Rapegate lies close in on Morrison

Via Crikey:

According to Guardian AustraliaScott Morrison and then-special minister of state Alex Hawke were both represented at an April 2019 meeting about dismissing the Liberal staffer who Brittany Higgins had accused of sexual assault. The meeting was reportedly attended by then-defence minister Linda Reynolds’ chief of staff, Fiona Brown, and finance department officials.

Revealed in Senate estimates yesterday, the April 4 meeting included representatives from each minister’s office and saw officials provide advice on the sacking. It occurred after Higgins’ reported the allegation to Brown on March 26 and met with Reynolds on April 1.

The accused Liberal staffer was then sacked on April 5, but department officials only took on notice questions yesterday whether the reason was discussed in the meeting, including whether it was characterised as an alleged sexual assault or a security breach — the reason cited by Morrison when Higgins went public in February this year.

The news comes days after Higgins’ partner, David Sharazcondemned a report that declined to find that Morrison’s office backgrounded journalists against him.

PS: Elsewhere, Sydney defamation barrister Sue Chrysanthou has been barred from acting for Christian Porter in his case against the ABC, after she previously advised a potential witness.

Lies are this government’s stock in trade.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. The ‘system’ will protect Morrison by keeping their mouthpieces in the corporate media silent on this. An article in the guardian on its own ain’t going to shift the needle.

        • Just a series of articles seemingly on a daily basis espousing what a strong silent leader he is just right for these times. I don’t subscribe and only scan the webpage casually.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            “Who in the Liberal party could continue this run of increasingly awful prime ministers.”

            Though I’m not sure there’s anyone after Dutton to carry the torch. He is a genuinely scary bloke.

          • Which LNP Cabinet Minister is the lovechild of Voldermort and a white Pontiac potato?

          • The Dutto fits the mould of national leaders that Rup and the Boy like to promote and use – Trump, Bojo and the second choice Scotty. Useful idiots.

          • I think spud needs to make a big statement to show he has the stuff of leadership. He could skitch the army onto the emus again but the scar tissue still is sore on the previous shellacking. How about he sack the frogs and sign up for subs from one of the alliance partners.

          • BubbleyMEMBER

            triage… I think Dutton has worked out that he’s not front page material and that voters really don’t like it when he opens his mouth.

            It appears he learned something from Turnbull’s knifing and it was keep your head low and come out like a sniper over the bodies of your competition.

            My only hope is that people in his electorate will give him the boot. He’s apparently not very popular there.

      • Wasn’t the best they could come up with a headline ‘He is not a monster’ and a picture of him looking decidedly like a monster next to his wife?

    • Admin for DummiesMEMBER

      A bunch of senior advisers meet and hold a meeting over at least a security breach and no-one takes any minutes or notes, or diary booking,. Public Service Admin 101 is to keep a minutes. But Advanced politics Masters degree skills – keep no written records of anything potentially controversial.

  2. David WilsonMEMBER

    All political clap trap as no rape has been proved and I continue to wonder why was Higgins in the minister’s office out of hours when allegedly under the influence of alcohol and why did she take her clothes off, why did she remain in the minister’s office after removing her clothes for ????
    Why is any of this the government’s fault when two staff members broke there rules and probably their employment contracts by even being in the office for no reason other than to conduct activities that were outside their scope of employment.
    Labor and others should get off the pot and concentrate on governing the country and stop the disgusting muck raking that only the left appears to excel in

    • Hear hear, the rusted on wankers in here are letting their biases cloud rational analysis.

    • if you bothered to acquaint yourself with information already publicly available then you would not have to wonder. Until then you’re just a trolling coward.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      And it’s a Yes from me
      I worked as an IT contractor in a series of banks and large company offices in London years ago. They all got drunk in extended sessions on Friday lunchtime (eg. left the wine bar at 3.45 after arriving 12.30) and the things that happened in the office that evening defy belief
      eg. A couple found by building security humping in a cupboard. Who was “guilty”? Who knows.
      One time we left a female Senior Vice President asleep in the Ladies at the wine bar late afternoon and went back at 6.30 to wake her up in there!!

    • Just a Few Clots

      I had my posts removed the other day for asking the same questions, asking whether Ms Higgins has her drinking under control. I hope so because it’s bad for one’s health! That’s the only reason I asked!

      Ms Higgins couldn’t have been too out of it if though if she was able to pass through heavy Parliament security.

      The other chap was sacked for being in Parliament after hours without a valid reason, for trespassing into a Minister’s office. That will hurt your aspirations in Canberra wouldn’t it? Career over before it started.

      I think the same fate was set to befall young Ms Higgins (career over before it started, name would be mud, hugely embarrassing circumstances for the young woman) for trespassing Parliament while drunk, trespassing a Minister’s office after hours but she got on the front foot and claimed to have been raped. Which you should do of course if you’ve been raped.

      • BubbleyMEMBER

        No. Does nobody here even read the FACTS.

        It was just before the 2019 election and Scomo and co didn’t want a scandal. The guy was sacked and Higgins was transferred to Michaela Cashes office. Higgins didn’t want to expose what had happened to her.

        In 2020 Higgins saw Scomo stand up next to Grace Tame when she was awarded Australian of the Year.

        Higgins couldn’t believe the hypocrisy of Scomo, who had hid her rape, standing on the stage next to Tame a survivor herself, who is now an advocate for survivors of sexual assault, particularly those who were abused in institutional settings.

        Higgins was raped in an institutional setting – Canberra – and the PM of our country hid it.

        Scomo is also a notorious micro manager and has frequently been caught lying, I think the official media count is now up to 27 major confirmable lies. There is no way Scotty from marketing didn’t know about the Higgins case.

        This is the reason Higgins went public. She also knew it would destroy her career if she did.

        Stop reading the Murdoch press, they have a vested interest in keeping Scotty in power.

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      David have you been living under a rock?

      This is all very well documented
      1. Ms Higgins was getting a lift home with her co worker, after a night out.
      2. The rapist said he had to pick something up from the ministers office (at about 1 in the morning from memory.)
      3. The reason she was naked was because he had raped her (which should have been obvious)
      4. The rapist left her in the ministers office an hour later, naked and passed out with one leg hanging off the sofa.
      5. Security officers saw her in there, after he left, checked that she was breathing and did nothing. (major failure by security)
      6. Ms Higgins left the ministers office at 10am the morning with no memory of the nights events.

      This is all out in the public domain. Your statements are either wilful ignorance or pure trolling. I suspect trolling.

      At least 3 other women have come forward with claims about the Higgins rapist. It appears he has a pattern and is a repeat offender.

      From the information released, I suspect Brittany Higgins was not just drunk but had a also had her drink spiked.

      Rohypnol is the date rape drug of choice and often results in staggering, passing out and memory loss, all things that happened to Ms Higgins.

      • Just a Few Clots

        “1. Ms Higgins was getting a lift home with her co worker, after a night out.
        2. The rapist said he had to pick something up from the ministers office (at about 1 in the morning from memory.)”

        Wouldn’t you just jump into a taxi or Uber and go straight home? Especially after a big night out? Canberra is not a big place. I wouldn’t have thought there was any reason to share a taxi with someone. It’s not like he was driving and offering to drop her off on the way home.

        Plus she has a partner doesn’t she? “How did you get home love?” “Oh I shared a taxi with the guy that had been plying me with drinks all night. He looks just like you too!”

        Canberra is tiny, so about 30 seconds into the trip he would have said I need to go to Parliament first to pick something up, told the taxi driver to change route. At this stage I would have been saying no I just want to go home I’m getting out and called a cab or ordered a Uber. Or when the taxi stopped at Parliament I would have just stayed in the cab and continued home to a warm bed and a loving partner! I’d say bugger this! He said he’s going to drop me off now he wants to stop at Parliament, we have to go through security, I’m half p1ssed, this is going to take 20 minutes, etc, etc I don’t want to be going to Parliament I just want to go to bed!

        Even if she lived in Queanbeyan which she wouldn’t it’s a 12km trip from Parliament House. She doesn’t have a spare $25 in the bank?

        She’s gone to great lengths to save money on a cab fare. Must be very frugal!

        I actually think she organised the night out so maybe was a little skint that week after organising the big night out?

        • BubbleyMEMBER

          Clot – stop being a rape apologist.

          I’ve lived in Canberra, its not a 30 second ride anywhere. Its also common to get a lift with a work mate home, getting raped isn’t.

          • Just a Few Clots

            Are you kidding me? Canberra is tiny, takes 10 minutes to go anywhere especially at 1am.

            Would have been a 10 minute trip home, $25 at most yet goes on a detour to Parliament at 1 in the morning.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          It’s unclear why any of this is relevant. Perhaps you can be more… explicit ?

      • Thank you Bubbley. There is so much that doesn’t make sense in the context of a consensual dalliance, a few drinks down the hatch or not. I’m guessing Scomo would have chosen a different Australian of the year if he had his time over. Notable that the female security guard who looked in on Ms Higgins went to the media with the facts promptly once she realised she was in a prime position to be scapegoated and sacked. She knows how things work in that establishment.

  3. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    No one will even remember this by the next election. The Rupert Press were always going to support the LNP in the next election, and after some doubts and self-reflection, they even seem happy with Scotty leading it for now. The Rupert Press will just bury anything to do with this (as they’ve been doing), and none of the inner-city latte-sipping Guarniad readers are going to vote LNP anyway, so they don’t matter.

    The propaganda has been perfected.