China to shift more LNG imports from Australia

More good news today on the Australia/China divorce from the anti-Australian nutters at SCMP:

  • China aims to cut more Australian LNG imports.
  • Turkmenistan is already China’s largest gas supplier. That will expand.
  • There will also more trade, investment and connectivity.

That’s more like it. Turkmenistan is a semi-communist dictatorship so fits right in with the CCP. It can build out its influence uninterrupted by pesky institutions like a free press.

Xi and Borat and can party all night long.

Our LNG will still get shipped, just to other nations. In the case of the east cost exports this a great shame. The export cartel actually costs us money.

Of the 29mt of tonnes of LNG shipped, probably only the 10mt of spot purchases are at risk.

All-in-all this another great favour by the CCP to the Australian people. Especially so, if it doesn’t mind targeting the east coast suppliers.

That would be awesome. Ta.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. kannigetMEMBER

    Awesome, I will just sit back and patiently wait for this to flow through to our Gas prices so we get cheaper domestic gas prices…
    Surely it will happen, because if it doesn’t its either proof the prices we pay are artificially pushed up, or exports are not as dependant on chinese purchasers as is regularly claimed.

  2. NoodlesRomanov

    Sinopec is 30% shareholder of APLNG,
    Petrochina is 50% shareholder of Arrow Energy
    CNOOC is 26% shareholder of QCLNG

    To improve ones face, first remove the nose.