Another Morrison vaccine hits the skids

As we know, the Morrison vaccine rollout is going poorly, missing all targets:

And lagging the developed world horribly:

The principal driver of the failure is the cack-handed procurement policy. In its usual style, rather than purchase a diverse range of well-considered vaccines, the Morrison Government went all-in on one politically connected version when it found itself lagging the vaccine development curve in Q3 last year.

Since then, the lucky winner, Astra Zeneca, has developed a multitude of problems which, given it had never created a vaccine before, should have been anticipated.

Today that very same failure of Morrison Government risk management has come back to haunt the next phase of the rollout. Novavax was supposed to arrive any time to take up the slack left by AZ. Nope:

  • Novavax is unlikely to proceed to emergency approval in the US until June.
  • Novavax has never produced a vaccine before and didn’t have any manufacturing capacity when the pandemic got underway.
  • It is now beset by delays in trials, data release and production.
  • “It seems to be a company perhaps too small to cope with what’s on their desk.”

Again, how hard is it to see such risks in advance in such an untried, untested and small firm with such grand designs?

The vaccine appears to work well but that’s not much use if there isn’t enough of it.

So, now we’re stuck with an AZ vaccine dogged by hesitancy, very limited supplies of Pfizer mRNA, which the firm offered us much more of mid-last year but was sent packing, plus the hope (but no guarantee) of more before year-end.

Your prison island shows no signs of reopening.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. kiwikarynMEMBER

    Most of the other countries ahead of us now have more vaccine than they have willing experiment subjects. So you can always buy them on the second hand market.

    • Peter PanMEMBER

      Starting to doubt if the vaccines are worth the trouble:
      “Similarly, the German team tested serum from 15 people who had previously been infected with SARS-CoV-2, and found that their antibodies neutralized B.1.617 about 50% less effectively than previously circulating strains. When they tested serum from participants who’d had two shots of the Pfizer vaccine, they found that the antibodies were about 67% less potent against B.1.617.”
      Too many mutations. This will drag on for longer than we wish.

  2. Marketing Study in AustraliaMEMBER

    They should teach in University – Marketing 101 in Australia.
    If you want a large monopoly government contract, make sure you get an ex Liberal minister or at least executive on your board (e.g. AstroZeneca, Darwin Ports, Pyne, etc etc).

    • A senior LNP adviser who earned more money by flogging doubtful vaccines. What else are mates for?

  3. Lord DudleyMEMBER

    In related news, the irresponsible nongs at the AFR published the name of a COVID patient. One who did all the right things and was co-operating with health authorities.

    THIS is how you’ll get your outbreaks in future. People won’t get tested, and they won’t co-operate. It’s not rational to do so if doing so can get your name plastered all over Australia’s god-awful excuse for print media.

    • JonathanMEMBER

      Unless they know something else? Like they did travel overseas perhaps?
      This is the quote from the DM “Health officials are still scrambling to work out how the couple, who have not been overseas and do not work in quarantine hotels or border control, contracted the mutant Indian strain from a US traveller they’ve never met.”

      • Lord DudleyMEMBER

        Ha ha ha ha ha! LOL! This is the kind of widespread “thinking” that means no sane person in Australia will get tested. Can’t explain an infection? Then just insinuate that there’s “something else”, even though there’s ZERO evidence to support this.

        The way Australians react to cases like this reminds me of Lindy Chamberlain.

  4. A diverse range of “vaccines” would include the offer of the most recent Russian vaccine, and old school real vaccine not an MRNA jab. This would be a simple offer possibly more attractive to the reluctant vaxxees group.

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      “old school real vaccine” HA HA HA HA LOL! It must take real effort to cultivate this level of stupid!

      Personally, I only accept snot from a sickly milk-maid as an inoculation. I apply it to my sensitive parts after running a cheese grater over them. None of this new-fangled laboratory stuff for me!

      • Cynical snake

        Would you get on an aircraft that hasn’t been certified to meet air worthiness standards but is merely given an experimental exemption as a development aircraft? Do you think they should be allowed to use it for regular passenger flights?

        • Lord DudleyMEMBER

          Dumb analogy that doesn’t fit at all. As for vaccines, I’m fully vaccinated… 2 Moderna mRNA shots. The vaccine risk is miniscule… we already know this given the over hundred-million mRNA shots that have already been delivered.

          In any location with community spread, the risk of death or serious disability from not getting the vaccine is several orders of magnitude higher than the risk from getting the vaccine.

          • You have the mRNA jab, sure, it does not stop you getting infected nor passing the infection on, if you read the fine print before you signed. You are a spike protein factory now according to Bill Gates. Not that I would know anything as you pointed out. Lol.

          • Lord DudleyMEMBER

            “You are a spike protein factory now according to Bill Gates.”

            You are demented. Get help.

  5. MathiasMEMBER

    Time is a wastin’

    Liberals make me get older everday. Nothing to do but just wait out the years.

  6. Meanwhile in the real world outside MB, SLHD vaccinated 3000 people with Pfizer at Homebush yesterday and that continues.

    • I think this prioritisation given to Sydney all of a sudden is so they can open Sydney up as an immigration bubble to import all the skills shortages into Australia that businesses so desperately need in order to continue their good run of a decade of Aussie wage suppression !! Who else has Pfizer jabs at their disposal? #GladysGate

      • happy valleyMEMBER

        Gladys doing Scotty’s bidding to get that flood of warm foreign bodies flowing?

    • Lord DudleyMEMBER

      So what? If they do that everyday, they’ll have vaccinated the entire population of Sydney… in 4.5 years. Your number is meaningless in isolation.

  7. The main thing is that Kieran Schneemann got what was obviously owed to him by ScoMo …. #BrownPaperBags #AstraGate

  8. I would get a vaccine, if I felt it was a reputable 1, like the Pfizer version. I’m in not rush to get 1 that’s apparently 60% effective against what strains?

  9. Aus will be fully vaccinated by the end of the year. As will US/UK/EU Citizens. Yet the perma smirk scumo tells us we keep borders fully shut till it suits him. This is purely political and will be after the election which he will loose if more than a single case gets in. I bet that new immigrants get in before the backlog of Aussies.

  10. Anecdotal evidence of political pork barreling in my marginal electorate – the local nursing home which is not owned by a religious or charitable organisation – was initially denied in place covid vacinnations and it would have to be done via the GP system. Someone then realised that the booth that the voted was a conservative voting booth in a marginal electorate