Morrison Labor Government triumphs in Hunter

After the weekend’s Hunter Valley state by-election won by the Nats, PM Morrison is cock-a-whoop. He says:

  • Working-class voters love the Coalition.
  • They are aspirational not victims.
  • Wages only rise when businesses grow.

The blundering Morrison has done a great job of refashioning his immense mistakes into a working-class welfare spendathon and now we get the rebranding for it. Let’s not forget that the truth of it is:

  • Morrison gaffes have cut the Hunter off from its major export market in China.
  • Morrison repeatedly tried and failed to reopen borders mid-pandemic.
  • Morrison butchered the vaccine rollout but has now rebranded that as permanently closed borders.
  • Rapegate and aged care failures have been rebranded with huge new spending creating big government.
  • The Coalition has crushed wages for eight years via immigration.

But! Owing to backflips in the last six months on this ceaseless blundering, the Morrison Government is now a traditional Labor outfit supporting protectionism, closed borders, higher wages, middle-class welfare, big government and the advancement of women.

Of course, if he is re-elected, much of it will go into hard reverse, especially the hard borders.

But, for now, Morrison is more Labor than Labor has been for decades and with Albo running a small target strategy what is there to challenge it?

Finally, we might take a moment to ask does the Hunter result actually reflect the Morrison rhetoric? Or is it just more rebranding?

After all, the loss was largely driven by an 8.6% swing away from Labor to independent Kirsty O’Connell who is dead against coal mining.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    That’s because good Aussies know Scomo is ace as! And it’s so sweet that Barilaro’s man got up. It’s like a punch in the head to that commie Jordies bloke who bats for the wrong team. Love it!

  2. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Scummo is typical of Straya, he’s a fool that keeps getting hit in the arse by a rainbow

    • Very poetic, Savvy. A straight white christian male rainbow, I assume you mean.

      Of course the “hard” Morrison borders will go into “hard reverse” post election. But will Butler Albanese (or the Strine media) make this into an election issue? Not a chance. Everyone’s a winner, under Big Australia Redux.

      • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

        the arse rainbow was keating’s description of costello many years back

  3. kierans777MEMBER

    The real question is why does the media allow Scotty to get away with this rebranding? It doesn’t matter how much alleged sexual assault goes on if the media shills for the LNP.

    • Anders Andersen

      Imo it’s because Morrison has shown what happens if you cross him; you get denied access. Journalist are too scared to push back against their lies in an open confrontational manner. I read plenty in the ABC Online and TND, but I doubt they get many eyes other than those who already hold those views.

  4. The BystanderMEMBER

    The media reporting on this has been pathetic – rather than point out that the Nats are slowly bleeding first preference votes in the seat (they’ve lost them in at least the last two elections), they’ve jumped on how bad this is for Labor. A party that hasn’t held the seat in a century, and even with its appalling primary vote still ended up with a 45% 2PP result.

    Now the media cycle is going to be all about Jodi McKay, and whether she’s going to stay leader, who could replace her, what behind-the-scenes scheming is going on, will the new leader change anything, ad nauseum. Which, regardless of the issues she and Labor are facing, are coming off the back of a by-election in a seat that Labor has not held for A CENTURY. In other words, the result there means bugger all for Labor and its future – it’s actual, winnable seats that should be the catalyst for conversation about the party doing woefully with voters.

    And just to make this whole joke of a situation even more laughable, the largely left-leaning media is going to white-ant McKay with reporting on leadership and party stability, then turn around a heartbeat later and complain that voters are – shock horror – voting for the COALITION! I mean, wow, who’d have thought that undermining the opposition day in and day out would result in so many people deciding that the Liberals and Nationals are a more stable, competent political force?

    I’m blindsided, I could not have seen this coming at all… /s

      • The BystanderMEMBER

        And look, she was a mediocre leader so I’m not outraged by her leaving (or being pushed out). But if the catalyst that leads to this is her party losing an election for a seat they’ve never, ever won, it’s an idiotic justification. In fact, such stupid expectations of Labor (and no other political party) only encourages more of the petty, pseudo-Machiavellian behaviour within the party’s ranks that everyone knows about and hates, and encourages hack media outlets to continue shoddy reporting so they can be known as kingmakers.

        Meanwhile, the Coalition (with similar internal issues) gets yet another free pass and continues on with its mismanagement and corruption, prompting the same media hacks to complain that nobody in the electorate seems to care about this behaviour. Well, no sh*t Sherlock – you’ve spent their entire reign fluffing the Coalition’s leadership, while criticising people like McKay for irrelevant and inconsequential things.

        Frankly, the more I watch the politics-business-lobbyist-activist-media dynamics, the more I’m convinced that the key source of most of our problems is our atrocious media. They claim to be the ‘fourth estate’ that seeks truth, yet 99% of their jobs is disseminating propaganda for their business owners/political favourites, and amplifying wholly minor ‘controversies’ to the point where not winning a seat with 101% of the primary vote is evidence of severe failure and mismanagement by the winning party.
        I say boot the lot of them out of federal and state parliaments, stop feeding them useless little tidbits, and cut off any and all government support to the big players. They’re pathetic little lobbyists for their own interests, and society should start treating them as such.

        • “Frankly, the more I watch the politics-business-lobbyist-activist-media dynamics, the more I’m convinced that the key source of most of our problems is our atrocious media”

          Plus many. We don’t have the ability to talk about the political economic issues here because we don’t have the language. And we don’t have the language because the quality of journalism is so poor. It doesn’t have to be thesis chin stroking abstraction. It just has to be clear and actually talking about what is going on.

          My comparison is sport. I hear people talk about sport in a clear manner. They know what is happening and they can discuss the on field and off field issues. They may not agree due to team loyalty, but there is generally a basic starting point. We don’t have that ability with politics. It is presented as some sort of opaque goop that only a certain few can divine meaning from. That’s BS.

          Give the people the info and they will be able to divine and call BS. We ain’t all rocket surgeons but we also ain’t all dunderheads.

          And if there are any journalists or talking heads browsing the comments here, learn what Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Socialism and any other word that you lazily toss around actually means. If you were calling the cricket you’d change the onside to the offside for teams and batsmen at a whim, offies would be leggies, and slip fielders would be called silly mid on/off all because you think it makes you sound clever without caring whether it actually properly denotes what it is that you are talking about.

      • Albanese should quit too.

        He’s doing nothing, which I suppose is natural for a lazy union man.

    • Jodi McKay was always a pathetic choice. Chris Minns should have been given the gig way ahead of her. Maybe he gets his second chance today?

      • The BystanderMEMBER

        Meh, it’s a common story that all the talk of him being the next generation’s leader was something he himself told the media, who unquestioningly republished it as fact. I’m sure he’ll get in, offer nothing different from any other prospective leader, and will end up getting criticised for the exact same petty trivialities that Jodi McKay has been enduring these last couple of years.

    • bobalotMEMBER

      The Nationals winning a seat they have held for a century = Bad news for Labor…. How?

        • bobalotMEMBER

          Yes. They post primary votes to an anti-Coal left-wing independent.

          The Nationals also lost primary votes as well. Their primary vote in 2007 was 60%+ and now it’s ~31%.

          Who cares?

          The two party preferred swing is about 2%.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      “The largely left leaning media…”

      That spends most of its time attacking left wing (or perceived left wing) parties and giving right wing parties a free pass ?

      Might need to reconsider your base assumption there. Media is overwhelmingly Centrist or Conservative.

  5. MathiasMEMBER

    > But, for now, Morrison is more Labor than Labor has been for decades

    They knew. Collusion. LibLab working together. ScoMo and Albo have had a conversation behind closed doors. They know Labors about to win. ScoMo’s setting the stage for Labor.

    Australias not as Democratic as we like to think.

    • Scotty on behalf of the IPA will hang on to power until he goes to heaven in the Rapture. It beats sex😉

    • Look, I too love to riff on the “Secret Meetings” twixt Morrison and Albanese. But, as long as Registered Labor runs strict United Nations policy – on China, Mass Migration, and Net Zero – there’s only one possible winner for the 17m voters.

    • Jumping jack flash

      We’ll see I guess.

      If Labor win then you’ll be able to knock me down with a feather. I haven’t heard nor seen anything substantial from Labor for years. I don’t even know what Albo looks like. I heard a couple of peeps from him a few months ago but nothing else since then.

      It can either be media blackout of Labor, or Albo doesn’t care enough to matter.
      An opposition leader who will win the election will begin to lead while still the opposition.

    • Australia is democratic and over 25% do not vote Labor or Liberal. Look at the senate which has a more proportional voting system and you will see that legislation needs cross bencher support. This conversation between Scomo and Albo is nonsense. Best thing anyone can do is put the major parties last.

  6. MathiasMEMBER

    Dick and Balls pattern

    DXY has been falling for a while. Im wondering if today is the day. Im guessing if thats reversal sign and NY opens tonight in about 12 hours of posting this comment… we could see DXY spike through the upper resist ( red line ).

    Is this it? Is this the turning point?

    AUDUSD cracked on Friday by the looks. I wont lie. I wasnt expecting DXY to hit so soon but looks the dominos starting to drop.

    Rising DXY… Global Currencys pushed to the floor… falling stocks… falling house prices lol and a lot more money printing ha ha.

    The conversation of the day is… ” Is this the one? ” ha ha. Fun times in my little Forex Group ha ha.

    Exciting stuff lol. Dunno why, but Im loving this.

  7. de son rockerMEMBER

    I ranted this off on the weekend………

    The ALP may as well forfeit the election now.

    The whole handling of Covid has been government policy. Everything from the exclusion of stranded Australians, to the limited quarantine (with a Commonwealth responsibility for quarantine seemingly being choked by a limited number of State provided places) and the limited flights in, and the now slow vaccine rollout. That all reflects what Torynuff focus groups would be telling them is now the priority of their main constituency – the aged. The Torynuffs have basically fended off the desperation of their other main constituency – big business – with vast amounts of taxpayer funded largesse, and the key tradesman constituency – with a range of measures designed to stimulate house building and tax write offs.

    But in doing this they are painting themselves into a box. I tend to agree with Megalogenis in todays press that ScoMo would like to go to an election early – they will know that the longer term economic impact of Covid will weigh against them as ‘economics managers of choice’ and that the moment China pulls the pin on iron ore purchases (should they do so) it is sayonara Australia. However an election in winter runs the risk that an outbreak of the virus in Australia will have the sights firmly on the Torynuff handling of Covid, and they are unlikely to be clear of that risk until November or so. So for that reason they will be tight on flights into Australia and they will do everything they can to get people vaccinated, but not in a way which forces their own constituency into taking on a vaccine many of them have reservations about – should any significant number of people kick off due to problems with AstaZeneca then it is good night Irene for ScoMo. They need to talk up a sense of economic rebound, and there is increasing suspicion they may have twigged to smaller immigration being electorally popular and providing the upside of more jobs for youth and peoples children/grandchildren (though long term the implication must surely be tougher). The University sector, for mine, is being hung out to dry. They somehow need to find something which invests in Australia (which has about the worlds worst investment fundamentals) which soaks up potential employees. If they can sell the idea of a long period of budget deficits then that may be a government back project. They must surely recognise that infrastructure will only get them so far from here. Climate mitigation would get them further but it appears they still dont get it.

    What on Earth the ALP thinks it is doing at this stage is anybody’s guess. They had a window of opportunity in the wake of the rape claims and sexual harassment claims to pick up the baton and lead the agenda all the way to the election – they coughed that up to be more sanctimonious than ScoMo’s government. Less than a year out from an election the Australian electorate still doesnt know what the ALP actually stands for, and unless they spell it out soon they are going to wear their immigration platform like a crown of thorns. They too appear to have no plausible path to an Australian economy which makes sense in the future.

    • MathiasMEMBER

      ALP? Are they a political party? lol

      We know they are gonna win. ScoMo and Albo have already had that conversation. ScoMo’s setting the scene for Labor to take the reigns next election.

      Australian Democracy my a$$ . Collusion is more like it.

      Surely, Australians must know that these guys ‘Talk to each other behind closed doors’. ScoMo’s recent actions are out of character for the Liberal Party lol. They know whats going on. Collusion 100%.

  8. bobalotMEMBER

    This is a safe Nationals seat which they have held for 100+ years.

    Not sure how this is a bad result for Labor.

    • The BystanderMEMBER

      For all his nauseating bias towards Labor (and fondness for the dictatorship that is China), friendlyjordies hit the nail on the head a few months ago when he pointed out how the media deliberately confect outrage stories against Labor to leave them in a state of complete disarray. They hype up issues of complete inconsequence (while downplaying or outright ignoring Coalition malfeasance), and then start backing ‘alternative’ leaders within the party to take over (i.e. knifing the current leader). Once old leader is betrayed and the new leader takes over, the cycle starts once again, with the new leader suddenly being the incompetent and out-of-touch person who’s preventing electoral success.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It a good result actually, so there is a chance for the NSW ALP to win the next election. Thus, the ‘nightwatchwoman’ have to go.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      At the least Labor must realise that there are no votes for them in surpporting Coal.

  9. Duke_WellingtonMEMBER

    Remember when MB commenters thought a rape scandal, with no proof, would decide an election?
    Anyone else remember that one?

    • RomulusMEMBER

      Extrapolating a Nat victory in a seat where Nats won the last 90 years to the rest of the country? Anyone? Hello?
      The Federal election will be won or lost in QLD/WA and given the recent state elections Libs have a lot of work to do.

        • RomulusMEMBER

          Correct they don’t have an opposition anymore – but Libs formed govt from 2008-2017. The schlacking they got was in large part due to Scummo taking on McGowan on the borders /- having some allegedly ryapey MPs. So yep nothing has convinced me yet that WA have put the baseball bats away – what any Lab MP has to do in WA is remind them that Scummo/Libs tried to take them to court – even a weak Lab can handle that they will be getting the help of McGowan

    • Silvio Gesell

      ‘…and the advancement of women.’ The advancement of women without commensurate responsibility which is corruption, corruption very much being a coalition thing.

      • You must be discussing promotion of Barnaby’s mistress to a role that wasn’t advertised.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          It’s coded MRA/MGTOW language for something. I’ve never been able to figure out what (not that I’ve tried very hard), and it’s not obvious, but the phrase – or variations on it – pop up regularly in those sorts of communities.

          • Yep. It’s coded dog whistling for the whoa is me I’m pale, stale and male crowd. They just seem to be getting staler at a younger age than they used to.

          • Silvio Gesell

            ‘Advancement of women’ is coded feminist language, just like ‘gender equality’ which is a meaningless abstraction. A lack of feminism isn’t a monolith. A lack of feminism is diverse. There are even females who are not feminists. And that’s a diversity that feminists, male feminists, de factos and patsies are going to learn to respect.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            Hot tip: nobody except people who already agree with you, understands what you are saying.

          • Nope. I just don’t project my own failings, inferiorities and insecurities onto them. That is, I accept my own agency and try to help out others instead of looking for scapegoats with unsubstantiated twaddle. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

          • Silvio Gesell

            You seem to think that you have some divine power of reading people who are not feminists. You make a lot of assumptions. And ironically it’s feminism that does exactly what you are accusing others of without evidence, that being ‘project failings, inferiorities and insecurities onto others’. People who make other people the subject of their argument usually have no argument, that will be my assumption about you moving forward.

          • drsmithyMEMBER

            “You must really think women are inferior to assume they have no agency.”

            “People who make other people the subject of their argument usually have no argument, that will be my assumption about you moving forward.”

            Solid advice.

  10. TailorTrashMEMBER

    In a country where there is no labour
    what do you need a labor party for ?
    A large number of “working class” strayans are
    either “aspirational “ land lords , latte sipping black tee shirt wearing pretenders or poor ignorant non English speaking migrants fully consumed with getting enough meagre and dodgy wages to feed themselves .
    The once great strayan working class lacks ,as Ermo would put it ….“solidarity brother” . No wonder the party that purports to speak for them can’t get traction . Especially when they don’t grasp the nettle of the big issues , mass immigration , wage theft and the selling off of the country‘s resources and social capital .

    • Jumping jack flash


      Anyone who works traditional labouring jobs despise them and wish for the day when they too can become a rentier, and get rich from someone else’s debt.

      The Libs are the party most aligned with this. It makes perfect sense that in this kind of economy they would be the dominant.

  11. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    After the Scotty Government wins the election, it’s going to be pretty hilarious watching him make the vaccine mandatory (one way or another; it might be possible to avoid so long as you never go to doctors, or workplaces, or hospitals, or schools). Remember when he said he’d do it… well, that’s still the plan.

    I’ll be able to hear the REEEEE from the Australian anti-vaxers here in Colorado.

    • Know IdeaMEMBER

      My guess would be that the Australian anti-vaxers will cave as soon as there is any negative impact on their cushy lifestyles.

  12. Jumping jack flash

    “Wages only rise when businesses grow.”

    well there’s a couple of different ways to “grow” and I’ll bet he didn’t mean growing their manufacturing capacity, productivity and sales volumes. Most likely just growing their prices.

    But at the end of the day, in a debt economy like ours the effect is pretty much identical.

  13. It’s all about real estate – higher house prices, more debt, and tradies who are making money hand over fist.