision making. Perhaps Australians, generally, are just lazy and living off the unearned profits on a once in a generation property boom fueled by things which are actually destroying Australia and what it used to be.

          I respect many of the European and Asian nations cultural norms, it shows they wont trade it off for fear of being called racists or to turn a quick buck. I respect America and China for their patriotism. Whatever cultural norms Australia had were destroyed years ago by an over entitled latte sipping society. The work ethic is gone as is our ability to critically engage with the politic sphere.

          In the end, politicians are merely a symptom of a lazy electorate. Fix the laziness and passive nature of Australians and you fix Australia.

    • Single mum 2% down

      No charges funnily enough.

      Maybe for trespassing, I imagine you’re only allowed into Parliament for work reasons. Forget about entering a minister’s office.

      Instant dismissal at the very least.

      That’s what happened to the other chap fired the next day.

      Would have happened to Ms Higgins too but I think she claimed to be raped before they had a chance to fire her.

      • I don’t think he was fired the following day. You might be thinking of the sofa.

  8. MathiasMEMBER

    > Bottom to top, they all knew and should burn for it.

    We’ve seen this before. Canberra is without accountability.

    As long as the right people in Australia are benefitting enough to vote for them, they can go on doing whatever they like.

    Australian Democracy is a Collusive Lib Lab Government ( Australias Democracy is non-existent ) and by the looks of things, that wont be changing in a hurry.