Women abandon Morrison’s mysogynists

A new study today from Swinburne Univerity is unequivocal about the collapse in support for Morrison’s misogynists:

  • Australian women’s support for the Morrison Government collapsed from 44% to 29% from Q4 20, Q1 21.
  • Men’s rating was unchanged at 47%.
  • This is the largest gender gap in the history of the survey (though that is only since 2018).

More evidence of the same comes from the new Essential Report in which Morrison himself has seen his women’s approval rating smashed from 65% in Feb to 46% in April:

The vaccine debacle has not helped, either:

My base case remains that the Morrison Government will lose power at the next election. The judgment against Morrison’s misogynists is based upon their character, which has not changed because nobody has been sacked and all thirteen sexual assault allegations are unresolved. In addition, the movement against Morrison by senior women will culminate in the weeks before the election as Brittany Higgins and Samantha Maiden release books on the saga. The baseball bats are out.

That PM Morrison has allowed a sexual revolution to develop directly against himself is perhaps the most compelling proof that the women are right. Morrison discounts women entirely.

The vaccine debacle will largely be resolved but too late and it is really just the cherry on top.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. happy valleyMEMBER

    “Morrison discounts women entirely.”

    Well, not Jen, his daughters and his mum.

  2. migtronixMEMBER

    Trigger warning: the following content contains language and imagery that represent mysogynistic, gender normative oppression, or anthropo ignorant opinion


    • migtronixMEMBER

      Mysogyson might just know what he’s doing….

      He won the climate war election? Stop gifting him culture wars and focus on the rampant corruption and *disdain*

      You can wrap up all the mysogyny under disdain and not lose anyone…

        • migtronixMEMBER

          It’s absolutely not. With women I have no doubt you’re right, with bogans not so much.

          To be clear, I wasn’t replying to the post directly but rather the way Labor activists appear to be playing this into his hands.

        • drsmithyMEMBER

          All the systemic issues around that rape, however, are absolutely part of the “culture war”, which is why it’s being played as such pretty much everywhere.

          And also where I suspect you’ll find a substantial chunk of those 47% of men who remain unmoved.

  3. On both the misogynist and vaccine subjects this is simply wild misuse of data. What’s the sample size? Quite possibly the selection of women (type and opinion) was slanted in the first place. You have y opinions on vaccine and plenty of real links to accurate information. You can’t make this crap up !!

  4. migtronixMEMBER

    Labor: we include everybody and do nothing for no one

    Liberals: we exclude almost everyone but if you get in you got it made

  5. I think its a fair statement to say that ‘Those who hold Power do so, because they hold Responsibility ‘.

    Therefore, one could conclude, those who are Responsible with the Power they have end up keeping that Power.

    Thats the problem with todays society. Everyone wants the Power. Nobody wants the Responsibility.

    I suspect the Boomers who claim, ” We built this Country ” are going to embellish every cent this country has until Australias buried into the dirt. The last laugh will be on them though, because that moneys going to run out faster then there retirement will ;p

    In a few years, the Boomers are about to discover interest rates below 0, dividends collapsing and a Government struggling to pay the pension. Boomers will be complaining about short term decisions they themselves voted for.

    The Boomers have no plan to live another 5 years. I highly suspect they arent looking that far ahead lol. Im not against Boomers killing themselves. Its a free country. You want to kill yourself then go right ahead. Its the fact they want to take everyone else down with them, that concerns me. Thats not making a ‘Free Life Choice’… thats called ‘Murder’.

  6. Frank DrebinMEMBER

    No surprise that 90% of Liberal voters approve of Scomo’s performance to date, but interesting that 37% of both Labour and Greens voters do as well !.

    If the past 12 months of stuff-ups, controversies and bad press haven’t been enough to convince the electorate that Scomo is a dud that not much else will. If he gets a clear run and some good press in early 2022 then he will be back in the running.

    The bushfires were so 2019…..

    • kierans777MEMBER

      Yep. Once the MSM starts shilling again for the LNP Scotty’s polls will pick up. In today’s HS Andrew Bolt tried to play the “people are smart enough” card which completely ignores that a lot of people don’t have all the information and merely believe what the media shills are selling.

  7. Is it a bit weird that we still haven’t heard anything about Brittany Higgins’ assailant? Everyone knows who is he is, there is a bunch of prima facie evidence and he has been accused by other parties as well. Why hasn’t he been charged yet?

    • Probably because she’s full of shyte and changed her story to claim rape when she found out she was going to be fired from her new job for her behaviour just like the alleged assailant was?

        • I just reviewed the reporting and read between the lines. Early 20’s girl in her dream job out drinking with colleagues, gets so drunk she’s falling over on the dance floor, is one of the last few people left partying, catches a taxi with bloke back to the office for a thrillshag on the boss’ desk. Gets found asleep starkers in boss’ office when security notices she hasn’t checked out. Bloke gets fired first thing next week for being in boss’ office drunk at 2am on a Saturday mornings. She finds out she’s going to get fired as well after only being in the job for a few weeks and so claims she was raped. Many such cases.

  8. Woman have a right to live life.

    In mens defence, a lot of Young Woman have betrayed there men. They wanted the cheap way out so they took it. Are todays men supposed to thank them for that? Woman go where the money goes and whatever short term self-interests they follow in there dillusional minds.

    Nature has Consequence. I believe thats the lesson to be learned here.

    How many Woman voted Liberals? How many woman own multiple houses and are responsible for the system being where it is? How much has Feminism contributed to the rise of 10% of woman against the demonisation of the remaining 90% who receive no benefits?

    Nobody deserves to be [email protected] and everyone deserves a happy and free life… but if womans objectives are to kill themselves, I could honestly think of far easier ways.

    Why should men be loyal to woman when woman arent loyal to men? Im no expert on Nature but if History proves one thing, its those kind of woman dont survive for long in Society. Woman who arent loyal to there husbands and abandon them usually end up alone, picked off by the prey and destroyed. You can say one thing about Nature but its a cruel mistress. Everyone wants to cheat the system and we all want to play god, but Nature is never kind to those who do. In the Animal Kingdom to woman who play these kinds of games usually end up dead.

    A womans greatest asset is her loyalty to her husband. When she abandons that, she’s at the mercy of Nature.

    We can socially engineer society in many ways. We can even murder every single man in the entire world ( and tigers, and elephants, and sharks, and snake s) but the idea that a Woman is a Woman is never going to change for history as we know it. Even if humans decide to play god ( which is laughable ), Nature will have something to say about that and there is going to be a consequence.

    A lot of people call me selfish but I’ve tried to think about this in many different ways. I just cant see, under any conclusion, how Feminism is going to work. Short of collapsing our Economy and causing utter Political, Economic and Social devastation which in the end, will achieve nothing, I cant see the bright side of any of it.

    House Prices. Relationships are breaking down. Men no longer marry woman, they [email protected] them. Nature has its revenge. What you going to do? Kill every man in existence? How you going to fix nature? You cant.

    2000+ years of natural evolution vs short term self-interest. My moneys on Nature. Its been around a lot longer then feminism has and even when you murder off all the men, Nature will have something to say about that. Its called Consequence.

    I hate to say it but I see a lot of woman getting killed. We are fighting nature and this will only get worse.

      • I’m willing to bet you weren’t around in the 1950s and have read very little published during that decade. Nobody said things like that as far as I know. Post the links. Library books and pages references also accepted.

      • ” Chaos and Order “.

        Its true that woman are more adaptible then men. During times of Chaos, woman have more energy and tend to thrive in those environments. However, all of this assumes we have a Stable Legal Framework thats going to be there to protect you. Do you not realise that Woman get [email protected] and murdered in this world or is that not politically correct enough for you?

        The only way Feminism can be enforced properly, is if Men support it. What motivation on this earth is going to make men want to support you having power over them and to protect you against the cohort of men who want to [email protected] and murder you?

        I bet when you go camping, your the first to complain about the bugs or the fact there’s no toilets in the bush.

        Let me remind you… in a world of “Chaos”, Woman get [email protected] and murdered. Dead.

        What possible motivation would exist for Men to help you? Do they get paid? Is there any relational attachment? What ‘Motivates’ them?

        We could end up like China and install facial recognition cameras all over the place ( which I suspect is precisely whats going to happen in Australia ),

        Are Feminists planning on Murdering off all the Men? So this makes you better then a Misogynist, how? Gendercide? How long will that last?

        I might be an a$$ but I like to think Im an honest one. How is this supposed to work?

        The only consequence I see, is todays young generation will be destroyed because a few people had a self-interest. The real cost I see coming, will be upon todays young who’s lives have already been destroyed.

        Feminist Surveillance State:

        • migtronixMEMBER

          “the only way criminal law can be enforced is with the cooperation of the criminals”

          Grow a brain dude.

          • “the only way criminal law can be enforced is with the cooperation of the criminals”

            I dont understand what you mean by this Mig. I believe what your trying to say is, All men are criminals?

            Is that the interpretation or did I miss your point entirely?

            Crimes are committed on the basis of action. If a man [email protected] a woman and there’s enough evidence to prove this happened, then sure. He Owns his Actions. Im not doubting of having a decent Justice System. Murder is still Murder Mig. We cant have a society filled with Murderers. We got to enforce the Laws.

            When did it become against the law to be a man? Unless Im mistaken, you just called every man a criminal? Is that what Feminism is then?

            Are you suggesting Im supporting Liberals? Dont vote for em. I certainly do not.

            For the record Mig, a lot of the men I’ve known who Suicided did so because Woman Blackmailed them from ever seeing there kids again. Thats called Emotional Abuse Mig and its an Abuse of Power. When was the last time Woman who did that got held up in a Court of Law?

          • migtronixMEMBER

            The kids don’t belong to anyone – they can wait till older and have others.

            Suicidal men aren’t helped by your womanly squealing

          • ““the only way criminal law can be enforced is with the cooperation of the criminals”

            Grow a brain dude.””

            He’s actually saying the only way laws be maintained is through the cooperation of citizens. All laws work in a civilised society because all cooperate to submit to order, order being perceived as a common good.

          • migtronixMEMBER

            Rus Rus Rus, why make an idiot of yourself?

            If criminals aren’t consulted in the enforcement of criminal law, why should feminists concern themselves with the cooperation of those who wont?

            See how that works?

          • Umm, when I worked in IT, I would often consult hackers to protect my network., but anyway, we aren’t even that far.

            “Criminals aren’t consulted” is not the parable….

            He is saying “Why would men comply”… not “why would rapists comply”.

            You’re then extrapolating men into categories of rapists who have been caught, and men who haven’t if you’re going to ‘consult crminals about laws”…

            if not, then why wouldn’t the non-criminal men be consulted, let alone have a say in a society which (is meant to) include them?

          • Why are you raising “advocacy”? It has no relevance.

            His point is summed up as:

            “What motivation on this earth is going to make men want to support you having power over them”

            Which is an entirely rational point to make. Laws exist, and the population has confidence in them, because men choose to comply with them out of the greater good. If every single man is belligerent, then laws can’t exist.

            You’ve missed the point entirely, and not from a ‘null’ perspective, but the understanding is negative, as such

            “criminals aren’t consulted in the enforcement of criminal law, why should feminists concern themselves with the cooperation of those who wont”

            Feminists aren’t just disregarding criminal men, they’re disregarding all men. It is the central tenet of (3rd wave+) feminism to have a monopoly on judgement. If all men are lumped into being disregarded, they’re not going to comply.

      • Even in the ’50s that would have been some wacky stuff to be saying out loud.

        You’d need to go back to at least when universal suffrage was still being fought for, or the days of the Church running society, for something similarly misogynist and anti-Enlightenment, I think.

        (The scary thing is people like this think they’re trying to save “western society”.)

        • Probably because if you had something to say which could demonstrate a positive outcome for Australian Society and its Future Generations, you would have said it by now.

          Unlike most Leftys, I dont think my mindset is set in stone. I dont just preach the party line and pretend its Labor or Highway. I like to use the little gray matter between my ears, think for myself, research topics and trying to look at it from a number of different stand points.

          You think Im wrong? Ok. Do you have any arguments for it or are you just going to preach to me the Labor line?

          Feminism is great for Australia… but nobody can tell why? It makes revenue for the Government. It destabilises Australian Society. It socially castrates half the men. Feminism has barely hit the papers and already we are seeing the beginnings of ‘ Child Welfare Laws ‘, ‘ Speech Laws ‘ and all other kinds of garbage. We’ve got Facial Recognition Cameras going up on every street corner invading our privacy ( just in case men [email protected] woman we need a camera in everyones homes too ). When does it end?

          Are you a Communist drsmithy? Do you think tommorrows Australians should inherit a Country where they can grow up and live happy, healthy and free lives? or do you think they should grow up in an Australia filled with Facial Recognition Cameras, have there very identitys spied upon, men turned into Criminals, Marriages destroyed and a castrated Society of Social Isolationism as tommorrows men end up like they do in Japan?

          If Im wrong, then please tell me why… because I have a Country called Japan who’s been through this already and the evidence is pretty overwhelming.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Yo dawg! I heard you like men

      So I put transgender in your gender so you can mansplain while you complain…

  9. Morrison discounts women entirely.

    As we all know, the woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam.
    – Genesis 2:22

  10. PalimpsestMEMBER

    What surprises me is that the men’s vote doesn’t seem to have moved much. The men I associate with don’t respect BS where there’s no delivery.